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She flutters her big, sleepy Mogwai eyes as she rises up from her white and dusty sleep shelter that she, George and Lenny had made and slept in the night before.

Angela smiled to herself sheepishly before sitting up, rubbing her eyes to get the sleep out of them and brushing the dainty loft dust off her hands, she looked both ways to see if George and Lenny were still in bed, but there were no sign of them, she figured that they were both already up, Angela yawned for a moment before putting in her signature red bow clip and made her way out of her comfortable shelter.

Angela walked slow and steady today, walking past many Gremlins who were basically just having the time of their lives and getting into their usual mischief tactics, she gulped and shivered a little as she did, memories swirling their way back inside her head, memories of her and Lenny and what they went through together. She looked round for a moment, trying to find the 2 other Mogwai, she then spotted Lenny ahead of her, waving at her.

"Hey Angie, come over here!" Lenny called, whilst leaning out and waving at her in the process

Angela smiled and dashed down to Lenny and George, who were sitting on a couple of random boxes, with George's box being higher than Lenny's and were both drinking some fruit juices out of a couple of pop bottles.

"Good morning guys, how long have you been up for?" Angela asked, her face brimming with excitement

Lenny drunk some more pop before saying, "Not long, only a few hours though however, it might have been less if Stripe hadn't of woke us up with his screaming."

Angela's eyes widened. "Stripe woke you up? How come?"

"Well, he didn't come over and wake us up, he just started screaming, I think it was because of the sunlight pouring in through the window, it's a good job we had our cover on us last night otherwise I think we would of been toast." Lenny replied, whilst jittering slightly "I hate sunlight."

Angela nodded. "We all do Lenny, I think he woke me up too but all I heard was shuffling and things banging on the windows."

Lenny smirked. "I think the shuffling was us Angie."

George shuffled back on his box and turned to Angela. "Speaking of Stripe, I think he's looking for you."

"Really? Where is he?" Angela questioned

"I think he's at the back of the loft somewhere, I think he wants to meet you at the trap door which opens into the house." George replied

Lenny gulped, feeling uneasy, the deal last night with Angela and Stripe coming back to him, it all happened last night, the lies, the mission, the tears, the BIG mistake that he made by just standing there and letting it all happen, Lenny sighed to himself, whilst clutching his bottle tightly, he knew today was the day where Angela was to start her mission and where there friendship was on the line of breaking.

"UH! Why did I just have to lie like that to you Angie? Why? Why couldn't I stop myself from taking that risk? I feel nothing but guilt in me Angie but you ain't going to know that are you? You're my best friend in fact no... You're m-

"You ok Lenny?"

Lenny turned to George, who was staring down at him worriedly. "Yeah. I'm fine." Lenny replied, whilst staring back at his worried friends

George hesitated, but nodded in approval. "You finished with that drink Lenny?" he asked, whilst holding down his hand for the bottle

Lenny looked at his bottle, nodded and passed it to his friend, who jumped off his box and turned to the two of them. "I'll just go and ask some Gremlins if they want to use these as throwing tools, I'll be back in a moment." George said, before walking off to find some Gremlins

Lenny watched as his friend walked away, he sighed, now there was just him and Angela. Alone.

"Are you sure you're alright Lenny?" Angela asked, whilst staring at him with wide, worried eyes "Ever since I did that deal with Stripe your acting all... shifty."

"Shifty? Me? Angie, I'm fine, I'm just worried about you, that's all." Lenny replied, whilst keeping wide eyes on her

"Lenny, I'm fine, I can look after myself you know that."

"I know. But you know what Gizmo's like, what if he tries to hurt you?"

Angela paused for a moment, whilst staring into Lenny's maroon eyes; she saw how gentle they were and sighed. "Lenny, if he tries to have a go at me, you know what happens."

Lenny stood up and walked over to her. "Angie, just stay safe ok?"

Angela sighed and rubbed her eyes, tears were starting to show. "You know Lenny, I don't think I would have been a spy if it weren't for you and if I hadn't of met you, I still would have been in that horrible..."

Lenny cut her off. "Shhhhh... Angie, forget that, it's all over now, don't even think about what it would have been like without me, just don't, all that matters is that we both made it."

