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"Come-on Angela!" Gizmo yelled, as he grabbed her wrist and ran down the corridor, dragging Angela with him as she struggled to keep up with Gizmo's quickening pace but, who can blame him after what happened...

Stripe, Gizmo's worst enemy, was back from the dead, God knows how, but all Gizmo knew was that he had to get out of the house before Stripe could catch him and Angela and do God knows what to them. But whatever it was, both of the Mogwai didn't want to find out...

Billy was dead. Kate was dead. Not a thing in the Peltzer Residence was alive anymore, Gremlin bodies were strewn across the floors of every room, organs and blood up the walls and there reptilian like eyes frozen in a coma-like state as they slowly rotted to nothing. Gremlins that they had killed to get away from Stripe, who had just killed Billy and Kate, who had merely given themselves up, just so Gizmo could carry on living. Even so however, Stripe knew that this wasn't enough, nothing was ever going to be enough for him until Gizmo, the Mogwai who had killed him, was at his feet, limp, bloodied, defenceless and suffering greatly with immense pain, just like he was at that water fountain...

Gizmo had nothing anymore, all he had now was Angela, who he was determined to protect from Stripe the best he could. He loved her, she was his only friend now and he was not, going to hand her over to the clutches of his nemesis.

The two Mogwai were practically running down the dark, dismal corridor of the house, which seemed to never end as both of them were panting hard, beady drops of sweat running from there furry foreheads. They were both exhausted, but they couldn't stop, they could never stop as Stripe was bolting after them down the corridor, the most evil smirk grimaced across his face as he clutched two giant butchers knives in his hands, which were dripping with blood, blood of two Humans who he had killed, just so he could get to Gizmo and give him his just desserts, something that Stripe couldn't waste any more time to not do.

Angela did her best to keep up with Gizmo as she ran frantically alongside him, panting hard as she felt her heart practically beating back and forth in her chest. Gizmo was gripping her hand tight, which was kind of helping her to keep up with him, sweat was practically gushing over her and tears were beginning to form as she thought of Billy and Kate's death, who had both been so good to her for the past few days, even though she hadn't known them for that long, she was truly saddened at their death. She looked round at Gizmo, who really did not look his best either as a mix of sweat and tears were pouring down his face, his eyes stinging and becoming more blood shot with every passing second at the sadness he was feeling, he had practically lost his only family in just one day and he wasn't going to lose Angela as well. Gizmo kept his eyes ahead of him, and saw the kitchen right there in front of them.

"Quick Angela, we'll hide in here!" Gizmo cried, as he looked back at Angela to see if she was ok.

"OH NO YOU DON'T!" Stripe yelled. "YOU'RE NOT GETTING AWAY FROM ME THAT EASILY GIZMO, NOT THIS FREAKIN' TIME!" The Gremlin then threw one of his Butcher's knives straight at the Mogwai, who both screamed as the knife missed them by millimetres, but was now stuck in the wall, right next to Gizmo's head, blood slowly dripping off it to the floor, making a drip-drop like sound when it hit.

Not wasting any more time, Gizmo grabbed Angela by her wrist, pushed her on the floor in the kitchen and quickly slammed the door over as Stripe had now reached the other side of the door and was trying to pull the knife out the wall it was embedded in. For a moment, all was quiet, as Gizmo panted hard, letting his exhaustion drop as he rested his back up against the door and looked up at Angela, whose eyes were wide with worry as she too started to lower down her tension.

"Don't worry," Gizmo assured Angela, as he looked into her big milk brown eyes. "We should be safe in here."

Angela nodded wearily, but she couldn't help but feel that their troubles weren't over yet, as she listened hard to the sounds on the other side of the wooden door. As it started with a sharp pop, then the shuffle of feet turning to a new direction and ended, with a fast, hard, fling of a- "GIZMO, LOOK OUT!"

Gizmo screamed as two knives came straight through the door, landing right under his arms and quickly crawled backwards in alarm to Angela's feet, eyes wide, and heart once again beating like a millennium as both of the Mogwai watched in horror, as Stripe took his knives out and started jabbing through the door with them, hoping to somehow get in to them.

"GIZMO, WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO? HE'S COMING IN!" Angela screamed, as she kept her eyes on the door ahead of her, watching as the bloodied butcher knives teared their way through the door to their sanctuary.

Gizmo looked around frantically, hoping that he could find somewhere to escape from, he quickly looked towards the back door and spotted that the cat flap was still free, right from when he, Billy and Kate had first moved in the house. "Angela, the cat flap, we could escape through the cat-

The Mogwai felt himself cutting off as he turned round, expecting to see Angela's frightened face, but he never did, she had now completely vanished.

"ANGELA!" Gizmo called, hoping that she would pop up from her hiding place. "ANGELA!" Gizmo looked round everywhere in the whole kitchen with only his head as he stayed frozen to the spot, hoping to find her somehow. "Come on now Angie, this is no time to be playing hide and seek!" The Mogwai shouted, before turning back to the kitchen door, which Stripe was still prodding knives through to demolish it down. Gizmo started shivering as he ran backwards from the kitchen door, he was all alone now, Angela was gone, nowhere to be seen, and his worst enemy was practically prodding daggers through the door to kill him. What could possibly happen that would make it all even worse?


Gizmo felt something hard come into contact with his head from behind as he felt himself sprawling on to the floor. The Mogwai slowly lifted himself up from the floor, keeping his eyes shut as he felt a sharp pain shoot through his head, he touched the left side of it and slowly opened his eyes to look, there he saw a red patch on his fingertips: blood. Gizmo widened his eyes and gasped in surprise as he wondered who in the world did this to him, but due to his hit in the head his mind was beginning to go cloudy and he practically couldn't think straight at all. But his prayers were about to be answered as his culprit went round to him, standing right there in front of him with a sinister smirk gleamed over there face, with their weapon in hand as they held it high over their shoulder, like they were going to use it again, but they never did. They just stood there, staring at him, until they finally spoke.

"Hello Gizmo..."

Gizmo slowly brought himself to look at his culprit, that voice sounded awfully familiar and he couldn't believe who it was, but he just had to look, to see if they were really there. Slowly, he lifted his head to look at his culprit and when he saw who it was, he practically got a shock of his life. "A-ANGELA!" Gizmo gasped, practically crawling away from her as he looked into her eyes, which were no longer sweet, but full of evil.

Angela just stood there as she lowered her weapon down, which was a frying pan that was now dipped in Gizmo's blood from round the edges, which slowly hit the floor, on the brink of Angela's big toe; she kept her smirk on, just glaring at the other Mogwai with a mad glint in her eyes as she dropped her weapon to the ground. "Surprised to see me Gizmo?" She taunted.

A scared Gizmo slowly got to his feet, as he held the left side of his head with his hand and walked straight over to Angela, getting right in her face. "W-What's gotten in to you Angela?" He shouted, as tears began resurfacing in his eyes. "You're supposed to be my friend! Remember?"

Angela's expression never changed, it was like she didn't remember a thing that they did together. "Friends?" She pondered in a rather evil tone as she pressed her face closer to Gizmo. "Is that really what we were Gizmo? Really, you are stupid if you think that!"

