'Ouch. Ow, ow, ow, ow.' Jordan whispered, clutching her stomach and almost beginning to kneel to the ground in pain. Her sharpened chestnut brown hair fell in front of her face and a crease of agony appeared on her forehead,

'Morning sickness. I think I'm going to throw up.' She mumbled in my ear, and attempted to stumble off to the bathroom. I grabbed her hand before she stumbled and held her hand, and then put my other hand around her inflated stomach.

As we hurried along the corridor, she put her hand over her plum lipstick coated mouth and retched slightly, but didn't hurl – yet.

'Come on you chubby she-devil, we're almost there. Keep it together Jordan.' I muttered at her, as she clumped along in those stu-huu-pid heels that she insists on wearing, even though she's carrying that poor creature inside her.

We turned into the men's bathroom and Jordan ran to the nearest cubicle and hurled up. She coughed violently and threw up again. I walked up behind her and put a kind of reluctant arm around her broad shoulders.

'Perry, can you get me some water or something please?' she gasped, sweat covering her brow and dripping silently down her reddened cheeks. I grabbed the water bottle she had dropped earlier (a failed attempt at trying to 'entice' me apparently) and filled it to the brim with water. I shoved it into her sweaty palm and she downed it in one go, walked over to the tiled wall next to the sinks and slouched down carefully.

She looked horrendous. Her make-up was running down her smooth cheeks and she had gone from cherry red to ghostly white. Her dark purple dress was crumpled and her gold necklace was lying on the floor next to her, broken.

'Morning sickness sucks, I know, I've been there.' I said jokingly, trying to put a smile back on her miserable face.

She sniffed loudly and wiped something away from her eyes that looked strangely like…

'Hey Jordan, are you…are you crying?' I asked, a hint of incredulity in my voice. I couldn't believe it. She was actually crying. The she-devil was actually showing a sign of emotion. Okay, I realised, she did NAWT feel good at the moment.

'No,' she replied sadly, in a moaning tone, 'I don't know. I'm just completely hormonal,' she said, tears welling up in her eyes, making the rims go red and puffy, 'I mean you try going from out of control horny to clinically depressed six times a day.' She finished, wiping tears from her face.

'Oh give me a break, I can knock that out on the way to work,' I said, a small smile becoming settled on my face. A trace of her normal grin appeared on Jordan's face and I carried on, 'Hey lady, I'm proud of what you're doing here.'

'Really?' she asked, her voice impacted with doubt and grief. She sniffed again.

'Really.' I responded

'Thanks,' she said gratefully, but then she delivered the final blow, 'Last chance Perry, do you want me or not?'

And to that, I honestly did not know what to say, so me, being the loud mouthed arrogant idiot I normally am (apart from when talking to Newbie, he deserves my annoyance), I had to go and say,

'Look Jordan, I'm sorry, but…'

'Forget it,' she mumbled hastily, a smile clouding her real expression straight away, 'I was just kidding. I was kidding really.'

But the thing that killed me the most was I knew that she wasn't.

'Help me up,' she said reasonably.

'Help you up,' I grunted, 'help me up.'

She grabbed my hand and I gracefully (well, not really but anyway) pulled her and entwined my fingers in hers. I knew it was the wrong thing to do, but she was looking for reassurance and for that, I was her man. And vulnerable Jordan needed me the most.