SasoDei – Home Sweet Home

Part 1 of 2

A Commission for SweetMellany2008


The blonde looked up at the large old house, silently wondering to himself why it had been so goddamn cheap. "Well, I guess this is 'Home Sweet Home', un…" He gazed around at the street surrounding the place, giving a slight frown. The neighbourhood seemed to be alright, surely not bad enough to make someone sell their home so cheaply…. The house was old and wooden, giving an air of mystery about it. The lawn was overgrown, and tattered curtains waved at the blonde behind dirty windows. The once white paint was weatherworn and had been mostly chipped away, revealing the murky brown from behind its disguise. Pickets from the fence which surrounded the domain were missing in uneven numbers, and dead rose bushes around the base were nothing but thickets of thorns. A crow sat atop the large brick stem which rose up from the first floor, to the second, and transcending the roof, revealing that the house had a fireplace. The chimney was a similar colour to the house, simply without the odd patches of old white paint splattered here and there. Two arches rose from the top of the monster, as if the wood were at an eternal struggle against the roof. Maybe the house was the reason why it was so cheap…But then again, there existed people in the world whom would just love to have a place so…Historical? Yeah, the house was probably three times the age of the blonde, if not older.

Deidara shrugged slightly and walked up the solid stone steps, dragging his plain suitcase along the ground behind him. The delivery truck would arrive in an hour or so, bringing with it what little furniture his aunt had sent him. Pulling the key which he had been given from the 'Parental' woman known as Tsunade, the blonde unlocked the large front door. It moved inwards with a loud creak, a small amount of long since settled dust and rust falling from the arthritic hinges. The dim room beyond was uninviting, and the darkness smelt heavily of decay. Deidara entered, his very first step causing the floorboards to emit a pained moan of grief. The blonde blinked and looked down at his feet, giving a slight grin of amusement. He took another step, rewarded by yet another groan of malice. Deidara chuckled to himself, letting go of the bag and starting to jump around the room. Wooden cries rose from the old floorboards, practically screaming for the blonde to relent. He finally did, rather satisfied with himself.

Deidara began to hum rather happily at the new offered freedom, turning the light switch on to dismiss the darkness. The brown knob was stiff and took some effort to work, but soon the gloom vanished, replaced by a filthy dim glow. He looked around, noticing spider-less cobwebs were hidden in the corners of the ceiling, dust having been their only victim in a long time. Unexplainable music began to echo through the house, causing the blonde to raise an eyebrow. The notes drifted down and around, rebounding off the wooden walls. Deidara closed the front door and followed the echoes, traipsing to the dark, metal stairwell. It spun in a spiral, and retained most of its original black coating. Deidara ran his fingers over the cold railing, the metal roughly smooth beneath the tips of his digits. The song continued to drone on, shortage of lyrics and surplus of tune. Curiosity managed to seduce him this time. Deidara started up the steps, larger quantities of fine, unsettled, dust drifting around his feet with each step he took. The composition grew louder as he walked upwards through the ceiling, exiting onto the second floor. The only thing which Deidara saw at first were the large quantities of dust and dirt which had appeared since life last set foot on the creaking floors.

The second thing which caught his attention was the old fashioned gramophone which sat almost hidden in the corner of the windowless room. He barely made it out at first, but once he turned the light on, the culprit was clearly visible. Deidara walked over to the old creation, lifting the stylus off of the old record. He was somewhat surprised that unlike everything else, the gramophone was completely dust free, as if someone had only recently cleaned the device. Deidara didn't think much of it, guessing that science would have a believable explanation. A gust of wind, from when he had opened the door possibly?

He was interrupted from his thoughts, however, when a door creaked behind him. The blonde looked around the room, surprised. His eyes then turned to the only door of the top floor, which was slightly ajar. Deidara walked over to it, giving the wood a slight push, surprised to find it was heavier than expected. As soon as he let go of the door it slammed tightly shut, contradicting the fact that earlier it had managed to stay perfectly ajar without any force working on it. Deidara gave an optimistic shrug to himself and pushed the large block of wood, using enough effort this time to open it.

The room beyond was completely empty of anything and anyone. The blonde walked inside, taking a look around the room, surprised at how different it was in comparison to the rest of the domain. Beige carpeting had swallowed the surface of the creaking floorboards, and when Deidara walked, the ground was silent beneath his shoes. A large window took up most of the right wall, the red fancy curtains were drawn to the sides, and the blonde could see the mess which was now dubbed 'his front garden'. Deidara looked out the clean glass, running a finger down the surface to find no dirt. He gave a hum and looked around the room once more. The walls were covered with a very dark red paint, which was prefect and unchipped. Deidara also noticed another door which was a natural rich brown. He went to investigate, finding that it simply led to a small, modern bathroom. "I guess the last people must have tried to renovate this place, un." Deidara looked around the small tiled room with not much interest before entering back into the carpeted room. "I guess that this would probably be the main bedroom…" He walked over to the window looking out at the other houses around. Unlike his own, they were rather modernised on the outside, and most possibly on the inside as well.

Deidara sat down on the comfortable, carpeted, flooring, waiting and watching for the delivery truck to arrive. As he did so, he listened to the suddenly eerie silence which had enveloped the house since he'd entered the modern room. Deidara wouldn't mind calling this old trash heap his new home.


The blonde looked around at the few boxes which now surrounded him. Most of the things which they contained were brand new (or second-hand) from his rich aunt Tsunade, whom had also brought him the old, cheap, house. Deidara's mother had died four years ago, when he was thirteen, of a drug overdose. The blonde didn't know whether she had killed herself by accident, or if his beautiful mother had simply given up on life. It was impossible to come to any useful conclusion. With his mama out the way, he was forced to live with his not-so-parental father. Sometimes the old man would arrive home drunk and try to beat Deidara to an inch of his life. The blonde was pretty strong however, and had always fought valiantly against the ogre, occasionally winning the war. But alas, on the times he did not emerge victorious he would often be granted a black eye for his pointless bravery. After several months, Deidara's aunt had found out about her nephew's abuse. She had appealed at the court, and he was allowed to live either with her, or without anyone. He decided on the latter, and he had left his father forever. The ogre hadn't even been told that the blonde was moving out, though the old man probably wouldn't notice his disappearance in the least.