Gizmo began to shiver again as he backed off from Angela's gaze, the amount of evil in her eyes scared him greatly as he drew backwards, carrying on until he hit a wall behind him, which made him jump immensely as Angela stepped towards him, practically cornering him against the wall, just like a bully and its victim. And unfortunately for Gizmo, he was the victim. Just like in the Clamp Centre Building when Mohawk, George and Lenny had him cornered at the air vent...

"ANGELA!" Gizmo yelled, as he tried to reason with her. "Don't you remember the things we've done together? The places we've been? And how much you mean to me?" Gizmo forced his head away from Angela for a moment, as he eyed the cat flap next to him, which was there only escape from Stripe, who was still prodding his butcher knives through the door. "I can't talk about it now Angie, but don't you remember our mission here? We've got to get away from Stripe; he's going to kill us both. Now come-on, through that cat flap!"

Angela let out a gigantic evil laugh which sounded strangely... not like her at all as she pulled back from Gizmo's face before looking straight at him again, still with that glazed smirk. "You don't understand, do you Gizmo?" She taunted, as she pressed her face now only millimetres from Gizmo's, giving him a dastardly grin. "I never wanted you to get away from my clutches."

"W-What are you talking about?" Gizmo cried, confused as to why she was saying those words. But as Gizmo looked into her eyes, he noticed something about them: they had changed colour. They were no longer milk brown but a bright, bold, blood red.

"I never wanted you to escape in the first place!" Angela shouted evilly, keeping her eyes on the scared Mogwai. "In fact, I wanted you dead, I always have, and always will!" But as Angela was talking, her voice grew deeper and scratchier and her tone was now more of a hiss, than her soft womanly tone that she used to have, it was like Gizmo was speaking to someone completely different.

Gizmo practically shivered as he pressed his back up against the wall the furthest that it could ever go, his heart was beating nonstop, his fur stood on end and his eyes were the widest that they had ever been in a long time. But as Gizmo shivered profusely, he looked towards one of Angela's fluffy arms and noticed something extremely wrong.

The fur on her arm was no longer cream and white; it was now BLACK AND WHITE. Gizmo widened his eyes at the arm and instantly gulped in terror, only one person he knew had an arm like that... He looked straight at 'Angela.' And saw that all her fur was completely changing colour, replacing her gentle cream was a demonic black which took over nearly every bit of the body with white, now only just on the wrists of the arms, same on the bottom of her legs, just before the feet, with two curved stripes down the belly along with a slight beard, two white patches by the ears and one, pearl white, crisp mohawk. Plus, the ears were no longer curved round; they were now more like bat wings, with frills going all round the bottom, which were also slightly curved. The new figure smirked at Gizmo, giving him an amused grin as they watched him cower back into the wall with pure shock and terror etched across his face, the figure cackled as he leaned towards Gizmo's ear, whispering the words: "Gizmo, KAKA!" In a rather menacing way before slowly leaning back out, grinning at Gizmo again in a menacing way as he crossed his arms in front of the Mogwai. "Remember me?"

Gizmo was practically at his wits end, he knew that Stripe was back but... him too? It was like everyone in the world wanted him to die or something. Gizmo looked into the bold red eyes of his old enemy, one that he had not long killed. "M-M-M-MOHAWK!"

Mohawk grinned at Gizmo's fear. "Hey wimpo, long time no see." He stepped closer to the scared Mogwai, keeping one hand against the wall while the other just flopped down to his side. "You know, it was kinda funny, you killing me like that."

Gizmo only shivered some more, as he slowly edged away from Mohawk's arm in the opposite direction.

"But you know something; it's about time that someone killed you, just how you killed us Gremlins, and I'm the one that's going to do that!" Mohawk declared, as he turned slightly more to Gizmo's direction, noticing that the Mogwai was trying to get away by doing the side steps so he copied Gizmo's actions, just like a mirror outline before stopping right in front of Gizmo, his intimidating figure making Gizmo seem puny to him, even if they both were Mogwai. Mohawk then gave Gizmo a harsh grin as he suddenly yelled: "NOW COME HERE!"

Mohawk flew forward at the other Mogwai, hoping to catch him while he was cornered. But Gizmo was faster, as he dashed to the right, dodging Mohawk's attack as he practically ran to get a weapon, something to defend himself against his old enemy, he then spotted it: The frying pan that was left untouched in the middle of the kitchen, he turned back to Mohawk, who had just turned his head round towards Gizmo, giving him a really evil look. "Aw, what's the matter Gizmo, aren't you having fun? Didn't you have fun on our last pway date?" Mohawk taunted.

Gizmo didn't reply, he couldn't, not when his life was practically hanging in the balance of his two worst enemies. Snapping his head back to the frying pan, he ran for it, running as fast as his little legs could carry him, he COULD NOT lose that pan, not when it was his only defence line. The Mogwai panted hard, not even looking back as he ran, his heart beating twice as fast.

Mohawk snarled as he saw his enemy run for the frying pan, he ran after Gizmo like a bolt of lightning, not even stopping as he kept his eyes on his prey, just like a lion in the safari, watching his flock of Zebras flee him. Mohawk seemed to get the speed from somewhere as he was not far from Gizmo now, closing in on him. He smirked at this but then his victory then went to dust as Gizmo went to grab the frying pan.

Mohawk gritted his teeth together harshly as he thought fast on his next action; he then sprung into the air, doing a freestyle flip before landing straight on top of Gizmo, stopping him from grabbing his weapon as Mohawk grabbed at his fur, pulling it harshly as he pulled Gizmo back, Mohawk was on his back as he wrapped his feet round his belly, cutting Gizmo's windpipe off as he fell back into Mohawk's belly. The evil Mogwai tried to stop Gizmo's fall on top of him but he ended up joining in as Gizmo collided with him and the two Mogwai ended up just like a snowball, knotted together with brown, white and black as they rolled around the kitchen floor, biting, scratching and clawing each other like mad as they rolled round the kitchen.

There ball finally broke as Gizmo went head first into a cabinet, Mohawk on top of him, punching his face left and right repeatedly, not even stopping for mercy as blood began to dribble from the heroic Mogwai's mouth.

Gizmo, a bit dazed from his knockout, snapped his eyes open to see Mohawk punching him in his face and even once in the stomach as he felt the wind get knocked out of him. The Mogwai decided that he had to do something, something extreme, anything to get Mohawk off him. Feeling his fists ball tightly, he threw one straight at Mohawk's face, forcing him right off Gizmo as he went flying halfway across the kitchen before landing with a hard thump on the floor as he slowly pushed himself up, surprised from his enemy's dagger punch.

Gizmo never even looked at Mohawk and ignored the bruises forming on his face and the blood dribbling from his mouth as he ran to the kitchen door, which was where Stripe was STILL prodding his knives through, Gizmo then grabbed one of them as it once again went through the door. He then looked around as he held the silver, gleaming knife tightly in his hand, trying to find out where in the world Mohawk went, his head spinning frantically as he quickly breathed in and out like mad.

"YAHOO! Hey Goody-Goody boy!"

Gizmo quickly spun to see Mohawk right next to him, holding Stripe's other knife in his hand as he licked his lips, wiping the blood that was once dribbling out. "Now come-on Gizmo, where's the action? Where's the adventure? Where's ya fancy gimmick that YOU USED TO DEFEAT ME WITH?"

