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Rin's scream echoed out of the cave as Kagura attempted to choke the life out of her.

That one short scream was all that Sesshomaru needed to find where Kagura had taken her. When he arrived he changed back to his human form and rushed in the cave.

Kagura did not realize Sesshomaru had arrived until she suddenly flew backwards. She landed on the ground gracefully and looked to see Sesshomaru holding a scared Rin in his arms.

"Oh good Sesshomaru…I am glad that you are finally here."

Sesshomaru looked down at Rin in his arms. She was still breathing heavily taking gasps of air every now and then.


Rin whispered as she closed her eyes and passed out.

He gently laid her down on and stood to face Kagura.

His eyes turned red as he bared his enlarged fangs at the woman who took his mate. She tried to kill his Rin. If he didn't get there in time Rin would have…

Sesshomaru growled at the thought.

"See Sesshomaru? That human doesn't belong with you. She won't be able to take you like this. She passed out just from the site of your angered state."

Kagura took a step closer to Sesshomaru as she continued to talk.

"You can be your true form with me and you won't kill me like you will her. You cannot even let your demonic side out like you are right now with that little human. You will always have to control yourself around her. You won't even be able to be around her during mating season. You remember what happened to Izayoi during mating season…"

She took another step closer.

"She almost died Sesshomaru. You don't want your little human to die because you cannot control yourself right?"

Sesshomaru reached out and caught Kagura's throat.

"Never question this Sesshomaru's control."

Kagura started to laugh.

"Rin is strong enough to handle whatever form I take. That human has been through far more than what you think Kagura and she is still here with a smile on her face."

Sesshomaru silently hoped he was right.

"Is that doubt I see in your eyes?"

Sesshomaru growled at her.

"You fear for the little human's safety as well do you not?"

When Sesshomaru glared at her Kagura began to laugh.

"You know Sesshomaru it isn't too late to break off the arrangement between your Father and hers. I am sure that pathetic human will still be willing to merge the compa..."

Sesshomaru squeezed her neck a bit tighter cutting her off mid sentence.

"Listen well Kagura because this will be the last thing you will ever hear."

Kagura began to shake at the deepness of his voice.

"You have harmed MY mate. Anyone who even attempts to make to lay a finger on my Rin will pay dearly. You however HARMED her. I WILL kill you for this Kagura. I will kill you slowly to where you will be begging me to kill you fast."

He heard Rin moving, she was starting to wake up.

"Are you going to show her what a monster you truly can be Sesshomaru? Make her wake up to a scene full of blood?"

Sesshomaru snarled slightly at Kagura's comment.

If Rin woke up and found blood on his hands would be so repulsed she wouldn't allow him to touch her again?

Maybe if he killed Kagura fast enough he could get Rin out of the cave before she saw Kagura's dead body…


Kagura saw Koga and Inuyasha standing in the caves entrance.

"Oh you boys have come to turn me in to the Demon Law of Authority?"

Inuyasha and Koga smiled but it was Inuyasha that spoke.

"You really believe that?"

"I believe she does Inuyasha."

Sesshomaru felt the sides of his mouth turn upward.

"What do you want us to do Sess?"

He looked at Koga then Inuyasha.

"Get Rin out of here and take her back to Father's"

Kagura started shaking again.

"Y-you cannot just leave me here to die! What about the Demon Law of Authority?"

Inuyasha laughed.

"The council has approved of Sesshomaru killing you in whatever way he chooses as long as there is some part of your body left…even if it is just a strand of hair."

Koga finished his sentence.

"You see Kagura the council has been informed of every step you have taken. Kidnapping Rin who is the future mate of the son of the West was your biggest mistake. By doing that you just sealed your own death certificate."

Sesshomaru eyed Inuyasha as he picked up Rin. Silently hoping Inuyasha was gentle enough not to wake her up.

Sesshomaru gave Inuyasha and Koga a nod as a sign to get out of the cave.

"S-Sesshomaru…after all we have been through are you honestly just going to kill me? You once killed an entire village just for being on your land."

"Yes Kagura and you kidnapped my mate. What makes you think that I would give you any less treatment?"

"I am a full demon Sesshomaru. I can give you full blooded youkai offspring. Your son's will not end up being like that disgrace of a half breed that your brother is."

Sesshomaru cut off her air to shut her up.

"First thing Kagura as you mentioned that half breed IS my brother. You are not even worthy to walk on the same street as him. You are lower than dirt in my opinion. Second, you were merely a good time for me Kagura. If you thought I would ever settle down and take you as my mate you are sorely mistaken."

Kagura's face started to change colors when she felt his claws dig into her neck.

Sesshomaru injected her with a small dose of his poison from his claws. That would make her weak enough to stay still while he took out his anger on her. He looked up and smirked.

He let go of Kagura's neck and let her fall to the ground.

"You realize Kagura that this cave is large enough for me to turn into my true form without difficulty."

Kagura was frozen in terror as she watched Sesshomaru begin to change.

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