SasoDei – Home Sweet Home

Part 2 of 2

A Commission for SweetMellany2008


Deidara was almost at the point of falling asleep in class. The previous day had been terrible. When he had gotten around to getting to bed, the gramophone had started playing. After about an hour, he figured that it wouldn't be stopping any time soon, so he had gotten up. Deidara had walked into the other room, lifting the stylus off of the record. As soon as he had turned his back to it, however, the needle had moved back down and the music started to play again. Deidara growled, and after repeating this a few more times, just couldn't take it anymore. He took the record from the gramophone and smashed it on the floor, breaking it into two pieces. For extra method, Deidara jumped on the fragments a few times, making sure the disc was beyond repair. With that achieved he had gone to bed, his dreams haunted by vicious nightmares. Deidara had only been woken up by the sound of knocking at the front door, signalling that his friends had been ready to go to school. He had had to tell them to go ahead without him while he had quickly gotten dressed. Deidara pretty much ran to school, but it didn't matter. He had already been late. The blonde was completely exhausted, and found him self barely able to listen to Ms Shiho's lecture about Incubus Demons.

"The name 'Incubus' derives from the Latin word 'incubo', which means 'To lie upon'. These demons are notorious for seducing woman. Their female counterpart whom is known to sleep with men is called a Succubus. It has been thought that these demons actually can shift between genders. Incubi thrive on sexual energy, and want nothing more than to fuck you senceless. I met one only yesterday at Deidara's house." Everyone in the class gave an odd noise and looked over at the sleeping blonde. "DEIDARA!" He woke up with a start, looking frantically around the classroom. "This information is extremely relevant to your situation, so please pay attention!"

"Sorry Ms Shiho, I didn't get a good night's sleep." The class started to burst out laughing at something that Deidara was unaware of. "…Huh? What's wrong, un?"

"Deidara!" He looked at his blonde teacher, "You weren't sleeping with that demon, were you?"

The seventeen year old frowned, "No I didn't Ms Shiho, because there is no demon! I just had some nightmares, that's all. Nothing out of the ordinary whatsoever, un!"

"Good then. Now, as I was saying. Yesterday I went over to Deidara's house seeing as he was having some demon trouble-" The blonde told her that he hadn't and that she was simply insane. "You might think so, but I had a rather rude conversation with said Incubus. Firstly, when I told it to leave, he told me that he'd been there first and that I should leave instead! He then questioned me as to who I was to tell him to go, and then I asked him who he was. The demon told me that his name was Sasori, and once more said that I should leave. I told him that Deidara had invited me over, and he asked me if it were true. I said it was so, and he seemed really irked off, disappearing upstairs. I said aloud about how utterly rude he was being, and he yelled a thank you for the 'compliment' from upstairs. He was INFURIATING! Sasori is one of the rudest Demons I've ever encountered!" One of the students put her hand up. "Yes Ino?"

"I thought you said that Incubi seduce woman, and that Succubi seduce men…" Shiho told the girl that she was correct. "Then why would there be an Incubus haunting Deidara's house? I mean, I've heard a rumour that he lives alone, and you also said that Incubus change genders…So why wouldn't Sasori be a Succubus?"

Shiho was silent in thought for a few seconds. "You're right Ino…That doesn't really make much sense…Deidara, are you by any chance into men?"

The blonde stared at the teacher in amazement. "Ms Shiho, I don't think that is of ANY of your concern, un." Really, Deidara had never thought of it before. "But I stick by the fact the there is nothing in my house. No Incubus, no Succubus, no Oni, no Devil, nothing except for me!"



Deidara lay on the couch in silence, having nothing else to do. It was the weekend, and he was bored as hell. His house was completely quiet. The gramophone was noiseless upstairs, and Deidara couldn't take it. He stood up and walked to the door, exiting his home.

He walked to Hidan's house, hoping that the male was there. Deidara knocked and waited, the plump woman answering instead of her son. She looked at Deidara and gave a cry, flinging her arms around the blonde and holding him tightly. "OH! You're STILL ALIVE! I was so WORRIED! I KNOW that Hidan TOLD me that you were still ALIVE, but I just don't KNOW when to TRUST him or not! But OH JOY! Hidan was GOING ON about how you were SO TOUGH! And that NOTHING would be STRONG enough to get you! Oh CHILDREN! 'Their mother's troubles don't enter their heads; grief knows no place in a child's mind'!" She gave a sigh and let go of the blonde, "Do come IN! Hidan is CLEANING his ROOM, but you're FREE to help him out!"

Deidara nodded and walked inside the beautiful house. "Thank you, un." He made his way through the home, to Hidan's room. Deidara heard a loud curse, and he rolled his eyes, entering the messy space. "Hey Hidan."