Mohawk then ran at Gizmo with his knife, which Gizmo just about dodged as he held his up in defence, which made both knives clash together, they both used them to fight, just like lightsabers as they clashed back and forth with them, the knives making horrendous clanking sounds as they collided together repeatedly. They both did this for a few minutes before Mohawk finally growled, getting impatient as he thought that they weren't getting anywhere. He then ran straight at Gizmo and kicked him in the shin, which made the Mogwai instantly drop his knife and start to stumble backwards as he held his shin in pain, letting out small little squeaks as tears started streaming down his face because of the pain that he was going through at the moment.

Seeing the tears in Gizmo's eyes, Mohawk laughed in amusement at his enemy's pain as he watched Gizmo stumble around the kitchen.

Gizmo couldn't take anymore, and he knew that too as he held his shin and it wasn't the only thing that was hurting him neither. His head was spinning; he could barely think straight, blood was dribbling from his head and mouth, his stomach felt as if it got the worst pumping ever and his shin was aching like mad. Not only that but Gizmo had lost the only family that he ever had, he was all alone now, so what was the use of going on? What did he have now?

Gizmo then felt himself collide into a cupboard which made a good darn whack sound as the Mogwai fell to the floor, seeing nothing but stars. A glass jar of sugar hit the Mogwai on the head, sending his head to the side as he fell even more to the floor, covered in soft, sparkling white sugar, glass all around him as he felt his eyes closing and his whole body descending to a world of darkness as it slowly came over him. Gizmo was fading and this time, he knew he couldn't stop it.

Mohawk's jaw dropped in happiness as he watched Gizmo get knocked out, right there in front of him, he went closer to the Heroic Mogwai, who was now barely breathing, stopping about a centimetre or two away as he looked down at his fallen enemy, a maniacal grin spreaded across his furry face as he then let out a terrifying laugh before kneeling down to Gizmo and saying something that he never thought he'd say. "HA! In your face Gizmo! You never thought that you could beat us again? Did you?" He paused as he thought about his question. "Pffft, I bet you did, well, I'll tell you something else buddy boy, you were wrong! YOU WERE REALLY WRONG! HAHAHA! We've won you out Gizmo, don't try and deny it, me and Stripe, were going to rule the world now and as always: THE GREMLINS WILL ALWAYS TRIUMPH! SO GET READY FOR YOUR DEMISE GIZMO BECAUSE WERE SURE AS HELL READY TO EXTRACT IT!"

That was the last thing that Gizmo heard as Mohawk let out his chilling laugh, which seemed to echo throughout the kitchen as it suddenly became darker and the last thing the Mogwai saw was Stripe, finally breaking through the kitchen door with his feet, as the door landed face first on to the floor. Gizmo was unable to move as Stripe grinned at the scene before him, he then marched over to Gizmo and grabbed him harshly in his hand, squeezing the last bit of life out of him. The last thing Gizmo could remember was being hoisted up to Stripe's scary mug before slowly fading away as darkness overcome him.

Gizmo whimpered in pain as he strained to open his eyes. So far, from what he could tell, he was in a very dark room of some sorts, he tried to move his arms but soon found out that he couldn't as he looked over and found that rope was tied tightly round the wrists of his arms and legs, bounding him to the table and preventing him from getting up. He looked to his left hand side and saw that there was loads of surgical equipment such as needles, scissors and much more stuff that would scare the living daylights out of you if you ever did see them at your local hospital. Gizmo gulped. Whatever his enemies wanted to do to him, he just wanted it to be over with. He then looked the other way, trying to think of a way to escape when he came face first with Stripe, who was standing there in a surgery jacket, which was practically ripped and covered immensely in blood from god knows who, he also had a surgery mask over his mouth, which was also slightly ripped, so you could clearly see that the Gremlin was grinning. Mohawk was there with him too however, unlike Stripe, he had a small nurse hat on, which was ripped and bloodied, and he too had a savage grin on his face as he stood on the table next to Stripe.

"H-Hello Stripe." Gizmo stuttered, as he began shivering all over again.

The Gremlin's expression suddenly turned angry. "Hello? Is that all you can say? It won't be hello by the time we've finished with you!" He turned to Mohawk, with that savage grin back on his face. "Nurse Mohawk, could you get me 'the weapon.'?"

Mohawk only kept his eyes on Gizmo before turning round to jump off the table. "Of course doctor Stripe." He replied evilly, before jumping off the table and running off to God knows where, his figure vanishing in the darkness.

Gizmo watched as Mohawk vanished before turning back to Stripe, shivering like mad as he gulped. He was tired with all this suspension, whatever it was that they were going to do, Gizmo just desperately wanted it over with, he was scared to even ask about what they were up to, but he had to know. "W-What are you going to do to me?" The Mogwai asked, as he looked straight at his enemy.

Stripe's grin seemed to go past his nose as he replied: "Well Gizmo, were going to kill you, nice, and slow... make you wish that you never spawned us, were going to make you suffer, just like you did to us!" He then turned angry as he stated: "SEE? NOW YOU WILL KNOW, HOW WE FELT, YOU LITTLE PIECE OF S-

"I got em Stripe!" Mohawk cooed, as he skipped in happily with his usual, brooding, evil expression. Gizmo slowly leaned up and just about managed to see what the other Mogwai had brought over with him, in Mohawk's hands were two of the same weapons except, one was bigger than the other. The weapons were basically giant garden cutters, which were bigger than any normal cutters and if you looked closely, you could see mega strikes of electricity flowing through them. Gizmo let out a shriek as Stripe's hand came flying towards his face and pushed it back, forcing the Mogwai once again back into his first original position.

Stripe quickly spun back round as he took the bigger Garden cutter off Mohawk and began to push the handle bars of it together with his hand, making the points go in and out, just like cutting a hedge. The Gremlin smirked, glad that their weapons were fully functional for their job. "Excellent Mohawk, excellent..." The Gremlin whispered as he looked at the tip of the cutter, admiring its shining beauty before touching the tip to see if it was sharp enough and when he did, he instantly gritted his teeth as he cursed many things to himself, it gave him a bleeding finger but hey, at least it was sharp enough to do the job.

Gizmo was shivering like hell as he watched what was going on around him; he turned to the left as he heard Mohawk climb up to the table, holding his garden cutter. The other Mogwai gave Gizmo a dirty grin as he pushed on both handles of the cutter, one hand on each as he pushed the points together repeatedly, his red eyes locked on Gizmo's bound, shivering frame as he pushed the points of the cutter together repeatedly and slowly, getting complete pleasure from his enemies fear.

Gizmo could feel his heart about to leap out of his skin as he watched Mohawk push the cutter together threateningly, and that horrible grinding sound it was making wasn't helping him neither, it was only making him feel worse. The Mogwai began to see stars again as he thought of the many possibilities that Stripe and Mohawk could try and do to him with garden cutters. As Gizmo tried to whack the life into himself, he saw Stripe walk round to the right hand side of the table, as Mohawk was already on the left, who was holding the garden cutter in his small hands pleasurably. Stripe then put his weapon down for a moment as he fiddled with the surgery mask round his mouth. Gizmo looked at Stripe's cutter and instantly widened his eyes at the sheer size of it, who knew that you could get a cutter THAT big?

