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"Where the flip am I?"

Rin jumped off the couch and looked around.

"Take a seat Rin."

"Where the flip am I?"

She raised her voice again making him growl louder.

He was determined to break her of her using a high volume around him.

Once Rin heard his growl she stopped screaming 'where am I'.


Her eyes darted to him. He was sitting on the couch she was laying on.

He stared at her for a few minutes before he motioned for her to take a seat next to him.

Rin slowly moved to the couch and sat down allowing her body to sink into the cushy couch.

"Where am I?"

Sesshomaru was thankful that she took a normal tone with him this time.

"You are at my home."

His one constant tone was annoying Rin. Even when he told her they were going to get married he had one tone.

My parents agreed…I am getting married…to an emotionless demon…

Sesshomaru noticed Rin turn pale and a worried look crossed her face again.


Rin stopped her internal freakout and looked at Sesshomaru.

"We are…" Rin started to whisper to herself then stopped.

"We must discuss a few things before I take you home Rin."

Sesshomaru got up from the couch and sat on the coffee table in front of Rin. The table was low enough that Sesshomaru could look Rin in the eyes without having to lowering his gaze.

Rin's gaze was still focused on his previous spot.

Sesshomaru let out a breathy growl allowing Rin to catch on to where he was now.

He knew she was smart that she was merely trying to piece things together right now.

He studied her eyes as they slowly met his. He could smell the tears before they formed but, as soon as they did she looked away again.

Rin was determined not to cry in front of him. She never cried in front of anyone. She only time she did her mother told her not to act like a baby. That she was old enough to not show her tears when she felt like crying.

"Rin look at me…" Rin was surprised to hear concern in his voice.

She took in a few deep breaths before she looked at him again.

"Rin as I have stated before we have a few things we must discuss before I return you to your home."

Rin nodded.

"Your parents neglected to tell you of their decision?"

Rin thought about it before she answered.

"I had a dream last night about it…I guess now it isn't a dream…"

Sesshomaru closed his eyes and gripped the bridge of his nose. He should have known those low life humans would take the cowardice way out. Tell the girl she is now engaged while she is asleep.

"They were standing beside the side of my bed and told me that I was going to be married to Sesshomaru…well…you."

Rin giggled in her nervousness.

"W-when did you find out about it?"

"What do you mean Rin? When did I find out about your parent's decision or when did I find out about the offer?"

Rin thought about it for a second. "Well I guess both…"

"A few weeks ago my father had told me about a rival of his. His company and the Taiko Company had been each other's competition for years. Nearly two decades if I recall. My father knew your father's true nature. He knew that if the two companies were to join your father would find a way to push mine out. In a way to prevent that if our families were…somehow joined that would be more difficult to do."

Rin's eyebrows crunched in confusion.

"How would it be difficult if we were married?"

"I will get to that Rin; do not interrupt me."

Rin nodded and whispered an apology.

"It was three weeks ago that my father informed me. I was too old to be on my own and it was about time for me to settle down. His rival had a daughter he wanted out of his house as soon as possible. My father mentioned it to me and I was not too opposed to the match. He spoke to the school board about me becoming your teacher. Which they approved. Most of the school board members are demons who have known my father and I for generations. They agreed to allow me to become your teacher as long as we were not caught in an inappropriate situation at school."

Rin blushed and looked down. The thought of her getting into anything inappropriate at any location was something Rin couldn't imagine.

"I agreed to the term and I informed Inuyasha what was going on. He knew about the arrangement the same day I found out. I told him to act shocked the night father would tell you. I need to see if you would be relieved or shocked if you thought it was Inuyasha you were to be mated with. I have to admit I was relieved when you had a shocked reaction."

Sesshomaru got up and started to walk away from Rin.

"H-hey where are you going?"

Rin followed him to his kitchen. When he stopped; he looked at her and held a glass of water out for her to take.

She took the cold glass out of his hands and took a sip of water while he started to talk again.

"The terms of this engagement though are rather rushed."

"What do you mean they are rushed?"

"You must move in with me in one month."

Rin choked on her water; making her gasp for air. She didn't notice how close he was to her now until she stopped coughing. She looked at him and saw the slight worry in his eyes.

