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There was once a time when magic was not hidden. Muggles and wizards lived in harmony. Magic was the healer's art, the bandage for the world. It stopped wars and famine. It created comfort and safety for those who had none. Magic was as universally used as duct tape is today. Magic was revered, worshipped. Then Muggles turned on their brothers. They wanted more and more until, driven by greed, they forced us and everything magical into hiding all together.

By the time Merlin died, wizardry was frowned upon. Merlin had abused his power they said. He had proved that magic was not all good, if indeed it had ever been. He had tricked Duchess Igraine into believing King Uther was really her husband. He set up a sword in a stone to put his king of choice on the throne of Britannia. He tried to have that king's bastard son killed so as not to tarnish that king's reputation in the eyes of the people. When Nimue finally "stole" his power and locked him away, the Muggle world cheered.

The wizarding community fell into depression. The greatest sorcerer the world had ever seen was gone and Muggles were hunting the rest down. This was the start of the Dark Ages for magic. Wizards vanished left and right, leaving villages they had once called homes, people they'd once called friends and even family. They travelled great distances and began setting up their own towns like Gloucester and Anglet.

In this time of despair, four witches and wizards came together to build the first school of magic. Now that the Isle of the Druids had been destroyed, young witches and wizards needed a new and safer place to learn. After the construction of Hogwarts began, many other schools around the world began to crop up. Muggleborns were searched out and rescued from persecution. Magic was safe for now.

Yet, even now in the twenty-first century we can see that hiding is not what everyone wants. Grindlewald in the 1940's, the Civil War caused by angry Southerners wanting to show the world what they could do, the French Revolution and so many more. Each one is brought down by a fellow wizard to "protect the wizard-kind."

I disagree and I will wait no longer. The Muggle world will tremble before me. I will set magic free of its bonds. I will set magical leaders in positions of great power both Muggle and wizard. I will send the Muggles into a panic as everything they know crumbles around them. I have waited over a thousand years and I can wait no more. They will suffer. The war is beginning…