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Zachariah didn't look very pleased when Castiel showed up the next day. Not like Castiel had expected him to. He avoided his boss as much as he could, instead concentrating on doing his work as well as possible.

It was almost like being a bee in a bee hive. Everyone was a slave for the boss.

Castiel carried the goods from the truck outside and into the warehouse. He had to lift the extremely heavy pallet into the warehouse and then put the goods on the shelves there. It was not a job humans could perform without the use of machines and equipment, but the angels could. Though, after a long day of hard work, one's back would start to hurt. The heavy weight of an angel's enormous wings didn't do anything to help the pain go away.

Just when Castiel was done carrying the last pallet in, Zachariah approached him.

"Castiel," he said, firmly, making Castiel turn his head around to look up at his boss. "Where were you all week?"

"I was sick."

"Sick?" Zachariah repeated, raising an eyebrow at him. "Angels don't get sick. It's a human thing to get sick."

Castiel just stared back at him, impassively.

"Wonna tell me what you were really doing?" his boss asked. Castiel shifted. He had already told Zachariah the truth, what did his boss expect him to say?

Zachariah narrowed his eyes at him, moving closer, and Castiel had to stop himself from flinching as his boss sniffed at him. The stronger angel's eyes narrowed even more, staring at him with disgust. "You smell like human," he growled.

The words made several of the other angels turn their heads around to look at the scene and at Castiel, but Castiel ignored them. He just stared back at Zachariah; not denying his statement.

The other angel growled at him before grabbing Castiel's arm painfully hard. "You've been fooling around with a human!" he spat. "No employee of mine fools around with humans, do you understand me, Castiel?"

Castiel tried to free himself from his boss' grip, but he couldn't. The other angel was more powerful than he was. But when Zachariah spat those words at him, Castiel's eyes narrowed dangerously at him. "Then I won't be your employee anymore!" he spat back.

The other angels gasped and held their breaths, and Zachariah eyes widened in shock before he glared Castiel down. "What did you say, boy?"

"I said: then I won't be your fucking employee anymore!" Castiel snarled. His heart was racing like never before; his body filled with fear and adrenaline as he, for the first time ever, stood up for himself against his boss.

Zachariah stared at him before he growled and pushed him, harshly. "You're fired, Castiel!" he snarled before stalking out of the room.

Castiel stood back and watched his boss stalk out the room; face twisted in anger, disgust and a tiny touch of shock. Castiel let out a sigh of relief he didn't even know he had been holding, before he turned around and was met with the cheering of his colleagues, who had apparently only been waiting for someone to do this.


It was raining heavily that Saturday evening around 9pm. A thunder storm was approaching; lighting up the skies far away after the sound of each strike. The rain and wind blew against the windows, making loud noises.

Dean had just had Sam over. Sam had already been at his door last night after he came back from Cas' place, waiting for his brother to let him in. He had asked where Dean had been, and Dean of course had told Sam about Castiel.

Sam was very surprised. He hadn't recognized Castiel at all. Not like Dean had expected him to, seeing as they hadn't seen each other for eighteen years. Sam had immediately flooded Dean with questions but he refused to answer many of them. The things between him and Cas was still very new, and he didn't feel like sharing the whole thing with Sam. Besides, it wasn't like he knew the answer to all the angel questions his brother flooded him with. Not yet, anyway.

Sam had ended up sleeping in Dean's apartment because they had lost track of time. Now, after his brother had gone home to Jess, Dean started cleaning up the mess they had made last night. Dirty plates, pizza boxes and empty beer bottles were all over the place.

Damnit, he should have hired a cleaning lady, Dean thought to himself.

He had just finished cleaning when the doorbell rang. He frowned. He wasn't expecting any visitors tonight.

Dean walked over to the door and opened it slowly, only to see a very cold and wet Castiel standing outside the door; staring up at him with his blue eyes. His hair was drenched in rain water; sticking to his forehead, and he had wrapped his arms around himself to keep warm and he stood there; teeth chattering and body shivering all over.

"Hello Dean," the angel said, voice hoarse from the cold.

"Cas?" Dean said, surprised. "What are you— Dude, you're freezing! Come inside." He stepped aside to let Cas enter his apartment. The angel nodded gratefully before stepping inside, leaving wet spots on the wooden floor of Dean's hallway.

