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Birds chirped cheerfully as they soared above the large house; flowers sitting in pots lined the edge of a long path leading up to the altar. Chairs sat facing the front of the makshift aisle. A long table was placed on the opposite side of the pool, where a wedding cake, as well as other deserts, sat.

It was the nicest the yard had ever looked - toys were cleaned up and Gary the duck wasn't making a mess.

Lulu bounced up and down excitedly as she stood inside the house with Claire Fletcher, Zoe, and her mother.

Claire's white wedding dress flowed to the ground, her wide smile making her look a bit younger. Her brown hair was put up with a nice long veil so long it reached the ground.

"Do I get to go out first?" Lulu asked. She was wearing a nice, purple flower girl dress.

"Yes," Julie replied, putting yet another pin in Claire's hair. She smiled. "Perfect. You look beautiful."

Claire smiled. She could feel her heart speed up a bit. Butterflies filled the pit of her stomach.

Today is the day, she thought gleefully. I am going to marry Shane Wolfe.

Zoe smiled at her before nudging Lulu to start down the aisle outside as the music started to play.

The nine year old loved all the attention on herself as she skipped down the aisle, throwing lavender flowers everywhere.

Zoe followed after her, smiling. She'd never admit it out loud, but she was glad that Shane was marrying her principal.

Julie went next, nodding at people as she strode by.

Then came Claire. Shane was almost sure that his heart stopped beating for a moment when he saw her.

Claire was... well, gorgeous.

Shane somehow managed to wonder how he even deserved to be with someone as kind, brave, smart, and beautiful as Claire.

He was just a guy from the navy, a babysitter sent to protect a family who needed him.

How on Earth did he end up engaged to someone such as Claire Fletcher?

He barely knew what to do or say by the time she reached the altar.

In fact, the Navy SEAL - the tough guy, the fearless bodyguard - was actually nervous.

Claire could tell just by looking at him, so she took his hands into her own and smiled up at him.

He smiled back at her, happier than he'd ever been.

It took a while, but they both said their vows and exchanged rings.

Neither one of them could believe that they were actually married. It was amazing how fast all of it had happened.

"Shane," the preacher began, "you may now kiss your bride."

The newly wedded couple leaned toward each other and sealed their love with a kiss.

They were just pulling out of their kiss when an ear piercing scream sounded.

It was Lulu.

Claire froze and Shane immediately scanned the yard. He spotted Lulu at the desert table.

A figure dressed in all black - from head to toe - stood next to the girl, a gun in hand.

"Lulu!" Shane swiftly raced down the aisle, but stopped midway, just in case the mysterious attacker would try to hurt the girl if the lieutenant came any closer.

"Let her go," he ordered boldly.

The attacker shoved Lulu away just before firing a bullet into the sky.

Quite a few people screamed and everyone ducked to the ground.

Julie, who'd been conditioned not to freak out in the midst of danger, made a point grab her youngest daughter and pull her to safety as Shane and his wife sprung into action.

The newly weds charged toward the anonymous gunman from opposite directions.

Before he had time to react, his arm was being twisted behind him. A hard kick to his back caused him to drop the gun.

Shane was quick to grab it as Claire pinned the attacker down on the ground.

"Who are you?" Shane demanded. "And what do you want with this family?"

There was no answer. No noise whatsoever could be heard throughout the yard at that moment. It would have been almost peaceful if they all weren't in danger.

"Seth!" Zoe suddenly screamed.

Shane's head immediately turned. He quickly spotted Seth a few feet away. There was another person dressed in a black outfit standing behind the teen, holding a knife to his throat.

Shane was just about to come to the boy's aid when a voice spoke from nearby, "Don't move."

Shane craned his neck to see yet another attacker in the yard - this one pointing a gun at him.

"If you move, you'll regret it," the person added.

Normally, Shane would have made a move - he could easily handle three ninjas. But he wasn't the only one at risk here.

Seth looked to be getting paler by the second and now there was yet another ninja standing by Zoe.

"What do you want?" Shane asked firmly, looking unafraid.

"The code," answered the woman ninja standing next to Zoe.

Shane shot Julie a look of confusion before turning back to Ninja Woman. "What code?"

"You know exactly which code," the other ninja growled, tightening his grip on Seth. "Give it to us now and no one gets hurt."

Shane had no idea what to do. He didn't even know if there really was a code. He had almost come up with a plan when he heard police sirens in the distance. Someone had called the police.

The ninjas that were still standing were quick to sprint out of the yard, although Shane managed to catch one of them by the ankle and pull him to the ground.

The ninja threw a punch to Shane's face, which unexpectedly hit him. He grabbed onto the attacker's leg tighter as he threw a punch of his own.