Angela nodded, whilst rubbing her tears off her face and Lenny only held both of her hands in his in response. "Good luck Angie." Lenny whispered to her, whilst staring in her brown, majestic eyes

"Thanks." Angela replied

"Oh, and before you go, I have something important to tell you." Lenny said, whilst keeping his eyes on her

"What is it Lenny?"

"Angie... I... well... that is... um... well... I think...I...I..."

Angela widened her eyes, ready for the answer.


The 2 Mogwai pulled out of there trance to see Stripe down at the trap door waiting for Angela, whilst tapping his foot impatiently.

Angela turned back to Lenny. "I gotta go, Stripe is waiting for me."

Lenny nodded. "Ok then, don't want to keep him waiting."

"Well, I'll see ya Lenny; I don't know when I'll be back though." Angela said, before quickly hugging her long-time friend and letting go

"Yeah, I'll see you Angie and good luck." Lenny said triumphantly, whilst smiling

Angela only smiled and nodded before walking off to Stripe, Lenny only sighed in agony as he watched his friend go.

Angela pushed past many Gremlins until she got to Stripe, who was waiting at the trap door of the loft for her.

"Sorry I was late Stripe, I had a lie-in and I needed to chat to Lenny and I completely lost track of time." Angela said, as she walked up to Stripe and was finally stopping

"God... about time you got here." Stripe whined, whilst folding his arms impatiently "I was beginning to debate about if you were going to show up or not." He whined, whilst glaring down at her with those terrifying eyes of his

"I'm sorry Stripe, it won't happen again, I promise." Angela cried, trying not to make the Gremlin angry

"Humph. If you say so." Stripe replied, whilst turning away slightly

Angela sighed and looked up at the Gremlin defiantly, her nose and chin held high in confidence as she did. "So Stripe, what is it that you brought me down here for?" she asked, whilst mimicking his first action

Stripe turned to her, slightly annoyed. "To start your mission, what else? Oh, and another thing when you get back, make sure you come back sometime between 8 and 9 at night and the first thing you do is report to me with some information, do you understand?" Stripe whined, his tone getting sterner at the last part

"Yes Stripe." Angela droned, whilst forcing her arms forward

"But, I'll let you off, just for tonight." Stripe told her

Angela nodded at him, telling him that she understood.

"Well, I think you're ready to go then." Stripe said, as he bent down to where the padlock was

"How are you going to open that thing? Its bolted shut!" Angela pointed out

"I'll find some way to open it!" Stripe growled, whilst failing an attempt to get the padlock open

Angela only sighed and pushed him back. "I'll do it!" she whined, whilst showing off her long claws

She slotted one of them in the keyhole and, using it as a key; she twisted it round until it finally snapped open, Angela smiled, proud of her work while Stripe just sat there in awe.

Angela's claws slotted themselves back in their sockets and were now just normal claws, it was like nothing happened to them; Stripe turned to her in shock.

"H-How did you..." he questioned

Angela cut him off. "Let's just say I done something on accident."

Stripe nodded; still surprised. "Well Angie, you'd better get going." He said, whilst still in shock

Angela smirked. "Yep. I'll see ya Stripe."

"Good luck Angie." Stripe said, whilst smirking at her

Angela only nodded before jumping down and down into the Peltzer house. As she went Stripe stood up and went closer to the trap door and looked down, Angela had already gone, probably to hide somewhere in his account. Stripe smiled, after all these years, he was finally getting revenge on his long lost enemy and this time it seemed that no-one was going to stop him, he smirked to himself, glad that he was finally getting revenge.

He looked up at the ceiling and let out a tyrant, terrifying evil laugh that spreaded throughout the loft and echoed off many walls, he had never felt so good in his life, until now.

He lifted his head down and smiled. "Gizmo... I'm back, and this time... no-one's going to stop me so keep on your toes, stay alert and watch your back! Cause Stripe strikes back baby MWAHAHAHA!" Stripe cheered, before turning round, shutting the loft and walking away.

Brain sighed in relief as he emptied his pockets out; he hadn't lost them after all! In his claws he held the ingredients that he used to make the healing potion that brought Stripe, Mohawk and the others back.

"Yes...yes...I still have enough to make another healing potion and this time, it will not go to waste now, if I could just find a-


Brain spun round to see Greta staring at him with angry green-yellow eyes flashing like a bolt of lightning at him, her big lips twisted into a snarling expression and her hair was more limp and in her face, along with her make-up being smudged like melted ice-cream. Brain tensed up when he saw her, his eyes flashing in alarm and shoulders touching his gremlin ears.