Dean closed and locked the door before he helped the angel out of his trench coat and wet shoes, and led him into the living room. He placed towels on the couch and asked him to sit down, before he gathered more towels and wrapped one around Castiel's shoulders. He went and made some tea for Castiel, soon returning and placed the cup in the angel's hands.

"I thought you said you worked till 11pm on most Saturdays. How come you're off work so early?" Dean asked as he sat down on a footstool he had placed in front of the couch so he could face the angel better.

"I was fired," Castiel said, staring down at the cup of tea in his hands, which was warming his hands so nicely.

Dean's eyes widened in shock. "What? I mean, why?"

"I might kind of have told Zachariah I don't want to work for him anymore," Castiel muttered.

Dean laughed. "So you basically told him he was an asshole and you didn't want to play by his rules anymore, huh? Man, I was wondering when you'd do that. That guy sounds like a total asshole anyway."

Castiel's lips curved into a smile and he took a sip from his tea. He shivered slightly as his wet, cold clothes clung to him, but the tea made it better.

"Aren't you supposed to be able to…you know, dry off magically?" Dean asked, gesturing to Castiel's wet clothes.

Castiel looked down at himself and his wet, cold clothes with a frown. "I… I don't have much energy left. There was a lot of hard work today and besides… the past week hasn't been very easy. It drained my grace almost completely." He looked down at his lap in shame. His depression had been hard on his grace, which had been in constant pain over what he had done to Dean. Even his feathers had fallen out. And the energy he had left had been used up at work today. He couldn't even dry himself anymore.

"Oh," Dean said, realizing what the angel was referring to. There was silence for a few moments. "Well, you shouldn't sit around in those wet clothes, I'll go see if I have something you can borrow from me," he said; getting up from the footstool and walked towards his bedroom.

Castiel's eyes followed his movements in silence.

Soon after, Dean returned to the living room with a pair of sweatpants and a t-shirt. "I uh… they are a bit old, but it was the only things I could find. I think I need to wash my laundry soon." He put the clothes down on the couch next to Castiel, who put aside his tea.

"Thank you," Castiel said and stood up from the couch to take off his suit jacket and unbutton his shirt.

Dean watched as Castiel's torso was now only covered by the wet, white shirt, which clung tightly to the angel's slim body. He could see the angel's nipples through the shirt, which made Dean's face turn red and his pants grow tight, and he turned around to let Castiel have some privacy. He heard the angel fumble with the clothes until he told him he was done changing.

Dean turned around again and looked Castiel up and down. "Well, they are a bit big for you, but you're slimmer than me, so… Well, I'll just go put these for drying," he said; picking up Castiel's wet clothes and walked into the kitchen where he draped them over some chairs so they could dry off. It was then he realized that he hadn't given the angel any dry boxers, meaning Cas was now only wearing the sweatpants… He quickly shook off the thought and returned to the living room.


Castiel felt quite comfortable in these clothes. He had used the towel to dry himself off before putting on the clothes, but he hadn't had the opportunity to dry his wings yet. When Dean left the room, Castiel released his wings; making them visible and tangible. In this state he could will the rain drops away easily. He brought a hand up to put some of the stray feathers back in place. They were still a bit messy after the week he had spent being miserable in his apartment.

"So, Cas, I put your clothes for drying. It'll take a while before they—"

Castiel looked up in shock and saw Dean's equal expression of shock as the human stared at his exposed wings. Unconsciously, his wings moved into a defensive position behind his back as he stared at Dean.

"Shit, sorry, didn't mean to—" Dean trailed off before he frowned at Castiel in confusion. "What are you doing anyway?" he asked curiously, gesturing to the wings.

Castiel shifted uncomfortably; wings relaxing slightly behind him again. "Uh… I used them to shield myself from the rain, though it kind of failed. They got wet, so I just dried them…"

"Oh," Dean said, absently walking closer; still staring in awe and wonder at the wings.

Castiel observed Dean's every step. He felt exposed and vulnerable like this. He was about to move his wings out of sight when Dean protested.

"No!" Dean said; making Castiel look at him in surprise. "Don't take them away… don't make them invisible to me again, Cas, please."


"I like your wings… You know that, Cas. Please, just let me see them?"