The Gremlin then picked up his weapon again, grasping it tightly in his claws before lifting an arm up to his mouth and threw off his mask, grinning down at Gizmo in pure pleasure. "Sod the mask!" Stripe shouted rather happily as he glared down at the shivering Mogwai. "I don't care where the blood goes on this one, in fact; I want to be covered in it." He then licked his lips before pressing his face closer to Gizmo, giving him one of his most evil looks ever. "I don't even care if I have to taste it, I'll gladly do it, and as I can tell by your fear, I'm sure it'll be, nice... and juicy. A Vengeance dish, served nice and messy! Just how I like it!" The Gremlin then pulled away from Gizmo's scared face and looked at Mohawk, who was looking straight back at the Gremlin, his garden cutter gripped in one hand as he waited to extract his vengeance, a glazed smirk trounced along his baby peach skin as he waited for Stripe's command. The Gremlin then raised his cutter in the air; points faced down above Gizmo and began pushing the pointers open as he began his speech. "Nurse Mohawk, I believe that this patient needs a severe operation." He snapped the points together for a moment, making a clank that seemed to echo throughout the whole room due to how quiet it was. Stripe smirked down at Gizmo, after all these years... Revenge was his, he wanted to savour this moment for the rest of his life, Gizmo would finally be rid of the world and this time, no-one could stop him. "Let's say we go to..." He paused before pressing his face towards Gizmo again, giving him a sly grin as he whispered a word. "Extraction."

Gizmo's eyes and head instantly spun as soon as Stripe had said the word, the Mogwai knew everything now, they were going to rip him open and tear his insides out which was definitely far from quick and painless, it was nice, and slow, just like they said, ripping through his body until it simply... faded away. The Mogwai looked towards Stripe, who was about to force the garden cutter through his stomach, at the moment, it was just there, hanging in the air like a pendulum knife, the Gremlin was now lowering it and Gizmo couldn't contain his fear any longer, using all the strength he could muster, he screamed, not even stopping for a moment as he let it all out, he didn't even care if Stripe or Mohawk beat him up for it, as long as someone heard his cries, it was his only hope for getting out of-

"Gizmo buddy are you alright?"

Gizmo popped his eyes open and looked down at his feet, he was back home where he belonged, he slowly looked round the room and spotted that nothing was destroyed, it was like the room hadn't been touched by any Gremlin at all. The Mogwai looked up at the double bed next to his small, makeshift one and saw Billy peering over at him in concern. He knew why too, his fur was drenched in sweat, he practically screamed out loud just now and his fists were tightly clenched, like he wanted to punch someone. Gizmo frowned as he lowered his head down, his ears drooping like dead, wiltering flowers. "I'm alright Billy." Gizmo replied sadly before slowly looking up at his friend, tears beginning to take surface on his sweat stained face. "I..." The Mogwai sniffled and snorted as he wiped his nose for a moment, tears now cascading down his face as he looked back up at Billy. "I just had a nightmare is all."

Billy's eyes widened, he knew that Gizmo would frequently have a nightmare every so often, especially about one certain Gremlin that they had faced. "Was Stripe there Giz?" He asked.

Gizmo nodded sadly as he wiped his tears. "And Mohawk too..."

Billy's eyebrows raised in surprise. "Mohawk too?" Billy then looked at the ceiling in thought, he hated seeing Gizmo scared and tonight was no exception in fact, he looked worse than normal. His eyes were bloodshot and teary, his fur drenched in sweat, his throat raspy as he spoke, snot running out of his nostrils. Billy had never seen Gizmo so... ruined, the Young adult looked at his clock just by his side of the bed which read 2:01am before getting out of bed, going over to Kate's side and grabbing the bottle of coke next to her on the bedside table, he then looked back at Gizmo, who was staring at him with a quizzical expression written across his face. Billy gripped the bottle tightly; he had to do the right thing. "Come-on Giz, you can sleep with me and Kate tonight." Billy said warmly, as he walked back round to his side of the bed.

Gizmo didn't even object as a brimming smile spreaded across his face, he bounded over to the bed with a big spring in his step as he grabbed the mattress and pulled himself up with ease, despite the fact that he was still slightly sweating. Once Gizmo was on the bed, he crawled forwards to the middle, careful not to wake up a sleeping Kate as he did so, who was right next to him curled up on her left hand side facing the window.

Billy then climbed into bed next to Gizmo as he pulled the covers over before passing Gizmo the leftovers in a small bottle of coke. "Here." Billy said, as he passed Gizmo the bottle. "Get this down ya; you look like you need it."

Gizmo didn't object Billy's offer as he gently grabbed the bottle of coke out of his hand and opened it up, taking great big swigs out of it; after all, he needed it, as his throat was intensely dry. When he had finished, he turned back to the right hand side, expecting to see Billy's face, but he didn't, the Mogwai began to panic again but slowly relaxed as he saw Billy come in from the bathroom with a towel and went over to the Mogwai as he began to dry the sweat off him from head to toe, it kind of dried Gizmo off but it was hard without water or soap, but Billy couldn't do it, after all, if he did... one of the three rules would be broken once again. Billy then put the towel on to his bedside cupboard as he got back into bed, pulling the covers over himself and tucking Gizmo in before slowly laying down. "Don't worry about the sweat Giz, it'll probably be gone by tomorrow besides, there's still a bit on you but it won't bother me."

Gizmo only nodded slowly as he began to frown out of fear, the thought of having another nightmare like that... it was just too much for him. Usually, Gizmo would just go back to sleep afterwards, even if he did sweat or shiver but this nightmare, something in it was stopping the Mogwai from ever going to sleep again. Billy spotted Gizmo's quietness and turned on his side towards him, his eyebrows narrowing in concern at the Mogwai.

"Hey Giz... what's wrong?" Billy asked.

Gizmo felt the tears bubbling again as he thought about his nightmare, to him, it was so realistic, and it looked so real, it was like it was going to happen someday, just like a prophecy told in many storybooks however, this prophecy, wasn't a good one. Gizmo looked straight at Billy, the tears once again streaming down the Mogwai's face as he too turned on to his side to face his friend, he had to tell Billy what he thought. If he didn't, he was sure to feel insecure for the rest of the night. "Billy... I'm scared." Gizmo whisper-cried as his eyes diverted from his friends gaze. "I'm scared of having another nightmare with Stripe, and Mohawk, and..." Gizmo paused as he let his tears fall, wiping them out of his eyes once again with his furry arm before looking back at Billy for the final time, continuing his explanation. "I can't go through another nightmare Billy, I just can't do it, it looked so real and... they... they wanted to RIP MY BODY OPEN TO TEAR MY INSIDES OUT, IT WAS SO SCARY BILLY, I JUST-

"Shhh, Gizmo." Billy comforted, as he held an arm out to stroke the Mogwai's fur in an attempt to karm him down. "Don't worry about that nightmare, ok? Whatever happened wasn't real, and it's going to stay like that..." Billy paused for a moment as he looked into his friend's scared brown eyes, continuing to stroke his fur as he attempted to karm him down. "And Stripe and Mohawk, there not coming back... there never coming back, there dead Gizmo, you've got to be tough and move on from the past." Billy paused once again before speaking. "I know it's hard, but... you're going to have to do it Giz cause there not coming back, and they never will come back, all they are now is distant memories, everyone has to move on from things Giz, heh, even me."