So that was why Deidara now stood alone in the too big house, looking around at the varying boxers of his new possessions. Tsunade had bought him the house and some furniture, though considering how rich she was, the woman was still being a bit of a miser. The blonde seventeen year old didn't really care though. He already had grown to like the house, and was prepared to work in order to mould the place into a home. His home.

Just a bit of dusting, repainting, and then it would be a really pleasant place to live. He wouldn't start to attend the nearby high school until Monday, so the blonde had a bit of time to start working. The house was old, but at least it had electricity, plumbing and hot water, having been added in by one or more of the previous owners. That was already three things ticked off his list.

The blonde boy began to unpack the content of the many boxers, finding a rather short and stubby fridge, which also had a very small freezer compartment on its top. There were the parts of a bed, including an instruction pamphlet on how to put them together. In a box close by it was a tool box, containing odd and interesting equipment which would be more than necessary in the art of bed building. He decided to give up for now, thinking that eliminating the dust from the house would probably be the best start. Deidara searched through a few more boxes, eventually finding the parts of a broom. The blonde easily managed to put them together, smiling to himself and walking up the spiral stairs to the top floor. Everything was the same as when he had left it, not a speck of dust out of place from before except that which he had disturbed. Deidara gave a hum as he walked over to the unsoiled gramophone which still stood steadfast in its dark corner. The blonde waltzed over to the old instrument, cranking the handle a few times, finding it easy and rust-free. Deidara put the stylus back onto the record and it began to play the same haunting music which had filled the house earlier. Satisfied with the lack of silence, he began to sweep around the room to combine the dust into a looming pile at the head of the spiral stairway. As the tune twirled, he faintly danced to it, not noticing that during his one-man waltz, the floor refused to creak. Or maybe he just couldn't hear the groans over the sound of the dancing music.


Deidara finished sweeping the enormous pile of dust out the front door and down the stone steps, most of it either being blown away or hidden by the overgrown lawn. The blonde gave a hum, knowing that his aunt almost definitely didn't buy him a lawn-mower as well. Though she had given him quite a lot of money to spend on rebuilding the place…He could always just hire someone to mow it for him…Well, as soon as the blonde set up the phone and hunted down his old copy of the phonebook. He gave a sigh and was about to close the front door when a voice stopped him. "STOP RIGHT THERE, GHOST!" The next thing the blonde new, someone had sprinted across the jungle of a lawn, up the cliff-like steps, and jumped on the blonde, pinning him down on the floor using weight alone. "TOBI CAUGHT THE GHOST! TOBI CAUGHT THE GHOST! TOBI IS A GOOD BOY!"

Deidara gave a growl and head-butted the idiot's forehead, causing the idiot to wail. He let go of the blonde and sat up, rubbing his sore temple. Using his legs, Deidara shoved and kicked the boy off of him, managing to scramble away from the intruder. He was damn well pissed off. "WHAT THE HELL IS YOUR PROBLEM, UN?"

The boy had short raven hair, and wore an eye patch over his left eye for some unknown reason. He sniffled slightly, and quickly stood up, running out the door of Deidara's domain. The blonde rolled his eyes and stood, walking over to the door which sat ajar. He looked out at the street beyond, seeing a group of three teenagers, one being the idiot whom had practically attacked him. As he exited his house, Deidara didn't even realise that the gramophone had abruptly stopped singing upstairs.

They all looked at the blonde as he stormed over to them, pointing an accusing finger at the immature boy. "What the hell? Why did you randomly tackle me inside of my own house?" The raven haired boy looked just about ready to burst out into tears, when the other young man in the group of three stepped in front of him.

"Yo, Dude. I'm Hidan," the male gave Deidara a wide, rather creepy, grin. "So you're the unlucky son of a bitch that has moved into the haunted house? The 'For Sale' sign has been gone for a few days, so we either assumed that some sucker had fucking bought it, or the last couple had abandoned all hope of selling it." He gave a shrug, and chuckled, "Well, what's your name?"

The blonde frowned at the male whom looked to be about the same age as he was. Hidan had slicked back silver hair, and odd magenta eyes. "I'm Deidara Iwa. But what were you saying about before?" The blonde frowned, and the only girl of the trio stepped forward.

"We all apologize for our friend Tobi's behaviour." Hidan gave a snort, and the girl rolled her eyes. "I'm Konan, by the way." She had bright blue hair and had a rather elegant, yet tomboyish, aura surrounding her. "That house there," she pointed at Deidara's new home, "is haunted."

The blonde boy gave her a rather unamused expression, "Uh-huh, and pigs fly, un." He sighed and ran a hand over his rather long hairstyle. "Listen, ghosts, angels and demons don't exist. So don't bother trying to scare me. If I were afraid of such things, then I wouldn't be living by myself now, would I?"

The albino gave a curse, clutching at a silver pendant he had around his neck. "You're living there by yourself? Jashin have fucking mercy on you, Blondie! You're not going to last the NIGHT! I mean, the previous couple were only there for a WEEK! And there was TWO of 'em! I mean, Tobi was in there one night for ten minutes, and he's been seeing a psychologist ever fucking since!" Hidan turned to look at the shivering cry-baby, "Come on, fucktard; tell Blondie the story of what happened."

The raven haired boy gave a very slight, scared, nod, taking a step forward. He pulled the eye patch from over his eye, revealing a long scar and the broken eye from beneath. Tobi's entire posture and aura changed all of a sudden. He straightened up rather abruptly and no longer trembled as he had before, all trace of tears disappearing. "Two years ago, I went in that house as a dare from my brother's boyfriend, Kisame." Tobi's voice had changed dramatically, turning rather stoic. "There was a window that was smashed open back then, though it was recently replaced with a brand new glass panel, if you are wondering as to how I managed to enter the house. It was late at night, but my eyes had already adjusted to the darkness, and I felt my way around to an icy metal staircase. Even when music began to drone down from the room above by its own accord did I falter, but only slightly. Swallowing my fear, I continued up the staircase and eventually reached the top floor of that house."