The albino looked around at Deidara, giving a cheerful grin. "BLONDIE! YO! You wanna fucking help me clean up?" Before he could even say anything, Hidan had given him a bundle of clothes. "Fold these and put 'em in my draw, thanks!" Deidara rolled his eyes, but set to work no less. The only thing that was worse than doing work was doing absolutely nothing at all.


Two and a half hours had passed, and both seventeen year olds had finally finished tidying the room. They sat down on the bed, giving sighs of relief and exhaustion. "Phew! Thanks for all the help, Blondie, if you hadn't had come along when you did then I'd still be at work! Fucking mum making me clean."

Deidara laughed and smiled at the albino. "Don't worry, un. I was getting bored all by myself."

"What the fuck are you talking about? You ain't all by yourself over there! Don't forget that you house is fucking haunted by a demon that has an appetite for fucking!"

"I'm telling you that there is nothing in my house except for me, my furniture, and that stupid gramophone. The only other living thing might be a few rats or something like that, un." He sat himself up and looked about the room. "We did a good job at cleaning, un."

"Are you kidding? We did the best fucking job possible! Oh, that fucking reminds me…" Hidan stood up and pulled a crate from beneath the bed. Sitting on top of it was a square piece of paper. "Here, I got this for you." He held the gift out to the blonde and Deidara took it, giving a frown. He opened up the envelope and saw that inside of it was a sleek record. "My mum was going to just throw it out, but I figured that you might like it cause of that weird ass gramophone. How can you possibly live with it playing the exact same thing over and over again? It would drive me to fucking kill myself!"

Deidara blinked at it, and then gave a smile. "Thanks, un. I accidentally broke my other record, and I've been thinking about getting a new one." The thought had crossed his mind once or twice. "Thanks again, un." He brought his friend into a appreciative hug.


The house was the same as when he had left. Silent and solemn. Deidara sighed and closed the door behind him self, walking over to the staircase. The railing was just as black and cold as when he had first arrived. Deidara walked up the steps, reaching the almost empty top floor, turning on the light. Nothing except for the silent gramophone greeted him. The blonde gave a gentle hum in thought, walking over to the odd contraption and pulling the record from the envelope. He placed the paper onto the floor rather carelessly and put the oversized disc onto the gramophone, winding the handle up a few times. The disc started to spin, but the stylus still sat stubbornly off of the surface.

Deidara simply turned and walked back down the staircase, not bothering to place the needle down. The blonde traipsed to the sofa, sitting down on the cushions expectantly, as if waiting for something. He almost thought that he heard quiet, unexplainable footsteps from upstairs, but they were abruptly cut off. Music began to echo once more through the house, a female's voice sounding from the record.

Come on my Darling,

Give me a dance,

Let us wander around,

Locked in a trance.

I've given you time,

I've given you enough

So why don't we dance?

I'll let you be rough.

So why will you not?

I'll catch you in the Rye,

So come on, Love

Be my Incubi.

No wonder Hidan had thought he'd like it. Deidara sighed peacefully and lay down on the cushions, closing his eyes.

Dance with me, Love

Just drag me away

I won't say a word

I'll forever obey

Why do you deny,

To be my Incubi?

Do you love me too much,

To need ta' suck me dry?

But I wouldn't mind,

So don't make a fuss.

Just give me a dance,

My charming Incubus~

More instrumental and lyrics played, but Deidara had already managed to fall asleep. A thoughtful almost-stranger watched the blonde from the staircase, giving a slight hum and sung a few lines of song quietly. "So now let us dance, my elegant sun, I'll love you forever," the creature's eyebrows rose slightly in thought as they sung the last line of the song, "oh, won't it be fun~?"

When Deidara woke up the next day, he was still on the couch, but the blanket from his bed upstairs was spread over himself.



"That's it, Deidara." The blonde looked around the group of three whom surrounded him, "Today is the day. So what is your decision?" Deidara frowned at the bluenette, and asked his friend what she was talking about. Konan gave an evil laugh and a sinister smirk, "I'm talking about tonight! It's Halloween, you know? So, make up your mind already!" She took hold of his shoulders and gave him a psychotic look, "Are you going to stay home in that creepy, haunted home of yours, or…" Konan tapped his cheek with hidden, murderous intent, "are you coming…TRICK OR TREATING WITH US!"

Deidara blinked at the girl and gave a sigh of relief, shrugging off her grip. "You had me scared for a second, un. I thought you wanted to eat my brain or something." He rolled his eyes and folded his arms. "Are all women as insane as you are?"

"Yep! That's why they used to always call hurricanes girl names, because we're so unpredictable!" She gave a giggle, "Though some thought of it as sexist so they now take turns of boy's names and girl names. So, you in or are you in?"

