Hi there! I think Luigi's Mansion is a classic and hopefully there'll be a 3DS sequel? This is going to be a two-shot, one half belonging to Luigi, the other to Mario. Trivia: It is believed in some cultures that the spirit takes 49 days to prepare for the afterlife. Hence Madame Clairvoya's abilities.

Luigi: The Stout-Hearted Brother

In the midst of an icy cold wind and pelting raindrops that ferociously battered the ground, a young man stood alone, seemingly indifferent to the harsh elements of the night. Instead, his attention was fixated upon the looming, lonely Mansion that stood at the end of a narrow, snaking path. The spectral blue fire that burned in brackets on either side of its front door threatened to blow out, leaving only wisps of smoke behind in this barely tolerable weather. Strange... it seemed to have been perfectly fine not too great a distance or time ago. It must have been the ethereal energies here that affected the atmosphere in the near vicinity of the Mansion. The spirits had lingered in the Mansion since it unexpectedly arose mere days ago according to the Professor who lived close by in his little underground lab. As it was also situated quite nearby the Boo Woods, the Professor had assumed that this place would not be trespassed upon. However...

Luigi, green-clad brother and one half of a heroic duo trembled, although whether this was due to the precipitation or his own personal fears, one couldn't be entirely sure. Clutching the Game Boy Horror that he had been given so hard that the Professor feared it might break, Luigi cautiously moved forwards towards the entrance of the ghost-ridden Mansion, to where he had already come and found out that the place was haunted. For him, it was fortunate that he had begun to make Professor E. Gadd's acquaintance after that particular incident in the upstairs parlour.

He gazed back just the once. His hair billowed about in the wind and his teeth were threatening to chatter, possibly due to the cold. He couldn't have heard any words that E. Gadd may have liked to impart but Luigi did see the old man wave rather cheerily to him, wishing him encouragement as if this was an everyday outing.

Pulling his hat down firmly, Luigi reached the door of this terrible place and shivering slightly, switched on his torch and let the door creak open.

Luigi flinched as if expecting to see a spectre lurking in the shadows, waiting to pop out deviously grinning. He was therefore surprised, to see sitting in the corner besides a set of drawers with an unlit lamp, one of the Toads from the castle, bawling his little eyes out. Luigi's presence had not yet been alerted to him.

Luigi let out an inaudible sigh: why had this Toad decided to come? He didn't want anybody to put themselves in danger when they had little hope and practically no chance of being able to do what they could to help the situation.

A flash of lightning illuminated the Toad's red polka-dots and the rumble of thunder that followed made the Toad jump and squeak in fear. He then noticed Luigi standing there before him, holding some sort of device while hoisting some sort of portable vacuum cleaner on his back. That machine was the Poltergust 3000, the Professor's pride and joy. It was designed so that any ghost-hunter would be able to capture a spirit with ease, something Luigi was grateful for.

"No matter how strong you think your brother is..." Luigi remembered the Professor's early words of warning. "Ghosts are mysterious beings; they can't be caught using conventional means. So you'd better use this, it's the only way to foil 'em!" This was why his brother hadn't returned yet, why he had to go looking for him. Because they had both believed some stupid contest...

The Toad rushed up to Luigi and hugged his waist (for he was unable to reach much higher) and continued crying: "Oh, Luigi! Thank g-goodness you're here! I've been worried sick! Mario's been m-m-missing for ages now and you've no idea how w-worried the Princess has been! We've g-got to f-f-find him or else the Princess will flip! I t-t-tried looking for him but there are ghosts everywhere! I-I freaked out and came here. What if he's lost in this g-g-ghost house forever and then B-B-B-Bowser would come and kidnap the P-Princess again and there would be n-nobody to stop him! And then, without M-M-M-Mario, he would take over the Mushroom K-Kingdom and then-"

"Do you really think I'd let this kingdom go to wrack and ruin, Toad?" asked Luigi, disguising his hurt feelings and annoyance as he comforted Toad. "Even without Mario? Or are my abilities not to be trusted?"

Toad sniffed loudly. "W-W-W-W-Well..." He broke down into further noisy tears. Being the kind-hearted man that he was, Luigi couldn't help but pity him.

"Don't worry," he said, feeling more confident than he felt. "I'll find Mario and we'll be back out here in no time!" Thankfully, the Toad was cheered up by this.

"Thanks, Luigi. You've made my dark and stormy night," he mumbled.

