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A couple of months have passed and Ed had send his team to the south with Izumi so that they could have their final test, whilst Ed stayed in Central trying to help Riza organise their wedding plans. They had spoken to Armstrong and asked if they can use the garden to get married in and he agreed saying that he would sort out all of the arrangements.

"It is wonderful to see you happy Edward, it would be my pleaser to allow you both to get married at my family home." Armstrong boomed dramatically making Ed dodge from the expected bone crushing hug.

"Thank you Colonel, once we have decided on what decorations we want we will inform you and your staff." Ed said dodging another hug that would render him boneless.

"Have you both decided on when the wedding day is going to be?" Alex asked.

"Yes it will be the 20th May." Ed replied. "We are going to go and get some invitations made so that we can start sending them out." Ed said looking at his pocket watch.

"OK well I am so glad to see you two happy together, you both deserve each other." Armstrong said, Ed went to go and meet Riza.

At the park Roy and Lisa was walking through when Lisa saw a friend of hers. "Hey Jessica how are you?" She asked walking up to her friend.

"Lisa? Hey you I haven't seen you for a while, everything has been fine for me. How about you?" Jessica asked.

"I'm fine, this is my boyfriend Roy. Roy this is Jessica one of my oldies friends." Lisa said introducing them, Roy held his hand out to her.

"A pleaser to meet you." He said shaking her hand, Jessica looked at Roy and then realised who she was talking to.

"Your General Mustang aren't you, you are well known in the bar that I have just started working in 'The swinging cat'". Roy smiled he had made a lot of friends there and got a lot of girls there too.

"You don't say, I know the person that owns that bar. Does she still hose down everyone if they get too hyper?"

"Yea and she has started throwing ice water on the men who try and touch her girls to try and 'cool them off'." Roy laughed he remembered the first time he had tried getting fresh with one of her girls, she got the hose and drenched him from head to toe and said that next time she would throw ice over him, he ended up going home and getting a cold because it was in the middle of winter.

"Ha ha ha, sounds like the first day I met her, do you know Samantha?" Roy asked, Jessica nodded. "Yea and she has some stories to tell me about you, you naughty boy." Lisa was pissed she knew that this was how Roy used to act but it still got to her.

"So Lisa, I see you managed to get a hold of him. Where did you meet him? At a bar? In a club?"

"It was at the pub I usually go to and no I don't have anything to share with you." Lisa snapped glaring at Roy who looked like a cat caught in the headlights.

"What got down your pants? Roy and I were just talking." Jessica said a little offended. Lisa didn't answer she grabbed Roy's arm and walked away, Jessica waved to Roy and blow him a kiss saying that she may see him again at the bar.

"Lisa what's wrong?" Roy asked a little confused, Lisa sighed and stopped to look at him with accusing eyes.

"You where flirting with her right in front of me that's what." Lisa said still angry, she hadn't seen Jessica for a few months and the first thing she did was start hitting on her boyfriend who was known as the biggest womaniser in Central.

"I wasn't flirting with her, we where just talking about the bar that she works at, that I haven't been to since we started going out." Roy replied starting to get pissed of himself. Lisa gave Roy a hug, she didn't want to upset him like this.

"I'm sorry Roy, I just get worried when I see you talking to girls like that." Lisa explained.

"Lisa I have already told you that you are the only woman for me. I wouldn't allow you to stay over at my house if I didn't care." Roy said, he was wondering how many times he would have to tell her this before she got it.

"I know Roy and I'm sorry I promise to keep my jealousy at bay when we go out." Lisa promised. She kissed him knowing that Jessica would still be watching flicking her tongue out to ask him for entrance, Roy opened his month and allowed her to explore knowing that she was doing it to show her friend that he was hers.

"Why don't we stay in tonight." She whispered into his ear seductively, Roy took a deep breath trying to calm himself. "But we have already made plans and I was looking forward to going out with you." Roy said trying to hold back the urge to pick her up and run to his house. Lisa stopped what she was doing to Roy's relief and looked into his deep black eyes.

"OK Roy we will go out, but only if I can stay at your house again tonight." Lisa asked, Roy agreed they carried on with their walk before going back to his house to get ready for the night.

At the card shop Ed and Riza where looking through the book looking for the perfect one to sent as an invitation to all of their friends. "What about this one?" Ed asked looking at a white card that had flowers on it and two people standing next to each other holding hands. Riza shook her head. "No what about this one?" Riza asked pointing to a card with doves on it, Ed shook his head. They sat there for another fifteen minutes looking through the book when one of the cards caught their eyes.

"I think we have found what we where looking for." They both said simultaneously. It was a white card with different coloured butterflies on it. In fancy writing it said 'you are invited to...' with a space where you could write down the occasion that the person was being invited to.