"But Billy, I'm not t-

"Of course your tough Giz, if you weren't tough, you wouldn't have killed two mean Gremlins off would ya, you little dark horse!"

Gizmo smiled through his tears as he suddenly felt rejoiced, Billy's words were certainly taking affect on him, thoughts of his heroic acts and deeds rushing up to his mind, he had killed two of the most savage, brutal gremlins to ever exist, all by himself and that was definitely something which had great toughness in it. Billy was right, he was tough, in his own little way and for the first time in many years, Gizmo pushed the thoughts of any Gremlins to the back of his mind.

"So don't worry about them nightmares Giz and if you do have one, maybe you could twist it and instead of them beating you like always, maybe this time, you could beat them at their own little games." Billy then ruffled one of Gizmo's cheeks, which made the Mogwai giggle in happiness. "Just like you always do Giz, because I know that you have the courage to beat em."

Gizmo sniffled as his friend said kind words to him; he wiped his eyes for one last time, clearing off any remaining tears that lingered on his face before looking up at Billy, his dark brown eyes sparkling in happiness. "Thanks Billy." Gizmo whispered softly, as he began to lie down and pull the covers over his small, furry body.

Billy smiled, glad that Gizmo was now happier and free of any Gremlin insecurities, good words always prevailed in circumstances such as these, and it certainly worked for Gizmo. "No problem Giz, goodnight." Billy said, before letting out a giant yawn, and turned over on to his other side as he let sleep overcome him.

Gizmo let out a cute little yawn himself and smiled as he turned to lie on his back, facing the wall ahead of him. "Goodnight Billy." The Mogwai replied, as he snuggled under the covers and closed his eyes, hoping that he wouldn't have another nightmare, and if he did, he hoped that somehow, he could turn it all around, and be the one to prevail against his two worst enemies, dead or alive, many good thoughts rushing through his whole body as sleep overcame him for a second time round.

The Sun was once again spreading its arms out in happiness, extracting glorious, golden light from its whole body, which sparked throughout the whole of New York City, waking everyone up to a fresh, new day and the Peltzer residence of course was no exception including its loft, which was a brand new nesting place for many Gremlins, including some old 'friends.' Of Gizmo.

It was around 9:00, and Angela was currently scampering through the loft like a rat hunting for its food, the thing she was hunting for however was none other than her crush, Lenny. After what had happened between them last night, Angela desperately wanted to talk to him, try to convince him that what she did with Gizmo was nothing more than a bit of fun, which it actually was, even if Angela did feel a slight attraction to the Heroic Mogwai, she couldn't let that break her chances with Lenny. She dashed desperately round the loft, skimming her way past many Gremlins that were up to their usual antics including Daffy, who was currently holding on to a Gremlins nose by his small Mogwai teeth, wiggling his body and laughing like crazy, his wild, orange eyes rolling round and round nonstop like an out of control Ferris wheel, just like he did with the police officer in the Clamp centre building, the Gremlin frantically tried to pull Daffy off as he stumbled into other Gremlins which once again started another domino rally in the loft for the second time since they had landed here in the first place.

But Angela paid no attention to the chaos around her; all she was focused on was finding Lenny and getting him back with her, he was everything to her, her heart, her soul and her joy, Lenny truly made her happy ever since she had met him in that dark, unsettling, germ full place. Many people say that there lovers are a sunshine on rainy days, Lenny was Angela's sunshine and he was the only sunshine she had and for that, Angela loved him. She didn't care about those two front buck teeth that stuck out of Lenny's mouth, to her, it was what made Lenny who he was and also more beautiful to her than ever.

The Female Mogwai's head spun round like mad as she tried to find her crush, hoping that he was in the mood to talk to her after that night, it was one of the things that Angela feared you see, it was that Lenny would never speak to her again, it would doom her for the rest of her life. Angela's button mouth grew a giant smile as she gasped in happiness at the sight ahead of her, her milk brown eyes widening greatly.

Just ahead of her, was none other than Lenny who seemed greatly happy as he walked ahead of him, away from Angela's direction with a great, big smile as he looked up at the Gremlin next to him, it was actually Stripe, the evil Gremlin leader of the clan, who was currently telling Lenny something that was hard for Angela to hear from her view, but whatever Stripe had said, Lenny had found it funny and was laughing his usual donkey-like laugh in amusement.

Wasting no more time than she had to, Angela ran like hell towards Lenny and Stripe, panting hard as she did, all sounds, smells and things around her just flew past her like a strong prevailing wind, her eyes plastered to Lenny's back as she ran towards him, he was the only thing on her mind, and Angela wanted him back. "LENNY!" She screamed out, as she ran onwards towards her crush.

Lenny felt himself freeze to the spot as he heard that beautiful, silvery voice that he used to love with all his heart, he now hated it with frustration, that silvery voice always reminded him of what Angela meant to him and now, it reminded him of her betrayal... and his terrible heartbreak... and Gizmo's cute looking, bug-eyed face, one which now Lenny hated with burning passion. He felt his shoulders tense up as he heard Angela stop right behind him, Stripe included, who was watching both Lenny and Angela as an awkward silence tensed between them, neither saying a word to each other, Lenny keeping his back, not saying a word to her but waiting for what she had to say to him, his heart practically beating so loud that he could even hear it. A few minutes had passed, and both Mogwai hadn't said a word to each other, the awkward silence still remaining until Angela took a deep breath and stepped forward in confidence, someone had to say something, and it might as well be her. She gently touched Lenny's shoulder with her hand and looked straight at the back of his head as she broke the silence. "Lenny, please, I just want to talk about what happened. Please... just give me a chance."

Lenny slowly twisted his head towards her but only half way, you couldn't see the whole of his face but you could just see his big, maroon eyes, sparkling out with sadness, tears were starting to form in the buck tooth Mogwai's eyes as he stared at his old friend and crush, he couldn't do it, not now, it was too soon, he needed time if he was ever going to talk to her about all the chaos. He looked in to Angela's eyes, those big, milk brown eyes that he missed like crazy and her beautiful face, which he desperately needed. Lenny wanted her dearly, she meant so much to him, he wanted to hold her, tell her how much he loved her and kiss her with full on passion, but he couldn't. The reason? He was scared, scared of getting heartbroken once more. "I'm sorry Angela..." He whispered, as he stepped forward and pulled away from her touch. "I just can't talk right now, it..." He paused as he looked down at the ground, trying to hold back his tears. "It's over Angie, our friendships over!" The Mogwai then gulped as he lifted his head up towards the wall and stood up straight, he was about to force some words out that he'd never thought that he would say. "Now, go away! Leave me alone!"

Angela's eyes started forming tears of their own as she stared at Lenny, now completely heartbroken at his words; this wasn't what she had been planning. "But Lenny, you don't understand!" She yelled, tears now streaming down her cream and white face as her eyes sparkled in sadness. "If you just talk to me about it, we could be friends again." Angela paused as she stared at the back of Lenny's head, waiting another minute or two for his reply, when she spotted that he said nothing to her plea, she continued. "Lenny, I know that... this has been hard for you and... I know that you want your space but, you won't get anywhere if you don't talk about your feelings cause, I'd like to know, I really would, your my best friend Lenny and... You and our friendship mean so much to me and I don't want to break up with you over a simple misunderstanding." The Female Mogwai's face then turned into a slightly more smiley one as she held out her hand towards Lenny, hoping and praying in her head that he would take it. "So, what do you say Lenny? Want to talk?"