The light beside the pair suddenly switched on, casting a lovely glow that made them feel slightly more reassured.

"There are a few of us here, Luigi," said Toad. "We were all really worried so Princess Peach sent us out just to make absolutely sure. You know what she feels for him... not that she doesn't think any less of you!" he added hastily glancing at Luigi's expression. "Of course not! But she is very concerned and we weren't too sure where you were and-"

"It's alright, I get it," said Luigi in a flat tone of voice. "Now if you would let go of me..."

"Oh! Sorry!" squeaked Toad as he jumped back from the tall, lithe human who had come heroically to search for his brother. There was no need to worry; absolutely no need to worry at all...

"We're all going to die..." he whispered to himself as he watched Luigi ascend the stairs and shakily place a hand on the doorknob before entering the room in which he had previously encountered the ghosts.

Luigi wished that he could be as brave as Mario but whenever he tried to muster up the courage for anything dangerous; sooner or later, his nerves would be shattered to pieces by one isolated incident and his fears would increase tenfold. Nevertheless, he had always tried to hold it together for the sake of the Mushroom Kingdom and if only to show his brother that he too was capable of living up to his duty as Protector of the Kingdoms.

He was always scared for Mario whenever he went off on his adventures and neglected to tell Luigi where he was going. He had always been lucky and back in relatively one piece but one never knew when it may be his last... so despite his so-called cowardice, Luigi usually accompanied his brother whenever he could as the alternatives were too harsh to think about. That was why he was here now.

Luigi cowered on the spot as the wall paintings shook their frames and began emitting eerie voices; all intending to insult his so-called bravery and status as a hero; all determined to see that the trespasser was brought down. They cackled merrily; what sport they were having!

"Dark rooms are dangerous around here... yesssssss..." one of the oil paintings whispered threateningly. Luigi felt a breath of cold air down the back of his neck and shuddered. He held onto the nozzle of his Poltergust 3000 for protection. "Don't think you'll be getting out of here... alive!"

"What's the matter? Scared are we?" another sneered. "Hahahaha, a pathetic weakling like you will not last long here if we have our way..."

"They're all coming for you... just like little Red-Cap before you... And your spirit will nourish us greatly..." spoke a malevolent figure. "If you die, that is good for us but if you leave, that will not be good for your brother... So why don't you go and save your own skin?"

Luigi, faced with the prospect of a barrage of ghosts, frowned with new-found determination and said: "Try me."

"It speaks!" the first ghost mocked. "But for how long?"

"We do not have to fight..." said the second ghost delicately. "Lay down your life willingly and we'll promise very little pain. Your brother will be released without harm..."

The spectres then materialised around Luigi. All stared at him hungrily as the person in front of them was alive; warm-blooded, possessing a thumping heart; he was truly alive. Unfortunately, the other one had not been promised to them and neither had this one. But promises were made to be broken; who trusted Boos anyway?

The third of the conversing ghosts, sharp fangs viciously bared, lunged itself at Luigi, unable to wait any longer; the temptation of the flesh was too much to resist. Luigi, thinking fast on his feet, rolled out of the way although he let out a gasp as he partially went through the body of another and felt like he was suddenly submerged in an ice-cold bath.

Holding his weapon tightly, remembering what he had been recently taught by the good Professor, Luigi let the Poltergust 3000 rip.

Number Three was immediately caught in its suction and screeched as it tried to escape but to no avail as Luigi drained the spectre of its energy and brought it to rest in the hidden confines of the Poltergust 3000. He carefully kept an eye on the others as they tried to sneak past his line of sight while he was preoccupied with an individual. Luigi wished that the only light in the room did not emanate from the ghosts themselves but from the lamps or even a set of candles; they showed him that they were altogether real.

As he struggled with two at once, Luigi was suddenly attacked from behind and was knocked forcibly onto the wooden flooring with a heavy punch. One of the ghosts that Luigi had been tackling fled into thin air as he picked himself up. Full of rage, Luigi launched the suction of the Poltergust 3000 at the remaining two and fought every direction with its opposite.

Wrenching the vacuum upwards, the last two vanished into its depths and Luigi almost stumbled backwards; the sudden lack of pull surprised him. The lights above flickered on and showed the dust that floated daintily in the air. In the middle of the room, a treasure chest materialised into existence, containing a key and the thorns that had covered the doors quickly drew back.

Luigi, shaking with exertion, wiped his face and replaced the nozzle on his back. Alas, he knew that this was only the beginning...