Deidara shook his head, "Neither, un. Trick or Treating is childish, I mean, we're nearly young adults! Halloween is for children, government conspiracies, and witches."

Hidan snorted and put an arm around the blonde, "Come on now, Trick or Treating is fucking fun! You get free candy, egg a couple of houses, traumatize little kids, the list goes fucking on!"

Deidara gave a defeated sigh. "Fine then, I'll go Trick or Treating with you…But no egging peoples homes, I don't care how fun it would be but I don't want to get into trouble, un." Hidan gave a pained groan. "It's either me or the childish antics."

"Oh, fucking fine then. But we gotta get you a good Halloween costume! You are NOT going in fucking everyday clothes!" Tobi suddenly grabbed onto the blonde's hand, giving a cheer.

"OH! TOBI HAS COSTUMES! TOBI HAD COSTUMES! Tobi has big costumes, and small costumes, and pink costumes, and blue costumes, and slutty costumes, and bunny costumes," the boy continued to ramble on.

Deidara sighed and let him self be dragged to the boy's house, Konan and Hidan following behind nonchalantly. They entered the large house, and they all dropped their school bags onto the floor. "Okay, so we should all be ready in two hours, at around six, and we will leave at half past, alright?" They all agreed with the bluenette as Tobi led them through his abode.

Eventually the group was pulled into a messy room which seemed to belong to a child. Poke'mon toys were tossed around everywhere, Lego lay waiting for use in the corner, and the walls were blue with white flowers. Tobi immediately went to a large box, lifting the lid and revealing that it was full of costumes. The first he pulled out was a princess dress, which Deidara immediately denied. A bunny suit, a fairy outfit and a Kingdom Hearts heartless costume were also disregarded.

Eventually something caught his eye. "Wait, un!" He grabbed the outfit from the raven haired boy, eyes brightening as he looked at it. "This is perfect, un!"


Deidara looked at himself in the bathroom mirror, giving a smirk. "I look awesome in this!" He gazed down at his body, giving a laugh at how comfortable and sleek the outfit was. "How the hell did Tobi possess attire like this?"

Deidara was wearing a leather miliary outfit which was shiny and cool. The costume was made up of a pair of leather assault boots that went up to his knees, leather pants, a leather military long-sleeved shirt, and a leather cap. He looked damn well vicious in it, and he wasn't the only one who thought so.


Hidan was dressed up as an almost headless swordsman, using eyeliner to draw stitches around his neck. Tobi was dressed up in the bunny outfit, and was hopping everywhere that they went. While lastly, Konan was Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, beauty and sexuality. Each had a plastic bag for their rewards, and after three houses, they were given some candy.


"Hey, why don't we all have a fucking sleepover?" All three of them looked over at the albino. "It'll be fucking fun!" They all seemed to consider, Konan and Tobi both giving approval to the offer. "Well, Blondie?"

Deidara gave a frown, and looked at his bag of lollies. It wasn't completely full, but they had gone to lots of houses. "I don't know, un…" They started to try and persuade him to join, but the blonde shook his head. "No thank you. It's a school night, and tomorrow is a weekday…"

The other three nodded in understanding. "Okay then, Dei." Konan gave the blonde a tight hug. "We'll see you in the morning, right?" Deidara smiled and nodded, saying goodbye to his best friends before turning around, walking in the direction of his house.

Kids in childish costumes ran around from door to door, their parents not too far off. They were going to every single house on the street…Well, excluding his own. No amount of paint would change the memory of what the house had looked like merely a week ago. Deidara walked past the picket fence, up the homely stone steps, and unlocked the front door. The place was completely silent as he walked inside his house, the gramophone remaining off.

Deidara gave a hum, closing the door quietly behind him self, giving a sigh. The blonde walked to the kitchen and placed the bag of sweets onto the countertop. The gramophone upstairs began to play its haunting melody, as the woman's voice began to sing her song about sleeping with a demon.

He looked around, and decided to go to bed, exiting the kitchen nonchalantly. Deidara traipsed over to the black, spiralling staircase, climbing up each individual step with care. He clicked on the light switch for the windowless upper room, looking over at the gramophone. "I'm going to bed, un. So you can stop playing now." Unlike when he had spoken to the old device in the past, it did not obey, continuing to play the woman's singing voice. Deidara gave a frown and walked over to the gramophone, his boots sounding heavily on the wooden floor. He reached the contraption and lifted the stylus from the record, the woman's voice immediately halting. Immediately, the lights went out. The blonde stifled a frightened gasp as he felt a cold chill run through his body. Deidara got the sense that he was no longer alone in the pitch-black room. He looked over his shoulder, and was petrified to see a pair of glowing red demonic eyes staring back at him through the gloom. The blonde swallowed the lump in his throat and turned back to the gramophone, trying to come to his senses. "I must have fallen asleep or something, un…This is either a dream, or I'm hallucinating…Yeah, it's late at night and it's Halloween." He laughed reassuringly to himself. "I mean, really, all those stories that the others keep telling me must be affecting my mind, un." The blonde gave a sigh as he worked up his common sense, knowing that he was indeed alone in the room.

