Summary: Lucy Heartfillia is the heiress of the Heartfillia family, use to be one of the wealthiest and most influential conglomerate families in the country of Fiore but after the huge bankrupt Lucy was force to transfer in Fairy Tail Academy from her prestigious school. Can she deal with her new 'ordinary' life while trying to fit in with her chaotic new school?

Pairing: LucyXVarious (LoL)

Genre: Comedy, School Life, Romance, Spice of Life, Drama, Friendship, Family

Ratings: Rated T

Disclaimer: Fairy Tail® by Mashima Hiro


– Finally, Our Love Begins –

Lucy open her eyes and blinked repeatedly when her caramel eyes were greeted by unfamiliar beige ceiling. How come my ceiling is color beige now? It was supposed to be in color white. And then slowly one by one the incident from last night flashed before her. Lucy twisted her body to her side and hugged the fluffy pillow against her chest when she remembered how her father left and abandoned her. Stinging pain stabbed her chest and her brown eyes started to form tears.

Lucy childishly rub the tears off her eyes and jerked her body from the bed. Relief washed over her face when she remembered how Natsu saved her from being homeless, he offered his house to her. She did not even bother smoothing her bed hair and crawled off the bed and proceeded towards her baggage. She was too tired and too depressed to even start unpacking her clothes.

What her father did to her was only between her and Natsu. Lucy kept her silence about her problem for she doesn't want to be a bother and an incovenient to her friends. She kept her happy facade in front of Levy and the other not knowing a certain brunet noticed her fake smile. She was fishing out some clean clothes when she heard her phone rings. Lucy forced herself to answer the incoming call.

"Hello?" she answered.

"Hey, Lucy?" a familiar voice of Gray greeted her.

Lucy blinked. "Gray? What's wrong?"

"Are you free today? Mind going somewhere with me?"

Lucy silently debate whether she will go or not go with Gray. Afterwards she thought the more she stayed alone, the more depressed she will be so she answered, "Sure, okay."

Gray heaved a quiet sigh of relief. "Good, meet me in Magnolia Park in one hour okay?"

"Yeah, sure."

An hour later, Lucy found herself walking along side by side with Gray, on her hand was an ice cream, that she absently licked. Gray brought Lucy in the park in hopes to cheer her up; although she was trying her best to hide the sadness on her brown eyes, Gray can't helped but noticed how the blonde girl's smile immediately dissolved the moment Levy and the others dragged their attention away from Lucy. She had been acting weird since the other day and Gray was eager to find out what happened to her, but of course he won't definitely pushed Lucy into telling him whatever that was bothering her. For now his only mission was to cheer her up somehow.

Since it was weekend, Magnolia Park was crowded than the usual, and Lucy collided with others from time to time. Gray suddenly grabbed Lucy by her hand and pulled her closer to him.

With a light blush, he said, "It's pretty crowded better hold on tight or I might lose you."

Lucy stared at Gray at first before lightly smiling at him, she quietly nodded and wrapped her hand with his as well. Lucy found Gray's warm hand somehow alleviate her sadness, even just a little, it sort of sends her message that Gray was always there by her side.

"Hmm..." Lucy hummed as she cheekily licked her ice cream.

Three hours of aimlessly wondering around Magnolia Park, Gray brought Lucy to a place where he spend his time musing or merely wanted to be alone. It was his secret place that no one, not even closest friends (Natsu and Loke) nor his family knew.

Lucy quietly followed Gray in an unbeaten path through the semi-forest just behind Magnolia City; the two teens arrived at a clear green field with lone cherry blossom tree on the very center of it. Since it was fall season, the said tree blossomed with beautiful pink flowers that made Lucy gasped in fascination and admiration.

"Wow," She cooed.

"This is my secret place, I usually stay here whenever I wanted some peave and quiet." He said.

Lucy strode towards the lone cherry blossom and giggled as her finger tips traveled through the rough body of the famous pink tree. She spun around at Gray and smiled widely, momentarily forgetting her gried over her father abandoning her.

"It was beautiful, Gray." She said.

Gray smiled, happy that he made Lucy beamed with her usual bright smile, the blonde girl settled down underneath the shade of the big tree and patted the space beside her to Gray. The teen boy complied and took a sit next to her.

