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Rin looked into the mirror one last time and sighed.

I guess that this is as good as it gets.

Her makeup looked a little bit overdone…thanks to her mother. Rin had put her raven hair in a clip allowing it to fall freely. She frowned as she looked at her attire. The black cocktail dress her mother picked out was too short; it came up three inches above her knee. The cut was even low; it showed off her cleavage…what little she had. Her friends all had C cup while she was stuck with a B.

I guess it looked nice. The only thing Rin contributed to the outfit was her black chocker attached to it was a silver oval locket that had a crescent moon etched into it. It didn't have anyone's photo in it but it looked nice anyway.

Rin tripped on her way down the stairs trying to hurry her to parents.

"Rin do be careful, you are supposed to be old enough to know how to walk." Rin's father had a condescending tone towards everything Rin did. It doesn't matter that she makes an A- in all of her classes. She could always make an A+.

Rin's mother sighed. "Honestly Rin, this is an important dinner for our family. Do try not to ruin it."

Rin nodded. In the car Rin was silent listening to her parents talk.

"I cannot believe this day has come. Our companies are finally merging."

"Yes Shin it is very exciting but why did Tamotsu Taisho insists on Rin being here?"

Rin rolled her eyes, Rin's mother never really liked taking Rin anywhere she was always afraid Rin would say or do the wrong thing.

"I do not know Kira but I am sure Mr. Taisho has a reason. Probably to keep his younger son company during the meal."

Rin had seen Mr. Taisho once.

He is a 800 year old Inu youkai but he looked in his mid 30's. Rin remembered back on her history classes. Humans were forced to take both human and youkai history, sex-ed and anatomy. She learned that youkai used to parade around as humans.

They wore charms that would make them look like normal humans.

It wasn't until 30 years ago when one team on youkai said they were tired of hiding. Mr. Taisho and his two sons were supposedly part of this protest. All of the youkai had arrived to their businesses, schools and homes looking human. Then, they pulled off their charms and poof they looked like their normal selves. Many people were frightened but most accepted it.

Ten years after this protest the humans and youkai came to agreeable terms. The youkai would agree to abide by human laws as long as they were allowed to have their own laws.

Rin remembered hearing her grandparents talk about when all of their neighbors turned into youkai. They said they were so frightened.

When all of this happened one of dad's business rival who he had known for three years had stepped into a private meeting with him and changed.

Mr. Taisho…once the Lord of the Western Lands. Now business owner and a member of the youkai council.

"Rin what are you daydreaming about?" Rin's mother's voice was nagging at her pulling her from her thoughts.

"Nothing Mother…" her voice was quiet as she answered.

"Well here we are…Taisho manor." Their car pulled up to a massive mansion.

"Rin try not to embarrass us tonight please." Rin's father said as he got out of the car.

"Yes Father…" Rin's voice became sad.

Rin looked at the clock inside of the car before she got out. They had been driving for one hour; it felt shorter than that though.

Her friend Inuyasha had told her not to worry that she would be fine. But, he didn't know her parents. Inuyasha didn't know what it was like to live in this world of large business. He told her his family was nice, and willing to help out anyone no matter the cost.

Completely unlike her own family.

Her mother was all about looks. She wore the finest things and caked her face with makeup. Her father…he was a perfectionist. He was a balding middle aged man who liked to critique Rin on every move she made. Her parents ignored her, when they weren't they were always making her life miserable.

"What did I tell you about worrying Rin?" Inuyasha's voice rang in her head. She shook her head trying to get it out.

Suddenly, Rin felt a clawed hand grab her right shoulder. Rin gasped but let out a sigh of relief realizing who it was.

"Inuyasha what are you doing here?"

Inuyasha's cute dog ears twitched as he smiled.

"I live here Rin. This is my family's home."

Rin let out a laughing sigh.

"Thank you Inuyasha, my parents are on red alert and it is worrying me so much!"

Rin saw his right eyebrow shoot up. "Red alert?"

"Yeah telling me I need to be on my best behavior so I won't embarrass them."


"Ahah Inuyasha I see you have already met Shin's daughter." A baritone voice boomed from the front door of the mansion.