"Miss, we would like do order thirty of theses please." Ed said holding up the book to show the shop assistant what they wanted ordering, the assistant wrote down the number code for the card to get the price.

"OK sir that will be 200 cens please." Ed took out his wallet and paid the woman.

"What address do you want these sent to?" She asked, Ed and Riza looked at each other.

"Actually we where hoping that we could come in and pick them up ourselves." Riza said, the woman nodded. "OK well the cards will have to have the occasion written on to it first which can be specially done by one of our staff, how about you come and pick them up on Tuesday." The assistant suggested, Ed and Riza agreed they left their work number encase something happens and left to do the next job on the agenda, which was the caterers, Armstrong had said that he would do that but they wanted to find somewhere that does wedding cakes.

By the end of the day Ed and Riza was exhausted by all of the walking that they had done. "Ah I wise that I could drive, then we wouldn't have to do all of this walking." Ed complained rubbing his foot and aching auto-mail ports, he had been having a problem with his auto-mail for awhile but thought that he didn't have the time to go down to Rush Valley to get it checked out. Riza noticed the way that Ed was rubbing it and frowned at him.

"Your auto-mail is hurting again isn't it?" She said giving him a 'don't lie to me' look, Ed gulped he was hoping that Riza wouldn't notice, he knew that if she did then she would call Winry and then he would have to worry about getting hit by a wrench.

"It's just aching from the amount of walking that we have been doing today that's all, it will be fine after I have rested it awhile." Ed replied, but Riza wasn't having none of it, she picked up the phone and handed it to Ed in a threatening manner.

"Either you call Winry or I will, and I guaranty you that if I have to call her she will not be happy." She said, Ed sighed in defeat he took the phone from her and dialled the number to her shop in Rush Valley.

"Hello Winry's auto-mail shop Alphonse speaking how may I help you?" Al said on the other end of the line, Ed sighed in relief. "Hey Al it's me." He said in a cheerful voice.

"Hey Ed it's been awhile since you last called how have you and Riza been?" Al asked in his usual cheerful voice, Ed smiled it always cheered him up to be able to listen to Al's voice without the echoing sound from the armour his soul used to be trapped in.

"We are fine Al, is Winry there? I need to talk to her about my auto-mail, it's been acting up a little."Ed explained hopefully if Al can explain it to Winry then she won't try and attack him with her giant wrench.

"No sorry Brother she's just looking at another customer, but if you want I can let her know that you called and explain to her what the problem is?" Al suggested like he could read Ed's mind.

"Thanks Al that would be helpful." He replied, Ed told Al what the trouble was he was having as Al wrote it down for Winry.

"So it only starts to hurt after you have been walking around for awhile?"

"Yes, it feels like when you pull a muscle whilst having a workout." Ed explained.

"OK it doesn't sound like anything to dangerous but I will let Win know for you. Where are you calling from?" Al asked so that he could tell Winry.

"I'm at my apartment." Ed replied as someone knocked on his door.

"OK brother, well I will talk to you soon and rest that leg of yours, we don't want you making it worse by you walking around on it too much." Al said, they said goodbye and hung up the phone. Ed turned around to ask Riza who was at the door when he saw his dad standing in front on him with a suitcase.

"Hello Edward." He said with a smile, Ed gave Hohenheim a half hearted smile.

"Hey." He replied nervously. Riza left the room to go and make them all some tea whilst Hohenheim took of his jacket and hung it up. He looked at his son and smile noticing that he had grown since the last time he had seen him.

"I see that you have grown, how tall are you now?" He asked his nervous son trying to make conversation.

"I'm 5ft 8 now the same height as Mustang, so he can't call me short any more and I didn't have to drink milk to grow neither." Ed replied with pride, Hohenheim chuckled after all these years Ed still didn't like to drink milk. Ed noticing that his dad was still standing and told him to sit down and make himself at home.

"Thank you Edward, so Al tells me that you are a colonel now and that you and Miss Hawkeye are engaged to be married." Hohenheim said sitting down on one of the chairs, Riza came back into the living room with the teas and went back into the kitchen to get the milk and sugar for Hohenheim encase he wanted them.

"Thank you Miss Hawkeye." He said picking up his tea and taking a sip, Riza sat down next to Ed and gave Hohenheim a annoyed look.

"I have told you before that it's Riza." She said causing Hohenheim to apologise to her. "I'm sorry Riza I'm just so used to calling people by their last names." He explained.

They sat and talked for awhile, with Hohenheim telling them about the journey that he had been on and all the people that he had meet. "So you went to Xing so that you could say goodbye to the souls that where trapped inside of you for all those years." Ed said, Hohenheim nodded.

