Persona 4: Reach out to the Truth

Sagamihara, Japan

Sangekkou High School, Class 1-3

Winter, Clear

Souji stood uncomfortably in the front of the class. Upon hearing of his imminent departure, his homeroom teacher, a stunted and balding man, had made a fuss. He had insisted that Souji at least give his classmates a proper good bye.

What his homeroom teacher didn't know was that Souji had moved so many times, goodbyes never really meant anything to him. The class had started to stir. Curious stares on his face, Souji could hear his friends whispering.

"What's going on...?" A friendly, but sometimes clueless girl whispered to her dark haired friend.

"I don't know... Maybe Souji-kun's gonna give a speech or something." She speculates.

"Nawwww!" the girl laughed, the pair giggle, unaware that Souji was rolling his eyes at them.

The door slid open and the teacher walked towards Souji. "Quiet class!" He bellowed, all forty of them shut up immediately, "Today would be the last day Souji-kun would be in Sagamihara today."

The heavy man put a plump hand on Souji's suffocating monkey suit/School Uniform. The entire class was in an uproar.

Souji could hear exclamations and sneers. "About time... I always had a weird feelin' bout that guy."

"Yeah... It's crazy... It's like people are just naturally attracted to him..." His friend stared off into the distance.

The boy laughed, "Dude, what the shit are you talking about? People just get all excited about him cause he's the new kid and he has fancy hair."

His friend rolled his eyes, "Dude, hair has nothin' to do with gaining hordes of fan girls in one month upon arriving in a new school. It just ain't right."

Souji waited for the class to settle down. He was already used to this. Saying goodbye was alot easier each time he did it as he learned to not get himself attached too closely with anyone.

The hardest time had been when he was in his final year of elementary school. He had been with his classmates and friends for so long, and one day, his parents just told him to pack everything up.

We're moving somewhere better, Sou-kun, His mother smiled blissfully at him.

You can make new friends there, Yokohama is a GREAT place! His father laughs.

Little Souji followed his parents where ever they went. Year after year, his parents got to better and better places, their salary shot up higher and higher, but their free time dwindled and their relationship with their son quickly became distant.

"Sou. Souji. You done with your bags? Our flight is boarding soon, so we don't have time to send you off. You'll be alright, right, son?" Souji's father said, the lanky, light haired man spoke quickly. His fingers were constantly twitching across the keypad on his phone, his eyes scanning the latest stock market news.

Souji sighs and nods. His mother gave him a rushed hug before she tugged at the travel sized luggage and left the house quickly. They must've been really late, Souji thought.

"Your uncle Dojima would be there to pick you up once you reach the Inaba area. Be nice, okay Souji?" The older Seta pats his only son on the back and set off with his wife.

Souji waved absentmindedly at his parents' retreating figures before he sets out on his own. He was already wearing his new school's uniform, so that when he arrived, people won't stare at him as if he was an outsider, though he was.

YasoInaba... A small town in the middle of nowhere for a change huh? Great. Just great.


30minutes to Inaba

The train ride was long. Alot longer than he had anticipated. Souji had already drifted off to dreamland, but an unusual dream had him wake up in cold sweat.

Souji rubbed his temples, What the heck was that...? Igor? Margret? Tarot card readings...? I must've been way too stressed than I had thought.

An unfamiliar voice rang through the train, "Next stop, Yaso-Inaba. Yaso-Inaba." Souji sighed and quickly got up from his seat. His uncle was supposed to pick him up here at four. It was now four-ten. Souji silently prayed that his uncle wasn't one of those strict and ridiculous men.


Ryoutaro Dojima stood at the entrance of the train station. Behind him, Nanako was fidgeting with her frilly pink dress. It was a gift from her mother for Christmas, a beautiful design, in Dojima's opinion.

His nephew would be arriving today. His sister's kid, the silver haired one, not that his goody workaholic sister would possibly have another child. Dojima squinted his eyes as another wave of passengers arrived. "Where is he... Kids these days..."

Souji was supposed to arrive ten minutes ago, and Nanako had already finished her juice. The little girl was behind him, kicking tiny rocks. As the crowd thinned out, Dojima could see an outstanding young man walking down the steps. His hair was a distinctive shade of silver; it glistened in the late afternoon sunlight. Dojima scratched his head a little, Must've gotten it from his dad. The entire line of Dojimas had dark hair. Strange kid.

The young man looked around uncertainly. Ryoutaro yelled a little, "Hey, over here!"

Souji spotted Dojima waving his arm at him and hurried over. The young man bowed slightly, "Sorry. The train was delayed."

"It's alright," Dojima said, a little confused. The young man was polite, and up close, he looked a lot like his mother. He admired the boy's features briefly and noticed that Souji was almost the photocopy, male version of Dojima's sister. Only his distinctive silver hair was anything like his father.

"Wow, you're even more handsome in person than in your photo!" Ryoutaro laughed, it was a joke, but it was rather true. Souji's photos didn't do the boy justice.

The young man laughed nervously, embarrassed. Dojima laughed with him. "Welcome to Inaba. I'm Ryoutaro Dojima and I'll be looking after you while you're here."