"'Eyes I dare not meet in dreams', right?" Deidara felt a cold sweat break out on his forehead as a pair of all too real arms wrapped around him, pinning the blonde's hands at his sides. "Are you quite sure that I don't exist now?" Deidara was completely petrified, and he was sure that his heart had long since stopped. "Or are you still so darn persistent, Brat?"

"Who are you, un?" His voice revealed way too much fear than he had intended to show. Deidara refused to struggle against whatever was holding him, wanting to keep what little dignity he possessed.

The creature gave a rather gentle hum, and Deidara felt whatever it was rest its chin on his shoulder. "My name is Sasori, and I'm an Incubus Demon, though I suppose you may have already been notified of this." The thing gave a sigh, as if disappointed by something. "I was going to wait a while longer until I revealed myself to you, considering that you are rather interesting to watch, but alas, when one walks about in an outfit such as the attire you are presently graced with…A demon can simply not be trusted to merely gaze." Deidara felt the creature move its head over his shoulder and a pair of soft lips press lightly against the side of his neck in what could almost be dubbed a kiss. The blonde couldn't take it any fucking longer.

He struggled and fought against the creature's grasp, and it appeared to willingly let him go. Deidara ran in the direction of the staircase, but escape was not what he wished to achieve. The blonde reached the steps, and started to search on the wall, succeeding in his small quest. He flipped the light switch. The illumination lit up the darkness.

Deidara was still for a few seconds, before straightening up. He gave a sigh of relief, but this was shortly lived when a bored voice spoke out a few feet behind him. "You think that I will simply disappear when the light is on?" The blonde spun around, his eyes widening at what he saw. Instead of the sickening image he had decided upon in his mind, there stood before him a person which appeared almost human. The male had hair down to the nape of his neck, that fell no further. The Incubus' locks were a dark, bloody red, a deeper colour compared to that of his eyes. He wore normal clothes, and could almost be mistaken for an average Caucasian man. The only two features which seemed to differentiate him self from the rest of mankind were his red catlike eyes, and the pair of overly demonic wings which arched out of his back. The humerus and forearm were the same colour as the red head's skin, which the patagium was a greyish black. Each wing was tipped by a very sharp looking claw which gleamed darkly in the light. There were shadowy rings around his glowing red orbs, as if the male had not slept in a long time. He blinked slowly, and folded his wings. "I thought that I would have to chase you, Brat. You are surely making this rather easy, are you not?"

The blonde gave the demon a frown, taking a step closer to him. "You don't look like an Incubus…" Deidara was referring to the picture he had seen in Hidan's book. "How did you get here?" Now that the blonde had seen the creature, the horror of prior had diminished significantly. It appeared that against the unknown, simple sight was the best defence.

The creature tilted his head to the side, blinking his catlike eyes once more in Deidara's direction. "I've been lingering about this place for centuries, even before this current house was built. The establishment constructed on this land four previous houses ago was my birthplace. My parents were both killed by Protestants, simply for the reason that they were Catholics. The world was a rather upside down place back then, and I still do believe it to be rather backwards nowadays as well. It is simply the way in which T. S. Eliot explained. 'This is the way the world ends, not with a bang but a whimper'." The demon gave a rather thoughtful humming noise, and placed a full stop with the use of a shrug. "But lamentable day, nobody does know what the world may come to."

Deidara gave a slight smirk in amusement, "You know, Sasori, you speak pretty weird for this day and age, un." The redhead merely gave a scoff, rolling his eyes. "But wait…If you weren't born a demon, then how are you an Incubus now?"

Sasori gave another hum and un-tilted his head, continuing his rather bored expression. "I merely speak the way I've learnt to speak. As to how I became a demon…In terms that you may understand, 'I nailed my soul upon the Devil's stone' when I was nineteen." The blonde gave him a rather blank gaze. "…I sold my soul to the spirits of evil in order to attain eternal life." He lifted up his left hand, revealing a silver ring which looped around his thumb. Glowing letters of an unknown language were messily scrawled upon the surface, and Deidara found watching the moving letters was making him dizzy. "After the deal was made, I became an Incubus. Subsequent to having intercourse with a few men and women after my transformation within the course of two months, the church caught on to my performance. The priest was unable to send the likes of myself to where it was that I should've dwelled. So he simply placed a curse upon me, citing that I was to remain in the house until a time when I was menace no longer. I was very surprised to find that the spell which he had spun indeed was truth and I was unable to leave the abode. After I was sealed, the villagers burnt down the place I had known to be home." He gave a sigh and ran a hand through his hair, the pair of wings twitching slightly behind the demon. "So I've been on this land ever since, dwelling in ashes, and beneath a roof on occasions. Sometimes I'll decide to cause some mild mischievous about the place to spook the inhabitants, and I'll seduce a few when I get the urge."