"Yes, you see in Xing the soul is very important and when one departs from this world they go up to the top of the mountain of souls and light a candle for every soul that has left to help them find their way to the next world." He explained.

"You mean that you went all the way there and lit over a million candles." Ed said in surprise.

"536,329 to be accurate." Hohenheim said. Ed and Riza couldn't believe it. Riza looked at the time and noticed that it was dinner time and went into the kitchen to prepare their dinner whilst Ed and his dad talked and got to know each other a little better. Whilst Ed and Hohenheim talked the phone rang again, Ed picked it up and answered already knowing who it was.

"Hello Ed Al tells me that you have done something to your auto-mail leg and that it keeps aching whan you walk on it." Winry said in her usual business manner, Ed smiled he knew that Winry would be all business.

"Yes it fells alittle sore and heavy, what do you think it is?" He asked her, the line went silent for a minute before she answered. "It sounds like one of you screws are loose, have you got someone there with you?" She asked.

"Yes my dad is here with me." Winry asked Ed to pass the phone to Hohenheim, she told him to check ed's leg for her and to see what screws where loose. "The screw that supports Ed's knew seems loose." Hohenheim said as he checked his sons auto-mail. Winry asked him to go and get a wench and to tighten up the screw and then to tell Ed to walk around on it to see if it was any better. Ed walked around and found that he wasn't limping on it anymore. "Wow it's almost like new." He said as he tested his leg by walking around on it. Winry was glade she didn't want to have to go all the way to central fix Ed's leg for a simple screw. She said that there wouldn't be a charge since she didn't actually do anything and told Ed that she and Al would be coming down in a few weeks ready for His and Riza's big day. Ed said good bye as Riza annonced that their dinner was ready, they sat and talked filling Hohenheim in with al of the things that Ed had acheived over the last few years.

At eleven Ed and his dad where saying goodbye to Riza when they heard shouted outside, Ed went over to the window to see what was going on and saw Roy and Lisa and another man that he didn't know arguing in the street.

"I WASN'T GOING TO DO ANYTHING WITH HER, SHE WAS THE ONE WHO SAT ON ME." Roy shouted at Lisa who was standing behind the other man.

"WE SAW YOU WHISPERING INTO HER EAR AND TOUCHING HER IN PLACES YOU SHOULDN'T OF BEEN TOUCHING." The man shouted back making Roy even more pissed of than what he already was.

"I W-WASN'T TALK...ING TO Y-YOU, AND WHO (HICK) DO YOU TH-THINK YOU ARE? (HICK) EVERY...TIME L-LISA AND I GO...OUT ANYWHERE Y-YOU HAPPEN TO BE TH-THERE." Roy shouted back, Ed opened the window so that he could hear them better and throw something at Roy for disturbing their evening.


"NO T-THEY W-WEREN'T, EVERYTHING...THAT I TOLD YOU...W-WAS THE TRUTH." Roy screamed back causing someone to throw something at him telling him to shut up.

"WHAT ABOUT YOU...L-LISA? EVERYTIME I...T-TURNED A-AROUND...YOU WAS GONE AND S-S-SO WAS HE." Roy slurred pointing an accusing finger at her. "I BET Y-YOU...S-SET THIS UP S-SO THAT IT WOULD...LOOK LIKE IT WAS M-ME THAT WAS CH-CHEATING WHEN IT WAS REALLY...YOU WHO WAS SNEAKING...O-OF WITH HIM." Lisa's face contorted into a frown, without a word she turned around and walked away knowing that it would be better for them to talk about this when they where sober, but Roy wanted to talk now and tried to follow her but was stopped by Matthew who stood in front of him blocking his path.

"G-get out...of my w-way" Roy said trying to walk passed him but Matt kept on stepping in front of him. "I S-SAID GET THE FUCK OUT O-OF MY WAY." He screamed causing everyone who knew him to stare at him in shock. 'He must really be pissed, Roy never swears like that.' Riza thought as she made her way down the stair with Hohenheim following behind her to help calm the situation down before somebody got hurt.

"Ed call Hughes and tell him that we need his help with Roy." Riza instructed to him as she ran down the hall. Ed went to call Hughes like Riza had asked whilst she went down to try and talk Roy down. She got outside and realised that she was too late, Roy pushed Matt threatening to 'burn his dumb ass' if he didn't get out of his f***in' way.

"Lisa what happened?" She asked her cousin who was still walking away from the two drunk men.

"Roy was an ass again that's what happened." Was all that she said as she got to a safe distance and then stopped to wait for Matt who was getting right into Roy's face. Roy pushed Matt away again and put on his gloves that he kept in his pocket in case of an emergency.