He was silent for a few seconds, as if remembering each breath of mouldy air he had taken on that night. "There was no one there, just me and the gramophone monotonously droning away in the corner of its own accord. I walked over to it and pulled the stupid needle from the boring record. It was at that point that I realised there was someone else in the room, but I didn't look around in almost fear of what I would see lurking close by. But then something touched my shoulder, running their hand downwards slightly so that cold fingertips rested on my collarbone. I can still remember that icy sensation which the hand seemed to thrive on. A voice, colder than the creature's flesh, and darker than the room itself, asked me what I was doing there. The voice then commented on my scent being very sweet, and I couldn't take the terror. My head turned to look at the unfamiliar shadow, and my eyes met a pair of glowing red orbs. The pupils were slit and cat like, practically bubbling with all the evils which the surrounding red contained. My breath caught, and I was unable to scream. Instincts took over and I tried to push the thing away, succeeding in taking it off guard. It abruptly let go of me as I spun, but I didn't even notice the coldness disappear with the amount of adrenaline that was rushing through my veins. What else was I supposed to do? I bolted down the staircase, jumping at least four steps per leap, soon reaching the bottom. Whatever that thing was followed me, and I felt a claw type thing rip down my eye. I can't really explain it, but the weapon was way sharper and thicker that fingernails. I've thought it over, and the best guess was that what ruined my eye was either the creature's tail, or the claw atop a pair of demonic wings. Though I saw neither on that night, so I've no real proof. Much to my relief the front door had remained open, and I barely got outside when the thing grabbed my shirt from behind, trying to pull me back inside. I managed to grab onto the frame of the door before it succeed, and I started a tug-o-war with the thing. My voice finally worked, and I called for my brother to help me. He and his boyfriend had been close by, awaiting my return from the house. They saw my struggling and the blood running down my face. Both ran to my aid, grabbing onto my body and pulling with all of their might. After a few seconds, the creature simply gave up and let me go. All three of us went tumbling down the stone steps, and the door to the house loudly slammed shut behind us." Deidara had been listening with both curiosity and scepticism, crossing his arms. Tobi abruptly returned to the way he was before, trembling and almost crying with his one working eye. "Sometimes…On dark nights…Tobi looks at the only window on the top floor…" He pointed at the glass which represented Deidara's new bedroom, "and occasionally Tobi sees the red pair of eyes staring back at Tobi…"

The four of them were silent for a few seconds at the rather horrifying account experienced by the raven haired boy. Hidan broke it after a while, "See Blondie? Tobi was in there for a few minutes and he's even developed a split personality! You're pretty fucked up if you think you'll survive the night!"

Deidara rolled his eyes, "Well, you're all perfectly welcome to come inside and help me up-pack if you'd like. Then you'll see that the place isn't 'haunted', un. I've already told you that ghosts, etc, etc, do not exist. They never have, and they never will."

"An invite into the fucking haunted house?" Hidan gave a rather excited grin, "FUCK YEAH! LEAD THE WAY BLONDIE!" He grabbed onto the wrists of Konan and Tobi, waiting for Deidara to start walking. The raven haired boy whimpered in fear, and using his free hand, lowered the eye patch back over his broken orb.

Deidara rolled his eyes and started to traipse back over to his house, the door still open to welcome him back cheerfully. The blonde stepped inside of his abode, the other three following behind with excitement, curiosity and horror. The gramophone upstairs had once more begun to play, which Deidara didn't find suspicious, considering that he hadn't noticed the device become mute in the first place.

Tobi whined in fear at the music, as each note brought back horrifying memories. He didn't look around the house, for terror that the raven would once again see the pair of demonic eyes.


The four seventeen year olds managed to unpack most of Deidara's furniture which didn't need to be put together. A school desk, bookshelf and the blonde's bed still needed to be built, but none bothered just yet. "I'm beat!" The albino gave a groan of relief as he placed the newly emptied box on top of the small pile which they had established. The sun had already begun its descent, and all three of them were exhausted. Hidan looked between Konan and Deidara, quirking an eyebrow. "Wait one fucking second…Where's-" A scream filled the air, the tuneless notes drifting down into the first floor. They all ran to the staircase and bolted up the twirling steps to where there friend was. The room was very dark, seeing as it had no windows, and the light wasn't turned on.

Deidara reached the top first, immediately flicking the switch on to fill the room. Tobi sat on the floor, leaning against the wall, dripping with sweat and pale from fear. His one visible eye was wide, and he kept staring at the corner where the gramophone idly played its haunting melody. The raven looked as if he'd seen a ghost. They all ran over to him. Tobi pointed at the spot beside the old instrument, his voice shaking. "IT WAS THERE!" He began to whimper and cry, clasping onto his hair in fright. "THAT THING WAS STANDING THERE, WATCHING TOBI! TOBI WANTED TO JUST TAKE A LOOK AT THE GRAMOPHONE; TOBI EVEN TURNED THE LIGHTS ON! BUT WHEN TOBI WENT OVER TO IT…The lights disappeared…And that thing…Tobi's eyes weren't adjusted to the dark, so Tobi didn't know where the staircase was, so Tobi just ran as far away from the Thing as possible! TOBI KNOWS THAT IT'S STILL IN HERE, WATCHING US!" He gave a cry and wailed loudly, covering his eyes from the phobia of seeing the Creature again. "CAN'T YOU FEEL IT?"

The three others all frowned and gazed around the room, seeing nothing out of the ordinary. Deidara didn't feel anything odd either, nothing that he had not felt earlier in the room anyway. The gramophone continued to play, as if meaning to disrupt his pattern of thought. "That's it," Hidan looked over at the blonde, "you're staying over mine tonight. No fucking way am I gonna let you sleep here with that Thing crawling around the place!" Deidara was about to object, when his stomach betrayed him and gave a loud growl. "…You don't even have any food here! Come on, my mother always makes leftovers, so you'll be more than welcome at my place! I won't take no for an answer!"

