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Oh and just to let you know it takes place close to the end and right after Gremlins 2 if you are wondering why the quotes are there. And, in this story Greta has a secret past with a certain someone from the first movie (in the past she is the Gremlin that dressed up like a woman.) you will find out more in the story.

And in the story the Brain Gremlin is called just Brain in this story just thought that I'd let you know just in case you viewers there got confused.

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"Mr. Futterman, turn on the hose!" yelled Billy, as he held the phone down to the Gremlins, who were having the time of their lives below them.

Mr Futterman just nodded, turned on the hose and aimed it down to the Gremlins below.

"New York, New YOOOOOOORRRRRRRRRRK!" The Brain Gremlin sang he hit his high note and opened up his jacket at the same time, which then, the song ended.

However, just as Brain was about to say something to his army, he saw a blast of water heading downwards and – straight for him. As soon as he saw the water, Brain acted fast and jumped straight out of the way and headed straight behind a box where Daffy and a few other Gremlins were planning how to crazily change the statue of Liberty into something completely different and, where the music instruments were. He watched as his entire army were on the floor, screaming as new Gremlins were beginning to spawn from their backs and did his best not to be seen. That's when the Electric Gremlin came to action, Brain then got back behind the box and got low as he could and peeped round as the Electric Gremlin shocked his entire army leaving them helplessly bleeding in puddles of green, slimy goo melting to the floor. He looked up at the humans and Gizmo on the balcony and gritted his teeth in anger.

"Curses!" he muttered, as he peeped round the box.

Brain then straightened his clothes out and was about to step out until he heard voices.

"CHARRRRRRRGE!" came the voice of Mr. Clamp which was followed by feet running across the building floor and slipping across his dead army.

Brain then stopped dead and got back to where he was, he then looked round to see a man dressed in a Vampire costume walking up to Mr. Clamp with a camera man following behind and watched them for a moment before looking around and trying to think of a plan to get out of there trajectory. But, that soon wore off when he saw those who were responsible for killing his army walk down the stairs to Mr. Clamp and they started to have what he would call a civilised chat. As he watched them, his eyes casted upon the Mogwai dressed in a Rambo headband.

Oh, how Brain wanted to get revenge on that Mogwai, it was his fault that this happened. Oh how he wanted to kill the Mogwai so badly, he was so close to getting Gremlin civilisation and failed because of him. He was going to get revenge on that Mogwai... somehow. Right now he had to stay low, not get seen and somehow get out of the building when they had gone. But, his eyes never left that Mogwai who was the source of his problems.

As hours went by, Mr. Clamp, Marla, the guy dressed in the Vampire suit, the camera men and the reporters were finally gone and Brain finally came out of hiding.

Brain walked through the remains of his dead, gooey army, looking back at the gooey mess for 1 last time before walking up the stairs to get to higher ground. He kept walking up the stairs of the building until he thought that he was high enough from the ground floor, however Brain kept walking, his hand was gripping his chin and he was deep in thought about 2 things.

They were...

How to get out of the building


How to get revenge on Gizmo

"How am I going to get out of this civilised building, I wonder..." Brain said, whilst deep in thought.

"And that Mogwai... Hmmmmmmm..." Brain also said quietly to himself, whilst standing still, gripping his chin and deeply thinking hard.

"Mmmmmm..." Brain muttered, whilst trying to think of a plan of revenge.

Brain then stopped when he could hear something, he then stopped thinking and looked all around him to find out where the sound was coming from, and as it got closer he could then figure out what the noise was, it was...

"Mmmmmm, mmmmmm, kissy kissy!" came the voice from nowhere.

Brain then looked behind him to see... Greta skipping down towards him in her bride gown and still holding her lot of flowers.

Brain then just whacked his forehead in annoyance.

"UH! Out of all the people or Gremlins in the world, why did I have to bump into her!" Brain muttered whilst keeping his hand on his forehead and hanging his head down.

"Hey Brainy." Greta said dreamily as she came to stop when she got to him.

"Oh, Hey Greta." Brain replied in a dull voice, whilst raising his head, taking his claw off his head and folding his arms in annoyance.

"What ya doin?" Greta asked, whilst walking all around him then stopped when she got behind his back.

"Y'know, just walking round." Brain replied, he was finding her excruciatingly annoying.

"Oh, but I was thinking that we could, Y'know." Greta replied, whilst wrapping her arms round his waist.

"Get together." Greta whispered in his ear.

Before she could do anything else to try and come on to him, Brain yanked himself away quickly and stood about 5 cm away from her.

"I don't have time for your love games Greta! I've got to figure a way out of this damn building then, get revenge on that wimpy Mogwai they call Gizmo." Brain shouted frustratingly, he then turned round and started walking away.

Greta just stared at him as he walked and lowered her head down. Gizmo? She remembered that name somewhere before, her past was all coming back to her now and if she told Brain, it would be perfect, for many reasons, and she would do it for a certain someone and they would supposedly be proud of her and if she didn't jump at the chance now then she never will impress that certain someone.

"Brainy, WAIT!" Greta called, whilst running up to Brain.

Brain then turned round slightly, looking at Greta with annoyance on his face.

"What do you want now? If it's anything lovey-dovey make it quick because to me it's uncivilised!" Brain whined at her.

Greta just looked at Brain straight in the eyes, not taking her eyes off him for a second.

"That Mogwai named Gizmo, I know him Brain." She said.

Brain then looked interested and he widened his eyes to show it.

"And your point is?" he said quietly.

"I want to help you with your revenge Brain. Cause, I want revenge to." Greta replied.

Surprised as ever, Brain's eyes once again widened. He never thought that Greta would want to help him with his revenge for Gizmo, he always thought of her as an annoyance and that her next thing would be kissing the nearest person or thing she saw and she didn't seem to care about that Mogwai... until now.

So what did she have against Gizmo that Brain or anyone else knew about, why was she helping him?

"Of course Greta, but, why do you want to help me? I thought you never gave a care in the world about Gizmo." Brain replied, who was surprised at her previous statement

Greta then sighed and threw her flower across the floor.

"It's a long story Brain." Said Greta, giving Brain a sad smile and taking off her veil as she said it.

Brain then walked up to her and put one hand on her shoulder, this made him curious.

"Tell me everything." He said comfortingly.

Greta turned to look at him and started her story.

"Well it started when..."

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