"Dean," Castiel muttered, biting his lower lip. "It's highly inappropriate for me to have them out like this. Please let me conceal them again…"

"Why don't you want me to see them, Cas? You didn't have a problem with it before," Dean asked; still staring at Castiel with eyes that made the angel's knees weak.

"I couldn't conceal them before," Castiel muttered. "Besides, I'm not a child anymore, Dean. My wings are different now. They're sensitive. Very sensitive. Much more than before. I don't… I don't feel comfortable having them out in front of people." Castiel's shoulders slumped and so did the wings. It was embarrassing talking about his wings, especially to Dean.

"But I'm not just 'people' to you, am I?" Dean smiled, smugly; making Castiel's face flush red and look away. No, Dean wasn't just 'people' to him. He had kissed with him after all. Of course Dean knew this wouldn't make him just any human to him.

Dean stepped closer, stopping almost right in front of Castiel, and was still not taking his eyes off of him. "Cas, can I… Can I touch them? Just this once at least, please?" he begged.

Castiel bit his lower lip. He wanted Dean to touch them; his wings were almost aching to be touched by Dean's gentle hands again, but he was scared. Scared because he wasn't quite sure how it'd feel having Dean touch them now that they were mature.

"I'll be gentle, Cas, I promise," Dean said, sincerely.

The pleading look in his eyes, and his desire to touch him, made Castiel feel like he was losing all control over himself.

After a few moments of internal struggle with himself, Castiel finally relaxed; spreading his wings slightly in invitation to Dean.

Dean's eyes lit up and he approached the angel carefully, standing in front of him and extended a hand to the left wing. He hesitated a bit before he touched it, brushing his fingers through the feathers. Castiel gasped and closed his eyes at the sensation, giving Dean more confidence. Soon, the human buried both his hands in the wing and sighed.

"Damnit, Cas. I've missed your wings so much," Dean whispered as he stroked one of the wings; enjoying the softness under his fingers. "Missed you so much..."

"Dean…" Castiel whimpered.

Dean continued to explore the wings; touching and probing and learned what made the angel gasp and twitch. Dean noticed that a few feathers were missing here and there, and it saddened him that the angel had let this happen. Not like Castiel could help it, really. He brushed his fingers across those places, and the angel shuddered in response.

Castiel lost himself in the feeling of Dean touching his wings. He had never felt like this before, and his grace flared and reached out to Dean and intended to never let go of him again. This was much more different from when he had been a child. Dean's touches had always been welcome and pleasurable, but now it was almost driving him insane with lust and desire each time Dean touched the wings.

"Dean," he gasped in surprise and pleasure as Dean touched the base of his wings where they came out of his body. His knees almost gave out and his hands instinctively grabbed onto Dean to prevent himself from collapsing. Dean quickly supported him with a hand around his waist and drew their bodies closer together. Castiel could feel Dean's erection against his own, and it made him moan.

"Shit, Cas, that's so hot." Dean's mouth started licking and sucking at Castiel's neck now; who bared his throat to Dean, who took the invitation with a possessive growl. Dean's hand on his waist tightened as he sucked on his jaw and neck, and his other hand kept stroking one wing at the base; causing Castiel to shudder and moan even more.

Dean moved them towards the couch, and they both fell onto it when the back of Castiel's knees the edge. The angel yelped in surprise, but soon recovered as Dean was on him again.

It felt a bit uncomfortable, lying on the couch with his right wing against the back of the couch, and his left wing draped over the edge and onto the floor, but as soon as Dean started stroking them and kissing him again, Castiel didn't think about it anymore.

Dean's hands moved under Castiel's shirt; his hands exploring the angel's lean chest and abdomen, and moved down to kiss them as well; soon moving up to tease one of the angel's nipples.

"I've wanted to do this to you ever since I first saw you in the café," Dean said; smiling smugly up at Cas who whimpered and shuddered in response.

"Dean, I—" Castiel trailed off when Dean moved to take off his shirt. Castiel placed his hands on Dean's to stop him. Dean stared at him in confusion before suddenly the shirt disappeared and reappeared on the floor.

Finally his grace was becoming stronger, from being with Dean.

Dean gaped at him. "What— How did you…" he looked between Cas and the shirt on the floor. Then a smile appeared on his face. "Dude, you're awesome."

Castiel merely smiled back at him, before Dean once again leaned down to kiss his lips. His hands moved to pull off Castiel's pants, and the angel let him; not bothering to use any mojo this time, but instead let Dean do it.

