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Good things come to those who wait

It has been two years since Ed had asked Riza out at the Christmas party and a lot of things had happened since, Ed was now a Colonel, Riza was a Major and Roy was a Major General. It all happened when Amestris' former fuhrer Olivia Armstrong left to stay at Briggs saying that that was where she belonged, not in Central sat behind a desk signing papers all day, she wanted to be with her men in Briggs on the front lines, so she relinquished her title as fuhrer, leaving Grumman as the new ruler. Rumours where going around that Armstrong was home sick having been at Briggs for many years and that though she would never admit to it she considered the soldiers at Briggs her second family.

With his promotion Roy was given a new office leaving his old one to Ed with his own subordinates. First Lieutenant Emily Knotts, second Lieutenant Nelson Griffen, second Lieutenant Louis Wolfemen, Warrant Officer Michael Todd and Major Susumu Wright The Experimental Alchemist, named for being the first State Alchemist to combine alchemy and rendanshu, xing's form of alchemy that is used for medical purposes. All of these soldiers are experts in their field and was hand picked by Roy for Ed.

Now that Ed had the same responsibilities that Roy had when he was a Colonel, he could appreciate all the hard work he actually did, even though most of the time it seemed that he wasn't working at all. Ed sat in the leather chair that Roy used to occupy, signing the paperwork that was on his desk. As he signed he thought about everything that had happened over the last few years. The Hughes' had had a new addition to the family with the arrival of baby Jake, Maes was now the head of the investigation department having been promoted to a Brigadier General and Armstrong was now a Colonel helping Hughes with investigations. Al and Winry had moved to Rush Valley with Winry now owning her own auto-mail shop and Al helping Paninya with repairs around the town. Yes everything had finally settled down and Ed was happy.

He was brought out of his thoughts when Lieutenant Knotts came into the room saying that Major Hawkeye was here to see him, Riza come into the room and saluting him.

"Hey Edward, I thought that I would bring you some lunch." Riza said putting a bag on his desk before giving him a kiss.

"Thank you Riza." Ed said picking up a form and reading it. "So does this mean that the General has finished most of his work.?" Ed asked knowing that Riza didn't usually come down to see him unless Roy had done at least half of his paperwork.

"Yeah, he's been working really hard lately so I said that he could have a break." Riza said sitting down on the couch. Ed smiled with the way she ordered Roy about people would think that she was the Major General. He stood up from his chair and took some of his finished paperwork to Emily who was working at her desk.

"Lieutenant Knotts, could you go down and hand these into the fuhrer for me please." Ed asked his first Lieutenant, Emily got up from her desk and took the papers. "Yes Sir." she saluted before heading to leave.

"Oh and Knotts, once you have done that you can take your break." He said smiling at her, she bowed and thanked him before leaving to go to the f├╝hrer's office. Ed looked at everyone else in the office. "That goes for the rest of you, your all free to go and get some lunch." Ed said before going back into his office and sitting down next to Riza who handed him his lunch.

"Thanks, but you know you don't have to keep bringing me lunch." He said to her before tucking into his chicken salad sandwich, Riza giggled. "It doesn't stop you from eating it." she said. "Besides someone has to make sure that you eat."

"I do eat." Ed said. "It's not like I don't know how to cook." This made Riza laugh.

"Junk food doesn't count." Ed scold. "It's not like I don't want to eat healthy, It's just that by the time I get home I can't be bothered to." Ever since Al had left to live with Winry, Riza had noticed that Ed wasn't eat as well as he should have been, at first she thought that it was because he was depressed about Al leaving but later she founded out that the reason was because he was lazy.

"Oh by the way, Havoc wanted to know if you would like to join him and the others at the pub tonight after work." Riza said changing the subject. Ed finished of his sandwich and licked his fingers. "Yeah why not, it's been awhile since I went out with them. What time did he want to meet?" He asked her "He said that they are meeting at the pub at seven, that way you all have the time to go home and get changed." Riza said cuddling up to him. "I love you." she said giving him a kiss. "I love you too." Ed replied after the kiss, they sat holding each other for a while until someone knocked on the door. They both quickly separated before Ed told whoever it was to come in.

