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Rin spent the rest of the class trying desperately to focus on the chapter Mr. Taisho was talking about. But it was useless; she couldn't stop thinking about her future. What was going to happen if her parents say yes? How was she supposed to face Mr. Taisho in class knowing they were going to be married? Would it be awkward if her parents turn down the offer?

She sighed.

Her parents would never turn this down. Her father has been talking about merging his company with the elder Mr. Taisho since she was little.

Rin heard Inuyasha growl at her. She looked over at him and he glared at her.

"Focus Rin; your emotions are all over the place." He whispered.

He had told her what page they were on and that Sesshomaru told them to read silently.

When she looked up at the front she saw Sesshomaru staring at her with a blank expression.

Geez does this guy really never show any emotion?

Still…there was something in his eyes that made her skin crawl.

Rin looked at the book and acted like she was reading. She would scan the words slowly and turn the pages every few minutes. She pulled out her cell phone and looked at the time. There was only two minutes left and then she could leave this awkward classroom.

"Give me the phone Rin."

Rin jumped in her seat at Sesshomaru's deep voice. She looked up at him, his clawed hand extended to her.

"I do not repeat myself Ms. Taiko." She wasn't sure but she could have sworn he growled at her.

She handed him her cell her hand slightly shaking.

As he walked away he told her she could get her phone back after class.

Great! Rin thought.

She heard Inuyasha snicker so she glared at him.

The bell rang loudly and students jumped to their feet and rushed out of the classroom.

"Rin we're goin' ahead to class." Inuyasha and Kagome walked out of the class as Rin was putting her book away in her bag.

She took in a deep breath as a way to calms her nerves however it only made her heart race more. She glanced over at Sesshomaru. He was sitting on his desk merely looking at her with that stupid blank stare of his. She walked over to him.

"Rin I expect what our parents are discussing will not distract you from your studies. Should our parents agree to arrange our marriage; you and I will continue on as we are now. If you wish it to become public then that is how it shall be. However, if you decide for this not to become public knowledge it would benefit us both. It took a great deal of manipulating the school board to become your teacher. I trust that you will pay attention while in my classroom or I will give you detention. Do not use your phone during class not even to check the time. Do you understand?"

He spoke in one calm tone as if he had known about this whole arrangement before she met him.

Rin nodded to him as he handed her phone back to her.

"Now hurry to your next class before you are late."

The rest of the day Rin tried to focus. Every once in a while Rin would see Sesshomaru in the halls while Inuyasha, Kagome and herself were walking to their other classes. She felt as if her heart was going to stop when she walked passed him. She even held her breath.

Once the school day was over Inuyasha offered to take Rin home. She knew no one was going to be there when she arrived so she would be able to think clearly.

"Well that wasn't so bad was it?"

Rin looked at Inuyasha; he had a grin on his face. She would have smacked him but she knew not to play around while the driver was driving.

"Speak for yourself Inuyasha. Your future may not be awkward next week."

"Five days Rin."

Rin gave his profile as questioning look. Her eyebrows shot together and her plump lips slightly pressed together.

"What do you mean Inuyasha?"

"Ya don't have a whole week. Ya got five days till your family has to come up with a decision. Today is the second day. Leaving you with only five more days."

Rin felt her mouth open and she let out a silent scream.

Inuyasha was grateful she didn't scream; that would have hurt his ears leaving him with a headache for the rest of the day.

When they pulled up to Rin's two story house Inuyasha noticed her parent's cars weren't there.

"Parents out Rin?"

"Yes Dad is still at work until later tonight and Mom is most likely shopping. She ran out of clothes to wear."

Inuyasha shook his head; trying to understand why some women couldn't wear the same outfit more than twice.

"I'll pick ya up tomorrow same time."

Rin sighed as she got out of his car giving him a smile before closing the door.

Rin went upstairs and laid her bag on the bed. She needed to get her homework out of the way. She had a book report due in two weeks, four pages of arithmetic to complete and she still had to read the pages of her history book that she had spaced out on during class.

She sighed "Where to begin…"

She grabbed her history book and began reading.

It wasn't until her eyes began to close longer than a blink when she decided to stop reading. She made it to chapter ten. She looked over at her desk clock stretching slowly trying to relieve her muscles for sitting so long in one position.


She got up and immediately fell down.

"Ahh my feet are asleep!" She whined to herself.

Slowly she got up and walked over to her bathroom removing her clothes as she walked. She stepped into the shower and started washing her makeup off. The warm water is the only thing that comforts her anymore. Her parents have never hugged her and Inuyasha has never been one for hugs and since him and Kagome started dating he growls when Rin hugs Kagome. So she stopped.

Rin got out and immediately went to sleep.

Every other hour Rin would wake up. She was nervous about tomorrow. Maybe she could just keep her eyes on her desk and not once look up at Sesshomaru.

She glanced at her desk clock; it was only two in the morning.

Rin groaned and tossed around a few times before she was able to go back to sleep.

The next few days Rin kept up with a ruitine.

She would wake up and get dressed. She didn't bother to put on makeup unless her mother was downstairs. She would then wait for Inuyasha to pick her up. Once she made it to school she would just look at the ground. That way she didn't even have to see Sesshomaru at all. Then she would go to here combined history class. She was able to focus as long as she didn't look up. Her avoiding Sesshomaru this way was making her feel less awkward at school. Then when she was finished with school she would go upstairs; do her homework. Afterwards she would eat shower then sleep.

"See ya tomorrow Rin."

Rin got out of Inuyasha's car and waved to him as he drove away.