"Well that's weird, because last time I check, I have been living here for a week, un. You've barely done anything which could be called 'Mischievous'. Playing a gramophone? Carrying me to bed? Cleaning a cup? Honestly, I'd expect a demon to be throwing stuff, lifting furniture randomly into the air, possessing people, so on and so forth."

Sasori wrinkled his nose in distaste. "I'm an Incubus, Brat, not a poltergeist. I choose who sees me and when, just as I am allowing you to view me right now. Though occasionally I do not get a choice, for example that rude demonologist you had over a few days ago."

"You mean Ms Shiho? She practically begged me to let her come over, so I didn't exactly have a choice either now, did I?" The blonde folded his arms. "Okay then, why didn't you try to seduce me? I'm sure I would be rather compliant if you were to change into a Succubus, un."

Sasori gave a frown, "That is just a lie, actually. We, or at least myself, cannot change genders. I'm a male, and I've never ever been a woman. Though as with most tales there is a small truth, that being that we're generally bisexual. I've slept with both men and females in the past." Deidara restated his question of why he had not been seduced. "Because I love you." The redhead spoke the words rather too indifferently, continuing with his bored expression and monotonous voice.

Deidara stared at the thing, completely taken aback by the comment. "Huh? What the hell? You love me, un?" Sasori gave a shrug. "Look, you're like a million year old demon, you've known me a week, we've never spoken before, and you love me?"

"I'm not a million, Brat, and really I'm not quite sure. I've never been quite good with emotions, even when I was a mortal, and what few I do possess are very weak, but I think I do love you. It's the only explanation I can reach as to why I have not tried to make you leave my domain. Also you are quite adorable when you sleep."

The blonde stared at the redhead, gaping slightly. "Okay, that last part was totally not creepy. But why are you showing yourself tonight if you are not so sure of your feelings, un?"

Sasori sneered and wrinkled his nose. "I've already told you as to why I am here, Brat, do not make me repeat myself." He took a few steps forward and placed his hands on the blonde's cheeks. "I might have excellent self-control, but when you are dressed like that I simply can't be expected to hold myself back." The redhead leaned downwards and pressed their lips together.

The blonde somehow couldn't find the strength to fight back, and he allowed the demon to kiss him. Sasori's cold hands fell from his countenance and ran down Deidara's body, wrapping around his waist. The seventeen year old didn't even notice that he'd begun to press back against the red head's lips until he put one of his arms around Sasori's neck and let his other hand grasp the front of the demon's shirt tightly. Deidara wasn't completely sure of what he was doing, but at the moment he couldn't give a damn. A tongue slipped into his mouth and brushed against his own, causing the blonde to give a moan. He closed his eyes and kissed back, running his tongue against Sasori's. Deidara didn't even care if he was being seduced by a demon that thrives on sex. They both pulled apart from the kiss, staring into each other's eyes. "Danna…"

Sasori frowned slightly, and he spoke with authority. "Deidara, I want to prove to the both of us that I do indeed love you." The blonde didn't seem to have a choice as the redhead picked him up bridal style, giving Deidara an enquiring look which the seventeen year old merely nodded at. "Good then." Sasori used his right wing to flick off the light switch, causing the room to go dark. Deidara looked up at the demon's red glowing eyes and fought down the fear he had felt earlier. Even without light, it was still the same Sasori. The red head pushed Deidara's heavy door open with ease, carrying the blonde into his room. The door slammed behind them as Sasori brought the seventeen year old over to the bed, laying him down on the sheets. Deidara whispered Sasori's name as the red head crawled over him, placing a kiss on his neck. "Yes?"

"How will sleeping with me prove to you that you're in love with me, un?" He pulled the leather hat from his own head, tossing it carelessly across the room.

"It's all very simple, Brat." Sasori kissed the blonde's lips tenderly and looked him in the eye. "If I really am in love with you, then I will still be here when you wake up." Deidara gave a frown and asked him what it would mean if he were to awake alone. "If I am not here when you regain consciousness, then that means I was incorrect in thinking that I'd fallen for a mortal."

The blonde gave a slow nod, thinking the options over in his mind. "Alright, un," he thought for another few seconds, "I'll let you love me."