"Sorry to interrupted Sir, but I just saw General Mustang and he said that he needs Major Hawkeye for something." Major Wright said saluting his commanding officer. "Thank you Major." Ed said before dismissing him. "I'll see you tomorrow then, what time do you want me to pick you up? Ed asked Riza giving her a quick kiss. "You can come over at twelve, seeing as you will be going out tonight." Riza replied giving him the you better not be late look. Ed smiled "OK, and tell the others that I will see them later." Riza nodded, leaving the office to go see what Roy wanted that was so important.

Ed sat back at his desk and continued with his work, looking forward to a night out with the old gang.

At the pub Roy, Hughes, Havoc and Breada sat at their table waiting for Ed to arrive. They all thought that Ed might of changed his mind, until Havoc saw him standing near the door looking around for his friends. Havoc stood up and waved at him. "Hey boss over here."

Ed heard him and walked over to the table. "Hi guys sorry I'm late, had to read and sign some more papers that were given to me before I left." Ed said in explanation, he took of his coat and hung it up on the back of his chair before sitting down. Roy got up and went to order the first round of drinks whilst the others talked and joked about work. When he got back he handed everyone their drinks and sat down with his own.

"So Hughes how is baby Jake? I hear that he has started taking his first steps." Ed asked Maes, Roy moaned he had to sit and listen to Maes go on about this most of the morning. Maes smiled and reached into his pockets looking for something. "Oh he's doing great, he follows Elisha everywhere she goes it's so cute." Hughes said starting to frown.

"Now where have they gone?" He said to himself still searching his pockets, unaware that next to him Roy was holding up Maes' missing photo's that he had secretly taken from him earlier that day. He quickly hind them in his coat again so that Hughes wouldn't notice.

"What's up Maes?" Roy asked his friend knowing full well what was wrong.

"I can't find my photo's, I'm sure that I had them with me when I left your office earlier." He replied slightly panicking.

"Don't worry Hughes I'm sure that you probably just left them at the office." Jean said trying to calm the man down. "You think so? What if someone sees them and takes them." Maes asked in a panic.

"I'm pretty sure that no-one is going to go into your office and take your photos Hughes." Ed said drinking his beer.

"So what's Elisha like with him? I hear that older siblings can get jealous when another child is born into the family." Breada asked. "She's brilliant with him." Hughes beamed checking his trouser pockets to see if his photo's where in them instead. "She's been helping him with his walking and watches over him to make sure that he doesn't fall and hurt himself." He continued, giving up on searching for his photo's knowing that he wasn't going to find them.

Everyone had finished their drinks and it was Maes' turn to get the next round, he got up and headed to the bar. When the man was far enough to not hear they all burst into laughter. "You sneaky bastard, only you would steal a man's photos and torment them like that." Ed said giggling, Roy grinned. "It was either that or listen to him go on and on about his kids, that man is too obsessed with his family. It's annoying." Everyone agreed an obsessed Maes Hughes with one child was one thing but with two it was beyond annoying.

"Ha ha, so tell us how did you manage to get them?" Breada asked curiosity getting the better of him. Roy smirked. "That would be my little secret."

"What's your little secret?" Maes asked putting the drinks on the table. "Oh Breada was just asking me how I'm able to get any girl I want." Roy replied thinking on his feet.

"Yeah but the General is refusing to share his secrets." Breada said going along with Mustang. "Ha that's Roy for you, but if your looking for a girl to keep then you had better ask Edward for advice." Maes said passing everyone their drinks, Jean laughed.

"Yeah anyone who can get the infamous 'Hawks eyes' to go out with them and stay with them for nearly two years must be doing something right." Ed went bright red at the comment.

