This was a little flash of inspiration I had. I think schools should do things like this.

"So just coz some of the teachers think we don't have a way of letting out our feelings we have to write them on a piece of paper and post it in a box?"

"Yes" Owen replied to Lisa's question.

"A box labelled 'Unspoken Words'?" Dax joined in the attack.

The Cola's had all been more than a little sceptical when Owen and Tyrone had told them about Mrs Sartre's latest idea. They thought it was a bad idea especially since Owen would be reading the entries, and passing them on if it was anything to be concerned about.

"Yes" Owen and Tyrone said in unison. This was becoming an example of don't shoot the messenger(s).

"Can it be anonymous?" Spook Williams of all people asked.

"Yes, it can, though it may not be hard for me to work out who wrote it" Owen replied reasonably.

"But will you purposely try to find out who it was?" Gideon demanded. Owen sighed.

"No Gideon, he won't" Ty answered for him. Here Luke signed something to Gideon.

Gideon spoke up "Luke wants to know who you would pass it on to if it was worrying you?"

"Whoever it is necessary to pass it on to, and be warned in some cases it might be another student" Owen warned them. A chorus of "That's not fair!" followed that statement, to which Owen just shrugged and left the room. After a pause Tyrone went after him. This is going to be interesting, Owen mused, I wonder who'll be first?

This is either going to be a success
a disaster.
then again you never know with the Colas
Let me know what you think of the idea.