"This is y-your last...w-warning, move or you...be-become a human...touch." Roy threatened again, but Matt just laughed. "Well go on then, show everyone what your murdering ass is capable of." Matt teased. Roy was seeing red he put his hands together ready to snap when a wall appeared in between them causing them to fall in surprise.

"You don't want to do that General, if you burn this man then you will be burning down your career." Ed said trying to reason with him, but Roy was to far gone to listen to reason. "This b-bastard is t-trying to steal my girlfriend." He argued, glaring at Matt.

"He did this to himself, he was the one who couldn't keep his hands of all the other girls in the bar." Matt argued back.

"Your...just jealous o-of me, you are...jealous of t-the fact that...I can g-get any...girl I want...and y-you can't e-e-even get one." Roy said with a smirk on his face. This made Matt really angry, he walked up to Roy and punched and kick him causing him to fall over again and smack his head on the hard road making him dizzy, in his defence Roy snapped his fingers causing fire to burn Matt's hand making him fall to the floor in agony. Lisa was in a complete panic, she didn't know what to do.

'This is all my fault, I should have told Matt to go home and leave us or something. What should I do?' She thought to herself as she watch in horror as her best friend and boyfriend fought with each other. Riza and Ed had had enough with the whole situation Ed restrained Roy as Riza draw her gun onto Matt. Matthew didn't like having a gun pointed to his head and without thinking balled his fist and punched Riza causing her to fall, Ed was furious, he let go of Roy and pinned Matthew with a arm-bar making Matthew scream out in pain.

"If you even think about fucking moving then I will break you fucking arm. Understand?" Matthew just lay there in silence, whilst Ed did this a car stopped near them and Hughes came running out. He saw Riza on the floor with blood pouring out of her nose and pointed his gun at Matt knowing that Roy wouldn't of been stupid enough to hit Riza again with Ed there watching.

"What happened?"

"This bastard attacked the General and then attacked Riza when she pointed her gun at him." Ed explained putting more pressure on his arm and making him cry out in pain again.

"H-he aagh he insulted me and then burned my agh hand." Matt said in his own defence, Maes wrote down all of the details asking everyone what had happened, Hohenheim explained that Roy only burnt Matt's hand because he was beating him up and was trying to get the man off of him, which everyone else confirmed.

"Alright Matthew Rodgers you are under arrest for assaulting two millatery officers, you are to remain silent, anything that you do say can and will be used in a court of law." Hughes said handcuffing Matt and putting him in the car to be taken down to the millatery jail cells.

"Wait please don't arrest him, he didn't mean to he's just drunk." Lisa said trying to stop Maes from taking her friend to jail. Maes gave her a sympathetic look.

"I'm sorry Lisa but I can't just let this go, the law is very clear about attacking millatery personnel on or off duty, you will have to try and convince Riza and Roy to not press charges." Maes said, he shut the door of the car and went to see if Roy and Riza was all right. Roy looked like he had fallen down a cliff and then kicked by very angry horses, he was black and blue all over. "Mr Hohenheim, could you run upstairs and call for an ambulance for Roy." He asked while trying to stop Roy from moving. Lisa didn't do anything to try an help to Riza's disappointment, she went up to the car to say goodbye to Matt and then left to go home without saying anything to her boyfriend or cousin who looked to have a broken nose. When the ambulance turned up they put Roy on a stretcher and put him in to the ambulance to take him to Central hospital.

"It looks like that he may have a few broken ribs and a broken nose but we can't be sure until we have a doctor look at him." The paramedics explained as they got him in to the ambulance. They drove him to the hospital with Ed and Riza getting into the car and driving down with Maes who was taking Matt to have his burnt hand looked at. Hohenheim also came along with them sitting in between Ed and Matt to prevent any more arguments from happening.

At the hospital Roy was already in a room being looked at by a doctor. "Well General Mustang, we will have to do some x-rays to determine if you have got any broken bones or not but first I want you to answer some questions for me." He said holding up a clip board with the questions on.

"First question: How much have you had to drink tonight?" Roy looked at the doctor has he tried to remember the amount of drinks he had had that evening. "I...I think I have...had um...I lost count." Roy said not being able to remember how much he had.

"OK do you have any auto-mail limbs that we need to know about?"


"Do you have a history of any clotting or blood disorders?"

"W-why ah ou askin' me this? Am I (HICK) dying? Do I need to have surgery?" Roy asked panicked, not liking the way the doctor was talking.