"There's no need to get all embarrassed boss, I was giving you a complement." Havoc said noticing the blush.

"So what's it like going out with Hawkeye? Give us the dirt." Breada asked.

"Yeah is it true that she take a gun with her everywhere she goes?" Asked Havoc.

"What does she look like in a dress?" Hughes asked because he had missed the last two parties and normally she would wear her uniform.

"What she like under the sheets Fullmetal?" Roy asked a perverted smile on his face.

"THAT IS NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS." Ed screamed, his face turning a brighter shade of red. Roy laughed. "Relax Ed, I'm only joking with you." He said drinking his brandy.

They changed the topic onto other things and drank there drinks, Hughes asked Ed how Al and Winry is and if they will becoming to visit. Ed told them that they where fine and that they would be coming down to visit at Christmas and would be coming to the party.

A few hours had gone by and it was Roy's turn to get the drinks again, he went up to the bar to order them when he saw a woman sitting at the bar. She was wearing a dark red dress that reached down to her knees and knee high black heel boots, her hair was a beautiful soft blonde that went down to her shoulders. She turned to him with a small smile on her face. "Hello" she said her hazel coloured eyes looking into his.

"I haven't seen you around here before, are you new in town.?" She asked him taking a sip of her drink. Roy snapped out of his stare. "Oh no I have lived here for many years now, this is just my first time at this pub. I usually go to the pub near my my home." Roy explained looking into her beautiful eyes again, they seem to remind him of someone but he couldn't figure out who.

"So what are you doing here?" She asked him. "I'm here with some work colleagues of mine, one of them comes here regularly." He said pointing out the table where the group where talking.

The woman turned to face him, her eyes once again staring into his like she was hypnotised by them. Roy gulped, he had been out with so many woman over the years and none of them had ever had this effect on him, it was usually him who had the woman swooning. He looked at her glass and noticed that it was empty.

"Would you like me to buy you a drink miss?" Roy asked putting his most charming smile on.

"Swan, Lisa Swan." She said offering him her hand. Roy took her hand and kissed it.

"Roy Mustang, it's a pleasure to meet you." Lisa froze and stared at him again. "Mustang, as in the Flame Alchemist, Hero of Ishval?" She asked Roy shivered, a sad look coming onto his face but disappearing just as quickly replaced with a smile. He hated that title, to him he was no hero just a mass murderer who killed thousands of people because he was ordered to. He hated being reminded of what he had done and that title always did, but like always he would hide his feelings because he had a beautiful woman in front of him that he maybe able to get a date with.

"Well I had better be going it's getting late." Lisa said standing up, she went to pay for her drink when Roy stopped her, he took out his wallet and put some money on the bar. Lisa looked up at him, who was offering her his arm.

"Well then the least I can do is walk you home, I hear that there is a murderer on the loose." Lisa blushed she wasn't used to men treating her like this.

"OK but what about your friends?" She asked pointing to there table, Hughes was looking at them with a knowing smile an his face.

"They'll be fine, besides I wouldn't be able to forgive myself if something would to happen to a beautiful lady like you." Lisa smirked. "Then lets go." She put her arm around his and left the pub heading towards her apartment.

At the table Ed turned to see where Roy was with there drinks, he frowned when he saw him leaving the pub with a girl on his arm. "Hey where is that bastard going?" He asked, Havoc and Breada turned to see what Ed was talking about. When they saw Mustang Leaving with Lisa they grinned.

"Ha I wondered how long it was going to be until he sweet talked a girl home." Havoc said watching the two leave.

"Yeah, he just can't help himself, he sees a pretty girl at the bar alone and just has to talk to her." Hughes said.

"Well I think that it is rude running out on your friends like this, he could have a least came over and said goodbye." Ed said getting even more pissed off than usual because of the alcohol.