"Mamma mia," he groaned quietly as he finished his battle with the second Portrait Ghost; one of those that Professor E. Gadd had mentioned earlier to him. "Thank goodness that's over with."

E. Gadd's life work was that of studying ghosts for he found them to be incredibly fascinating subjects; he wondered how they existed on the earth and why these particular ghosts had not moved onto the spirit world. That was the basis of his research anyway. To make capturing ghosts easier, he had spent some time developing the Poltergust 3000; a handy method of capturing the once-invincible. These were then put through the most advanced containment equipment in his lab: the Ghost Portrificationizer, in which he was able to turn these captured ghosts, obtained in various parts of the Mushroom World, into paintings to study at leisure. All went swimmingly except when he caught Boolossus which did not greatly amuse their leader King Boo. He decided to exact revenge and released every single Portrait Ghost: all of E. Gadd's work! And then, he had the most delicious idea of capturing the hated Mario Bros. within a ghostly mansion; one after the other, he wasn't particularly bothered by the order.

Despite having successfully caught two strong Portrait Ghosts, Neville and Lydia, Luigi kicked the wall with frustration, unable to believe how easily he had been led into a trap and having dragged his brother into it as well. He felt humiliated, having let his guard just that once and he knew that he would be judged far more harshly for it than they ever would with Mario. Luigi walked down the dark corridor, torch held steadily as he moodily thought that nobody would consider him able to rescue his brother. And the Toads would do so much better? Huh.

The next room Luigi entered in was the nursery. He might have relaxed had he not been warned earlier by E. Gadd that he had detected a stronger spirit than he had faced thus far. Luigi chuckled to himself, noticing the toys scattered about and the wooden horse in the corner; why, he used to have one of those! He nudged it and watched it ride back and forth... until the baby awoke in its crib.

The baby named Chauncey wandered over him holding a rattle and wearing too devious a grin for a baby. The hairs on the back of Luigi's neck immediately stood on end.

"Hey! You woke me up!" Chauncey whined. "You gotta play with me now. Wanna play?" This game involved launching several teddy bears at Luigi with the intention of draining his energy. Startled, Luigi avoided the projectiles and picked up a ball with the Poltergust 3000 before launching it directly at the baby. It struck him on the head which only caused Chauncey to become very angry.

"Ow!" he cried. "You gave me an owie! I only wanted to play with you! Why must you be so mean? I hate grown-ups! Why do you have to be bigger than meeeee?" Chauncey started shaking his rattle as if it was some sort of voodoo tool. Luigi backed off, scared by this baby! "Small! Now grow smaller! Itsy! Tiny! Little! Smaller than meeeeeeeeeeee!"

"Whoa!" Luigi cried as the world around him suddenly descended into shadows similar to that of the Subspace World. He was thrown face down but thankfully on a soft surface. He leapt up and looked around him before suddenly realising something. "Mamma mia! What in the heck's going on? I've shrunk!"

Sitting on the edge of the crib was the baby that now looked to be three times his size. He shook the rattle threateningly before winking at his opponent.

When the massive balls and speeding rocking-horses were aimed at Luigi, he knew that he was never going to look at those toys the same way again...

The Game Boy Horror came to life in his hand; the sound was still crackly. The Professor was trying to contact him. "Krrr... Lu...i...gi ...Krrr..." Dazed from his latest battle and his head throbbing with agony, it took several moments for Luigi to fumble around with the device before switching the communicator on. The Professor sounded relieved.

"Oh, thank goodness, my boy," said E. Gadd as soon as they made contact. "It seemed that I couldn't reach you before. That must have been some battle you had there!"

"It was just a baby," said Luigi in disbelief. E. Gadd nodded knowingly.

"That Chauncey... he was born a ghost you know. You get that sometimes... not often but sometimes. You'd best come back to the lab for a moment, lad. Your Poltergust 3000 will need some emptying. Maybe take a quick break too; you look pretty tuckered!"

Luigi shook his head and staggered to his feet. "I can't rest; I need to find Mario as quick as possible! Everyone's counting on me!" If they are counting on me, he thought bitterly.

E. Gadd seemed thoughtful. "From what you've told me about King Boo and what I know myself, he won't do anything until he's got the both of you. So try not to worry, lad and get down here. Like I say, you have to anyway."