"This is just route procedure for a patient with your injuries, we need to know in case you have a internal bleed and we have to operate. There is nothing at the moment to worry about, I will tell you if anything is wrong OK." The doctor reassured talking to Roy like he was an child afraid to have an injection. "In t-that case...no I don't have any blood dis...or...ders that I...kn-know off." Roy replied, the doctor finished his route checks and ask one of the nurses to arrange for a x-ray to be done for Roy.

In another ward Riza was being looked at by a nurse who was checking the damage to her nose. "It looks like your nose is broken but it should heal alright, if you start having any more nose bleeds then come back in so that we can have a look but I think other than that and a few bruises you should be fine. Do you have any questions?" She asked as she wrote everything down on the chart ready for Riza to sign when she leaves.

"I do, how long will it take to heal? You see we are getting married in a few months and..."

"Don't worry, everything should be healed in a few weeks." The nurse reassured. She put a small white plaster over Riza's nose to help support it and asked Riza to sign the form before being discharged. They left their ward and looked for someone who could tell them where Roy had been sent to, they found the reception area and asked the receptionist who was filling her nail. She checked the patients admission list and told them that Roy was in the A&E wards. They found the ward that Roy was on and saw Roy being wheeled out by a doctor and nurse.

"Excuse me where are you going with him?" Ed asked the doctor who stop to talk to them. "We are taking him to have a x-ray done so that we know the extent of the damage his bones are in, we shouldn't be too long if you want to wait here for us." The doc said before turning around to get the x-rays done. Ed and Riza waited for thirty minutes by which point Hughes had turned up to check in on his friend. The nurse wheeled Roy back into the ward and got him comfortable leaving him to talk to his guests.

"Hey Roy how are you doing? Do you have any news yet?" Hughes asked standing by his bed whilst Riza found a chair and sat down on it next to Ed. Roy shook his head.

"No, but...doc said, agh t-that h-he...will (breath) kn-know some...more soon." Roy said trying to hide the pain, but Hughes and Riza could see that Roy was in a lot of pain. A few minutes later the doc came in holding Roy's x-ray results.

"Now General Mustang I have some good news and bad news, the good news is that the bones look as if they haven't caused you any lasting damage so there will be no need for there to be much treatment to be given, the bad news is that you will have to take some time of work and rest for a while, you will be in a lot of pain for at least week so we suggest that you try don't to move around as much." The doctor explained, Hughes frowned at him.

"He's in a lot of pain now, is there anything that you can give him?" He asked.

"I'm afraid not, not until the alcohol that is in his system has got. If we gave him now whilst he's still drunk then we may accidentally overdose him." The doctor explained, he explained to Roy the expected time of recovery and arranged a date for Roy to come back in for his check up appointment.. "Here this is for the medication he will need to pick up tomorrow, he will have to take two a day." He said handing the prescription. They got Roy into a wheelchair and got Hughes to sign him out before taking him to the car to take him back to Hughes' to stay for a few days.

Over the weeks Roy stayed at home and had Riza help him with things like cooking or keeping the house tidy whilst he recovered, Roy and Riza didn't press charges though there was a order put up saying that Matthew couldn't come anywhere near neither of them and if he did he would be arrested for disobeying the millatery's orders. Lisa never came over to visit Roy, he had had a get well card sent from her parents that surprised him but had heard nothing from her. This caused Roy to become very depressed, he would try asking Riza or Hughes to get him something for him to drink but they wouldn't because of his painkiller, this made him extremely grouchy. He would mope around the house complaining about everything making Riza and Maes want to strangle him.

It took a month for before Roy was able to go back to work which gave Riza and Hughes great relief, Riza getting pissed with Roy's attitude went down to talk to Lisa about what had happened.

"Lisa you are going to have to talk to him eventually, it's not like you did anything wrong so he's not mad at you, he's just depressed that you haven't been to see him and you won't return his calls." Riza explained, Lisa just sat in her chair and sighed.

"I would love to get back with Roy, but I can't stand the constant drinking every time we go out, I don't know what to do to help him." Lisa replied.

"What if we all work together, I'm sure that if we keep being persistent with him he will be able to stop."

"I don't think he can, it will take a lot for him to convince me that he has changed, and until that day we are no longer in a relationship." Lisa said refusing to listen to reason.

"What about Matthew? Are you going to keep seeing him?" Riza asked angry with her cousin.

"I have told him that we are no longer friends, it was him who started the fight that Friday night."

"Then why are you doing this to Roy? You do know how much he loves you, he can't concentrate at work, he's driving everyone nuts with his endless moping. He's even worse than Hughes and that's saying a lot." Riza explained.

"If Roy really cares then he will have to do something that will prove it to me." Lisa said, Riza nodded she understood where Lisa was coming from but she wasn't sure that Roy would, she left Lisa's apartment and headed over to Hughes they needed to form a plan.

