Just something that popped into my head a few days ago. Very short and angsty. Asajj has been through a lot physically as well as mentally, with all the wounds she's received, so I think she might just eventually...die. And she'd want to find Obi-wan before she did, I think.

She knew she was dying. That was why she came to him. He knew she was dying. That was why he accepted her. Keeping her there forever and keeping the code at the same time would have been too difficult.

She staggered across the sands into his waiting arms. He carried her back into the small hut he called home. She protested when he laid her on his own bed; he told her not to worry, to rest and to heal. They both knew she was dying. Neither spoke it.

She lay there, he watched. Slowly, the planet's two suns sank below the horizon. Darkness. And in that darkness, neither one was afraid. He wasn't afraid to lift her head into his arms, wishing there was something he could do to stop the slow slipping away of her life. She wasn't afraid to open her eyes and look up at him, wasn't afraid to whisper, "I'm sorry." She wasn't afraid to let herself cry.

The one thing she needed to do before she died was apologize to the man she loved, had always loved, even through everything, and she was unable to fight death anymore. She was fading away. The one thing he needed to do before she died was share one kiss with the woman he loved, had always loved, even through everything.

He leaned over and pressed his lips to hers gently. She accepted the kiss with the same delicacy he gave it. And when he lifted his head and looked into her tear-laden eyes, something passed between them. They both knew of how the other felt and had felt even before this. That she'd never killed him for a reason, that she cried her heart out over him. That he'd longed for her salvation for more than one reason, that he'd fought the binds on his heart over her. That he'd mourned her death. And that he'd mourn her death once more.

It was a love that should have been, but never could have been. And it never would be, except in afterlife. And then, giving him one final, sad smile, she died. He didn't burn her body until the next morning, but he cried that night.

I don't know, too short? and sad. I cried while writing this. reveiw anyway please!