Deidara had been looking forward to his first night in the large home, but Hidan had a point. Besides, his future bed hadn't even been set up yet…Plus the incident with Tobi had freaked him out a tiny bit, even though the blonde knew it to not be true. "Fine then, I'll stay over your place…But just for tonight, un. Okay?"

"FUCK YEAH!" The albino gave a hearty laughed and picked Tobi up, slinging the poor boy over his shoulder. All four of them exited the room, Deidara turning off the light switch behind them, the windowless room becoming dark once more. The raven haired boy gave a small whimper and scrunched his eyes shut tightly, trying to create a false sense of security. A reassurance that he had not just seen the glowing red orbs for a second time that day, watching with what could be called disappointment as the three trespasses on its territory carried off the creature's highly sought-after prey.


Hidan was the blonde's next-door neighbour, and owned a cute beige, brick house that seemed to be the complete opposite of the albino. Red and white flowers grew out the front, the grass surrounding the abode both short and green. The white picket fence surrounding it was unfaded and gave an air of security. Deidara said goodbye to Konan, who took on the job of making sure that Tobi got home to his brother (and maybe a psychiatrist). "Where do they live anyway, un?"

Hidan grinned at the blonde, opening the front gate of his house and waltzing into the front yard. "Tobi lives in the house just across the street, while Konan lives a few houses down the street with her boyfriend. So why the fuck are you living by yourself in that shit-hole?"

Deidara wrinkled his nose, "First of all, I like that so called 'Shit-hole'. It might not be fancy, but dammit the place has personality, un." The albino gave him an odd look, asking him how that was even possible for a house. "Hey, a house can have character. Just a little paint, maybe a better electrical system, and it'll be a swell place to live." Hidan pointed out that he hadn't answered the question about the reason 'Why' he was living there. "Oh, my mother died a few years ago, and my dad is an asshole. My aunt is rich, because she gambles a lot and finally got a huge win. Still, aunty is a bit of a miser, so she only bought me the house because it was cheap. Tsunade is a nice woman if you don't get on her bad side though, un."

"Miser?" The albino grinned at him, chuckling deeply, "Sounds a lot like my boyfriend, Kakuzu! He isn't the sweet, buy-ya-flowers kinda guy, but fucking hell is that man good in bed! He creates a new meaning to the term 'Love-You-Long-Time'!" Deidara gave him a surprised look, "Huh? Oh, I get ya. I'm so fucking sexy, that you'd think I'd be straight. But just to let you know, I'm Bisexual. And don't worry about me trying to fuck you in the middle of the night. You should probably be more worried about that fucking Incubus that haunts your house instead! In fact, way more worried than what I could ever do to you!"

Deidara frowned at the albino, "What's an Incubus, un?" Hidan simply gave a shrug and grinned, banging his knuckles against the front door. A rather large, plump, woman opened the door, looking down at the duo with mild surprise.

She wore an unfitting pink dressing gown, woolly slippers, and yellow sponge curlers in her hair. The woman seemed to fit the stereotype of a mother. She gave Deidara a warm smile, which really seemed to suit her face. "Why, HELLO there young man! Now WHO might YOU be?"

Deidara blinked at the loud parent, remembering his own mother to be completely different from this woman. "I'm Deidara, un…I've just moved in next door." He gestured to the old battered house. Much to the blonde's surprise, the woman gave a cry of what could be misery.

"Oh! Not THAT TERRIBLE place?" She shook her head back and forth in dismay and lament, "And you SEEM like SUCH a NICE young man AS WELL!" Hidan's mother gave an exaggerated moan of sorrow and disappeared inside of her house, signalling for the two males to follow. They did and Hidan motioned for Deidara to take a seat on one of the four chairs that surrounded the kitchen table. The blonde nodded and situated himself upon the seat.

Hidan said a few quick words to his mother, about Deidara staying for the night, and then he vanished into one of the other yet-to-be-adventured rooms. The woman joined the blonde at the table, giving him a rather grim expression. Deidara couldn't take it anymore. "Were you friends with the previous owners of my house, un?" The woman gave a small, sad, nod. "Can you tell me what happened to them?"

Hidan's mother sniffled slightly and agreed to tell the blonde all she knew. "Ever since the first day they had both moved in, they had been having such TERRIBLE bad DREAMS! You know, those WEIRD, nightly imaginings that SEEM to go on FOREVER! Both of them would APPARENTLY wake up to find that they couldn't even BREATHE, as if something were CHOKING them. The feeling would ALWAYS abruptly let them go, however. Both kept saying about CREEPY unexplainable occurrences. There was an OLD gramophone on the top floor which would RANDOMLY stop and start! And on several occasions, the LIGHT for the windowless room on the TOP floor would just go out!" Tears were streaming down her face, as if all the torture had been happening to her, rather than the old friends. "They BOTH told me that they'd see a pair of GLOWING red EYES every single time that HAPPENED! And on SEVERAL occasions the THING tried to ATTACK them!" She shook her head in woe, and brought Deidara into a hug from across the tabletop. "OH! I DO HOPE THAT WHATEVER WAS HAUNTING THAT PLACE HAS MOVED ON! FOR YOUR SAKE!" She burst into tears, crying into the blonde's shoulder. Deidara didn't know what to do or say.

"Yo, Mum, don't suffocate Deidara. If you do, then you'll be doing that demon's job!" Hidan came back into the room, carrying a huge book with him. The woman let go of the blonde and nodded, sniffling slightly. She apologized for becoming so emotional and stood up, telling them she'd start work on dinner right away. Hidan sat down in the seat next to Deidara, placing the book down with a loud thump. "Here we are!" He pushed the volume over to the blonde.

Deidara rotated the book so he was able to read the title aloud, "'Ghosts, Spirits and Demons'. What's this for, un?" Hidan told the blonde to look up the chapter which had been marked. Deidara frowned and looked back at the book, noticing a small tab sticking out between two pages. The blonde turned to the page, revealing a large gold headline which read 'Incubus and Succubus'. There was a large picture of two demons, one appearing to be male and the other female. Between large velvet wings stood perfectly sculpted silver human looking bodies. The male was completely bald, and the female had a small black ponytail. Both were giving grins with serrated teeth, their eyes lacked pupils but glowed bright red. Deidara didn't even bother to read, closing the tome without any interest. "I've already told you, Hidan. Ghosts, angels, and demons don't exist."