A week later Hughes walked into Roy's office to find Roy signing away at his work, it was getting close to Ed and Riza's wedding day and Roy was trying to get all of his work up to date so that he wouldn't get shot at by the Major when she gets back from her honeymoon. "You know Roy you have got plenty of time to get all of that done, why don't you relax." Maes said sitting down on the couch, Roy just ignored him he knew why he was in his office and he didn't want to have to listen to it any more.

"Hughes if your here to convince me to get back with Lisa then your wasting your breath, she's probable found someone else to got out with." Roy said signing a form and putting it on the finished pile before reaching for another one.

"That's not what she told Riza,she does still care for you but she wants you to stop drinking all the time and prove your love to her." Hughes explained.

"And how am I supposed to do that? Know matter what I do she will still find something, I can't even talk to a girl without her getting jealous." Roy said getting annoyed.

"There is away, all you have to do is prove to her that you can stop drinking and you can talk to a girl without flirting, that you are no longer the man who dates every woman in Central." Hughes said catching Roy's interest. "Riza and I have a plan."

"I'm listening Hughes, what's the plan." Hughes explained the plan to Roy whilst he continued to work, they had four weeks to get everything ready so they had to get started if they wanted it to work, they had a lot of work to do.

The week before the wedding and everyone was starting to get excited, Winry and Al had left Rush Valley leaving Winry's assistant Malcolm to attend the shop. Winry and Riza went out to go shopping for wedding clothes and things whilst Ed and Al stayed at home with there dad. "I can't believe it in a weeks time I'm going to be married to Riza." Ed said not believing that it was happening.

"You starting to get nervous?" Hohenheim asked.

"Yes, I dread to think how I'm going to feel on the day." Ed replied, he and Al had already got there suits and Al was busy writing his speech since he was the best man. "How do you think I feel, you don't have to sat in front of everyone a give a speech." Al said trying t think of the best way to word it.

"I shouldn't think that it would be that difficult, it should write it's self." Hohenheim said, he had only ever been to one wedding in his long life and he never got married to Trisha so he could only imagine what Ed was going through.

"That's the problem, I've so much I can say but I don't want to bore everyone to sleep, and not everyone knows about our journey." Al said writing something on a piece of paper and then ripped the page out and scrunched it into a ball and through it into the bin.

Whilst Al was trying to write his speech and Hohenheim and Ed talking about the wedding plans, Riza, Lisa and Winry was out shopping for there dresses.

"What type of dress are you looking for?" Winry asked as they walked around the shop looking at all the beautiful dresses.

"I was thinking that since the ceremony is going to be outside that I would go for a nice spring dress, but not one of these with no straps." Riza replied, she looked at all of the dresses they had just about given up and was going to go to another wedding shop went Lisa picked up a dress and showed it to Riza.

"What do you think Riza, I think it will suit you well and it won't matter if you have your hair up or not." Lisa said holding up the dress, Riza loved it she went to the shop assistant and bought the dress, she wrote down her address so that the dress could be delivered there and told them when she needed the dress delivered for. Now that Riza had her dress they needed to find Winry and Lisa there bridesmaids dresses, they asked the assistant if they do bridesmaids dresses and she told them that they didn't but there was a nice shop down the road that did some. They went and looked at all the dresses until they found the ones that they liked and paid, they took the dresses back to Riza's apartment where she hid them in her wardrobe ready for the morning that she would be getting married. The week went on and soon it was the night before the wedding, Ed, Al and Hohenheim meet Roy and the gang at Madam Christmas' bar. They went in and Roy asked his adoptive mother to set the drinks. The bar was quite with only them there and a couple of the girls who all ran up to Roy to give him a hug and to take everyone's coat.

"I still don't know why we have to do this, why can't we just have a small get together?" Ed asked worried that Roy was going to get him and his brother completely drunk.

"But it's your last night of freedom, and besides it's tradition." Havoc said as he downed his brandy and asked for another. He turned and looked at Roy who was stood at the bar with a glass of orange juice talking to one of the girls and showing her something.

"Hey General I hope that there is alcohol in that drink." Havoc shouted raising his glass, Roy groaned in annoyance he knew that someone would bring that up.

"No Havoc there isn't, as I have already told you all I am not going to be drinking tonight or tomorrow." Roy replied, Breada laughed at this. "You can't be serious, you mean that you aren't going to be drinking anything at all." Breada asked.

"The only thing that I will be drinking tonight will be orange juice or coffee, and I don't want to be seeing you forcing Ed and Al to drink neither this is his bachelor party and he does have to get up early in the morning, we don't want to make him sick." Roy replied drinking his orange juice.