"GRETA!" he shouted in surprise, whilst slowly lowering his shoulders down "You scared me." he assessed her over, seeing how different she looked compared to last night "What happened to you?" he asked, sounding like he was bored


Brain blinked his eyes at her for a moment, before remembering the ambush he made on Stripe. "Oh that." he whined, whilst folding his arms and smirking "Was so funny, you should have seen Stripe's face. Priceless. Even though it's not street crime I believe we can watch Stripe crawl away like a wimp for free and believe me, it's worth it."

Greta tensed her shoulders up. "IT WAS HORRIBLE! YOU HAVE NO RESPECT DO YOU!" Greta paused for a moment, letting her tears flow "HE CALLED ME A WITCH!"

At the sound of that, Brain made a funny coughing noise and covered his mouth, trying to contain his escaping laughter.

"IT'S NOT FUNNY!" Greta screamed, before brushing some of her hair back out of her face

"Ok, I know that I took my anger out too far and well... upset you so... I'm sorry." Brain said softly

Greta blew her nose before lifting her head up. "You mean it?"

"Of course I do, I hate to say this but, it will be un-gentleman like of me to not say sorry to you my dear."

Greta blushed, whilst turning her head away slightly. "You're such a gentleman Brain, thanks."

Brain only nodded at her and grinned. He stared at Greta, who looked like she was deep in thought; the Einstein Gremlin only stared at her in a curious way.

"She's probably thinking about Stripe, as always and before you know it she'll be off, on to the next one like the player she is." Brain thought, as he stared hard at Greta


Brain looked into her eyes, which signalled that love look that she always had in them, even for him. "Yes Greta?" he asked, waiting for her to say something

"Be serious this time, how should I get into Stripe's heart?"

Brain frowned; he wasn't really up for one of these conversations. "How the heck should I know? Greta, if you really loved him you'd figure it out yourself."

Greta suddenly turned angry. "And what's that supposed to mean?" She growled, getting impatient

Brain smirked. "How should you know anyway? You're not civilised like me are you Greta?" he teased, showing off that devilish smirk of his

Greta gritted her teeth in anger. "Is that meant to be an insult?"

Brain kept his smirk on. "Like I said, how should you know? You don't have superior intellect like me do you? You're so dumb; you didn't even know that it was all a trick I set up last night."

Greta growled at the Einstein Gremlin, raising her fist to hit him, but Brain only grabbed her arm.

"Aah. Aah. Aah. You don't really want to do that now do you Greta? That's so not ladylike, what will Stripe say?" Brain teased, as he looked into her angry eyes

Greta growled, breaking her arm free of Brain's grip and walking off but not before turning round and yelling: "Brain, you can be so immature sometimes." And with that, she went

Brain only stared at Greta as she went suddenly feeling annoyed; he turned to the viewer looking at the computer screen with an annoyed expression.

"Don't you just hate it when people just come and interrupt something important that you were doing? And to me it's uncivilised, don't you think so? I thought she'd never leave... the witch!"

He turned back to his potions, not realising that he had broken the 4th wall, he looked at the ingredients, checking that he had everything he needed, he then went to another one of his blazer pockets, fumbling round in it with his hand.

"Come-on...come-on where is it?" Brain muttered, as he fumbled round his pocket "Don't tell me I've... AHA! Found it!"

Brain grinned as he pulled something out from his pocket; it looked like a thermometer but had a spiky tip on the end, which looked sharp and strong, it had some blue liquid inside the tube that went about halfway to the top, it had a miniaturised pump at the top and finally, stuck to the tube was a sticker which had a picture of a sun with a no entry sign over it.

"My Genetic Sun block! I thought I'd lost it in that building!" Brain said as he looked over his sun block, he then held it close to his chest. "Or worse, in this loft..."

Brain looked around, making sure that no-one was watching. "I can't let anybody get their hands on this, especially Stripe, then he can use it against me, which is something I am far from wanting."

Brain took his jacket off and threw it to the floor and turned to one of his arms. Using his Gremlin claw, he made a hole in his shirt and put the sun block in his arm, pushing the liquid into his body. He giggled to himself as the liquid transferred to inside his body.