Hidan frowned and gave a sigh, picking the book back up. "Fine then, but you're free to fucking borrow it whenever the hell you want…Not that you have a lot of life left though…"



Deidara gave a yawn, walking up the stone steps and onto his veranda. He pulled out a key with his one free hand, considering that he was carrying a plastic bag with the other. Hidan's mother had been kind enough to give him some food, though it'd only last a few days, so he'd have to go to the shops soon.

The door moved inwards as he unlocked it, and the blonde turned on the light switch. Nothing seemed to have moved around at first glace, and the gramophone upstairs was completely silent. Deidara walked onto the creaking floor boards, smiling slightly as he closed the door behind him. "Home sweet home, un." Not even an echo answered him.

The blonde walked into the next room over, which he'd decided to make into his kitchen. The small fridge was already in there, plus empty cupboards, a sink and a stove were already installed in the room. On one of the bench tops sat the kettle and toaster which his aunt had given him. Deidara yawned once more and opened his half-fridge, placing the bag inside of it. He'd sort the food out later, but right now he just wanted some sleep. He hadn't been able to get a wink at Hidan's. The albino had talked throughout the night, even when he wasn't awake. Deidara groaned slightly when he remembered that the bed wasn't set up yet. Well, he could always just sleep on the mattress.

It would have to do. Deidara closed the white fridge door and walked back into the main room. Much to his surprise, the mattress was no longer where it had been the day before. The blonde gave a confused noise and began to perambulate, trying to hunt down the missing mattress. Nothing on the bottom floor, which meant that the only place left to be searched, was the top floor. Maybe someone had stolen it…But how the hell would they get a mattress through a window when the door had been tightly locked? Deidara hummed slightly in annoyance as he started up the twirling staircase, to the top floor. Everything looked the same. But when Deidara reached the door to his bedroom, he was somewhat surprised that the door was once more ajar, despite its weight. The blonde push hard on the solid wood, the door giving way to reveal the room beyond it.

Deidara gasped in surprise. His bed sat there, completely put together. Frame, mattress, pillows and blankets all set up neatly. The blonde walked over to it, giving a frown. Deidara passed around the bed, before cautiously sitting down on it to find that the frame didn't spontaneously break. "I wonder who…" Oh, it was probably Konan and Tobi! They had tried to freak him out! Deidara gave a sigh and lay down on the comfortable covers, not even bothering to get under them. He nuzzled the pillow and fell asleep faster than he ever had before. Deidara's dreams were cheerful and heart-warming, rather than nightmarish.


The blonde was rather rudely awoken by a fist hammering against the front door. He gave a groan, wanting to sleep for another few hours, but the person wouldn't stop with the racket. Deidara growled and sat up, rubbing the sleep from his eyes. The blonde stood and traipsed sleepily to the heavy door, opening it, and then heading down the black stairs to the lower floor. "I'm coming, un!" He made it to the front door, and quickly opened it to stop the person from banging a hole through it. "Yeah?"

Hidan, Konan, and a male with orange hair stood at the door. Deidara noticed that the albino was carrying three large tins of white paint, as was Konan, and the stranger was holding a large ladder. "YO, BLONDIE! We've decided to help you paint the outside of your house!" Hidan grinned widely at Deidara, and motioned his head towards the stranger, "This is Konan's boyfriend, Pein. He's agreed to help out as well."

The male greeted the blonde and Deidara smiled at his friends. "Thanks, un, I really wanted to paint the place over. It was on my 'To Do' list."


They had all been painting for two hours when the blonde was able to thank the bluenette for setting his bed up while he had been at Hidan's. When he did so, however, Konan gave him a rather odd look. "Huh? What are you talking about? As soon as you went to Hidan's, I immediately dropped Tobi back home and then headed back to my own house. Neither of us even took on footstep in the direction of this place, Deidara."

The blonde frowned at the girl, blinking slowly. "If you and Tobi didn't do it…Then who did, un?" Both teenagers were silent as they looked up at the sole window of Deidara's house's top floor. Only the reflection of the large sun shone on the surface. Konan then looked back at the blonde, raising an eyebrow at him. "I think…that whatever is haunting this house…might just like you." Deidara rolled his eyes, and once more exaggerated the fact that the only one living in his house was himself.


All four of them stood on the freshly cut lawn of the blonde's house, marvelling the job which they had achieved over the course of the day. Hidan had brought over his father's lawnmower to trim the grass to its rightful size, while Pein had pulled out the dead rose bushes with the help of large gardening gloves. The house had been painted a cheery white, excluding the still black chimney which they had decided to leave black. The crooked pickets of the fence had been straightened up as best as possible, and although there were still gaps, they had been painted white also.

The sky was orange as the sun began to sink, representing the end of another day, and welcoming forth a second night. All four commented on what a good job they had done. Hidan's father was apparently a retired house painter, so he apparently had heaps of paint leftover if any touch-ups needed to be achieved. "I'll show you the way to school tomorrow. Konan, Tobi and I will come over here to meet you, and all that fucking jazz…Well, on the condition that you survive the night…Why don't you fucking stay over mine again?"

Deidara shook his head, "Sorry, but no thank you, un. It's my house, so I gotta spend at least one night there." They all nodded in both agreement and hope.


The others had left about an hour ago, and now the blonde was all alone inside of his house. It had been getting somewhat chilly, so he'd lit the fireplace using some wood which Pein had brought over for him earlier that day. The blonde was lying down on the red couch which the deliverymen had brought, and his friends had helped him move the day earlier. He had already had a small snack for dinner, and Deidara simply lay there, watching the fire dance and twirl. The gramophone had once more begun to play of its own accord upstairs, though Deidara couldn't bring himself to care about it. He was completely exhausted. The flames continued to perform their ballet to the tune of voiceless music, the light and notes drifting about the house playfully. Deidara soon fell asleep without even knowing it. As he did so, the gramophone abruptly stopped and the flames were putout. His dreams were altogether happy.