"So you are actually going through with it then?" Fuery asked as he drank his beer, after what happened when they defeated Father Fuery had come out of his shell more and came out drinking with them more often.

"She's the first woman in a long time to make me fall in love, and if all it takes is for me to stop drinking and to show her that I care then I will." Roy said, Havoc and Breada started making bets as everyone else continued with the party.

At another bar Riza and her friends where having a good time talking about the wedding and who they where going to go with. "Well obviously my date will be Al who is Ed's best man." Winry said drinking her glass of wine. "We all know who Gracia is going with, is Elicia's dress ready for tomorrow?" Rebecca asked who had come down from the East to see her best friend get married.

"Yes and she looks so pretty in it, Maes has already said that he is going to be taking lots of pictures of her and everyone else." Gracia replied making everyone else laugh.

"Trust Hughes to do the photography, he should have been a photographer whether than a detective." Winry said. "So Lisa have you found anyone to go with?"

"No I though about picking someone up from this bar and taking him to make Mustang jealous, but I don't think it will make a difference I bet that he has already found some easy going girl to go with to show off on his arm." Lisa replied, she downed her drink and poured herself another. Riza smiled to herself, she knew that Roy wasn't going with anyone and knew what he has got planned for her tomorrow. She ignored all of the suspicious stares she was getting and turned to Rebecca to see if she had found anyone yet.

"No I decided that I will go alone, you never know I might meet someone there I hear that weddings are the best lace to find a good man." Rebecca replied, they all sat there and drank for a few hours before going home ready for the day Riza had been waiting for her whole life.

The sun was shining and Armstrong was walking around his mansion and gigantic garden making sure that everything was as Ed and Riza wanted it. There was a beautiful arch with white and yellow roses on and chairs facing the alter where Ed and Riza will be saying there 'I dos', Alex pulled out his handkerchief and dried his eyes as he looked at the men and woman he had hired putting the finishing touches on the alter. He moved when he saw two of the men carrying the red carpet that Riza would walk down, he checked everything before going inside the house to wait for his guests to arrive.

An hour later the guests stared arriving, Alex guided them to the open bar that he had in one of his many rooms, he asked the bar keeper to sever the guests whilst he went to check on Riza who was already there with Winry and Lisa getting ready. He knocked on the door and waited till someone answered before walking in. "Hello miss Winry I just came to see if you girls wanted anything." Alex said, Winry shook her head.

"No thank you Colonel Armstrong, has the guests started arriving yet?" She asked.

"Yes it looks like everyone is here, Ed and Al arrived a little while ago." Alex replied, Winry thanked him and told him that they would be ready in another half an hour. Alex went back down stairs to inform the guests that they could go and sit at the alter ready for the bride to arrive. At the alter Ed and Al was standing waiting for his blushing bride and wondering what see would be wearing. Al checked in his pocket to make sure that he still had the rings for the tenth time that morning. "Al don't worry everything will go fine, I trust you." Ed reassured him Al took his hands out of his pocket and put them in front of him like he was putting them on his lap. "I know brother, I just want everything to go perfectly for the two of you." Al replied they looked around the garden and saw all of the people that had come to see Ed and Riza get married. Their Father sat next to Pinako who smiled fondly at him, Maria Ross and Danny Brosh was there together holding hands as they went to sit on the grooms side next to their dad, Hughes was sitting next to Roy and the gang with his camera ready, Havoc sat next to Sarah who gave Ed a wink and mouthed 'you look like a price' to him making him blush and causing Sarah and Havoc to giggle. The music soon started playing and everyone settled down and turned to look for the bride. Gracia came down the carpet next to Elicia putting flower petals down in front of them as they walked, they both wore a pretty pink dress with pink flowers on them, Hughes started snapping away with his camera as his wife and daughter walked down the carpet towards the alter to sit in the front seats on Riza's side, next came Winry and Lisa who both wore silk lilac coloured dresses and had a white roses in their hair, Al and Roy both looked as if they had died and gone to heaven as the girls of their dreams walked down and stood by the alter as Riza walked down with her Grandfather, when Ed saw Riza walking towards him his jaw hit the floor, he had never seen Riza look as beautiful as she did in that moment, she was wearing a beautiful silk white dress that had a embroiled flower pattern on it that went across the top part of the dress and then down the left side to the bottom, the straps of the dress was made out of lace and covered her shoulders only showing a little of the flesh that was underneath. She had her hair up in a high bun that was covered with her Vail and she had a diamond and sapphire tiara on that sparkled in the sun light, she walked up to him and smiled as they bot held hands and turned to the priest to take there vows.