"With this Sun block, I'll be invincible and even better, stronger than ever all I have to do is get this potion done and then when my revenge is complete they'll be no more little Gizmo and even better, NO. MORE. STRIPE!"

Brain did a little chuckle to himself before gently pulling out the sun block and resuming to his work.

Little did he know; that 2 evil eyes watched him the whole time.

Gizmo smiled as he relaxed on the comfortable yet stylish living room couch of the Peltzer's, life could not get any better for the cute little Mogwai; he leaned over and grabbed a sausage from his plate and hungrily munched on it. He smiled as an episode of 'Rainbow' showed on the 42 inch TV in front of him; Gizmo had never felt so happy in his life. Finally, he was in a place where he was safe and loved, that was all he wanted, love and peace around him but each time he tried to gain it, he had got wet and the unmistakeable happened. Gremlins. Each time it had happened it had caused nothing but grief to Gizmo and those around him, he was now in the care of Billy Peltzer and his fiancée Kate Beringer, they knew about Gizmo and what could happen when he got wet, his last owner was Mr. Wing but Gizmo had lost him, he lost everything he had and Billy and Kate was all he had left so, he didn't want to lose them in any way possible, even though he knew that one day they would die, it gave Gizmo the shivers just thinking about it and as soon as they had him, Gizmo had a mental thought in his head that they might give him up to some random pet store or something, but he soon knew that they wouldn't, not ever. Besides, last night's outing was spectacular, he, Billy, Kate and the Futterman's had gone to Pizza Hut to celebrate the death of the Gremlins in the clamp centre building the day before, Gizmo smiled at the memory, he instinctively remembered a string of cheese coming out of his nose, which made everybody blast out with chunks of happiness, he remembered the laughs, that was all he wanted in life, to be happy, Why was it so hard to give him his one little wish?

His thoughts then recapped, back to the Gremlins in that building that he faced yesterday, it was a terrific yet terrifying experience for Gizmo, facing all those Gremlins for a 2nd time, he remembered all the torture that Mohawk put him through, from shutting him in the vent to putting him on the train track in the toy shop, Gizmo remembered it all but the thing he remembered the most however, was killing him as a dice of revenge, using a fire arrow that he made all by himself, he could remember Mohawk saying those words that always cursed him. "Gizmo, KAKA!" before firing away his arrow, he also remembered Mohawk's screams, howls and squeals of pain as he died, in Gizmo's hands. Gizmo shivered at the thought, Mohawk was gone now, for good, so he needn't worry about him coming back besides, there was nothing that could bring him back anyway.

Gizmo sighed, relived that Mohawk wouldn't be back to get him, he then recapped even more, back to when he first met Billy and when the first Gremlin invasion ensued, this invasion however was even worse as the Gremlins had taken over the whole town in their grasp, with all humans hiding away and causing nothing but trouble, the army was lead by Gizmo's worst enemy, his worst foe, the Gremlin that had caused him so much pain that he couldn't describe it, the Gremlin that he had killed at his last stand by sunlight. Stripe.

He remembered Stripe dying so defenceless and so violently and the look in his eyes Stripe was giving him as he died, it was like he was saying: "I'll be back, just you wait but someday, somehow, I'll kill you Gizmo!" he definitely remembered Stripe's death by a long shot, the way he died, it was so traumatic for Gizmo watching it, the sunlight had burned Stripe to a crisp, all that was left that day was his skeleton, for which it fell haphazardly into the cold water below at the time, Gizmo thought it was the last they would see of Stripe. Until his skeleton jumped out of the water, Gizmo could remember the way his heart rapidly went as it happened; it was like Stripe was trying to use the last bit of his life to kill Gizmo so he would go down with him. That however was not the case, Stripe's skeleton had thumped to the floor, melting into nothing and drained out Stripe's last bit of life, nobody knew what happened to Stripe's body, but Gizmo knew that he wasn't coming back because he was dead.

However, Stripe had left a mark on Gizmo, because just after the incident with the Gremlins, Gizmo had been having nightmares, and it was not just any nightmare he would have, these ones were worse and more real than the normal nightmares he'd have, he'd dream of Stripe's ghost, haunting him in the night, cursing him and giving him nothing but torture, he even dreamed once that Stripe was back and in the flesh and actually killed him the same way that Gizmo had killed him at his last stand, that in fact was his worst nightmare out of all of them he had. He would continually have many of them and would usually wake up screaming and crying, ending in Mr. Wing trying to karm him down afterwards. Ever since Mohawk died, he never had any nightmares; it was like the bad dreams had washed away now that Gizmo knew that he was safe and... Happy.

