Another one based off of 'The Big C' it's truly an awesome show and I am a little in love with her brother

Dean wipes the bar down and then eases his back with one hand. He hates double shifts, he hates Lisa's doe eyes, aka the reason he's working a double shift so she can go to parent teacher night at her kid's school. His shirt is sticking to his back, and damp under the arms with sweat, the bar is dark and scent of smoke and spilled beer clings to him.

He's also trying to work out how to get the leftover burgers from the grill outside without Sam wondering why he wants them.

As if summoned by thought, Sam appears with a tray of empty beer bottles.

" that bachelorette party was scary."

Dean smirks to himself as he wipes off the beverage hose. "You scare easy, they were just a little drunk."

"A little? One of them followed me into the restroom." Sam drops the bottles into the trash. Dean winces, Cas is not going to be happy about the state of the recycling.

"Yeah well get used to it, there're a lot of weddings in the spring, that means a lot of bachelorettes and a hell of a lot of groping."

"Great." Sam disappears into the kitchen. "Hey... what do you want to do with these leftovers? Trash 'em?"

Dean considers it for a moment, but after all there are bigger things at stake here than his pride.

"Actually...I need those."

Sam sticks his head around the door.

"Seriously? You just worked a double I'm sure you can afford your own White Castle."

"They aren't for me."

"You growing a carnivorous plant or just experimenting with meat underwear?"

Dean wrinkles his nose in disgust.

"No I just...ok, you really want to know?"

Sam's interest is piqued, usually Dean doesn't get embarrassed.


Dean sweeps into the kitchen, piling the cooling burgers onto a paper plate, along with a half cup of slaw, the side salad from one of the bussed plates and half a piece of pie from another. Sam follows him through the back door of the kitchen and out into the alley beyond.

It's dark, but the outline of the dumpster is clear under the glow of the frosted window above it. Dean raps on the side of it one handed and he hears the rustling noise of limbs being straightened and moved around. The top slides open, and Sam backs away a little as Castiel's head pops out, dark hair flat and mussed, Buddha T-shirt doing little to hide the skinniness of his body and the fragile bones of his long arms. Dean holds up the plate of food and Castiel takes it eagerly, stuffing a browned patty into his mouth before gesturing vaguely at Sam.

"Who's he?" it comes out indistinct and muffled by the burger, but Dean answers anyway.

"Sam, he's my brother, remember."

"Oooh." Castiel's eyes open wide as he rolls his head back, almost a pantomime of realisation. "Hi there Sam." He says, picking up the pie as he does so.

"Yeah...hi...Dean who is this?" Sam asks, sotto voiced.

"This is Castiel, he's kind of a green freak." Dean says as if that explains everything.

"He lives in our dumpster?"

"I live in it, I eat out of them and I have sex in here to." Castiel says seriously, and Sam doesn't fail to notice the look that passes between his brother and the shaggy eco-warrior.

"Ok...well I'm going back inside...see you later Dean."

"Bye Sammy." Dean waves him off and Sam pretends not to see Castiel moving to one side so that Dean can climb into the dumpster with him. Even if he had mentioned it the next day, Dean would most definitely had held firm that, whilst not perfect, his relationship with a dumpster diving pseudo-hippy was possible the best one he'd had in a long while. Besides, sex in a dumpster on a musty sleeping bag, was still sex. And the dude was a yogi after all.