At the reception everyone was talking about how beautiful Riza looked in her white dress. "Why did you find that dress Riza it is just to die for." asked Emily as she admired it's beauty. "I got it at the wedding dress shop in town, the one opposite the hunters moon café." Riza replied, whilst everyone was talking Roy was sat at the bar ordering himself another coffee, he had everything all set up for Lisa and now had to wait until after Ed and Riza had their first dance as husband and wife. Soon enough Ed and Riza was being called onto the dance floor and was dancing to their song that was being sung by the same band that they had danced to three years before.

"You look beautiful Riza, all you need now are your wings and you could go up to heaven." Ed said as he guided her across the dance floor, Riza blushed she leaned forward and kissed him making everyone in the room to go 'aw' at them. They danced slowly to the music listening to the words as they where sung. The song soon came to an end and Ed and Riza took a bow as everyone in the room clapped and cheered them, now it was Roy's turn he walked onto the stage and took the microphone from Sophie and spoke into it to try and get everyone's attention.

"Hello if I could have everyone's attention I would like to say a few words." Roy said causing everyone to turn and look at him. "First of all I would like to say how glad I am to see Ed and Riza finally happy, and hope that they have a long and fulfilling life together." He said raising his glass and causing everyone else to do the same.

"To Ed and Riza."

"Now I would like to sing a song that I have written for a special woman that I love dearly, I hope that you all like it." Roy handed the band the papers with the music on it and waited for the music to being.

'Look into my eyes, you will see what you mean to me, search your heart, search you soul and when you and when you find me there you'll search no more.'

Lisa turned around and listened to the words that Roy was singing to her, her cheeks turned to a soft pink and her insides turned upside down as she listened to him declare his love for her.

'Don't tell me it's not worth trying for, you can't tell me it's not worth dying for. You know it's true, everything I do, I do it for you.

Look into your heart you will find there's nothing there to hide, take me as I am, take me life, I would give it all I would sacrifice.'

All the women in the room where at the stage now listening to the words and wishing that there where for them, but knew that they weren't.

'Don't tell me it's not worth fighting for, I can't help it there's nothing I want more. You know it's true everything I do, I do it for you.

There's no love like your love and no other could give more love, there's nowhere unless your there all the time all the way.

Armstrong took his hanky out again and he sobbed, he had never heard anything so beautiful in all his life and thought that he could explode with happiness from the devotion that he was seeing.

All the women in theroom swooned as Roy's velvet voice sang out and find the room with all the love and devotion that he felt for his love.

'Oh you can't tell me it's not worth trying for, I can't help it there;s nothing I want more.

Yea I would fight for you, I'd lie for you, walk the wire for you, yea I'd die for you. You know it's true everything I do...I do it for you.' When Roy finished singing the room erupted with applause, Roy went into his jacket pocket and pulled out a little black book.

"For all of you that don't know this is my phone number book where I keep every number of every girl I have ever dated." Roy said as he held up the little black book for everyone to see, as Roy did this everyone noticed that the gloves that he was wearing weren't the same one's that he had been wearing before and that the ones he was wearing now were his alchemy gloves. Before anyone could blink he through the book in to the air and snapped his fingers causing the book to go up into flames.

"Lisa Swan I haven't loved anyone like I have loved you please will you forgive me and give me another chance." Roy asked as he went down on his knees. Everyone turned to face Lisa who was now walking towards the stage, she looked at the pile of ash that used to be his phone book before looking into his deep black eyes.

"I will Roy Mustang." She said before kissing him passionately in front of everyone, Roy gang sat there speechless, they never expected him to burn his book to ash, they all glared at Al who came over to collect his winnings.

"You cheated Al, how else would you have known that he would burn his book." Breada said as he handed the money over to him. "I just know how devoted the General is to Lisa and knew that the only way that he could prove his love to her was by getting ride of his book." Al replied as he pocked his winnings.

"I still say that you cheated, I bet you where the one that but the idea into his head." Havoc said Al shook his head.

"No I just have been observing him for the last couple of weeks." Was all Al said as a replied, he thank them for the money and walked over to congratulate Roy and Lisa getting back together.

Over the next two years things changed for the better, Ed and Riza had to children and lived in the west where Ed had moved with his team to work under Brigadier General Drake, Lisa and Roy had gotten married and had their first child on the way and Roy was now the Fuhrer of Amestris after Grumman retired into the county. Roy smiled to his expecting wife as they drove home from a dinner party that they had been invited to by Havoc who had announce that he and Sarah would be getting married that winter. Roy thought about everything that he and everyone under him had been through to get where they where now, it had been hard and he thought that he would never make it but he guessed that good things do come to those who wait.

Thanks for reading I hope that you all enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Please let me know what you think.