Lenny just kept his back to her, unmoving to his gaze at the wall, Angela's words resounding back and forth through his head like an echo room, he wanted to go with her and chat, he really did but his both his jealousy and fear held him to the spot, which instantly made his decision. "Just... go away Angie, I... I just don't want to talk now, k?" Lenny whispered, as he slowly turned round to face her, his voice cracking at the tears forming in his eyes at this very moment.

Angela's face drooped at her crushes statement, she really thought that Lenny would converse with her; it was like he was a completely different Mogwai now more... hesitant and Gremlinized, the tears slowly began to come back to her as thoughts without Lenny began to rush at her. "But... Lenny... I want to be your friend." She paused as she panted for a moment to calm down, practically pouring her heart out to Lenny. "EVEN IF YOU DON'T WANT ME TO LENNY, I'LL ALWAYS BE THERE FOR YOU." Lenny felt the tears ball up even more in his eyes as he watched Angela pour her heart out to him. "No matter what..."

At Angela's speech, Lenny couldn't take it any longer, he just wanted her to go away, just so he couldn't feel the guilt that he was feeling right now, it was all too much for him, he needed space, time, if he was ever going to heal... "I said, leave me alone."

The Female Mogwai's face contorted in sadness, as her voice cracked through her tears. "But Lenny-

"I SAID LEAVE ME ALONE!" Lenny screamed out harshly.

The buck tooth Mogwai then sharply turned away from his crush, simply wanting nothing to do with her right now. He then fell to his knees in sadness as he began to cry in his own tears, letting out giant wails, just like he did the night before at that mirror.

Both Angela and Stripe watched Lenny as he wailed and whimpered, guilt filling Angela's conscience, she watched as Lenny's hands suddenly turned to fists and sighed dearly as her crush started to pound the floor out of anger. Angela looked all around her as she felt so guilty, so hurt, and so incomplete, she had to do something, she couldn't just stand there and let Lenny loose himself, with that thought in mind, she rushed forward, determined to break Lenny out of his heartbreak. "LENNY, PLEASE, I- HUH!"

The Female Mogwai gasped as a giant, green, scaly foot stomped right in front of her, stopping her from getting to Lenny, the green foot belonged to none other than Stripe, who was now standing right in front of Angela, growling in anger at her, his lips curved into a low snarl, red eyes practically flashing at her in anger as his white streak of hair stuck up in the air like a shark fin, however, unlike the shark, he wasn't offense, he was defence.

Angela slowly stepped back; the look that Stripe was giving her scared her greatly. "St-Stripe, could you please move? I... I need to, um..."

The Gremlin just gave her a dark stare as he leaned down towards her threateningly. "Why should you? Lenny doesn't want you near him, can't you see that? Can't you see that you've put him through enough already you little shight!"

Angela gulped, she was the target of Stripe's rage, which wasn't a good thing at all on her part, she looked into Stripe's bold red eyes and saw nothing but daggers, bold, glaring, daggers, she had no idea how she was going to get past Stripe, as he was now defending Lenny and was putting him more and more out of her reach, she scanned all around her for a way around the Gremlin but found nothing besides, if she tried to run past him, he would easily catch her and kick her up the backside or something else much worse. Knowing that all of her ideas wouldn't work, Angela only had one thing left to convince the Gremlin to move: her voice.

"Stripe..." Angela pleaded, "Can I please speak to Lenny? I promise you I won't hurt him or anything, I just want to talk to him about what's happened."

Stripe only stared at her, his eyes holding no mercy or pity for the Female Mogwai; he crossed his arms as he kept in his leaning position for a moment before pulling back from her, his expression also never changing, not even a smile glazed over him. "YEAH? SO YOU CAN WHAT? HURT HIM AGAIN?"

Angela slowly looked towards the floor. "No... But-

"EXACTLY!" Stripe yelled, as he pointed his finger towards Angela. "YOU ARE NOTHING BUT A SNIPPY LITTLE HEARTBREAKER!"

Angela cringed as she heard the Gremlins insult fly straight at her, striking a great bullet in her heart. "No..." Angela whispered. "It was a mistake, a simple-

Stripe cut her off as he glared down at her, it made him seem like a giant from the way he was standing and looking, he gritted his teeth at Angela, wanting nothing to do with her excuses or explanations. "I DON'T WANT TO HEAR ANY OF YOUR BLINDING EXCUSES!" The Gremlin shouted, he then leaned down to her again however this time; his face was now mere millimetres from hers. "Now..." Stripe growled, his face now twisting into a smirk as his red eyes started to spark out in a whole new way at the Mogwai. "Why don't you make yourself useful!" He then swung his arm down towards Angela, instantly scooping her up in to his hand and brought her towards him, Angela let out a surprised yelp as Stripe's claws tightened around her, making her unable to breathe.

At this, Lenny's head spun round as his eyes widened, his sight had greeted him with Stripe clutching Angela in one of his hands, giving her a threatening glare, he knew that Stripe was only doing this to defend him, but he couldn't help himself as he felt a slight urge to go over there and help Angela however, he stayed put, his maroon eyes plastered to both the Gremlin and Mogwai as he sat in his crumpled position.

Stripe stared at Angela for a moment as he squeezed her for a few more times, watching as a pained whimper escaped from her lips before continuing his speech. "And continue your spying missions for me with your little boyfriend, ay Angie?"

Both Lenny and Angela's eyes had widened when Stripe had referred to Gizmo as Angela's 'boyfriend.' Nobody had seen this one coming at all. Before anyone could even react to what was happening, Stripe began to set Angela down and looked straight round at her, giving her a devilish grin. "Now get going!" The Gremlin demanded, giving her a sharp push forward with his hand, which made Angela fall flat on her face.

Slowly, she stood up shakily from her position as she dusted herself off. When she had finished, she looked back up to Stripe, who was heading back towards Lenny, who was sitting there, frozen in his crumpled position, keeping his maroon eyes on Angela, he now felt even more guilty, as he made her go through all the torture, all because he wouldn't budge an inch to her advances. Stripe then stalked past him, his back turned at Angela and a triumphant smirk glazed over him. "Come-on Lenny," Stripe demanded, as he took a few more steps before turning back to Angela, deciding to rub more insults in to her. "You don't need a little girl like her following you around, she's only going to break your heart again besides, she barely has one herself." Stripe gave Angela one last evil glare before turning round and heading off in a direction, leaving Lenny and Angela alone.

Lenny stood up from his position as he kept his eyes on Angela, a sorrowful look stemmed on his face as he stood, he actually felt sorry for Angela, he really did, it was all his fault, if he had only-

"LENNY, COME ON!" Stripe shouted, as he tapped his foot on the ground, indicating that he wanted Lenny to shift it.

"C-Coming Stripe!" Lenny yelled back.

He turned his head to look at Angela for the last time, she had the same look that he had on his face: guilt and sorrow. He looked into her beautiful brown eyes for one last time before sighing to himself and walked away from her, slowly stepping towards Stripe as he pulled away from her gaze, following the Gremlin Leader into a whole new world.

