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Rin looked in front of her at empty plate, afraid to put any food on it. She looked at Totosai who like Rin had placed nothing on his plate.

"Come now...if I wanted to kill you I would have done so by now. Eat..."

Naraku got up and placed a piece of roast on Rin's plate before he placed potatoes and carrots next to it. He grabbed the gravy boat and poured mushroom gravy on top of it then placed the same onto Totosai's plate. At that moment Rin willed her stomach to not growl, her eyebrows came together as she felt a rumbling beginning to form.

"Eat. Your hungered body will thank you for it."

Naraku served himself, placing a napkin on his lap as he sat back down. He slowly cut his meat and began eating. Rin looked up from her full plate to Totosai, silently seeking an answer as to what to do.

Naraku gave himself the same food that he gave us...he wouldn't eat it if he had done something to the food.

Totosai willed his hands to be steady as he picked up a small piece of carrot and began to chew on it. After a few moments he nodded at Rin before he began to eat the rest of the contents on his plate.

Seeing Totosai nod, Rin picked up her knife and fork and picked up a bite of the roast with a mushroom. She almost kicked herself when she realized how good it was. She didn't want to like it, but she did.

"So tell me about yourself Rin?"

Rin slightly choked on her mouthful of food at his question. "Well you tell me...or have you forgotten you have taken my memories."

Totosai sent her a worried look. Please child do not anger him while he is sitting right next to us...

Chuckling Naraku wiped his mouth before turning his body to face Rin's fully. "Well...well...well...it looks like the human has learned a few things. Don't worry you will not be needing them any of them once Sesshomaru tries to rescue you and is killed."

Rin gently placed her fork and knife down on the plate before she took her napkin and wiped the corners of her mouth then threw the napkin down on the table. With a glare she pushed her chair from her body almost knocking it over. She looked at Naraku and tried not to reach over and hit him. Instead she placed her hands on the table and looked at him. "Sesshomaru will come for us...and he WILL succeed!"

Naraku got up from his chair, chuckling as he did so. "Well then if you two are finished I shall take you both back down to the basement." He began to walk towards the doors.

Rin pressed her lips before she blurted out at Naraku's back "Just one more question, Naraku!"

He stopped walking but kept his back to Rin and Totosai. "And what will that be?"

"Why...why are you doing all of this?"

Glancing over his shoulder, Naraku smirked. "I believe you mean to ask why now...and you have only yourself to thank for that Rin. I have been waiting for you for a long, long time."

At that Naraku began to walk again.

Rin gave a confused glance to Totosai before following Naraku back to the basement.

Walking down the stairs Rin and Totosai heard Naraku say "If you are good tomorrow perhaps we can share a meal again." Rin watched as the door closed before hearing it lock.

"Well we may not have a decent place to put our heads but that was a good meal." Totosai said as he patted his stomach slightly as he sat down against the wall. Rin shook her head, amazed that he would complement Naraku's meal out loud even though she had to agree with him. Taking a seat next to him, Rin closed her eyes and let the back of her head rest against the wall.

"Totosai...what did Naraku mean when he said that 'why now' was the question I needed to ask? He said that he has been waiting for me for a long time...why?"

After a few moments passed Rin opened her eyes and saw that Totosai had his eyes closed. Did he fall asleep?!

She put her hands over her face. "He always falls asleep at the wrong time."

"If you wanted me awake you should have said so."

Rin jumped at the sound of Totosai's voice. "Oh...uh...heh sorry Totosai."

She looked and saw a smile form on his face before he opened his eyes and looked at her. "Remember when I told you that Sesshomaru was emotionless and cold?"

Rin nodded. "Yes, I remember."

"For decades Sesshomaru would destroy anything that got in his way before the Demon Law of Authority was created. During that time let's just say that he and Naraku hadn't really gotten along. They fought in a few battles against each other. The two are virtually sworn enemies...then again anyone who comes into contact with Naraku ends up hating the guy...but I digress. During the end of a very bad beating Sesshomaru had given him, Naraku swore that he would get his revenge. His revenge of choice...take away the one person he would ever love. He informed Sesshomaru that he would wait as long as it takes for this to happen."

Rin was starting to understand.

"Naraku knew that if he placed his sister Kagura in Sesshomaru's way, perhaps Sesshomaru would have feelings for her and then Naraku could extract his long wanted revenge."

Drawing her eyebrows together Rin gasped. "Even if it meant he would destroy his own sister's happiness?"

Totosai began to stroke his beard. "Oh he would destroy her if it meant he could get his revenge. Naraku cares for no one but himself. I have no doubt that Naraku would have done the same things to her as he has done to you. But...Sesshomaru being himself never made any sort of romantic proclamation or full ties to Kagura. The two went on a few dates and sure they may have...you know...but he never cared for her."

Rin felt a pain in her heart at the thought of Sesshomaru sharing his bed with anyone else.

"And even though he broke up with her she was obsessed with him...and he would end up using her to sate his needs for more than ten years. Then last year he was shown a picture. It was yours Rin, Sesshomaru cut his ties to Kagura that night and even went so far as to threaten her if she tried to contact him again. He threatened her by saying he would turn her into the Demon Law of Authority for all of the wrong doing she has yet to have been caught for."

Drawing her knees to her chest Rin, "He knew he liked me at just one look from a picture?"

Totosai let out a small chuckle. "Yes, he knew that you would be special to him just at one look. Kagura went to her brother and he saw it as his chance he had been waiting so long for."

Rin felt tears form in her eyes as she made a strong proclamation. "We will get out of here."

Nodding in agreement Totosai smiled at her. "Yes, they have something planned. A way to get us out of here. They will even implore the help of the Demon Law of Authority if they need to."

Rin smiled as she wiped away her un-fallen tears from her eyes. "How will they get them to help?"

Totosai rested his head on the wall again. "Oh you didn't know? Sesshomaru has a relative on the highest level of Demon Law of Authority."


Totosai shrugged as he yawned. "No clue...well I have a clue but you never know if the walls have ears. Rest up now Rin."

Closing her eyes, Rin listened to Totosai's steady breathing and felt a sort of comfort knowing that she was sleeping next to someone she could trust.

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