"Sorry water went down the wrong tube…" She said as she laughed slightly to cut the tension in the air.

"Do you enjoy living with your parents Rin?"

Rin looked down at her glass. She watched as beads of cold sweat dripped down.

"No…not really…" Her voice was almost a whisper.


"Why do you ask Mr. Taisho?"

Sesshomaru almost snapped. He never wanted her to call him that while in private.

"Rin you will not call me that when in private do you understand?"

"I…Yes…O-Okay…" She blushed.

He sighed.

"I suppose that my father is aware that you do not like your current living environment and is giving you an excuse to escape sooner."

Rin smiled.

'Does this girl not realize that there are kind adults in the world? Sesshomaru thought as he watched her eyes began to look around his kitchen.

"If you wish you can move in sooner. I have five spare bedrooms and three spare bathrooms. You may choose any room you desire. Tell me how you wished to have it decorated and I will see to it."

"R-really I am sure that the room is more than fine…"

"Rin do you desire for our…parents arrangement to become public knowledge?"

Rin's eyebrows drew together as she thought about.

"Can I tell one more person about it?"

"I suppose that would be alright. If you knew this person could keep it secret."

Rin nodded.

"It's Kagome."

"Hn yes Inuyasha's mate…"

Rin gave him a surprised look. "Th-they aren't mates S-Sesshomaru…" Rin blushed when she said his name.

"They have been rutting for the past year Rin."


Sesshomaru growled.

"Yes you will find out soon enough what rutting is. I believe you will talk about it in your sex-ed class next week."

Rin walked over to the window and sat her glass down on the table next to it. Sesshomaru took a seat at the table and refused to continue talking until she did the same.

It took her a few seconds to realize he wouldn't continue until she sat down. She rolled her eyes slightly as she did making him growl.

She tried to hide her grin by bringing her glass up to her lips and pretending to take a sip. For some strange reason it kind of pleased her how she was able to get under his skin like that and annoy him for a second.

Sesshomaru looked at his watch and sighed. He knew he should probably take her home. It was already nine. He shook his head mentally 'if she hadn't been asleep for six hours they could have covered more of the conversation…'

"Perhaps I should take you home now Rin?" His statement turned into a question.

Rin nodded.

She followed him to his car. He opened the passenger door for her and waited for her to sit down before he closed the door and got in on his side.

Their car ride to Rin's home was silent. Rin stared out of the window until she saw her house.

Sesshomaru put the car into park and started to undo his seatbelt when Rin suddenly stopped him. She put her hand on top of his making him take in a sharp breath.

"Good night Sesshomaru." She unfastened her seatbelt and rushed out of the car and into her house.

Once she closed the door she leaned on the door as she tried to catch her breath.

She put her ear against the door and listened for him to drive off. When he finally did she started to walk to the kitchen. She could feel her stomach almost growl.

"RIN!" She heard her mother running after her; nothing but pure anger in her voice.

She stopped and turned to see her mother's hand fly to her face. When it made contact with her cheek Rin fell to the floor.


Rin grabbed the side of her face trying to choke back the tears in her eyes.

"I-I was with Mr. Taisho…" Rin tried her best to make her voice steady and even.

Her mother turned away as she did she told Rin to call next time.

Rin nodded to her mother's back and whispered a goodnight to her.

Rin walked over to the kitchen and grabbed an ice pack to put on her face. She wasn't hungry anymore. This wasn't the first time her mother had hit her. Although it was the first time she hit her this hard. She guessed it was because she knows she could never have Sesshomaru as a lover.

Rin sighed as she whispered "My family is really messed up."

She hissed as she took the cold compress away from her face. She looked at it and saw blood.

Her heart began to pound as her eyes widened. She ran up to her bathroom and looked at her face.

Her right cheek was changing colors and there was a tiny cut from her mother's wedding ring. She took off her clothes and stepped into a hot shower. Tears were pouring from her eyes as she began to sink into the shower until she was sitting down.

Once she cried her tears Rin got out and wrapped the towel around herself. She wiped the steam off of the mirror. She took a medical box out of the cabinet next to her mirror. She took out a blue band aid and placed it on her small cut.