Rin looked over to the door and saw her parents talking to a tall youkai. His hair was white like Inuyasha only it was fashioned in a ponytail. He had a blue crescent moon on his forehead and a single magenta strip going across his cheeks. He was rather handsome in Rin's opinion. She could see where Inuyasha got his looks from.

"Yea Dad Rin and I know each other from school."

"Oh this is Rin?" Suddenly an early 30's year old woman appeared next to Mr. Taisho. She came up to his shoulders. She was beautiful. She had soft but shining brown eyes and soft looking brown hair. She wore natural looking makeup; it was noticeable but not overdone unlike Rin's mother who looked like a clown.

"Yes Mrs. Taisho this is my daughter Rin." Rin's father motioned for Rin to step up near her them.

When she did it was a mere blink of an eye before Rin was inside of the mansion.

Soon after everyone sat around a large dinner table.

Rin was disgusted with her father's way of eating although it wasn't as bad as Inuyasha's. Both of them were just shoveling food into their mouth.

Rin could have sworn her father's hair piece had slipped at one point in time. She was sure that Mr. Taisho had seen it too. He had laughed when there was no conversation going on and he gave Rin an all too knowing look making her smile.

Rin's mother would glare in Rin's direction every chance she got. She would take a small bite of food then glare at Rin. Another small bite of food then glare at Rin.

Izayoi had seen this, she felt sorry for the poor girl.

Once dinner was finished everyone followed Mr. Taisho into the library. Mr. Taisho, her father and mother leading the way. Inuyasha walking right behind them and Rin was walking next to Izayoi behind Inuyasha.

Rin almost fell over with excitement seeing all of their books. It was massive, books from floor to the second story ceiling.

Izayoi saw Rin's expression. "Do you enjoy reading dear?"

Rin smiled "Yes ma'am I love to read."

Izayoi returned Rin's smile.

Everyone sat down on the couches and chairs in the middle of the library. An elder human male came up and gave her father and Mr. Taisho a small glass of whiskey. He then handed Inuyasha, his mother, Rin and her mother a cup of warm tea. Mr. Taisho then dismissed and thanked the man.

"Tell me Tomatsu why are we here? If it were merely about a settlement we could agree on we could have done that at the office.

Rin looked at her father then Mr. Taisho before taking a sip of her tea. It instantly calmed her nerves and she smiled into the cup.

"Well if you agree to one term then I will agree to merge my company with yours."

"HN and what is your term?" Rin looked at her father's glass, it was already empty.

Rin saw Tomatsu smile she didn't know why but it bothered her.

"Ah Sesshomaru…glad you finally made it."

Everyone looked at the door. Rin blushed as she looked at the man standing there. He was gorgeous. He was the tallest man she had ever seen. He had the same crescent marking as his father only his magenta markings on the side of his face; he had two strips where as his father had one. His hair was white it came down past his hips.

Rin's mother adjusted herself. She sat up and pressed her arms together making her cleavage more pronounced.

Sesshomaru looked around at everyone before his eyes glued onto Rin's.

"Sesshomaru why don't you sit down?" Izayoi's caring voice broke the tranz Rin was in.

He moved gracefully to sit next to Inuyasha who was sitting across from Rin.

"So this is your older son?"

No dad he is a stranger who just came in and sat down in some man's strange home. Rin thought.

"Yes this is my son Sesshomaru."

Rin's mother interrupted Mr. Taisho when he took a breath. "So Sesshomaru what do you do for a living?"

Rin looked at Sesshomaru; he was looking right back at her.

"I am a teacher." His voice was deep and smooth. When he spoke you could see his canines; they were longer than Inuyasha's.

"Oh wow how fascinating!" Rin could have sworn if her mother had the opportunity she would move herself to sit next to Sesshomaru rather than her husband.

"Tomatsu you were saying." Rin's father directed the conversation back to where it was before the eye candy walked in.

"Yes my term…" Tomatsu took a small sip of his whiskey, enjoying the fact he was annoying Shin.

Rin's father let out an angered sigh.

"If you would agree to join my son with your daughter in marriage then I will agree to merge our companies." His voice was calm.

