AN: ok so this is my first spring awakeking fanfichion, its not amazing – please tell me what you think =)

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She's dead.

There's no time for morning.

There is nothing left for me to say.

Without her life got boring.

I would sit and dream.

About her and me.

But that will never happen.

She is dead.


And with my loss of faith and religion.

I do not know if there is a heven.

Or even somewhere where she will be free.

Or is she now just a life less body.

Her and my child.

I would like to have met her.

They would almost defanately look like there mother.

Now when I see mrs. Bergman,

She glares at me as if it is my fault!

Like I chose for her to kill her

Like what I did was sexual assalt!

And yet, I know I new the conaquences

Of what we were about to do

Wendla still would have done it with me.

Or would she have refused?

But what is the point of penndering the matter?

She is now dead and gone.

And maybe some day I will see her again.

Well only hope can one.

Melchior G