"Zoe! Wake up!" Seth whispered loudly, shaking his sister to wake her up.

"What?" she mumbled, turning over to see her younger brother standing by her bed.

"It's seven forty-five and we've gotta be at school by eight," he explained.

Zoe's eyes widened. "What? Why didn't you or Mom wake me up earlier?"

"Mom left for work before I got up. I haven't even gotten ready yet," he answered.

"Well, go get ready," she ordered. He nodded and silently left the room.

Zoe quickly found some nice-looking clothes and put them on, not bothering to make her bed or put her pajamas in a drawer. She brushed her hair and ran downstairs. She moved stuff around on the counter, looking for their lunch bags. "Crap," she said out loud. "Mom forgot to pack us something for lunch!" That's when she heard loud, running footsteps coming down the stairs.

"Mom didn't fix breakfast Zoe!" Lulu complained. "And I'm hungry!"

"Then fix your own breakfast!" Zoe snapped. "But-" Lulu was interrupted by Seth who came walking into the room at that moment. He was holding Peter.

"Zoe, Mom forgot to take Peter to his baby sitter's house. And it's too late to drop him off. He'll have to come to school with us," he explained.

Zoe let out a frustrated "Ugh" and then sighed. "Fine; but you'll have to watch him. He likes you best, anyway," she said. "Now, I have to make everyone lunch. You make everyone breakfast."

"I don't even know how to cook!" Seth exclaimed.

Zoe stared at him incredulously. "You can fix them cereal; can't you?" she asked.

Seth put Peter down and and started for the cabinet they kept the cereal in, but Lulu blocked his way. "We're out of cereal, grits, and oatmeal. All we have is eggs, bacon, and pancakes, but you don't know how to cook," Lulu explained.

Seth looked helplessly at his older sister. "Remind me to tell Mom we need to go shopping," Zoe said. "Lulu, go get your Firefly Girls cookies."

"But-" Zoe interrupted her. "Go get them. Now," she ordered firmly.

Lulu sighed and left the room.

A few minutes later, with a bag of cookies and half a ham sandwich a piece, the Plummer children were in the mini van and off to school. They arrived at school ten minutes late. As soon as Zoe, Peter, and Seth entered the high school, they heard the words, "Zoe and Seth Plummer, please report to the principal's office right now." Zoe groaned, but Seth said nothing, even though he wasn't happy about it. He kept quiet because he knew that complaining wouldn't help and because he wanted to set a good example for his little brother. They quickly arrived at the office and waited to be called in.

"Peter," Seth said, hoping none of the grown-ups around would notice that Peter was there. "You'll have to sit here when Zoe and I get called in, okay?"

Peter smiled and hugged his brother. "Okay!" he replied cheerfully.

Seth sat him down on a bench beside the door as Mr. Murney called them in. "I'll be right back," Seth whispered to Peter.

Then, he and Zoe walked into the principal's office. "So," Mr. Murney started. He was now still the vice principal of the school, but also doing some acting on the side. He was pretty satisfied with his life at the moment. "What's your excuse this time?"

So, Zoe told him the whole story, and by-and-by, he said, "Creeper, I should've known you were clueless enough to not know how to cook."

Zoe glanced over at Seth to see if he was okay. He looked like the comment from Mr. Murney didn't bother him. "What punishment do you have for us this time?" Zoe asked.

"One week for you because you're the one driving the kids to school," Mr. Murney told her. He turned to Seth. "And two for the Creeper, because he can't cook."

"What?" Seth exclaimed. "That's not-"

"Do you want it to be three?" Mr. Murney interrupted.

Seth sighed. "No, sir," he said.

Seth and Zoe walked out of the principal's office, both of them angry at Murney. "I can't believe he gave me two weeks of detention just because I don't know how to cook!" Seth complained.

"That's not it," Zoe said. "It's just that he hates you for some reason."

Seth nodded. Obviously, he thought.

"Mmk. See you later," Zoe said, walking away.

That's when Seth noticed something. Peter was gone! Peter was no longer where he'd left him! Panic rose in Seth faster than it ever had before and he had no idea what to do.

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