However, as soon as Inuyasha and Rin heard marriage both of them choked on their tea.

"WHAT?" Inuyasha stood up and screamed.

Rin did the same only mentally. She knew her parents would flip out if she reacted in such a way.

Izayoi smiled at Rin.

Rin's father had only looked around the room, she figured it was to try and find where the whiskey cabinet was.

Tomatsu smiled as he rose from his seat. "Not to you Inuyasha."

He walked in front of Sesshomaru whose eyes were currently closed. "I am talking about an arranged marriage between Rin and Sesshomaru…"

Rin's mother huffed slightly as her father got up and walked over to where Mr. Taisho was standing.

"Give me some time to think about this offer Tomatsu."

The two looked at each other. "Alright I will give you one week to decide."

"Rin it is time to leave. Tomatsu, Izayoi thank you for the dinner it was excellent."

Rin's mother grabbed her hand and yanked her out of her seat roughly and pulled her to walk with her husband and herself.

The three were silent as they drove the hour to get home.

"Go up to bed Rin. You have your first day of school tomorrow."

Rin's mother actually sounded like she cared.

Rin stumbled up the stairs into her room.

She kicked off her high heels and started to unzip her dress. She was able to step out of the dress and then her cell rang.

"Hello Inuyasha…" Her voice was tired.

"Yo' Rin I thought you were going to crap rainbows when you saw Sesshomaru. He gets that a lot." His laugh almost busted her eardrum.

"Inuyasha…do you think my father will agree?" Rin tried to change the subject from his eye candy brother.

"Eh knowing your dad I think he would."

Rin started to cry. She was about to go into her senior year of high school.


Silence on her side of the line.

"Rin in the seven years I have known you, you can handle anything. Even my asshole of a brother that is only if your dad says yes to my old man."

Rin sniffed.

"Rin I thought I told you to go to sleep." Rin's mother has a bad habit of listening in on her conversations through the door.

"Yes ma'am." Rin replied to her mother.

"Inuyasha do you think you can pick me up tomorrow?"

"Yea sure see ya at six am."

Rin didn't bother to remove her makeup or put on any night clothes. She tossed her cell on the bed and jumped on it. She looked up at the ceiling for a couple of hours before sleep overcame her.

Rin's alarm woke her up at five. She put on a pair of black pants and a blue long sleeve shirt that hung a little loose on her body. She still had her choker on. She applied a little more eyeliner to make her makeup look like it did last night.

While she walked down the stairs she pulled her hair into a sideways ponytail.

Her mother made her eat toast and eggs for breakfast.

When Inuyasha came he honked the horn. Rin grabbed her bag and ran out the door. The car was silent on their way to school even as they walked down the familiar halls once they got there. They stood in line to get their school schedule. Rin didn't have a chance to look at it before Inuyasha took it and compared it to his.

"Hey Rin we have all tha same classes together. Do ya think Kagome is here yet?"

Rin blinked a few times as she followed Inuyasha to their first class.

"Yea I'm sure she is. Hey Inuyasha where are we going?"

The two stepped into a classroom on the second floor.

"Demon and human history." He gave her a strange grin.

Inuyasha pulled his cell out of his pocket and started to text someone. It was no longer than two seconds before he got a reply. "Yea Kagome is here, she has the same classes as us."

The two sat at the back of the class. Inuyasha kept an open seat for Kagome.

"Hey Rin!" A raven haired brown eyed girl pulled Rin into a hug.

"Hi Kagome." Rin hugged her back.

The three sat down at their desks. Rin put her head on the desk; she didn't lift it either when she heard a calm deep voice telling the class to settle down.

Inuyasha shook Rin telling her to wake her ass up. She lifted her head and almost had a heart attack when she saw who it was.

"My name is Sesshomaru Taisho I am going to be your teacher this year. Most of you will have me for many subjects. If you will turn your pages to chapter one of your combined history books we will begin."

Rin sunk in her seat too baffled to move.

Crap the guy who I may have to marry is my teacher! Rin was screaming mentally.

"Rin get your book…" Inuyasha whispered to Rin.

Rin got her book and turned to the first chapter mentally she was still freaking out.

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