The two of them rolled around on the ground for a while. Shane was trying to stall for a while. All he had to do was wait for the police.

The ninja suddenly dropped limp to the ground and Shane's eyes went wide. He looked up to see Lulu standing next to him, a long board in her hands.

He got to his feet, looking worried. "Lulu, you could've been hurt."

"I couldn't let you get hurt either."

Shane sighed and gave her a hug. This was definitely not the wedding day he expected.

The police arrived shortly after that and took the two attackers, who'd been caught, away.

As soon as the police and the terrified wedding guests left, Shane and Claire met with the Plummer family in the living room of the house.

Lulu's eyes were wide. She knew she had to be brave, but those situations always scared her. She was sitting right in between her mother and Shane. She wanted to be as close to them as possible for she knew that they'd protect her if needed.

Zoe looked calm, but Shane knew that that was only a mask. She was just as scared and worried as Lulu was.

Seth's knuckles were white as he clutched the arm of the couch.

And Julie looked more concerned than ever before.

"Were those the same people from yesterday?" Claire asked. Her wedding dress, once white, was now spotted with dirt and grass stains.

"I couldn't tell," Shane replied, his own suit messy and ripped. "They had on masks."

"Why were they trying to hurt us?" Lulu asked, her voice small and quiet for once.

"I don't know, Lulu," Shane answered. "But the police said they'd drive by your house everyday. If they see anyone suspicious, they'll protect you." He turned to Mrs. Plummer. "They mentioned something about a code, though."

She shook her head - not giving a real answer to his unspoken question. She sighed. "All right, kids, go get ready for bed."

Zoe took Tyler, Seth took Peter, and Lulu followed them upstairs after giving Shane a hug.

Julie stood up, motioning for Claire and Shane to join her in the kitchen.

Once they were all in the room, Julie spoke, "I know what those people were after. It was one of Howard's inventions that he worked on in his spare time, but I can't tell you where it is or what it's for."

"Why not?" Shane asked.

"It's highly dangerous. Howard never meant for it to turn out wrong, but it did."

"Then, why do those people want it?" Claire questioned.

"So they can use it for their own purposes. I promised Howard that I'd never tell anyone where it is. I have to protect our family."

"Do you know the code?"

"Yes. And I don't know when those people will show up again, so I need you two to keep an eye on the kids while they're at school."

The couple nodded. "Do the kids know about Mr. Plummer's invention?" asked Shane.

"No, and we can't tell them," Julie explained. "They're already stressing out enough as it is. Lulu is terrified, Zoe is distant, and Seth has been acting strange lately. Even Gary isn't being himself."

"We'll keep an eye on the kids," Claire promised. She and Shane exchanged a look: So much for the honeymoon.

Zoe heard Seth wince as he picked Peter up and put him into the crib. She stepped in the doorway, crossing her arms over her chest.

Seth turned around to leave the room, but stopped when he saw his older sister looking at him firmly. "What?" he asked.

"You need to talk to Mom or Shane."

He almost looked innocent. "About what?"

"Seth, you've been limping, you have a bruise on your face. Don't you think everyone has noticed by now?"

"Zoe, I'm fine."

"If you don't tell them, I will." Of course, she was lying, but he was too, so she didn't mention it.

He nearly glared at her. He hated it when people assumed he couldn't handle things on his own.

Yes, he loved to act, but that didn't mean he couldn't hold his own when needed.

"I said I was fine. Just let me handle it," he told her. And with that, he brushed past her and out of the room.

Zoe sighed. She'd keep an eye on him the next day at school, even if she had to beat the crap out of someone to protect him.

"Whoa! That really happened?"

"Yeah - right in the middle of the wedding!"

"Were you scared?"

"No. I knew that Shane would protect me."

Garret grinned at her. Not only was Lulu the prettiest girl in fourth grade, but she was also brave - and she even had a bodyguard!

"There were cops there and everything!" she went on. "You should've seen how awesome it was! Shane and Principal Fletcher kicked some butt!"

"The principal?" He was almost incredulous.

"Yep. She was really tough."

"Sounds like it."

Lulu smiled at him. She had long since forgotten about how scared she'd been only a couple days before. Now, she felt like she was floating on the clouds. She and Garret were actually friends, but she was beginning to think that he might even have a crush on her.

Everything was perfect. He was perfect.


Her eyes snapped up to meet his. Apparently she had been lost in thought. "Yes?"

Garret grinned his perfect grin and Lulu thought she'd go flying out the window.

"Your family sounds really awesome," he told her, "not boring like mine."

She laughed, almost nervously. "You have no idea."