Sasori gave a smirk, which kind of freaked the blonde out considering it was the first hint of emotion he'd been able to gain. "Good that you agree anyway, because it's not like you have a choice in the first place." The red head leaned down and started to chew on the blonde's neck. It came as a relief to the human to find that his teeth were flat and not serrated. A pair of hands started to undo the buttons on the blonde's leather military jacket, revealing Deidara's bare chest below. His lips moved down to the blonde's nipple, beginning to nip and suck at the pink bud. Sasori left the jacket alone, content with it sitting open.

Deidara moaned in the back of his throat as he felt the demon continue to tease his right nipple, moving his hands to Sasori's shirt. The blonde gave a frown and tugged lightly at the material, wanting the redhead to be topless as well.

He pulled harder, which resulted in Sasori giving a slight growl. "Dammit Brat, don't forget about my wings. They are more fragile than you may think." Deidara remembered about the demon's demonic pinions, quickly letting go of Sasori's shirt. The red head sat up and grabbed onto the crimson shirt which he wore, ripping it into two. Sasori tore it firstly from the front, and then from the back, tossing both pieces onto the ground. He flapped his wings a few times and gave a satisfied hum, once more folding them behind his back. "I miss the days when I could fly in the sky, before I was sealed inside my own abode, that is. Swooping upon innocent girls and boys of varying ages for the single purpose of gaining power. It has been a little under ten years since I previously had intercourse with someone, and it's starting to affect my health." He pointed at the dark rings around his eyes, "These aren't simply from sleep deprivation, considering that I can survive without a nights slumber for one hundred years." Sasori continued to talk as he unbuttoned to blonde's pants. "Though I have become rather lazy and bored, so I sleep quite a bit. That is actually partly the reason I set this bed up while you were not here, considering that I was rather fed up with sleeping on the floor." He shrugged slightly and pulled Deidara's leather boots off, dropping them noisily onto the floor. The demon then set to work on ridding the blonde of his leather pants.

Deidara gave a small, almost nervous chuckle. "And my friend kept telling me that the reason you set the bed up was because you liked me, un…Not that I actually believed her at the time though."

Sasori dropped the blonde's pants onto the floor, and kissed him on the cheek. "Nonsense, the idea that I'd like you on the very first day of seeing you is simply absurd, Brat. In fact I had already made plans to fuck you on the first night simply to regain what health I've lost in the last ten years, but of course you slept over that loud mouth Hidan's house instead. It was rather disappointing, actually. But when you got back, and fell asleep on the bed, I almost went through with my plan. Though you seemed so darn tired, and I decided it wouldn't have been a lot of fun if my prey was not much lively, so I allowed you to sleep away." Satisfied with Deidara's level of nakedness, he pushed three fingers into the blonde's mouth without warning. The seventeen year old quickly recovered and started to suck on the digits. "But then later on I watched from the window at how hard you and your friends were working on rebuilding the place. I became somewhat interested and put my needs on hold for a bit, just to see how much you could achieve. But you kept doing such stupid things, such as falling asleep on the couch, not cleaning dishes, skipping meals, just little things that got onto my nerves and which I had to fix. I'm still not sure of my emotions, but I hope my questions shall be answered tonight."

Sasori pulled his digits from the blonde's mouth and flipped him over onto his stomach, immediately inserting two fingers into Deidara's entrance. The blonde writhed slightly, clutching at the sheets. "Danna…" Sasori leaned downwards, bringing his left hand underneath Deidara and pinching at the blonde's left nipple, starting to stretch Deidara's entrance with his digits. The blonde gave a muffled whimper, shuddering slightly. Sasori smirked a little and inserted his third digit without warning, squeezing Deidara's pink bud significantly harder. The blonde cried out, gripping the sheets tighter as the red head continued to prepare him.

"You're rather more compliant than what I am used to, Brat." Sasori let go of Deidara's nipple, bringing his hand to the band which tied the blonde's ponytail up, pulling it off. His long locks fell down on the leather jacket which he still wore about his shoulders, springing up slightly. "But I fell that that's the way you're supposed to be when you make love…" He gave a soft hum and removed his fingers from the blonde's entrance, getting to work on taking off his own pants and shoes. Deidara sat up shakily and slipped the jacket from over his shoulders, pushing it carelessly off the side of the bed. A pair of cold arms wrapped around his torso, causing the blonde to shiver. Sasori kissed his neck from behind, nuzzling the side of his face affectionately. He slowly pushed the blonde back down onto the bed, one of his hands sliding down to press against Deidara's abdomen, positioning his length at the blonde's prepared entrance. "This may hurt." Without any further warning, he gave a thrust into Deidara's heat, becoming mostly sheathed in already. The blonde gasped in pain and managed to pull his arms from Sasori's grip, tightly squeezing the bed sheets beneath him. The red head didn't apologize, seeming to be rather amoral, and simply waited for the blonde to adjust to some extent.