Silence took oever between her and Gray.

"Thank you, Gray." She whispered softly after the silence. "I know that you've brought me here to cheer me up. You did made me happy." Lucy gently laid her head on Gray's shoulder. "Thank you so much."

Gray took Lucy's on hand. "Whenever you're ready to tell me anything, I'm always available." He said as he wrapped his hands with Lucy's petite hand.

Lucy smiled and nodded and remained resting her head on her companion's shoulder.



"I like you, Lucy." Although there was red tinge across his cheeks, Gray confessed at Lucy, he felt her lightly twitched that caused for his heart to pound nervously; the blonde girl has been so shocked that it rendered her speechless for seconds. It was never his intention to confess his feelings to her to be honest; but the words came blurting out from his lips so suddenly that he didn't had a chance to stop himself.

Gray felt it has been forever, although it was only mere seconds, when Lucy finally reacted. A wide smile and red cheeks greeted him.

Lucy lightly laugh first before answering, "I like you too, Gray."

Gray craned his neck down to Lucy. Dark blue orbs clashed with chocolate brown eyes. Isn't it too early to kiss her? What if she got mad of him suddenly kissing her? Gray thought, his eyes flickered to Lucy's pink and slightly parted lips. It doesn't matter if it's early or not.

Gray slowly leaned his face down to Lucy, he even felt Lucy inched closer to him that gave him a little courage to close the gap between him and Lucy. With closed eyes and pounding heart inside his rib cage, Gray felt an incredible soft and warm lips against his.


Natsu absently played his stake with his fork. I wonder how's Lucy doing on her own now? He thought. He just got back from his second house where he let Lucy stay the other day when her father abandoned her. Natsu creased his face and clenched his jaw as he remembered how Lucy's father left and abandoned her. What kind of father he is abandoning his daughter like that?

"How's school, honey?" Grandine asked her son but Natsu was so absorbed with his train of thought that he did not heard his mother talking to him. "Honey?"

Maybe I should go check on her if she had her dinner already? He left Lucy awhile with foods from he bought after school though his blonde friend refused at first but he was persistent. I'll bring Happy with me and let him stay with Lucy so she won't feel lonely.

Natsu chuckled when the incident last night flitted at the back of his mind. It was past ten when he left Lucy alone in the house after handing her the food.

Lucy groaned when she heard sounds outside her door. When her brain finally registered the sound, she jerked her back off the bed and stared nervously at the door. Then she heard crashing sound of broken plate that cause for her heart to throb faster.

What was it? A buglar? Lucy pulled the comforter up to her chin as her body trembled in fear. Debating whether or not she will go and check where that crashing sound came from. If it was really a buglar, what can a defenseless girl like her could do? It's not as if she knew any self defense to protect herself. And what if that buglar was armed with some dangerous weapon like knife or gun? With that thought Lucy clutched her comforter even tighter.

Then Lucy heard creaking sound. She hesitantly wrapped the comforter around her body as if it would magically protect her from any danger. She was about to grabbed the door knob when fear took over her again. Lucy scrambled back to her bed and grabbed her cell phone laying on the bed side table. She immediately dialled Natsu's number and pressed the contraption against her ear.

She nervously waited for someone to answer the call and five minutes later a groggy sound of Natsu was heard. "Hello?"

"Natsu?" Lucy whimpered.

"Lucy?" Natsu answered, with his tone was alarmed. "What's wrong?"

"I-I'm so sorry for calling you all of a sudden but... but c-can you come over h-here? I-I'm not really s-sure but I thing t-there's a b-b-buglar outside my room." Lucy sobbed.

Natsu gasped. "What? Buglar?" Lucy vividly heard hurried footsteps from the other line. "I'll be right there, don't leave the room okay?"

"O-okay... Please hurry up. I'm s-s-scared..."

"I will. Don't leave the room. I'm on my way."

When she heard another sounds outside, Lucy let out a quiet cry before she tightened the comforter around her. Lucy crawled from the bed and settled on the floor beside her bed. She covered the comforter over her while uttering prayers.

She doesn't know how long time had passed but when a hand grabbed her on her shoulder, Lucy squeaked and threw her hands around her.

"Hey, Lucy it's me!"