When Dean pulled off the sweatpants, he was met with the angel's hard cock, pointing up proudly towards the angel's abdomen, precome already present at the tip.

Castiel tried to pull his legs together when Dean settled down between them, but the human pulled them apart; holding a firm hand on his thigh which then started stroking it soothingly to reassure him.

"Shh, Cas. I'll take care of you."

"Dean," Castiel whimpered; anticipation and desire making his body twitch on the couch as Dean stroked his inner thigh soothingly.

Dean pulled off his own shirt; revealing his lean torso to Castiel whose breath hitched at the sight. Dean was more muscular than Castiel, even though his body didn't contain nearly as much power as the angel's did. Then, he removed his jeans and boxers as well; throwing them onto the floor to join Castiel's clothes.

Castiel licked his lips hungrily.

Dean pulled out a tube from under one of the cushions, and Castiel briefly wondered what it was doing there, before he was distracted by Dean who started pouring the liquid onto his fingers. Then the human positioned himself between his legs again, and gently placed one finger at Castiel's entrance.

Castiel's body tensed up; hole clenching shut to keep Dean out. He knew what Dean was planning to do; he'd done this before, but he wasn't sure he could do this now; if he could give himself over to Dean so soon.

Dean stroked his other hand along Castiel's thigh. "Shh, c'mon, Cas. Relax for me, please."

Castiel looked down and into Dean's green eyes.

He trusted Dean. He knew Dean would never hurt him.

That was enough for him to make his decision, and he forced his muscles to relax; allowing Dean the entrance he was begging for.

Dean's finger slowly slipped into him, and Castiel groaned at the sensation. But Dean's repeated soothing comforted him and made him relax. Soon, Dean added another finger and started scissoring them; stretching Castiel's hole.

Dean then moved up, positioning himself above Cas and rested his weigh on his left arm, which was right over Castiel's right wing. He kissed Castiel as he kept spreading him open and ready, and Castiel moaned into his mouth. Soon, Castiel found himself pushing back against Dean's fingers, wanting more, and the man chuckled against his lips.

When Dean pulled out his fingers, Castiel made a noise of protest, wanting them back in there again. But Dean silenced him with a gentle kiss before he drew back; grabbing his own cock and lined it up with Castiel's entrance.

Castiel groaned when Dean breached him; muscles tensing up straight away at the burning sensation. Dean leaned down to kiss and nip at his right wing, making Castiel's body shudder, and eventually he relaxed; allowing Dean to enter him more.

Dean moved his hips forwards, now easily sliding further into the angel, and eventually he was fully inside of him, and he gasped at the feeling of Castiel's tight hole wrapping around him. Castiel's hands had moved to his back; clawing at it, and he too gasped out loudly when Dean was fully sheathed inside of him.

Dean waited a few moments, letting Castiel adjust to the feeling of his member inside of him, before he drew back to the tip and then slammed forwards, hard.

Castiel gasped and mewled; fingers digging into Dean's back. When the human started thrusting into him, his hands moved further down to Dean's ass and tried to push him further into him.

"Shit, Cas, so tight," Dean moaned as he thrusted into him, and Castiel moaned in response. Dean nipped at Castiel's wing bone, not minding the feathers that tickled his nose because all he felt was Cas. His right hand found the left wing while his left hand was supporting his weight. He grabbed hold of the soft feathers; feeling Castiel clench around him in pleasure as he did so.

"Dean!" Castiel gasped when Dean finally hit his prostate head on.

Dean chuckled, and observed how the angel started mewling, writhing and twisting beneath him; face twisted in pleasure at everything Dean did to him.

Castiel felt something pooling in his abdomen. He knew it was his orgasm, he had had them before, but it had never felt quite like this. When Dean sped up even more, pounding harder into him, Castiel lost control. He screamed Dean's name as he came, untouched, between their bodies, white stripes covering their abdomens.

Castiel's orgasm threw Dean slightly out of course, as the angel's muscles were clenching down around his cock. He came soon afterwards, and Castiel watched his face twist in ecstasy as he spilled his warm seed into Castiel. Castiel moaned at the sensation, and soon after Dean collapsed on his chest.