Deidara breathed in harshly, trying to relax as best as he could, though not succeeding. Fuck, he'd never had sex before, and the blonde hadn't expected it to be so painful. Deidara told himself that he could take it. He was damn well strong, what the hell was a bit of a pain here and there other than a slight nuisance? "Move, un."

Sasori didn't question him, pulling mostly out and thrusting back in hard. Deidara refused to make any pained noise whatsoever, clenching his eyes shut. The red head repeated the action from earlier, pulling out and then pushing back in. Deidara gripped the sheets even tighter, fighting the urge to groan in pain. Dammit. Sasori changed positions slightly, widening the blonde's legs and tightening his grin on the mortal's abdomen. He gave a hard thrust forward, and Deidara gave a sudden involuntary gasp of pleasure, arching his back slightly. Sasori raised an eyebrow and gave a slight smirk as he repeated the action, attaining another vocal intake of breath from the blonde. The red head leaned further downwards, licking Deidara's ear. "Would you like me to increase speed?"

The blonde gave a slight groan, fiddling with the sheets between his fingers. "Harder and faster…" He shuddered slightly as the demon nibbled at his ear, giving what could possibly be called a chuckle. Sasori pulled mostly out of the blonde, and then slammed back in, hitting the same spot. Deidara gave a pleasured gasp tightening his grip on the blankets once more and burying his head in the pillow. The redhead's right hand slipped down further to grab onto the blonde's length, gripping it with almost painful force. Deidara pulled his head from the cushion to give a moan as the demon began to fondle him. Sasori once more slammed into his prostate, causing the seventeen year old to writhe in pleasure. "Danna!"

The demon smirked wider as he started to pump the blonde's length, continuing to thrust into him. "Scream my name, you're allowed to be as loud as the hell you want. In fact I encourage it." He hit Deidara's prostate gland once more, and the blonde cried out in ecstasy. Sasori felt the power of the mortal's sexual energy running through his veins, and it felt so damn good. The demon gave a groan, aiming once more for Deidara's sweet spot. His wings twitched as he became aware of the own pleasure he was feeling.

Deidara felt Sasori pull out of his heat, the blonde suddenly being flipped onto his back instead. The demon didn't wait any longer to once more sheath his self inside of the seventeen year old. Deidara moaned and grabbed onto the redhead's shoulders in replacement for the sheets. After a few more thrusts, the blonde practically screamed as his prostate was once more struck by the demon's length. "SASORI!" Deidara felt the Incubus grab hold of his length again, teasing the tip torturously. The blonde muffled another moan, arching upwards to lap at the red head's neck. It was Sasori's turn to give a groan of pleasure, tightening his grip on Deidara's cock. The mortal continued to nip, lick and suck at the Incubus' neck, closing his eyes. Sasori gave an extra hard thrust and pumped Deidara three times, causing him to give a cry. The blonde let go of his neck and Sasori took the opportunity to mark Deidara's nape with a hickey.

The blonde's length was already leaking pre-cum, and Sasori had started to continuously pump Deidara's cock. The mortal cried out again, digging his nails into the demon's skin. Sasori gave a smirk, starting on another hickey while continuing to slam into his prostate. Deidara moved one of his hands to grip at the redhead's hair, tightly holding onto the locks. Fuck. The blonde arched his back as he orgasmed, practically screaming as his own hot white liquid spilt over his stomach. Sasori gave a few more solid thrusts forward before releasing inside of Deidara, giving a groan and basking in the energy which the blonde was emitting. The mortal gave a whimper at the feeling of being filled up, his throat aching too much for anything more. Both lay holding onto each other tightly, sweating and panting in what could be called glory. Sasori gave a gentle chuckle, smirking slightly at the blonde. "'This is the way the World ends. Not with a bang but with a whimper.'" Deidara suddenly felt exhausted and weak, even though only a few minutes ago he had been wide-awake. The blonde felt drained, and had trouble keeping his eyes open. Sasori's smirk fell, and turned into what was almost a tender smile. "Don't worry, Deidara, you will be alright in the morning." He gently placed a kiss on the blonde's cheek, flicking his wings slightly. "Get some sleep." The mortal gave a tired nod and felt his eyelids drop, falling unconscious within a few seconds. He didn't have any dreams.


Deidara was awoken early in the morning as the sun fell onto his eyelids. He mentally cursed himself for leaving the curtains open, giving a slight yawn. The blonde opened his eyes and gave a blink as he recalled the events of the previous night. It was somewhat hazy but he could remember enough of what had happened.