Later on, once Luigi headed out again, this time more urgently than before, E. Gadd wondered where he had met him before although Luigi didn't seem to recognise him. Or was he mistaking him with somebody else? No... He was quite sure that he wasn't, his memory wasn't failing yet! Luigi also seemed to be rather stressed, not just over the sake of Mario being missing but something else. Of course he had heard of the brothers' escapades, who hadn't? But Luigi tended to be less well-known, less received... less appreciated. It must have hurt the poor lad, thinking in that way that his efforts seemed to be all in vain. Aha! E. Gadd remembered now! He had met the adult brothers and their younger selves about twenty years ago when he was working in his lab at Thwomp Volcano. And then there was that eruption and he moved to Boo Woods, etc, etc. But for that to have occurred, one would need a time machine...

"Well," said Professor E. Gadd to himself. "Looks like that's my next project decided!" He then returned to his lab underground, grasping a large cup of coffee, and sat in front of the monitor. "Don't be too hard on yourself, Luigi," he muttered out loud. "I've every confidence in you!"

Later on, the Professor was snoozing in his comfortable chair when the alarm on his monitor suddenly rang manically making him jolt upright. "Good gravy!" he exclaimed as he pressed a button to communicate. "I hope this is urgent!" He had just been dreaming up plans on how to make a levitation jacket too. Luigi's panicked voice came on the other end.

"I'm an idiot! A bloody idiot!" he garbled. "I can't believe I just did that! This isn't going to help Mario at all! What have I done? I'm good-for-nothing! I'm a fool, nothing but a stupid, cowardly fool..."

"Calm down, lad and talk slowly," E. Gadd advised. "Whatever you've done, don't beat yourself up over it! That's not going to do anyone any good. So spill the beans, what's happened?"

"I... I... I've released the Boos from their secret hiding place..."

E. Gadd chuckled. "Well, at least you've found 'em! But... perhaps you shouldn't have let them all out, eh?"

Luigi slid onto the floor just outside the room which he would soon find belonged to Madame Clairvoya and sighed despondently. "I didn't know where they were all hiding but there was this switch behind this poster but I didn't take the hint. They said that they were going to do the same thing to me as they did to Mario... only worse. They really hate my guts... and everybody back home just thinks that I'm useless. Useless, useless, useless..."

"Hey now," said E. Gadd gently. "You're doing a very good thing here. I don't know how many people would willingly enter a dangerous, frightening place, risking their lives in the process even if it is to save their relatives. You haven't given up have you?"

Luigi stiffened. "Of course not."

"Excellent! You care for your brother obviously and I'm sure that Mario will appreciate everything that you are doing for him. You just need to believe in yourself really; putting yourself down all the time isn't going to achieve anything. Besides, courage is being afraid and yet still going on and being able to master your fear which is what you're doing now by defeating all of these ghosts. And also, it would be a good idea to get those Boos anyway, whether you've released them or not."

Luigi smiled softly and picked himself up. "Thanks, Professor."

"Just get through this lot and thank me then." E. Gadd then hung up and left Luigi holding a silent Game Boy Horror. He stood there for a moment, taking in the Professor's words before turning around and entering the room of the fortune-teller.

"Whoa... just what kind of place is this Mansion anyway?" Luigi mused to himself as he slipped into the room, letting the light from the torch shine directly onto a crystal ball. The crystal ball's light grew brighter and brighter until at last, its call was answered and a most mysterious figure entered from the spiritual world and took its place in front of the crystal ball. Her name was Madame Clairvoya.

"Hark! Who awakens me so from my slumber?" she cried out, intending to scare whoever the intruder was. "I shall warn you that I can see 49 days into the future and perhaps I may predict your death in that time!"

She then looked closely at the figure standing in front of her, shaking like a leaf, gulping nervously as he tried to speak but nevertheless, he resolutely looked her in the face. She saw before her a young, moustachioed, rather handsome man, similar-looking to an individual whom she had saw being dragged unconscious through the dark corridors earlier by a barrage of Boos. How intriguing...

"I am Madame Clairvoya," she announced to the scared plumber. "I am a seer of the Spirit World and I am able to contact the spirits through the dropped items of a person. No doubt you are looking for somebody close to you. And I can help you with that only if you trust me..." She stared at him through mystic eyes causing a sudden strange feeling within Luigi; his heart pounded slightly faster and he felt quite drowsy.