"Gizmo, Could you take my clothes up to the bedroom!" Billy's voice called from the next room

"Ok Billy!" Gizmo replied sweetly, before hopping off the living room couch

Gizmo sprinted to the stairs where Billy's new clothes were waiting there ready to be taken up the stairs. Taking the neatly folded clothes in his arms, Gizmo advanced to the stairs, he climbed them slowly and steadily, trying not to fall forwards or backwards. When he got to the top, he went to Billy and Kate's room, where he threw the clothes on to the bed.

He then spotted a large mirror next to the bed; Gizmo stepped over to the mirror and looked at the reflection of himself in the mirror, he smiled before doing a silly pose in the mirror, he continued doing different poses until Gizmo finally ended up laughing at himself, usually mirrors would scare Gizmo and reflect the light out but, this one didn't as the curtains were closed.

As Gizmo laughed at himself in the mirror, he couldn't help but notice that another Mogwai face was peeping out at him, Gizmo suddenly frowned and turned round swiftly, but the face was gone. Gizmo sighed.

"I...I must be seeing things." Gizmo thought, as he turned back to the mirror

Gizmo looked at himself inside the mirror again, sighing to himself and threw his arms forward in a lazy pose, but as he was doing that pose, he noticed it again, the face he saw before, Gizmo rubbed his eyes in surprise, but when he finished rubbing his eyes the face in the background was gone.

"You know, since yesterday I think I've gone barmy! It's making me see things." Gizmo thought, as he turned round

Gizmo crept forward to the edge of the bed, trying to see if there was anything there but there wasn't anything in sight, he sighed in relief and went back to the mirror and stuck his tongue out at it before starting to walk backwards out the room, smiling all the way. However as Gizmo was going backwards, he felt someone come to contact with his back. Gizmo gulped in fear, it couldn't be Billy or Kate because they were too big for that besides, this contact against him, it felt like it was someone that was exactly the same size as him. Gizmo slowly turned round, preparing for the worst and as soon as he did, he instantly screamed, the mystery face did the same so, there they both were, screaming in each other's faces.

After 5 seconds, Gizmo suddenly stopped screaming and took a look at the mystery figure. It was a Mogwai, just like him but it looked like a Female judging by the velvet red bow clipped by one of its ears, there fur was exactly like his but replaced by the milky brown was a everlasting cream and just like him, they had brown eyes but theirs were slightly lighter than his.

The other Mogwai had stopped screaming too now they were both just staring at each other, not taking their eyes off one another, and Gizmo could not help himself but feel... drawn to this Mogwai, like there was a big mystery behind her existence, he didn't even know what to say to her, he then saw that the other Mogwai was lifting her hand up.

"H-hi there." The other Mogwai said cheerily, whilst shivering slightly

Gizmo widened his eyes at her, trying to figure out what to say, many thoughts and questions were floating in his head, there were that many, he didn't know where to start.

"Who is she? I don't even remember getting wet at all since I got here... unless I sleep walked last night which I wouldn't... would I? And when I got wet in that building... I spawned 4 Mogwai not 5... I did didn't I? But if she isn't one of mine, then how did she get in here?"


Gizmo snapped out of his thoughts to see the Female Mogwai waving her hands in front of him, when she saw that he had snapped out of it, she folded her arms impatiently and sighed.

"Are you deaf or something?" she asked, as she stared at Gizmo with an annoyed look on her face

"No, I just –

"I'm Angela, nice to meet you." she said, as she extended her arm out for Gizmo to shake

Gizmo shook it gently and smiled at her. "I'm Gizmo." He said shyly

"Nice to meet you... Gizmo." Angela replied

Gizmo widened his eyes at her again... the way she said his name, it was so cold and bitter... it was like she had heard it somewhere before, and the way she stared at him, it was like he'd done something to her, this was just getting creepier and creepier.

"Angela, I just need to ask you one question that's been kinda bugging me ever since I saw you." Gizmo shivered, freaked

"Yeah? What is it?"

