Took place around the time of the first Ryuusei no Gemini (Gemini of the Meteor) special. Just a short fic I wanted to write about these two. The inspiration worm just wouldn't stop bothering me during my attempts to sleep until I wrote this down. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: The rights of Darker Than BLACK and the characters, do not belong to me, but to their respective owners.

25th February 2011

- Blue -

She had her left hand on that side of her head, keeping her long hair tidy so as to not be blown into a mess by the breezy wind. The air felt coarse with foreign impurities; like salt.

He picked up a seashell that spiraled all the way till its tip that was the thinnest of its ends. Hei thought that maybe, he could tell her about it. After all, she might not have had the time to learn about trivial things ever since the death of her mother.

"Hey. Did you know? If you put this at your ear and wait, you will get to hear the waves."

"Waves?" she asked, maybe out of sheer curiousity.

"Of the ocean," he walked to Yin, closing in on their distance and placing the seashell gently on her held out, right hand. Grasping it with the right amount of strength, she placed it next to her ear.

She waited.

"I was just joking," having a slight playful look to his face. He expected her to take the shell away from her ear, but she remained her posture. "Yin. Of course it won't be true. How can a person listen to the ocean's waves from a mere seashell?"

"Oneā€¦" she said with her soft voice, "One doesn't hurt to dream. Hei," still waiting. Hei looked at her with his head tilted a little bit to the side. Scratching his scalp, he gave out a sigh and walked closer to her. With his index finger, he kindly set her small lock of hair behind her left ear.

"No, it doesn't," nonchalantly, but gradual in pace. Tracing a small line below her elbow, lightly touching her skin, Hei held her free hand that was by her side. "Let's go," walking slowly to match her steps.

While the wind was brushing their hair to the side, he said with a smile barely seen,

"Let me hear the ocean when we get back."