She crawled into her bed and tried to fall asleep. Once she was able to sleep feel tired enough to sleep she glanced over at her clock and it read 3:00 AM.

When Rin woke up at she caked on her makeup on her cheek. She tried to cover up the bruise that had formed over night. She allowed her hair to cover up her right side of her face. It may not have covered up the bruise but it covered up the blue band aid that was placed on a high place on her cheek.

She ran out of the door ignoring her father's cry trying to call her.

"Hello Inuyasha…" Her voice was slightly shaken as she tried to sound normal.

"So what happened yesterday? I heard ya' passed out."

For once Inuyasha didn't snicker at her human weakness.

"I…well your brother told me about my parents decision. I had thought that when my parents told me it was a dream…"

Rin sighed as she felt herself become angry.


"Rin…" Inuyasha whined as he gripped the steering wheel and his ears pinned back to his head.

Rin gasped when she realized she hurt his ears.

"Sorry Inuyasha…"

He allowed his ears to go back to their original position.

"I am just so angry…I guess it hasn't set in until now. I just I'm mad at the fact that they told me like that. I am mad at the fact that they could just say yes without even knowing how I feel about the matter. And I am pissed off that your brother is so calm about this whole thing! I mean does that guy seriously not feel a fucking thing?"

Rin huffed as she looked out her window; grateful at the fact Inuyasha allowed her to get her frustration out.

"Sesshomaru does have feelings believe it or not. Tha bastard just has a hard time showin' it. It's kinda difficult for us to show our emotions…they are a human concept. And that is coming from me; a half demon. I accept that it is difficult for me so just imagine how difficult it is for him a full demon."

Rin's heart started to pound as the car pulled into the student parking lot. She didn't want to face anyone. She had been able to keep her right side of her face pointing away from him.

She walked on the outside of Kagome and Inuyasha. Neither one seeing her face. She was grateful that they were so absorbed in one another. Now all she had to do was make it through the class without Sesshomaru seeing it.

She walked into the classroom and saw Sesshomaru was writing on the chalkboard. She rushed over to her seat and sat down.

She tried to keep her bruised side away from his site. Any time he would look at her she would look away.

Sesshomaru wasn't fooled. He knew Rin was up to something. He could hear her heart beat faster when he would look at her. He also smelt tears…did she cry last night?

Once the class was finished Rin tried to rush out of the room. She didn't even bother to put her books in her bag.


Rin groaned as other students passed her. She almost made it to the hallway when she heard him say her name.

She looked back to see Sesshomaru, Inuyasha and Kagome standing by his desk.

"What is troubling you Rin?"

Sesshomaru's voice was calm.

"N-nothing. I'm fine…"

"Rin we're going to see you in next period kay?" Kagome grabbed Inuyasha's arm and pulled him out of the classroom leaving Rin and Sesshomaru alone.

"Why do you not look at me fully Rin? What are you trying to hide?"

He could smell her tears starting to form.

When she finally looked at him she turned her head and showed him what she was hiding. A few tears fell as she brushed her hair back to show him the full right side of her face.

She flinched when she heard him growl fiercely. When she looked at him she saw his eyes were blood red and his hands were balled into fists.

"Who did this to you?" He managed to growl out though his gritted teeth.

"…my mother…"

In a blink of an eye Sesshomaru rushed past her and out the door.

She ran to her next classroom and looked for Inuyasha. When she found him he saw her face and ran over to her.

"Rin what tha fuck happened?"

"Sesshomaru ran out his eyes were all red and he was growling."

Inuyasha took out his cell phone and tried to call Sesshomaru.

"Damn he isn't answering."

"Who did this to you Rin?"

"M-my mother…"

"Shit…" Inuyasha dialed another number and started talking in it.

"Dad we need to track down Sesshomaru. Rin's mom hit her and Sess found out…yea…ok…"

Inuyasha started to walk out the door and grabbed Rin's arm and dragged her with him. When the teacher tried to stop them Inuyasha just growled at him. The teacher apparently knew not to say anything more.

"My old man wants me to take you back to our house. We are going to try to call Sesshomaru. Well you will try to call and my dad and I are going to look for him. There's no telling what he is going to do."

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