At one point, the images almost made him believe that someone had picked him up. Deidara groaned slightly as the hallucination carried the blonde up the black spiral staircase, and then easily opened the door of Deidara's bedroom using their shoulder. The stranger placed the blonde down on the bed in a rather gentle way, pulling the covers over him. Whatever the thing was lay down on the sheets next to Deidara, lying with its back to the blonde. A pair of folded wings twitched slightly as the thing got into a comfortable position and closed its own glowing red eyes. Both boy and creature were soon fast sleep. The last thing that Deidara thought before falling unconscious from his half-asleep state was why this dream seemed so oddly real.


When the blonde woke up, he was fairly surprised to find that instead of the couch, he now lay in his comfortable bed. Deidara sat up, glaring out the window at the rising sun. The blonde faintly recalled the remains of a dream which included someone carrying him from the lounge to his bed. "Maybe Hidan or someone came in to check up on me, and found me on the couch…He could have always gone through one of the bottom floor windows or something…Hell, I could have sleepwalked here, un!" Deidara noticed that the gramophone was playing rather loudly in the next room over, which was probably the reason he had woken up.

He frowned and looked at his wristwatch, which he had accidentally fallen asleep with it still on his wrist. Deidara blinked at the device, noticing that school would begin in an hour, and he had yet to get ready. For once he thanked the faulty machine for waking him up, trying not to imagine how terrible it would look to be late for his first day of year twelve…At this school anyway. Not to mention the fact that Hidan, Konan, and Tobi would be a bit irked if he got to the door without being ready for school….Hey! He'd survived the night!

Deidara ran the checklist of what had happened to the past residence of this house in his mind. He hadn't had any nightmares. When the blonde had awoken he had had full capabilities of his respiratory system. In fact the only thing which had happened to him on the checklist was the gramophone playing, and that was probably only due to a malfunction. The instrument continued to waltz away in the next room, and Deidara got up out of his bed, entering his bathroom.


The blonde sat on his couch, drinking a cup of coffee and eating some dry, burnt toast. He had remembered that last night when he'd fallen asleep the fireplace had still been lit, which he knew to be rather dangerous considering that he didn't want his new house to burn down. Luckily it hadn't.

The gramophone continued to play upstairs, already starting to bore the blonde with its repetition. Maybe he'd try to find a store which sold records or something. He finished off the toast, making a mental note to go grocery shopping after school. Deidara downed a few sips of coffee, unable to drink the rest. "Gah, I need to get sugar as well. I can't even drink this, un." He stood up and walked into the kitchen, placing the mug down on the bench. The blonde wore the uniform for his school, which was made up of a white, short sleeved shirt, black trousers and white sandshoes.

He frowned and looked at his watch, seeing that there was still 25 minutes left before school started, and the walk would only take 15. Deidara was about to tip the coffee away down the sink, when there was a loud knock at his door. Deidara forgot about the bitter drink to see who was at the door. When he opened it, the blonde gave a smile. Konan, Hidan and Tobi stood there. Their faces were filled with relief, and the raven haired boy even leaped forward onto the blonde, pulling him into a tight embrace. "SEMPAI! TOBI WAS SO WORRIED THAT THE GHOST GOT YOU!" The boy then realised that he had taken a step into the haunted house, quickly letting go of Deidara and running back out, hiding behind Konan. "Itachi told Tobi that Tobi wasn't supposed to ever go into Sempai's house again in Tobi's lifetime."

Hidan grinned at the blonde, "So you managed to survive the night? You have to tell us every fucking detail!" Deidara rolled his eyes and picked his Billabong school bag up from the floor. All of his educational equipment, including uniform, had arrived inside the same large box, so it had been easy to sort out. Deidara stepped outside, this time noticing that as soon as he did so, the gramophone went quiet, as did his friends. "…Fuck, that's creepy…" The blonde rolled his eyes and closed the door, locking it as well.

"It's just a malfunction with it. Really I don't mind, it woke me up this morning like an hour or so ago. But that was a good thing because it gave me time to get ready for school, seeing as I don't have an alarm clock…I'm pretty notorious for sleeping in, un…" Deidara shrugged slightly and the friends started to walk to the school. Hidan once more told the blonde to tell them everything which had occurred since they'd left yesterday. Deidara gave a hum, "Not much. I had dinner, lit the fireplace and fell asleep on the couch…Though when I woke up I was sleeping in my bed…Hidan, did you break into my house last night and carry me to my room?"

The albino blinked at the blonde, giving him an uncanny gaze. "What the fuck are you talking about? I was asleep the entire night, so why the fuck would I go over to your place? I may be brave, but like hell I'm going into that haunted house at night! Count me the fuck out!" Deidara gave his other two friends questioning expressions, and they also denied that they'd been anywhere near the blonde's residence.

"And it wasn't Pein, since we both live together." Konan gave a shrug, "We were both totally wiped out when we got back. I was lucky that my alarm clock woke me up, or I'd still be asleep!" The bluenette gave Deidara a critical eye, and then looked at Hidan. "I've come to the conclusion that I was correct. Whatever is inside of that place…The thing that keeps terrorizing anyone who dares to live in its domain, or even roam into its territory in the case of Tobi…Has a thing for Deidara…" They all looked at the blonde oddly, and Konan gave a laugh. "Awww! That's so CUTE! Forget a Guardian Angel; Deidara has an Evil Spirit protecting him!"

Hidan sneered and gave a cough. "What the fuck? A 'Motherly' Demon? That is just the most fucked up thing I've ever heard! Okay Blondie, tell us everything weird that has happened! Not just last night, but since you arrived."

Deidara frowned and began to list the occurrences off on his fingers. "The gramophone randomly starts and stops playing. My bedroom door, which is really heavy, will sometimes be propped open by thin air. Tobi keeps saying about seeing a pair of red eyes, though I've seen nothing of the kind. When I got home from Hidan's, my bed had been fully assembled, mattress, frame and all. I went to sleep on the couch and woke up in my room…And that's about it, un."