Rin sighed as she walked up the stairs to her room. She had been doing her 'avoiding Sesshomaru and parents plan' for three days now.

Rin walked to her window and looked into the tree across the street. She could have sworn she saw Sesshomaru standing on a branch looking her. She gasped as she rubbed her eyes. When she looked again he wasn't there.

"Great now I'm seeing things!" Rin's voice held a slight whine to it.

She climbed into bed and for once fell asleep as soon as her head hit the pillow.

However; like every night in the previous week she woke up. Only this time it was because of a dream she had. She dreamt that her parents were standing next to her telling her she was going to marry Sesshomaru. That it was her duty to do this, it was her duty as a daughter to do as her parents said. She needed to accept this and consider herself lucky to marry someone like Sesshomaru.

After that dream she could not go back to sleep.

When Inuyasha picked her up the next morning the first words out of his mouth was; "What tha hell is wrong with you?"

Rin didn't want to tell him about her dream, instead she shot him a glare.

While in her history class she noticed Sesshomaru would walk by her desk the circle around her to go to the front of the class. It wasn't until the second time he did this that she started to keep count of how many times he was doing this.





Seven…Really he doesn't have any other person to circle? There are only oh let's see 25 other people in the room…



Ten…Ok now it's just getting old.

Just then the bell rang.

She looked up at her teacher for the first time in three days. And sure enough he was looking right back at her from the front of the classroom.

She was the only one left in the classroom.

She was stuck for a few minutes alone with him. She felt butterflies in her stomach making her feel even more nervous.


His voice was smooth like butter; it sent chills through her whole body.

She walked up to his desk and looked up at him.

"What is troubling you Rin?" His voice held some concern.

"I didn't sleep well last night…"


A few minutes of silence passed between them before Sesshomaru broke it.

"I trust your parent's decision will not distract you from your studies. You are doing rather well in my class and I expect you to continue to perform as you have these past few days."

Rin felt dumbfounded. What was he talking about?

"What do you mean my parents decision?" Her voice was shaky.

Sesshomaru felt like he was stuck, did her parents honestly neglect to tell her?

"You and I shall be married in one year."

He took in her scent. She was sad yet frightened at the same time. Then there was something there that worried him. In a split second she started to fall. He caught her in his arms holding her for a brief moment before taking her to the nurse.

The nurse scrambled to open the door for him.

"She fainted in my class."

He took out his phone and called the principal. His boss knew that he was Rin's future mate.

"Koga Rin passed out I am going to take her home. Make sure to send a substitute for my class I will not be returning for the rest of the day. "

Koga started to laugh "Going to start putting the moves on her?"

Sesshomaru growled as he hung up on Koga.

He growled again when a male nurse tried to touch Rin.

"Sota I will take it from here." The same nurse who opened the door was back to help Rin.

"Alright Sango…"

"I will be taking Ms. Taiko to her home. There is no need to inform her parents of this matter nor is this to get out do you understand that?"

Sango nodded as she watched Sesshomaru pick Rin up and walked outside to the faculty car lot.

Sesshomaru drove her to his home. He got a few looks from the human neighbors however his few demon neighbors knew not to look or even say a word to him as he carried Rin into his home.

He sat her down on the couch. He did not want her to freak out even more. Judging by her reaction so far it would only cause trouble if she woke up in his bed.

He knew her scent would be on his couch for a while, he was alright with that. She was a distraction to him. He would tell the class to read to themselves so he could sit at his desk and stare at her without anyone catching him. If someone did happen to look up from their books he would growl at them. Today however he had to smell her. He would pace around her as he gave his lecture just to take in her scent. His brother was wise not to mention what he was doing.

To be honest for once in his life Sesshomaru was nervous. This whole week was horrible. He had to wait on the girl's parents to decide on his father's offer. Then to top it off they actually agreed. He had to break up with his somewhat girlfriend; Kagura. She knew the only reason why he kept her around was to please his desires. Which she had once said as long as he uses her and no one else then it was ok.

Needless to say she took it rather harshly. She sliced his tires and keyed the word 'dick' onto his car. He knew that was only the beginning.

Sesshomaru only hoped that she would not be foolish enough to try to take anything out on Rin.

He glanced at Rin; she was still asleep.

When his father informed him that Mr. Taiko agreed he could have sworn Shin said he would inform his daughter.

"I guess the balding bastard didn't…" Sesshomaru growled.

He sat back as he pinched the bridge of his nose.

This whole arrangement was giving him a migraine and it just started.

He knew he had one month to convince Rin to move in with him…that is if her parents don't kick her out of the house and into his.

"Knowing those humans they would…"

Sesshomaru looked at Rin again. He got up and knelt in front of her and studied her face.

She wore no makeup today. She looked beautiful without it.

He remembered the night he first saw her in person. Yes, he had ordered his brother to take a picture of the girl before they met. He kept the picture in his wallet where only he could see it. He knew his father wanted this arrangement to go through four months before he met Rin. He had time to prepare for it; it was common knowledge to him the night his father brought it up.


Rin started to stir.


She opened her eyes and looked at Sesshomaru and smiled.

He felt his heartbeat faster when he saw her smile.

Then as soon as the smile appeared it went away.

Sesshomaru was unprepared as Rin's scream filled the room. The only thing he was able to do was wince away.

"Cease your screaming NOW Rin." His voice held power that made Rin stop instantly and follow his order.

He could hear her heart beating faster and faster.

"Calm yourself."

She gave him a look as though he were speaking a different language.

"We have a few things we must discuss Rin…"

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