"Relax Ed, it's just like Hughes said he just can't help himself, it's who he is." Breada said looking at his watch, it was almost eleven o'clock. Hughes did the same thing before putting on his coat. "Well I had better be heading home, I promised Elisha that I would take them all to the zoo tomorrow." He said noticing the time, he saw Roy's coat on the back of the chair he was sitting on and picked it up. "She must have been something, he left without his coat." Ed got up as well. "I had better be heading home to, I've got a date with Riza tomorrow and I wouldn't want to be late." He said putting on his coat, Hughes and Ed left to go home leaving Havoc and Breada at the pub.

Roy was standing outside Lisa's apartment complex wishing her a goodnight.

"Goodnight Lisa it was a pleasure to meet you." He said kissing her hand, Lisa giggled.

"You know the night is still young." She said grabbing his hand and guiding him up to her apartment, Roy just smiled. "What did you have in mine?" He asked her as they stood in front of her door. "I have a few bottles of brandy that needs drinking if your interested?" Roy didn't have to say anything they both went into her apartment and drank her brandy whilst talking about meaningless things.

The next morning Roy was lying in his bed sleeping when he was suddenly woken up by someone banging on his front door, he looked at his clock on the wall and noticed that it was nine o'clock. Roy groaned who would be banging on his front door at nine o'clock on a Saturday morning? Roy snuggled into his blankets trying to ignore the person who had disturbed his sleep. He lay there trying to will himself to sleep but the person on his doorstep was very persistent and wouldn't stop banging on his door, so he got up, got dressed and went downstairs to burn who ever was banging on his door. Roy opened the door and frowned at the man standing in front of him. There on his doorstep was Maes Hughes holding what looked like his coat.

"What are you doing here Hughes?" Roy asked in annoyance, Hughes just smiled and walked into the house.

"Morning Roy, I just came over to give you back your coat." Maes said hanging the coat on Roy's coat peg behind the door. "You left in such a hurry last night that you forgot it." Roy gave Hughes an annoyed look.

"Well you didn't have to bring it over this early I was trying to sleep." Hughes didn't say anything, they both went into the kitchen where Roy made them both some coffee.

"So I take it that you had a good time last night? With the way you left us like that she must have been a real looker." Hughes said sitting down at the table. "What time did she leave? Will you be seeing her again?" He asked as Roy set a cup in front on him and sat down to drink his coffee.

"We went to her place for a few drinks, I think that it was around three when I left." Roy answered putting his cup on the table. "You know that I don't bring girls home with me, if I did then I would always have them knocking on my door." Roy finished taking another sip of his coffee, Hughes frowned. "You know you won't be able to find a wife if you keep every girl you meet at arms length, you are going to have to let someone in eventually." Roy frowned, this has always been a sore subject for him.

"Maybe I don't want them to get close, it's not like they'll like what they will find. Once they find out about what I did in Ishval they won't want anything to do with me." Roy said leaning back in his chair.

"You know not everyone is like that, I'm sure that you'll find the right girl some day, all you need to do is be a little bit more open." Roy looked at his best friend still frowning.

"I did once and she left me for another man, and the only other woman that has ever understood me is now with Fullmetal."

"You will find someone, you never know you might have already met her and haven't realized it." Hughes got up from the table and put his empty cup in the sink.

"Well I had better get going I'm taking Elisha and Jake to the zoo today, I wouldn't want to be late." Roy saw Hughes to the door to say goodbye, before leaving Maes slapped Roy on the back. "Just think about it OK Roy, that's all I ask." Roy smiled and nodded.

"OK, now go your kids are waiting and I want to go back to sleep." Roy said pushing Hughes out of the door, when he had gone Roy went back upstairs to his room all the while thinking about what Hughes had said, he thought back to his 'date' last night (Though technically it wasn't) and the feelings he had felt, so different from the feelings he gets from being with other women. Roy lay on his bed and fell into a peaceful sleep for the first time since the war and dreamt about the girl that he had only met last night.

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