Angela only stood there, completely dumbfounded as watched Lenny follow Stripe down through the loft. She sniffled as she once again tried to fight more of her oncoming tears; she shut her eyes tight, blocking the tears from escaping there jail cells. Lenny, her best friend and crush, was gone, vanished, pulled away from her like a magnet and it was all because of a simple misunderstanding. Stripe wasn't helping neither, especially with his insults and name calling, in fact, Angela thought that if the Gremlin wasn't there, she would have had a better chance of getting back with Lenny. She looked towards Lenny again and her heart broke, she couldn't do it, she could not, put herself through looking at her beloved crush and then start crying whenever she saw him, knowing that her and Lenny... we're never going to be friends, lovers, or anything for that matter, it was too painful for her.

With all those painful thoughts drawn up in her mind, Angela turned away from her crush and headed towards the loft door, ready to continue her mission in the only place left that she was appreciated: Gizmo's place. Angela slowly unlocked the padlock with her extra long claws and let it drop as she swung the door over face first; she looked around for Lenny for one last time and saw him nowhere, Angela could only frown in sadness as she wiped out a tear from her eye before putting on a fake smile, turning round and jumping down into the Peltzer Household once again, ready to be with Gizmo, her only friend left in the world.

Lenny and Stripe strode through the loft together as they walked past many chaotic Gremlin escapades in hopes to cleanse their boredom, wondering what in the world that they should do for the day.

However, as he walked beside Stripe, he couldn't help but feel guilty, Angela was giving him a chance to get back with her and he blew it all because of his petty paranoia, he wished now that he could turn back the clock and stop himself from making his mistake, he had also thought about sneaking away from Stripe when he weren't looking and running back to Angela to tell her how sorry he was and to scoop her up into his arms. But he couldn't do that now, know why? Cause Lenny had figured that Angela had gone on her big spying missions, which included spying on Stripe's worst enemy, Gizmo.

Gizmo... that name, that face, it sparked anger through Lenny's body as he felt his fists tense up at the thought of that... that... abomination. Lenny really wanted to kill Gizmo now, make him pay for taking Angela from him plus, for killing him in the Clamp Centre Building even though he didn't actually do it, Lenny figured that the little furball had some part in it but mostly, for taking Angela's affection away from him and for that, Gizmo had to be annihilated. If Gizmo had no idea of what he had done to him, he'd get a good idea when it was Lenny's turn to have a crack at him. With the thought of Gizmo in mind, Lenny looked up at Stripe; there was one paining question that Lenny had to ask him and one spectacular speech that he had to make afterwards.

"Um... Stripe?" Lenny questioned, as he tried to get the Gremlins attention. "How do you think that things are going up here, y'know, hiding and planning how to kill Gizmo?"

Stripe looked down at the Mogwai as he stopped in his tracks with a confused look on his face. "Why do you-

"I just want to know Stripe."

The Gremlin paused for a moment as he looked up at the ceiling, pondering Lenny's question in his head for a moment before finally thinking of his answer. "Yeah, I'd say things are doing well up here so far. They haven't found us yet, right?"

Lenny smiled at the Gremlins answer, at least now he knew that they could be one step closer into killing Gizmo, which was exactly what he wanted. He also figured that he needed to owe Stripe for all things that he had been doing for him, Stripe had been so good to him yesterday, and even earlier, even though Lenny detested against that one, he knew that the Gremlin did it for a good cause, he was now about to give his speech and Lenny couldn't help but smile at the Gremlin, as a ray of happiness tingled its way through his body inside, and out. "Well Stripe, I-I'd like you to know that... no matter what happens, I'll always be there for you, no matter what..." The buck tooth Mogwai declared, as he looked into the Gremlin's razor red eyes.

Stripe widened his eyes as he kneeled down next to the Mogwai, confused as to why he was so happy and dependant for him. "Why Lenny? Why do you want to be there for me so badly?"

Lenny's dopey smile instantly grew bigger, his eyes growing droopy and soft as he answered: "Because, through these past couple of days, you were there for me when no one else cared. You were like a big brother to me Stripe and... I just... want to do the same for you, just to say, thanks..."

Stripe felt his heart melt at Lenny's words as a warm smile grew across his green, scaly face. Even though most of it was all a trick, the Gremlin leader couldn't help but feel... needed, something he had never felt in his whole life, not even when he was with Greta and he liked it, this was part of why Stripe had taken a liking to Lenny in the first place, because he was an angel and a devil in his own way, a neutral to be exact and that was how the Gremlin leader liked his workers, nice... but naughty.

Stripe's bold red eyes, for the first time ever, had no danger in them what-so-ever as the glints grew softer and his eyebrows furrowed as he scooped Lenny up into his grasp, clutching the Mogwai gently in his hand before laying Lenny across his arm like he was in a hammock bed. Lenny only smiled as he pushed himself up against Stripe's chest for support and stretched his legs out like he was sunbathing. Stripe smiled down at the Mogwai as he made himself comfortable on his arm. "I don't know about you Lenny but, I'm going to play poker with the boys, you want to play with us?"

Lenny gulped at Stripe's question, poker really wasn't in his schedule but still, he wanted to have a go, even if it meant sitting next to the biggest bullies of the Gremlin hideout. "Sure Stripe." Lenny answered. "But I... um... I, um..."

Stripe instantly knew what Lenny was trying to say. "You don't know how to play? Well, that's no sweat Len; the king of poker will explain all!" Stripe exclaimed, as he grinned down at Lenny and pointed a finger at himself when he said: 'King.'

Lenny could only smile as Stripe started strutting past the many Gremlins in the loft, Lenny on his arm like a bandaged armsling as they both neared the poker table.

"Ha! Lenny's almost mine now... it's all going to plan!"

"Stripe doesn't seem so bad, but I'm still real nervous... and Angela... I hope that she's not too mad at me, oh who are you kidding Lenny! Of course she's mad at you! She tried to make peace with you, and you spat in her face... oh Angie, I really am sorry..."

Stripe leaned towards Lenny's ear as he whispered: "Grab the free seat next to mine." Before setting Lenny down to the floor and letting him walk over to a stone grey table, where 4 Gremlins and a Mogwai waited for them. As soon as Stripe sat Lenny down, the Gremlins bombarded there way over to Stripe, pelting him with questions about Lenny and why he was late to the poker table. The Gremlin Leader let out a giant sigh as he answered all their questions grumpily.

Lenny stared at the poker table, trying to remember which two seats were free before finally remembering which ones and jumping into his place, which was two seats to the left of the Mogwai. As Lenny tucked his chair in, he peeped round to see who he was sitting with and when he found out who it was, he instantly gulped.

It was no other than Mohawk, who was currently building a tower with the poker chips, his beady little eyes scanning the table before sighing and looking up at his surroundings to see none other than Lenny, who was practically trying not to tremble as he met Mohawk's gaze. Red eyes met maroon as Mohawk's bored frown turned into a sadistic smirk.

"Alright then everybody, let's play!" Stripe cheered, as he took his seat in between the two Mogwai before reaching for the pack of cards and opened them, instantly taking them out as he started to shuffle.

