Noa's POV:

Just another boring week in this town. It never seemed to end. She was already thinking about going to the beach this summer, when she saw her Blackberry buzzing. It was her best friend Macy.

Macy: 'Hi gurl, how r u doing?'

Noa: 'Not so good :(. So bored. U?'

Macy: 'Same here... Damn, I h8 math.'

Noa: 'Wanna do something?'

Macy: 'K, see you myplace 5min?'

Noa: 'Yeah, see u there.'

She grabbed her stuff and yelled to her mother that she was at Macy's. In only five minutes she arrived at her friends house, they only lived one street away from each other. She had a very close group of friends, but with Macy she was definitely the closest. They knew each other for at least 8 years now, and they were only 14. She knocked on the Peters' door, and Macy immediately opened it. Noa knew by the way her friend opened the door, that something was up.

N: 'What's wrong girl?'

M: 'Well, there's nothing wrong, but I've just got G-R-E-A-T news.'

Knowing Macy, that would definitely be boys news.

N: 'Tell. Me. Now!'

M: 'Katey just texted me, saying there's a new boy in school! A boarding kid from Atlanta or something, but he seems to be super hot!'

N: 'Okay, cool.'

M: 'Omg, why aren't you freaking like me?'

N: 'No fance, but I got enough from boys after the break-up thing last break'

M: 'Ooh No, I'm sorry, I totally forgot. I'm so stupid. But you can watch right? That's fun too!'

Noa sighted. Macy was always so hectic about boys. She entered the house, and had a fun afternoon. She went home, now all updated about the new boy, but she didn't expect hem to be much more fun than the boys on her school now. They were her friends, well most of them...

After only a few hours sleep, it was already morning. Noa got up, took a quick shower and dressed. She weared a jeans shortpants with a yellow tshirt-thingey and flip-flops, normal look for a Florida girl. She rushed downstairs, grabbed only a cracker and her packed Lastpack (without the E) and left for school. She was always late, no matter how late she got up. She saw her friends, Helen, Jane, Loïs and of course Macy already waiting for her at the end of the street.

L: 'Late again huh, No?'

N: 'Im soo, sorry girls!'

H: 'Don't mind Noa, we're used to it.'

They walked together to school, same as always, talking and gossiping about everything and everyone. But what they saw at school, was different. Every single girl of the school seemed to be standing in front of the school, waiting for something. Everybody was going crazy. Some random girl came to them, and screamed: 'OMG do you know who is coming?'. 'Dude, calm down'. Noa and Macy said at the same time 'what happened?' . The girl didn't answered anymore, she was screaming again, like every other girl. Except the Noa and her friends. But then Noa realised why they were screaming. The new boy...