"Um, how did you get in here?"

Angela smiled. "Well, I was just passing by the street and well I spotted this house, I thought that it would be a good place to go to during the day for a bit, I've just came to Earth and I've always wanted to know what it was like inside a house, I've always been wondering, this house looked good so I picked this one."

Gizmo nodded, but he was still a bit edgy. "Ok, that's fine with me; will you be staying on Earth long?"

Angela thought for a moment. "Depends really." She replied

Gizmo then walked to the door and beckoned her to come. "Come-on, I'll show you downstairs."

Angela shifted a little. "Uh... I don't know, what if somebody sees me? What will you say?"

"Don't worry, I'll think of something, but come on, Billy and Kate are really nice."

Gizmo then extended his hand out to her to take, Angela looked up at him, unsure of what to do, she had heard about Gizmo and what he could do to other Mogwai's, Stripe had told her all about it, but, he didn't seem like that, actually, she thought that Gizmo was more cute than anything. But she couldn't let that put her off her mission, in her time as a spy, Angela had met some evil people that had acted all nicey - nicey with her at first and then had turned back to their normal evil selves when she had come to spy on them, most of the time she could tell but Gizmo, he was making it harder than she thought, she looked into his eyes, they were full of nothing but innocence and happiness, it was like he hadn't done anything like that in his life and he looked so cute too. His innocence that he had in his eyes... it was brilliance for Angela, for she felt somewhat attracted to Gizmo.

"Angela, are you ok?"

Angela snapped out of her long stare and looked down at the floor, feeling embarrassed about what she just thought. "Yeah, I'm fine." She replied, taking his hand in hers

Gizmo hesitated at first, but nodded as he took her down the steps, helping her down each one as they went. When they had gotten to the bottom, Gizmo turned to her.

"So, where do you want to go first Angela, Kitchen or Living Room?" Gizmo asked, as he looked into her eyes

Angela fell for his trap, feeling hypnotised by his innocent eyes. "I'll go-


Gizmo and Angela jumped in surprise as they heard Kate scream, they looked up at Kate, she looked frightened to death, it was like someone had scared her out of bed. Billy then came dashing into the room; worry and surprise were on his face as he comforted his fiancée.

"What's going on Kate, you look like you've seen a ghost." Billy exclaimed, as he tried to karm his fiancée down

"Billy, I think Gizmo got wet again."


Kate pointed down at the 2 Mogwai, who were just on the bottom step, holding hands. Billy then spotted them both, widening his eyes in the process; he turned to Gizmo, who gulped sacredly at him.

"Gizmo, you didn't –

"Nope. Billy, Kate, this is Angela, she's just hit Earth and needs someplace to go during the day." Gizmo explained, as he gestured to Angela, who was standing next to him "So can she stay?"

Billy suddenly frowned. "Uh... I don't know Gizmo... we've only just got you into the house and... I don't know if we'll able to cope with 2 of you."

"Please Billy..." Gizmo pleaded as he got to his knees and done the puppy eyes

"I still don't know Gizmo..." Billy replied, he turned to Kate. "What do you think honey?"

Kate shrugged. "I think we'll be able to cope Billy besides, this one seems friendly enough."

"Please sir, I won't cause any harm." Angela begged, also doing the puppy eyes

Billy smiled. "Oh, alright then if you agree Kate then yes, she can stay Gizmo."

Gizmo dashed to his friend and hugged him. "Thanks Billy."

"It's ok Giz." Billy replied, before letting go of Gizmo, he looked down at the 2 of them "If you need us, me and Kate will be upstairs."

Gizmo nodded. "Ok Billy."

Billy only smiled back. "Be careful both of you and stay away from the water taps." He said, before walking upstairs with Kate

The 2 Mogwai only watched as the young couple ventured upstairs and as soon as they heard the door close, Gizmo only turned back to Angela with a big grin.

"See, I told you they were nice, hey, wanna watch Rainbow with me?"

Angela nodded. "Sure, why not."

The figure smirked, satisfied that they had caught Brain in the act. "Just wait till I tell Stripe about this, he'll be so mad."

The figure walked a few steps before hesitating. "No. I won't tell Stripe. Yet. I'll tell him when it's the right time to. For now, I'll just pretend I never saw anything."

The figure walked off into the darkness, proud of what they found out.


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