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Chapter four

"You. You're Slade's son?" Robin asked, Jason scoffed,

"He is my father, I am not his son… Wilson." Jason looked off to the room, away from Robin. Robin straightened up and headed towards the door.

"Make sure he doesn't have any accidents." Robin said as he was leaving,

"Wait, what about parole?" Jason called,

"It was never an option."

Six hours passed.

Jason continued to slip in and out of consciousness, his body ached all over, and he could hardly move. He knew he had lost a lot of blood, but he could see his wrists and the cuts were completely gone, he assumed that Raven had healed him somewhere along the way. Jason sighed and stared about the room. He was alone now, still tied to the bed, he couldn't believe he was there. He couldn't believe how stupid he had been. He tried to reach out for something to pick the locks that bound him, but there were no tables close enough to him. He tried to move his feet, and couldn't, he tried to roll over, he couldn't, and with every attempt his body hurt more and more. He had let himself get pretty battered in the fight last night, and it was catching up with him.

The door opened. "Stop moving around so much. There is a section of your back that cyborg stitched up, you pull those stitches and you will bleed…. Close to death, but not quite. Then you will just be sickly for a while." Raven explained, she sat down in a chair outside of his range of vision and opened up a book. He tried to turn his head to look at her, but could only see her in her peripheral vision.

"Do I hear a twinge of anger in your monotone?" Jason asked sarcastically. She rolled her eyes.

"Shut up, I am not paid, and I don't have to be baby-sitting you right now."

"and yet here you are, princess." Jason said. "Would you mind telling me why you healed up my arms, yet stitched my back?"

"Because I could see your arms." Raven said, "There was rust in the cuts and Robin didn't really feel like letting you die after we went through the trouble of saving you."

"You didn't save me." Jason said, "I didn't want to be saved…." He said, she didn't respond to this, yet kept reading. "so. What did you see when you went in my head?"

"You know what I saw." Raven said.
"Yeah. But I want to hear you say it."


"Temptress." He said, she slammed her book and walked over to him.
"I am not a temptress." She said. He smiled at her.

"Oh please. You are so trying."

"So are you."


"Last night, you singled me out. You tried to piss me off as much as you could. You are doing it now to."

"Yeah. Your right, I doubt you could do sexy." He said, he smiled.

"Stop. If you are trying to flirt with me, just stop. I am not letting you go." Raven said,

"I thought I was succeeding in flirting. Are there cameras in this room?" He asked.

"…No." She responded.

"Then I won't lie to you. Robin is sending me off, for life. With no chance of parole, and you are… stunning, I won't lie. I really am trying to get you to kiss me before he ships me off."

"Sorry, but I don't kiss suicidal criminals."

"You can't hold either of those things over me, knowing my past. Can you. But fine, if that is how it is. I don't kiss demonic halflings."

"How did you know…"