"Shit, sorry," Dean said, voice hoarse from the sex, and lifted his weight off of Castiel. He pulled his softening cock out of the angel, who whimpered in response; muscles tightening to try and keep Dean inside of him, but he just chuckled and moved away. He gestured to Castiel to get up, and the angel frowned at him, but got up anyway. Then Dean lay down on the couch and pulled Castiel down on top of him.

"There. Should be more comfortable for your wings when they aren't pressed against the couch," Dean said, running a hand over the base of the wings, and kissed the nearest wing tenderly, feeling Castiel hum in contentment.

"Thank you," Castiel murmured against Dean's chest; hands wrapping around the human beneath him.

Dean petted the wings gently, and Castiel purred against his chest. The angel's eyes were closed, and his lips were curled into a contended smile. Dean couldn't help but smile warmly at that.

They lay silently for a while, enjoying each other's warmth and softness.

"I'm sorry," Dean said suddenly, causing Castiel's eyes to open. "For not recognising you. I just didn't really want to remember all the shit that happened back then. It just hurt so much after my dad ordered me not to see you anymore, and I… I'm sorry, Cas," he trailed off, voice cracking.

Castiel raised his head from Dean's chest to look at him. "Dean. It wasn't your fault. I don't blame you for anything. I love you; I always have."

And it was true. Castiel had always loved this human. More than anything else. And it hurt to watch the sadness in Dean's eyes right now.

Dean's hands tightened around his back and feathers. "I love you too, Cas." Then he pulled Castiel up to kiss his lips fiercely; putting all his emotions into that kiss and Castiel moaned into his mouth and responded right away.

They fell asleep on the couch, on top of the other, but neither of them cared. Both felt content and happy, and that was what mattered.

~*~*~*~ 4 months later… ~*~*~*~

"Cas! There is a new customer in the back row, go ask what he wants," Jo said; stressing to gather all of her own customer's orders together and take them to him.

"Yes, Jo," Castiel said, quickly picking up his pen and paper block and rushed over to the new customer.

It was a stressing day at the café. It was around noon, and many people came by for a coffee or something for their lunch break. Also, today it was exactly 12 years ago that Ellen had opened the café, meaning they had discounts on all of their products.

Dean had gotten Castiel a job at the café after Zachariah had fired him. Castiel had been rather sceptic about taking a job here – also about working together with Dean – but Dean had assured him that Ellen would welcome him with open arms, so then he wouldn't have to sit around doing nothing while looking for a new job. And Dean had been right. The owner, Ellen, had been delighted to take Castiel in. She loved angels and was very interested in their culture, and so was her daughter, Jo, it seemed. Ruby was another story, but she didn't know.

Of course they had to keep it secret to everyone else that one of the waiters was an angel, because unfortunately people still weren't so open towards angels, and they didn't want Castiel to experience trouble.

Castiel served the new customer and hurried into the kitchen to inform them about the order.

On his way out, he ran into Dean who caught him by wrapping his hands around his waist, preventing Castiel from moving. "Dean!" he protested; laughing when Dean leant in to kiss his jaw and neck, refusing to let him go. "Dean, now's really not the time," Castiel chuckled.

"Any time is the time for me," Dean murmured against his neck, and Castiel chuckled again. He wrapped his arms around Dean's neck and brought their foreheads and noses together.

"Tonight, I promise," he smiled.

"Cocktease," Dean pouted; biting Castiel's ear playfully, making him laugh again.

"Guys, ew. Do that at home," Jo said, as she suddenly stood in the doorway; arms crossed and looking at them disapprovingly.

"You're just jealous," Dean teased; wrapping his hands more possessively around his angel's waist.

Jo made a face. "With all due respect, I already have a boyfriend," she said and walked out of the kitchen again. "And get a room!" she shouted.

They both chuckled at Jo before leaning against each other again.

"Dean, we have to get back to work…"

"Yeah, I know, just…" Dean trailed off. "I enjoy holding you like this."

"Me too," Castiel sighed; nuzzling Dean's nose with his own, gently. "I could stay like this forever."

Dean smiled. "I know. C'mon, let's get back to work."

They pulled apart and gave each other a quick kiss before they went back to work. They had customers waiting for them after all.

But that wasn't what Castiel was thinking about. He was only thinking of Dean being there with him, loving him and supporting him, and he had never felt happier in his life.

Dean had come back to him in the end, after all.

The end.


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