Garret flashed that great grin of his again. "I'd like to meet them someday."

She smiled. "Well, how about Friday night? You could come for dinner."

The things you say for love...

"Hey, Zoe."

The blonde looked up from her locker in time to see Susie standing there. "Hey."

"So, are you looking forward to the dance on Friday?"

Zoe supressed a sigh. "I guess."

The dance had been postponed due to a thunderstorm the Friday before and now the guilt on Zoe's mind was becoming even more unbearable.

"Do you still have the dress?" Susie questioned, smirking.

"Yeah." Zoe went back to going through her locker.

"What's with you? Why won't you say more than one word to me at a time? You're acting really weird, Zoe."

"It's not you. It's just... I don't know if I want to go to the dance or not."

Susie's eyes went wide. "What? Why?"

Zoe shrugged.

"Well, you have to go! You know that those dances are usually great. Plus, now that you've got that dress, you'll look great while you have a ton of fun. I heard they're even going to get a good DJ this year."

Zoe shook her head, pulling a book out of the locker and putting it in her backpack.

"Is this about Scott and Tracey?"

"What?" Now, it was Zoe's turn to be incredulous. "No. That's ridiculous."

"Then what is it?" Susie asked. "All the boys at school will love seeing you in that dress. And besides, you got it for free." She smiled. "You get a free ticket to having a great time. Why would you pass that opportunity up?"

Zoe thought about it. The more Susie went on, the more all of that sounded true. "I guess you're right." She tried to smile as she ignored the thoughts nagging in the back of her mind. "Maybe I will go to the dance."

Seth began arriving to play practice no earlier than the exact time he needed to be there. He couldn't risk getting hurt again, especially not when Zoe could get their mom all over his case.

After practice, he'd have to pray that Shane would show up before Harold had a chance to find him.

Thankfully, they were about halfway through the practices they needed to have before the actual play. That meant only a few more weeks of having to put up with Harold.

Unless... he had joined the productions for good.

The thought nearly made Seth shiver as he stood in the alley just outside the theater that evening as he waited for Shane to come pick him up.

He would have stayed inside and waited, but Marshall had to leave early again thanks to the new baby.

So, of course, the teen was stuck outside in the alley, waiting anxiously for Shane to arrive.

"Worried about something?" a voice asked from further down the alley.

Seth's eyes darted to that direction, but he could hardly see the figure close by. He didn't need to, though. He already knew who it was.

Harold walked out of the shadows and toward Seth. "Well? Aren't you gonna answer me?"

Seth carefully inched away from the larger boy. "I don't want any trouble," he said quietly.

"Oh, yeah?" Harold smirked. "Well, maybe I do." He swung a fist at Seth's head, but Seth was quick to duck away from it and start down the alley at a fast pace.

He had almost reached the end of it when he felt Harold grab the back of his jacket and jerk him back. His back was slammed against the building as fists clutched his jacket. "You and your stupid babysitter are gonna pay for the humiliation you've caused me."

"What humiliation?" Seth managed.

"You know exactly what humiliation," Harold growled.

Seth was quick to land a kick to Harold's leg, but couldn't do much more, because Harold punched him right in the stomach. Trying to gulp in lungfuls of air, Seth stopped himself from doubling over and managed to shove Harold away from him in time to get away. He scrambled to get to his feet and start down the alley. Hopefully Shane was already there.

Once again, though, he was pulled back and this time, punched in the ribs. Twice. He fell to the ground, wondering if he could even try to fight back. Harold was just about to punch him again when they heard a horn beep from the street.

Harold jumped up and raced away from Seth as quick as possible.

Seth tried to sit up quickly, but felt as though he was moving in slow motion for a moment. He breathed in deeply and tried to catch his breath. Whoever it was at the street would have to wait. He needed to rest for a minute.

And it only took a minute before Shane headed around the corner of the building and went over to the teen, who was still sitting on the ground, trying to catch his breath.

"Seth." Shane's voice had nothing but concern in it as he walked over to the boy. "What happened?"

Seth looked up as Shane knelt down next to him. "Nothing."

"It doesn't look like nothing to me," Shane insisted. "What happened? Who hurt you?"

"I'm fine."

Shane gave him a disapproving look. The teen wasn't opening up anymore, he wasn't even being honest. And just when the Navy SEAL thought that the family was doing better...
Lulu was beginning to have nightmares, Seth was getting beat up, Zoe was acting really weird, Peter was always talking about a scary boy, Tyler kept crying, Julie was busy and stressed out with work...

Even Gary the duck looked neglected.
And on top of all that, the lieutenant had just gotten married.

Shane suddenly felt a whole bunch of responsibility fall onto his shoulders.

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