Kendall turns to the doorway of the hospital room to spot James and Carlos walk in, Delilah in the middle of them both, gripping their hands tightly. She has a huge smile on her face and her green eyes were wide with excitement before she runs over to Kendall to wrap her arms around her fathers legs.

"Hey baby girl," Kendall whispers, softly. Flashing his eyes to check if Logan's still sleeping and sighing in relief when he sees that the raven haired boy is still completely passed out.

"How was he?"

Kendall looks over at James, "Same as last time. But, I'm pretty sure that he knew what to expect this time." There's a short pause before he smiles, "Do you guys want to meet Mason?"

Carlos nods enthusiastically, whilst James just nods once with a smile.

Kendall leans down to lift Delilah into his arms before heading out of the room and leading the other two boys towards the nursery.

"He looks like Logan."

Kendall nods, lifting the dark haired baby into his arms, having passed Delilah off to James. "I swear he doesn't look one bit like me. But, I am deffinately not complaining." He leans down and kisses Mason's tiny forehead, delicately.

Kendall couldn't expect anything more. He had his fiance, he had proposed to Logan just a week before the younger fell into labour and brought their son into the world, Mason Alexander Knight and then they also have their blonde 20-month-old daughter, Delilah. One of each, two perfect children, what more could he seriously wish for.