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"Mmmate please do not scream…" Tomatsu whined.

Rin watched Izayoi's face turn red from anger. Once Tomatsu made his presence in the room known she tried to make the flush in her face go away fast.

"I am sorry mate but YOUR SON didn't show up for class today and now Rin has a detention."

Izayoi sighed as she plopped down on a kitchen stool.

Tomatsu made his way to her and placed his hands on her shoulders and let out a chuckle.

"Tell me Rin what you did to earn a detention."

Rin smiled and knew instantly that he wasn't fooled. He knew that she got a detention on purpose.

"My phone went off a few times during class."

"That is it?"

"I kinda rolled my eyes and huffed at the teacher also…"

Tomatsu laughed at Rin's voice turning sheepish as she snuck in what else she did.

"Honestly do those teachers have nothing better to do than to punish for foolish reasons?"

"Well now we can talk about what I can do in detention…"

Izayoi looked at Rin and smiled. Her expression was like a light in her head just turned on.

"Tomatsu where was Sesshomaru today?"

He looked at his mate then at Rin.

"He was with Kagura…"

Rin could have sworn that his voice held a slight disappointed tone to it. It took her a few minutes to realize why. Inuyasha a few days ago mentioned that his brother was seeing a female demon but broke off their friendship all together once he became engaged.

Rin blinked a few times trying her hardest not to jump to conclusions. She couldn't help it though. Sesshomaru had said that there was urgent business he had to attend to. He didn't say what though. Maybe it was to see this…Kagura person.

She felt very foolish. To think a student like her could ever truly be with someone like Sesshomaru and have him go crazy about her. To have him wrapped around her finger. She was truly a foolish teenage girl with a foolish teenage dream.

He only agreed to this…match…to mate with her to please his father.

Rin's eyebrows drew together as her mind continued to race.


"Dearest Heart?"

Rin blinked a few times before she looked at Izayoi and Tomatsu.

"Do not worry about him Rin I am sure that he had a reason to see her."

Rin looked down again.

Yes she was sure that he had a reason to see her also…to get laid…

"Come dearest heart let us come up with a plan for tomorrow."

Rin tried her hardest to smile as she was being pulled by Izayoi up the stairs.

Being with Izayoi calmed Rin down a bit. She told her about her worries with Sesshomaru. That he just agreed to be with her to please his father.

Izayoi shook her head and held Rin's hands.

"No no Sesshomaru was not forced into this arrangement. He had time to back out and tell his father no. However once he saw you and got to know about you from what Inuyasha was telling him he knew that he wanted to mate you."

"Then what about Kagura?"

"She has been stalking him dearest heart. She would show up on his doorstep in the middle of the day and wait for him to come home. Once he was home she would fling herself at him and not let go."

"Then why did he willingly go to her?"

"He wanted to tell her to stay away."


Rin felt bad as soon as she realized she raised her voice at Izayoi.

"I-I am sorry. I didn't mean to yell…"

Izayoi just smiled at her and giggled.

"Rin do you doubt that he was feeling something when he almost kissed you?"

Rin thought about it and blushed.

"Well maybe he was feeling lust."

"No dearest heart. Sesshomaru is known for keeping his emotion under strict control. He would not show that he lusted after you until he knew that it was not just lust alone he was feeling."

"What do you mean?"

"He told me a long time ago that when he lusts after someone he merely takes her. For him to control himself like he did when he was with you he feels for you. That feeling is something more than mere lust."

Rin thought about it and smiled. Izayoi knew how to put things into a better perspective.

"Now I believe that you WILL be going forward with this detention plan tomorrow. Now go to sleep."

Rin hugged Izayoi and went up to her room to sleep.

It took Rin a few hours to fall asleep. Her mind was consumed of thoughts of Sesshomaru. She wanted to believe Izayoi but…there was a large part of her that said not to. That she was unworthy to have such a man care about her.

"What if Inuyasha hadn't called Sesshomaru at that moment?"

Rin sighed.


Rin flung the covers over her head as she shut her eyes tight.

If she did her plan she needed sleep. Anyway if she is successful with her plan then she would have an answer. If he just lusts after her then he would show it and not stop himself. If he cares about her then he would stop…right?

Rin huffed as she turned over.

Finally she let her mind quiet down and she fell asleep.

Rin woke up an hour early to get dressed. She finally had her makeup the way she wanted it. She had Smokey eyes and red lipstick. She put her hair up in a clip and allowed it to fall freely from that.

Rin sat down and put on her black lacey tights.

She looked at her reflection.

"Izayoi can sure pick out clothes…"

The black dress Izayoi picked out for her was a skin tight halter. It had sleeves attached that fell at her shoulders. This dress was short though it came to her fingertips if she placed her hands at her sides.

She stepped to the closet and pulled out her red pumps and placed them on her feet.

Rin let out a nervous laugh as she took her first couple of steps. One thing Izayoi made her do over the weekend was master walking in heels.

From there Rin took the exact steps she took on Monday. Izayoi took her to school. Once Rin was at school she hid in the bathroom. But rather than feel nervous today she felt determined. She was determined today to prove to herself that she was good enough for Sesshomaru.

She heard the first bell and walked out of the bathroom.

As she walked down the hall she started to sway her hips. When she reached the classroom she prepared herself to not see Sesshomaru. She stood outside for a few moments mentally screaming at Sesshomaru. If he wasn't there she would kill him. No scratch that Izayoi would kill him.

Rin let out a giggle at the thought of Izayoi hitting Sesshomaru.

Rin opened the door and met her eyes with golden ones.

…He was here…

Rin smiled at him as she walked over to her seat.

"Hey Rin!"

"Good morning Kagome."

Inuyasha slid a note into Rin's hand as she sat down. She gave him a confusing look as she opened the note.

She laughed and blushed as she read it.

"Feh it's true."


Rin watched as everyone scrambled to their desks.

Rin watched Sesshomaru. After he saw her walk in he refused to look directly at her. It bothered Rin. She was able to get everyone else to look at her but not him…why?

The class seemed to fly by.

"Alright I want you to answer the questions on pages 101-105. It is due tomorrow it counts as a quiz grade."

Sesshomaru's voice was practically a growl as he forced 45 questions on his class. He mainly wanted to give it to the males for looking at Rin. He could smell their arousal as she walked in the room. Their whispers annoyed them.

He had to avoid looking at her.

His brother was the only other youkai in the classroom. He knew that Inuyasha could smell his slight change of scent. But the thing Sesshomaru didn't want was for his arousal to become visual to the others. He would never live that down. He knew he would be made fun of for it by his half wit brother as it was.

Sesshomaru kept his eyes glued to his book as everyone rushed out of his room. Once Rin's scent disappeared he groaned.

He had to spend an hour with her alone after school.

And after the weekend he had he thought once he got back to school things would be normal again. He walked into his classroom and found an email from the Principal informing him of Rin's disregard for authority when there was a substitute. He was foolish to think that things would be alright. First Kagura now he would have to spend an hour trying not to take advantage of Rin while in his classroom.

Pains of guilt settled in Sesshomaru's stomach. He had to tell her what happened before their relationship got any further.

He had to tell her…

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