"Let's see... I'm your mother's younger brother... and that about sums it up." Dojima said. Souji bowed a little, "It's nice to meet you."

It cracked him up that the boy didn't recognise him, but he wasn't to blame. Souji was only a few months short of 1 when Dojima had last visited him. "Hey, you probably don't remember it but we've met."

The boy looked confused. Dojima added, "I changed your diaper once, ya know?" The young man laughed nervously, and it made Dojima feel old, but it was a warm feeling to have another family member around, even if he was really just a stranger.

Behind him, Nanako squirmed. Dojima had almost forgotten about his daughter. She was unusually quiet. "Oh, this here's my daughter. C'mon Nanako. Say hello to your cousin." He gave her a gentle push.

"E'llo." She mumbled. It was adorable, and she quickly ran behind her father. It amused Dojima to no end.

He chuckled, "What are you so shy for?" Nanako gave him an embarrassed slap on the behind and it made Dojima even more amused. Souji shifted his stance uncomfortably.

"Well then, let's get going. The ride's over there." Dojima grinned as he pointed at his car. It was a large four seater and a cool grey colour, he was mighty proud of it. "Alright then, let's go."




Souji was half asleep throughout the ride to Inaba. His uncle was a good man, he didn't ask much and he didn't talk much either. It made life easier for Souji.

His little cousin was an adorable one, but he had hoped that she wasn't one of those kids who'd kick up a fuss or cry for no good reason. He was going to live with the Dojimas for an entire year after all.

They stopped by the gas station to fill the tank for the car. Nanako had to go to the little girls' room and the gas station attendant had told her that it was to the left, "You know where's left? The one you don't hold the chopsticks with." He had added stupidly.

Nanako pouted as she stormed off with a huff, "I know that... Geez..."

Dojima had wandered off for a smoke. The gas station attendant strolled over to Souji. It was only when he was closer that Souji noticed that the guy was actually a girl. Or Girl-ish. I don't know. Wierdo.

"Are you in High school?" She asked, her skin had a strange pale tinge to it. "Does it surprise a city boy to see how little there is out here?"

Souji smiled politely, "It's nice here."

She laughed sceptically, "Heh. There's so little to do I'm sure you'll either be hanging out with your friends or doing part-time jobs."

Isn't that what everybody does...? Souji thought to himself, but on the outside, he continued to smile, "I guess."

She never seemed to stop talking, "Heh, yeah. Oh! Speaking of which, we're actually looking for part time help!"

The gas station attendant walked closer, her hand out stretched, "We don't mind if you're a student." She grinned.

It was only polite; Souji walked over and gave her a good hand shake. Her skin was incredibly smooth and cold. It was as if she had no blood running through her veins, no life beneath those cool grey eyes.

"Oh! I should get back to work." She smiles apologetically as she runs off to fill his uncle's tank.

Nanako had just returned from her restroom break. Souji suddenly felt a great rush of nausea. Nanako looked worried, "A-are you okay...?"

Souji tried not to scare the kid and smiled, "I'm okay. Just tired."

She frowns but nods obediently, "Okay... You must've been car sick."



The room was decent. It certainly wasn't a suite but it would serve its purpose. There were mismatched furniture everywhere and a makeshift shelf. A leather couch, a small work table, a study table with old dictionaries atop and a drawer with random magazines and knick knacks decorating the top filled the otherwise Spartan room. Souji found his futon tucked away in the corner. He didn't notice that the black box in front of the work table was a TV until he walked pass it.

"I guess this'll do." Souji sighed.

Evening came and Souji found himself having microwave dinner with the Dojimas. They each had a soft drink can next to their dinner and the TV was showing a programme about a newscaster's affair with a politician, though it was muted.

They were making small talk during dinner, Dojima asked about his parents, how they were doing, what were they doing and if his father was treating his mom right. And though Nanako was only 7, even she seemed interested.

Suddenly, a shrill ring echoed through the cramped living room. Dojima growled, "Who's calling at this hour?"

He picked up his phone was looked like he was about to behead the other person on the line. "... Alright, I'm on my way."

Souji waited with Nanako for an explanation, "Something's come up at work. Nanako, you help him out okay?" The little girl nodded solemnly.

Dojima left quickly and soon it was only him and his cousin. She unmuted the TV and the voice of the announcer filled the room.

A story on the affair was running, Souji didn't really pay much attention to it. Nanako got bored quickly and she switched to another channel.

"At Junes, everyday's costumer appreciation day!" The cheerful voice sung, "Everyday's great at your Junes!"

To his surprise, Nanako sand along too. "Everyday's great at your Junes~!"

She met his stare with a nonchalant voice, "Aren't you going to eat...?"

Amused, Souji ate in silence with his little cousin. After dinner, He went to bed immediately. Tomorrow would be his first day of school, he wanted to be prepared. A new school. Again. Probably nothing new, considering that this town's kinda small anyways. Oh well.

Souji slowly drifted off to sleep.

Author's note: The novelization of Persona 4! This is actually just a sneak preview ish thingy. I won't be continuing this anytime soon. Heh. Cause my Persona 3 fic done yet :D Comments and reviews would be great as always! And don't ask me about the pairings yet, I don't know. I'm torn between Yukiko and Rise.

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