Lucy frozed and stared at Natsu before her. He was panting heavily and sweating madly. He used his bike and pedalled his two wheeled vehicle as fast as he could hence the panting and sweating. He went inside through Lucy's window and found the blonde girl whimpering on the floor in fear.

"Natsu, you're here!" Lucy said in relief.

"Yeah. So where's the buglar?"

"H-honestly, I haven't checked it out if the buglar was still outside but—,"


Both teen snapped their eyes towards the door. Natsu glared while Lucy squeaked and hide behind Natsu. "The bastard's still outside." Natsu angrily whispered, the blonde girl nodded in agreement. "I'm going, stay here Lucy."

Lucy gripped Natsu's sleeve and shook her head. "No! I-I'll go with you!"


"We'll go together, don't leave me here please." Lucy begged and pressed her body against Natsu's back.

Natsu felt his face heating up, nodded slowly. "Okay, but stay close with me?"

Lucy nodded vigorously. Natsu grabbed Lucy's hand as they both walked towards the door in caution. Natsu quietly opened the door, he peeked outside the door and saw no one in the corridor. He heard sounds coming from the kitchen though.

"Let's go." Natsu whispered and pulled Lucy outside to the corridor. They both arrived in front of the door that leads to the kitchen where Lucy and Natsu heard rattling sounds, Natsu pushed the door without making any sounds and peeked inside the kitchen. The door of the refrigerator was opened and there was slurping sound coming from the island counter. Natsu motioned his head at Lucy which the blonde girl nodded in response.

Natsu suddenly took action and jumped inside the kitchen bravely. "Hold it right there you damn buglar! We've got you surrounded!"

Lucy immediately flicked the light on.

"Aye sir!"

Turns out the mysterious buglar was just Natsu's blue furred cat, Happy. The cat, who missed the house wondered towards it, no wonder Natsu did not saw Happy inside his room in the estate. Happy proceeded to kitchen in hopes to find any fish to eat. Lucy has no idea how Natsu can understand his cat but who cares, she loves cat—talking or not—and immediately snatched Happy from Natsu and nuzzled her cheeks against Happy's cheek. The cat response to Lucy with equal affection.

"Natsu? Your mother's talking with you." Igneel said when Natsu still didn't answer his mother.

Natsu paused for a second. He had been thinking about Lucy's wellbeing ever since the incident about her father and that confused Natsu how much he worries about Lucy. Sure he had been depressed and worried about Lissana's life but not to this extent. And what confused Natsu more that everytime Lucy's face popped in his mind his heart beat pounded harder and faster and he felt his face heating up. What the hell is happening to him? Is he having heart problem? Maybe he should go asked his cousin Trent for a check up?

"Natsu." His father patted him on his shoulder gently to gain his son's attention. Natsu finally brought his eyes to his father, blinking his puzzled eyes to Igneel.


Igneel amusedly chuckled at his son's reaction. "Your mother's been asking you how was school today?"

Natsu absently nodded and dragged his eyes to his mother. "Everything's fine, Mom."

"Are you okay? You've been unusually quiet and have not been paying attention? Are you having problems, Honey?"

Natsu stared at his mother at first before placing the knife and fork down on the table. Feeling their son's uncommon seriousness Igneel and Grandine focused their attention on their eldest child.

Natsu frowned before speaking up. "My body's been acting strange this past few days. Whenever I think of a certain someone I can't helped but worried about her well being then my heart started to pounded harder and race faster than normal. My face gets hot and my chest get tights abnormally."

Natsu was absorbed with his monologue and mysterious 'sickness' that he did not notice his parent's reaction. His father dropped his jaw in disbelief and shock while his mother pressed her hands on her cheeks grinning girlishly.

"I thought maybe I was suffering with some kind of disease or something. I'll go to Trent-niisama tomorrow for check up. Erhm, Mom? Dad?"

Grandine cooed over her son much to Natsu's confusion. Igneel proudly nodded at Natsu while patting his son on the shoulder.

"It's too early but you've finally meet your spring, huh, son?"

"What are you talking about? Am I having sort of disease that can only have every Spring? But it's still Fall right?"

"Aww Honey you're not having a disease." Grandine said in between her giggles.

Natsu blinked his eyes, more confused than before. "Then what is it?"

Grandine giggled once more before answering, "You've fallen in love, Honey."






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