"Hold on," he said slowly, painfully aware that he was communicating with a phantom; a being that was technically dead. He was wary that she did not plan to attack him and to steal his life force. "Why do you want to help me? All of your friends out there have been trying to kill me and no doubt there's plenty more! Why should I trust you? You could be working for them! You want to-"

Luigi was startled into silence when Madame Clairvoya touched his lips to hush him. He wondered with some difficulty why he hadn't run away at this point but her touch was cool yet not unpleasant and inexplicably, he felt a lot calmer. He barely registered the hand moving over to the spot directly above his heart as she listened to his heartbeat slowing down until it reached sensible levels. The life force inside him was immensely powerful; no wonder he was attracting so many ghosts. Alas, no matter how much they tried to take, these ghosts were not all that they seemed and so they could never hold onto what did not belong to them. She sensed that he had a good heart but he was still quite petrified despite her calming influence. Madame Clairvoya sat back again, her curiosity satisfied. Luigi stood as if in a trance and blinked when he noticed his surroundings again.

"Do not think that we are all friends here just because we are sharing the same house," she whispered. "Some of the people here, you wouldn't believe what they are like. And no, you refer to the Boos but I have no affiliation with them... Pray tell me who you are looking for."

"Mario," said Luigi quietly. "My brother." Madame Clairvoya looked simply delighted.

"Why, you must then be Luigi! Brother of the famous Mario. And you have come looking for him. Well, aren't you a good little brother?" She laughed but coughed horribly. "Excuse me, I do not laugh much. But anyway, we know a lot about you and your brother. Yes, destiny chooses our paths, Luigi..." She sat there, thinking for a long moment taking Luigi in, considering him. "When you have some items that may tell us of your missing one's location, return to me and I shall tell you your fortune..."

Luigi nodded dumbly and still staring at her, exited the room. He did not return until quite some time later when he had collected a few items of Mario's and captured more Portrait Ghosts. He had been calling out for Mario, hoping for a response of some kind but nothing. Brother, he thought miserably. Where are you? He handed the items over to Madame Clairvoya upon request, glad that he had some ally to aid him on his way, even if she was a ghost. He was still slightly unnerved by her presence and yet he felt partially at peace. What was all that about?

"Aah, good, you have found Mario's hat. It looks so clean... AS IF SOMEONE'S JUST WASHED IT! Sorry," she said, trying not to laugh at Luigi jumping back and slamming into the wall. "I like to add drama. Now let me see..."

Madame Clairvoya began to contact the spirits although Luigi wasn't entirely whether much of this was put on. He was still quite fascinated by her however. Huh? Where did that thought come from? Luigi was confused by this spirit."Ohhh... Harummm... I see that your Mario lives... Well, he is not in the spirit world... but one cannot say he is alive..." She laughed again, possibly to add drama. "Where is he? Where is he now? ...Ah, the spirits fall silent! This is all I can tell you for now! Bring to me another clue and I will show your brother to you. This clue no longer speaks to us..."

She handed him back the hat which Luigi held protectively. He wished that Mario wouldn't put it through the washing machine though; it came out far better when washed by hand.

When he gave the next couple of items, she was able to tell Luigi that his brother was imprisoned somewhere... no hold on a moment... work stupid orb, oh! He was trapped in a painting, held somewhere in the Mansion where an odd altar lay. And he had been captured by... King Boo, yes, King Boo! That devious ghost; it was quite obvious really considering all of the Boos that he had accidentally released earlier; they all worked for King Boo didn't they?

"Aah... I think there are some more clues that need to be found so that we can determine exactly where your beloved Mario is," said Madame Clairvoya. "He is sure to be found before the moon fades from the night sky! I am a seer after all, I can predict such things."

"Are you sure?" Luigi queried. His sharp intake of breath was heard by her as he shifted and disturbed his aggravating injuries. Madame Clairvoya looked concerned but there was nothing she could do; she wasn't a healer after all, just a fortune-teller.

Luigi tried to ignore the pain and headed towards the door again, sighing as he knew of the other ghosts that he needed to find and that... he would have to battle King Boo at some point. That creature terrified him; he could see his gleaming red eyes now...

Madame Clairvoya watched him leave and settled back, relaxing in the comfort of her darkened room. Luigi did not know yet that when he had found all of Mario's items, she would have to take her leave. Madame Clairvoya liked being inside a portrait; there was sweet happiness in oils. But if there was a moment where she would have liked to have been alive and human again if only for a brief moment, then it would have been before Luigi walked out of that door...