Deidara became aware of a something warm pressed against his back. Someone else's breathing was gently caressing his loose locks lazily, and the gramophone was silent in the other room. An arm was draped sluggishly over his waist, almost protectively, and the blonde gave a gentle sigh. He turned his head slightly, catching the sight of red hair. A small smile played on his lips as he recognized the demon, rolling over and burying his face in the crook of Sasori's neck. The Incubus stirred slightly, moving his hand upwards along Deidara's back and pulling him slightly closer. "Good morning, Brat." The blonde felt the demon nuzzle the top part of his head affectionately.

Deidara gave a slight yawn, smiling slightly. "Good morning, un. What's the time, Danna?" The Incubus stretched slightly and the blonde heard the sound of his wings unfolding stiffly.

"About time you got up for school." Deidara groaned, remembering that it was a week day, and told the red head that he didn't want to go. "You're going, Brat, education is very important to possess." Sasori sat up, pulling the blonde with him. Deidara sighed and nodded, pulling away to look at the redhead. He looked surprisingly healthier than he had been the night before. The rings around his red eyes had completely vanished, and Sasori just seemed to glow with vigour. "Come on, I'll join you in the shower." The red stood up off of the bed and walked into the bathroom, the blonde following groggily behind him.


"DEIDARA! WAKE UP ALREADY!" The blonde snapped to attention, looking around the classroom. It was last period, and dammit he was just about ready to faint from exhaustion. Not to mention that he was once more stuck in Mythological Studies with Ms Shiho ranting about demons. "I CAN PRACTICALLY FEEL THE DEMON ENERGY RISING FROM YOU! I DON'T CARE THAT YOU'RE HAVING SEXUAL RELATIONS WITH AN INCUBUS DEMON, BUT DAMMIT, YOU BETTER HOPE IT DOESN'T HURT YOUR SCHOOL WORK!" The class laughed and Deidara couldn't bring himself to rebuttal, nor to care.


The blonde was exiting the school with his usual group of three friends. "You missed one HECK of a sleepover, Dei! And you still seem so tired! I guess that was a bit futile then." The bluenette giggled, "Silly DeiDei."

"Fuck yeah; you missed out on the best fucking sleepover in the fucking history of the world! We told ghost stories, we roasted marshmallows over the stove, we played murder in the dark, what could be any fucking better?"

Deidara gave a slight shrug. "I reckon that I had a pretty good night as well, but you don't see me all rubbing it in your face, un." He gave another yawn.

Tobi gave an odd noise of confusion, "Hey, who is that guy standing over there? Tobi has never seen Him waiting there previously this year…Tobi thinks the guy looks kind of creepy…"

All of the seventeen year olds looked over at the stranger. Deidara's eye's widened in shock. The red haired Incubus demon stood at the school entrance, tapping his foot impatiently and looking about the world cautiously. "Danna?" The man looked hastily in the direction of the blonde, straightening up and halting his foot's motion.

"Deidara." The male seemed to brighten up as the small group of seventeen year olds reached the redhead, stopping at the gate. Other students walked by without much interest. That is until Sasori grabbed onto the blonde and pulled him into a kiss. Deidara quickly melted into the redhead's lips, wrapping his arms around Sasori's neck. Their tongues ran against each other for a few seconds before they pulled apart. Deidara looked at his three friends, whom were staring at the both of them with shock. Sasori brushed off the looks, gazing back at the blonde.

Deidara looked back at him. "Danna, what are you doing here? I thought you couldn't leave the house, un…" Sasori simply gave a shrug, blinking his eyes slowly. "Wait a minute...Your eyes…" No longer were they red and catlike, but were now muddy brown and normal. "And your wings…"

Sasori took Deidara's hands in his own. "I love you." He leaned down and kissed the blonde tenderly, pulling apart abruptly. "So I decided to give up being a demon." He let go of the blonde's hands, showing him that his thumb lacked the ring from earlier. "Truthfully, I have been thinking about it for a few days now, but no way was I giving up eternity without any confirmation to my questions."

Deidara stared up at the redhead, gaping. "Danna…" He flung his arms around Sasori, pressing their lips together once more. The blonde wrapped his legs around the redhead's waist, slipping his tongue into Sasori's mouth. The older male kissed back, putting his arms around his Love. Eventually they pulled apart and Deidara's feet were once more placed onto the floor. "Thank you, un…"

"Your friends have gone." The blonde blinked and looked over to see that Hidan, Konan and Tobi had all disappeared. Deidara rolled his eyes and looked back at the redheaded mortal.

Sasori took the blonde's hand, squeezing it reassuringly as Deidara gave him a grin. "Come on Danna, let's go." Sasori smiled gently at the blonde and gave a nod. They started to walk hand in hand towards the large old house which both had long since dubbed 'Home Sweet Home'.

The End


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