Deidara gave a simply shrug, and a gentle hum. "All of the events can be explained with simple logic. My door might need some rising due to the carpet since it was originally built with just the floorboards. Tobi might be hallucinating, or just trying to scare me. I'm still suspicious that one of you put my bed together…" He gave them all an accusing glare for a few seconds, before continuing with his proof. "I could have walked in my sleep, I mean, a lot has happened over the past few days with the move and everything. And the gramophone is just faulty." He gave yet another shrug, "It's called common sense, un."

All three teenagers gave the blonde a rather nonchalant appearance, Konan also giving a sigh. "You're the most disbelieving person I have ever met."

Hidan stopped and grabbed Deidara's shoulders, giving him a good shake. "COME ON, MAN! THE FUCKING GRAMOPHONE KEEPS GOING ON AND OFF AT PRETTY FUCKING PERFECT INTERVALS, RIGHT? IT WOKE YOU UP FOR SCHOOL FOR FUCKS SAKE!" The albino growled and let go of the blonde, giving a sigh. "Whatever, let's go…Come on, Blondie! It's your first day of year twelve…At this school anyway, seeing as it's October…But come on, give us a good tittup!"

Tobi gave a clap, bouncing around rather too joyfully. "Haha! Hidan said a bad word! Hidan said a bad word! He said 'Tit', Hidan said 'Tit'!" Konan gave the raven haired boy an unsatisfied look, and explained to him that 'Tittup' wasn't a rude word, but rather another name for a prideful gait. "Awww…"

"…" Deidara gave Tobi an unamused gaze, "If you reckon him saying 'Tittup' is rude, then what about the times he says the 'F' word, un?" The raven simply blinked at him with his one working eye, tilting his head in confusion. "…Never mind…Wait, it's October, right?"

"Huh?" The bluenette gave a gasp, and a cheer. "He's RIGHT! Halloween is in a week's time! So are we going to go Trick or Treating this year?" Hidan and Tobi agreed with the girl, giving a cry of joy. "What about you, Deidara? No way are you spending Halloween all alone in that haunted house! Well, not so much alone, but that's kind of the problem in the first place…"

Deidara sneered, "Come on, we're seventeen! Why would we go Trick or Treating, un?" He sighed, "Save the candy for the kids, I say." Konan stuck her tongue out at him, and was about to debate the topic, when Deidara cut her off. "Is that the school, un?" He pointed at the large building which had children, the same age and younger than them wandering about the area.

"Yeah, that's it…Maybe you could talk to Ms Shiho about your fucking demon problem…She is a bit odd, but she is always quick to say how she used to be famous for talking to spirits, and all that fucking jazz. Maybe the fucking lunatic will be able to help you out."


Deidara hadn't had Mythological Studies that day, so he had yet to meet the woman. The blonde was walking home by himself. Hidan had already gotten an after school detention, Tobi was doing a catch up class considering his learning difficulties due to trauma, and Konan had gone to see her boyfriend. He let his mind daze off as he walked, humming gently to himself. "Oh," Deidara stopped walking, "I need to get myself some groceries!" Deidara looked around, giving a frown. "Now where the hell do I find the shops, un…?"

"Need some help?" The blonde jumped slightly and spun around, seeing three older figures standing behind him. "You must be Deidara," the male who had spoken blinked his black eyes at the seventeen year old, "my brother has told me a lot about you." The man had long raven hair and lines running underneath his eyes, "My name is Itachi Uchiha; I'm Tobi's older brother."

"I'm Kisame, nice to meet ya, Kiddo!" The second male gave the blonde a sharp toothed grin, and put a hand out to shake. Deidara took his hand and smiled at the tall man. He had skin which was weirdly tinted blue, but he seemed to be kind. "And this is Zetsu." The last male of the group was taller than Itachi but shorter than Kisame. He had hair which was dyed murky green, and one side of his face was darker than the other half. Zetsu merely gave a hum, not seeming at all bothered with anything. "Tobi has said that you've moved into the haunted house. Why would you wanna live in that freaky place?"

Deidara scoffed, folding his arms. "It isn't haunted, un. I've been living there for a few days now, and not once have I seen anything resembling a ghost, angel, demon, Bunyip, or whatever you reckon is haunting that place. It's just a normal house, un." He sighed and dropped his arms to hang at his sides. "Do any of you know where the shops are? I need to get some groceries."

Itachi gave a nod, "The shops aren't too far away from here. We were headed that way anyway, so if you would like you may tag along with us." Deidara smiled widely and quickly agreed.


The blonde sighed with relief as he entered his house, carrying the heavy bags inside with him. "I really need to get a car, un. It's still an eight minute walk from here to the shops, and dammit these bags are heavy as hell." The gramophone started to play rather too happily upstairs, causing Deidara to give a growl. "Shut up you stupid broken thing, I'm not in the mood!" As if on cue, the device did as he had instructed it to, abruptly halting in its song. "…Thank you." He carried the bags into the kitchen and practically dropped them onto the bench, looking at his hands which were red where the bag handles had been digging into the skin. "Dammit." He started to unload the bags, placing the goods which need to stay cold into the fridge, the items which needed to be even icier into the freezer, and the rest into the pantry. Deidara sighed and put all of the plastic bags together, placing all except for one of them into the finally cupboard. The blonde tied it to the pantry door, deciding on using it for rubbish and scraps. Deidara sighed with relief and looked around the kitchen, or more specifically, along the table top. "Huh?" He noticed that the mug from earlier had disappeared. Deidara frowned and looked into the cupboard, seeing that the cup now sat neatly inside. He took it out and peered inside of it, noticing that someone had also cleaned it. Deidara put it away again, thinking it best not to question.

The blonde exited the kitchen and walked over to the couch, lying down on the comfortable cushions. He gave a sigh of relief, and closed his eyes. Deidara's stomach rumbled in hunger, having not been given food since what little the blonde had eaten for breakfast. The male didn't really give a damn, just wanting to take a short nap. Much to Deidara's chagrin, upstairs the gramophone began to sound just when he was seconds away from sleep. The blonde gave a groaning whimper, sitting up as his stomach growled at him again. "Fine then. Stupid gramophone. Stupid stomach, un." He walked to the kitchen, intent on getting something to sate his hunger.


