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a. I based the school year education of Fairy Tail Academy in Japan's real educational school year. It starts in April from Monday to Friday. The class starts in 7 AM till 4 PM. Lunch break 12 PM to 1 PM. Reviews are always schedule in Saturday.

b. My fictional schools namely Fairy Tail Academy, Apostle Academy, Magnolia School and Phantom Academy each have Middle School and High School branches.

c. The current date in my FTA fiction is August and the school festival in FTA is first week of October.

d. Juvia Loxar and Gazeel Redfox entered Phantom Academy from Middle School until High school – from April to June only and then they both transfer in FTA from June till present.

e. Lucy Heartfillia attends Apostle Academy since Junior High School until the first four months of the High school then she transfer in FTA on August.

f. Lucy's part time job schedule from 5 PM till 8 PM Monday to Thursday. Her day off is Friday. Gray's part time job schedule from 5 PM till 8 PM Tuesday to Friday. Note from Wakaba: Part-time employee works four days only while Full-time employee works six days.

g. Lucy, Gray, Max and Alzack are all part-timer. Warren and two other employees – still anonymous ehe – is full time worker in G2G Convenient Store.

h. Current known characters' age. FIFTEEN YEARS OLD: Millianna and Sho SIXTEEN YEARS OLD: Lucy, Gray, Natsu, Loke, Levi, Erza, Lyon, Gazeel, Juvia, Elfman, Hibiki and Wally SEVENTEEN YEARS OLD: MiraJane, Cana, Alzack and Max EIGHTEEN YEARS OLD:Jellal and Simon. PS about the age – I change the original age of the FT character's real age.

Common Honorifics Explained:-san – a common honorifics and is equivalent to Mr., Miss, Ms., or Mrs. It's used if politeness is required; -sama – one lever higher than –san and is used to address someone with great respect; -kun – suffix used usually along with the boys' name to express closeness or endearment and it is also used to someone younger or in lower status; -chan – suffix used usually along with girls' name to express closeness or endearment it also sends a childish cuteness; senpai – a title to address one's senior, it is mostly used in school settings or work place; Sensei – title used for teachers, doctors, or master of any professions or art.

Question: WHERE WOULD YOU WANT TO PLACE YOUR FAVORITE GUILD'S STAMP AND WHAT COLOR? SHARE YOUR ANSWER THROUGH REVIEW. THANK YOU XP. Me? Since I like exposing my nape I wanted Fairy Tail's guild stamp on my nape of course with my favorite color Forget-me-not blue!

Ω = ώ Ω

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