Luigi slid down the ladder into the well, wondering why that other Toad had been crying so much. He couldn't get any coherent words out of him; just a direction, leading down the well to wherever it finished. Luigi was feeling a little more confident now he had successfully captured many Portrait Ghosts and Boos although at the cost of personal injury. There were three long claw marks raked all the way down his back and his entire body ached strongly. However, Luigi could and would stand the pain if it meant that Mario would be freed. And yet, he still hadn't seen him with his own eyes. He breathed heavily, feeling the weight of the Poltergust 3000 rest uncomfortably from his shoulders.

"Are you down here, Mario?" he whispered to himself. "Mario, where are you? I know you're here somewhere. Please... wherever you are, I'm coming for you."

Luigi could hear the sounds of the whistling wind outside and the rain sheeting down still. He shivered as the freezing water made its way into his bones. There wasn't time to dry off though, not even if he used the fire element of his Poltergust 3000. He felt quite proud of having acquired this ability to see elemental ghosts; it gave further rein over his own abilities. The Professor had also informed him earlier that there were water and ice elemental ghosts as well. He had noted joyfully earlier that if he kept this up and discovered perhaps other elemental spirits, Luigi could become the master of ghosts! Luigi declined this offer and told the Professor that he was welcome to it.

Thankfully, there was some light at the end of the tunnel although with Luigi's pessimistic thoughts, he wouldn't have been surprised if it was a flamethrower. Nevertheless, the source of light was welcome for his eyes were too used to the dark by now. Light meant safety from most of the ghosts apart from the Boos of course but then, there was only ever one per room. However, much to Luigi's dismay, there was no room for him to squeeze through the hole where the light was coming from, even if he removed the machine from his back. Ah well, maybe he could find another way in...

Peering through the hole (which was the mouth of a fanged head), Luigi cautiously cast his gaze around the room, hoping to find something, anything of importance. His breath crystallised in the air showing that this place was also as chilled. He then noticed the odd altar of which Madame Clairvoya had spoken of and saw the glow of King Boo by its side. Luigi frowned as he heard the spectral monarch laugh merrily, seemingly talking to himself. He couldn't see anybody else in the room. Where was-?

No... Wait... Luigi looked up. He knew what had happened but it hadn't prepared him for the sight that hit him. Mario... Mario was trapped inside a glass painting. He was trying to break free despite knowing that his efforts were in vain. His cheek was bleeding from where he had managed to cut himself in his exertions.

"Mario..." Luigi whispered; his voice seemingly strangulated. "What have they done to you?"

Luigi did not know how long he crouched there, taking in the sight of his brother, forcibly held against his will by King Boo. No doubt he wanted Luigi too; he wanted the satisfaction of both of them trapped together with no hope of escaping, none at all. Luigi's fingers brushed the air in front of him as if he hoped to catch Mario's attention or somehow reach him. His world-famous brother; caught in the trap of a Boo and it was all his own fault...

Tears trickled down Luigi's cheeks; his body shook with emotion. Who knew what King Boo had been doing to Mario while he was searching for him or what he might do afterwards once he had captured all of the other Boos. Luigi slammed a fist into the stone wall, almost crying out in anger. How had he managed to believe that he had received a mansion in a contest that he hadn't entered? It was deplorable and he was ashamed of it.

Mario had noticed his brother from behind the mocking King Boo and saw how upset he was. He knew that he blamed himself but King Boo had been planning revenge for some time now... he would have tried another plan if this one had failed. It was fate, he guessed. King Boo would later vanish leaving Mario on his own with his brother just out of reach. He tried to catch Luigi's eye but he had left before another minute passed. Mario ached with the brotherly love that he felt for him. He knew that Luigi would rescue him...

Luigi ran as fast as he could, not caring whether his pain would flare up ten times worse than before. From the bottom of the well, he used the Poltergust 3000 to viciously suck up a Purple Bomber ghost and grabbed the key that it had held. He clambered up the ladder, desperately thinking over Mario's entrapment. How would he save him now? His mind worked in overdrive as he remembered some words that he had read in the Book of Riddles:

'Mysteries appear wherever people turn but turning away from them solves nothing. Instead of turning away, turn to the side and look at the mystery from a different view. A way will surely open.'

Luigi paused for a moment. He would do anything to get Mario out of there but the question was: did he have enough courage to do so? Well, he was too scared to run away that's for sure. Ahahaha, it was a curious thought.

Luigi dragged himself up into the stormy courtyard again and felt the heaviness of his task all the more. But he smiled. This was another challenge, just another challenge...