Deidara was just about ready to collapse. God dammit, he was so tired! The sun had finally set, but every single time he tried to fall asleep on the couch, the gramophone would go off. He gave up on sleeping on the sofa, turning off the lights and walking up the spiral staircase. Deidara felt his way along the wall till he found his door in the dark and entered. The room beyond was vaguely lit by the moon outside, which would be full in a week or so. He turned on the light and walked over to the curtains, closing them completely. Deidara moved to the wardrobe, opening it and grabbing a pair of pyjamas.

He took off his school trousers, leaving his boxers on. Deidara pulled his shirt off as well, tossing it rather carelessly on the floor. He gave a yawn, rubbing his eyes slightly. Deidara abruptly jumped when he felt something cold ghost down the line of his spine. The blonde yelped and spun around, confirming the fact that he was alone in the room. Deidara frowned and continued to look timidly around, wanting to be completely sure that he was indeed by himself.

Shit, that had felt so real. Deidara quickly pulled his pyjama shirt and pants on, closing his wardrobe. He left his school clothes on the floor and left the curtains closed. Deidara gave a sigh and turned off the light, taking one more cautious look around the pitch-black room. Nothing. "I'm just tired, un…" He walked to the bed and crawled underneath the sheets, giving another yawn. Deidara soon fell asleep, entering a sweet, odd, dream about fireworks and school.



The blonde looked up at the classroom door as it opened, giving a blink. He was in Mythological Studies, and was awaiting the teacher. A woman walked into the room, and her looks pretty much screamed 'Weird'. She had frizzy blonde hair which was tied up in a loose ponytail, and her eyes were blocked by a pair of spiral grey glasses. Ms Shiho wore a red dress, and also a white laboratory coat. "Hello there, students. And greetings Deidara," she smiled at the blonde boy, "my name is Ms Shiho. Welcome to Mythological Studies. Right now we are looking at demons, including Oni, Nix, Incubus and Bajang!" She gave a cackle of what could be excitement, "IT'S GOING TO BE FU-" The woman suddenly stood still, staring at the blonde with her blocked gaze. "Wait a minute…Deidara, please speak with me after class, there is something I wish to discuss with you…" The blonde male blinked at the woman, giving a frown but also a nod. "Good then. Now, let's firstly discuss the Oni! YAY FOR THE ONI!"


"What is it you wanted to talk about, Ms Shiho, un?" Seeing as Mythological Studies had been the final class for the day, Deidara was eager to get home to have something to eat.

She looked at the blonde through her stupid glasses, giving a few snuffling noises. "You reek of demon!" Deidara blinked in confusion at the woman. "Would you mind telling me your address?" The blonde didn't see any harm, considering that she'd probably have been able to find it out anyway. He told her, and Shiho gave a loud gasp, standing up quickly. "THAT PLACE! OH, I'VE BEEN GETTING SUCH DEMONIC VIBES FROM THAT HOUSE EVERY SINGLE TIME I GO BY IT! YOU MUST LET ME INVESTIGATE!" She began to practically beg, saying 'please' over and over.

Deidara was sort of freaked out, so he agreed just to make her stop. "Fine then, you can 'investigate', just to prove to everyone that there is nothing wrong with my house, un." She began to thank him repeatedly, light sparkling excitedly off of her glasses. "When would you like to come over?"


The blonde was sitting on the couch, watching the fire dance. It was still daytime, but Deidara had just simply wanted to light the fireplace up. Flames danced civilly to the tune of the gramophone upstairs. The blonde had had a snack, and was now waiting for his teacher's arrival. After another minute went by, there was a knock on the door. Deidara stood up and answered it, not at all surprised to find that it was indeed Ms Shiho.

She stepped into the room, her student closing the door behind them, and Shiho immediately gave a frightened gasp. "Deidara…" The blonde female looked at Deidara through her thick glasses. "I can sense it…A very evil spirit lurks here!" She looked around quickly, as if searching for something. "Deidara, leave this house as fast as you can…You are NOT SAFE here!" Shiho gasped once more, taking a step back, focusing her eyes at the staircase. "STAY RIGHT WHERE YOU ARE, YOU DEMON!" A few seconds ticked by, and it was as if the woman started having a one sided conversation. "LEAVE THIS HOUSE FOREVER!"… "Huh? I DON'T CARE IF YOU WERE HERE FIRST, YOU NEED TO LEAVE!" Deidara frowned and looked over at where she was gazing at, seeing nothing. "I am Shiho Hisajima! A world renowned demonologist! Who are you?" The blonde blinked when he noticed that the gramophone upstairs had stopped. "I was invited here, thank you very much!" … "Yes it is true."

"Okay Ms Shiho, you're starting to freak me out, un…" Deidara walked to the door, opening it for his teacher, "I think you should leave…"

The woman looked at Deidara, then back at the staircase, and gave a growl. "You, Sasori, are one of the rudest demons I have ever encountered…THAT WAS NOT A COMPLIMENT, YOU BEAST!" She turned and stormed out the door, Deidara following behind her. Shiho walked to her car and stopped, turning around. "Deidara…There is an Incubus Demon inside of your house…Get the hell out of there as soon as possible…Before something bad happens…" She walked forward a few steps and put her hand on Deidara's shoulder. "…It's pure evil…" With that established she turned and got into her car and put the window down. "See you at school tomorrow, and thank you."

Deidara watched as the woman drove off in her bright yellow vehicle, giving a frown. "My house isn't haunted, that lady is simply insane, un…" He turned and walked back to his front door, entering the house and giving a sigh. "What a nutcase." He closed the door behind him and walked to the couch, sitting down. For some reason the fire had gone out. Deidara frowned and listened, realising that when he had come in, the gramophone hadn't started playing once more. "…I'm thinking to hard, un…" He stood up and walked to the kitchen, intent on making himself some dinner.