As Stripe shuffled the cards ready for their game, Mohawk leaned round to Lenny as he grinned in amusement. "Hey Lenny, how's that babe of yours, huh?"

Lenny's head instantly shot up at Mohawk's mention of Angela, his eyes wide and alarmed but he didn't dare answer. Stripe watched as Lenny tensed up out of the corner of his eye. "God damnit Mohawk..." The Gremlin leader mentally cursed.

Mohawk smirked at Lenny as he leaned round on the table with one furry arm, trying to look cool as his bright red eyes sparked with excitement. "Is she still smokin' hot as always?" Mohawk cooed, as he leaned forward towards the other Mogwai, holding himself up with his hands, drool starting to take shape on the edge of his mouth as he thought about Angela in many disturbing ways, saliva practically gushing from his mouth as his eyes and head lead him to a world of his own.

Lenny closed his eyes and shivered as he watched Mohawk drool over the thoughts of Angela, his whole body practically turned to jelly as he held his hands out in front of him and breathed heavily as millions of emotions rushed at him at once like a fire spreading. Jealousy, Anger, Guilt... it was just all too much right now and Lenny knew that to as he felt the teardrops sting in his eyes, which forced there jail cells open, revealing Lenny's tear stained maroon eyes, demoralised with guilt.

As soon as he saw a tear in Lenny's eye, Stripe instantly felt his fists ball as he slammed his eyes shut, shivering with anger as he left the poker cards in their normal position, right in front of him. "God damnit Mohawk, why do you have to go and ruin everything ya little brat!" The Gremlin leader practically cursed in his head as he slammed both fists on to the poker table, making the cards disperse like a ball of baby spiders, the four Gremlins and Lenny practically jumping out of their seats in alarm. Mohawk however, was still in his own world. THIS. WAS NOT. PART OF THE PLAN. How was Stripe supposed to get Lenny on his side if Angela was being mentioned at every turn? This was Stripe's BIGGEST obstacle of getting Lenny on to his side. Angela, his long time friend and crush, someone that soon he was going to dispose of... somehow. But the thing was, he didn't want Lenny on his back, he hated to see Lenny sad, especially now. But as Stripe snapped his blood red eyes open and glared at Mohawk, he felt the frustration bubble up at his obstacle, he wasn't angry because Mohawk hurt Lenny's feelings, he was angry because his plan was practically going to shreds. Raising one of his green Gremlin fists in the air, he whacked Mohawk round the head, forcing him out of his daydream and head first into the poker table, the Gremlins and Lenny instantly gasping in shock as Mohawk slowly removed his head from the table and glared straight at Stripe, anger flashing in his eyes. "HEY! WHAT WAS THAT FOR? I WAS HAVING ONE FREAKIN' GOOD DREAM AS WELL TILL YA WHACKED ME ROUND THE HEAD!" Mohawk yelled, as he looked the Gremlin Leader straight in the eye, not even a twinge of fear in his conscious.


Mohawk peeped round Stripe and smirked at Lenny, that mischievous look back in his eyes, devilish glints sparking out towards the other Mogwai. "Awww, you broke up with your babe, how sad..." Mohawk cooed, as he put on an affectionate voice, one that wasn't exactly good either as his expression instantly turned back to pure evil. "Ah well, at least I can take her for my own now and show her a right good- HEY!"

Stripe roughly grabbed Mohawk's arm and forced him to look at him as he pointed a Gremlin claw straight at the Mogwai's face, only millimetres away from the fur. "DON'T YOU DARE MAKE FUN OF LENNY! CAN'T YOU SEE THAT HE'S GOING THROUGH PURE HEARTBREAK AT THE MOMENT?"

Lenny's eyes widened as he watched Stripe defend his corner. "Stripe, it's alright, really..." He glared at Mohawk. "I can take him, or anyone else."

Stripe kept his back to Lenny but his mind wasn't changed. "NO LENNY! IT'S NOT ALRIGHT! HOW ARE YOU SUPPOSED TO MOVE ON WITH THAT BRAT," Stripe pointed towards Mohawk as he turned back to Lenny. "NAGGING IN YOUR EAR, AY?"

Lenny was about to say something, but he knew it was true, how could he move on from Angela when she was practically everywhere he looked, everything he thought about, and someone that many people talk about, how the hell was going to do it? He didn't even know how long he could do it neither but all he could do now was watch as Stripe fought for his behalf.


Mohawk crossed his arms and stepped towards Stripe. "I'll behave."

Stripe widened his eyes at Mohawk as he slowly pulled back from his gaze. "What?" he asked, surprised at the Mogwai's answer.

Mohawk sighed as he rolled his eyes. "I'll behave..." He whined out slowly as he looked down at the table that he was standing on. "Besides... it saves me from getting a god damn fist round my freakin' head." The Mogwai snapped, as he whipped his head backup towards the Gremlin.

Stripe grinned, he had won the case, which was one thing he loved about being a leader, always being able to get his own way, he then turned to the Gremlins who were all leaning back on their chairs under Stripe's death glare with wide, frightened eyes. "And that goes for you lot too, and if I see, one," The Gremlin leader pulled his finger out towards them and slowly scanned it over every one of them. "Just one of you, insulting Lenny about his love life, your all gonna freakin' get it, kapeche?"

All four Gremlins quickly nodded, showing that they understood as the all leaned back even more in their chairs.

Stripe grinned at their mercy. "Good, cause if I do have to strike, that Gremlin will get a GOOD whacking round the head but this time, they won't be coming back up, you got that?"

The Gremlins once again done there scared nods as they all simultaneously leaned forward and tucked their chairs in slowly, waiting patiently for their leader to deal the cards out.

Lenny frowned as an awkward silence descended over there area, all that was heard now were Gremlins in the background, and Stripe, shuffling the cards with a giant grin across his face, his red eyes glued to the table. The Buck tooth Mogwai was about to say something, but couldn't as Stripe had quickly covered his mouth with one of his hands before letting go seconds later as he kept his head down at his henchman in front of him, scaring them greatly before finally lifting his head up to look at them with a great big smile, the danger and anger now gone from his eyes. "Now..." Stripe whispered, as he shuffled the cards. "Let's play poker!"

The four Gremlins were all frozen with freight as they sat in their seats, gripping the bottom of their chairs with their claws out of nervousness. One even gulped as he felt his heart beat fling back and forth like a paddleball and prayed silently, that he and his pals, would make it out unscathed by their leader's deadly poker game.

The slamming of the door to the Peltzer Residence was heard, as Gizmo and Angela had just stepped in from the outdoors with giant smiles on their furry faces as they chatted about their latest topic: The Futterman's. Right now, Billy and Kate, along with Gizmo and Angela had just come back from their house, which they had gone to for a good few hours. The Futterman's really liked Angela and said that she could come visit again with Gizmo anytime and right now, Gizmo was telling her about how the Futterman's are linked in with his Gremlin enemies.

"And that's why Mrs. Futterman thinks that her husband's gone slightly loopy."

Angela widened her eyes at Gizmo's explanation. "Really?" She asked. "Geez... who knew that a few Gremlins can do that to you by driving a snow plow through your living room."

"Mr. Futterman isn't crazy." Gizmo explained, as he climbed up to the first step of his home. "His wife just worries too much but hey, who can blame him for being slightly distressed, they were almost killed for pete sake!" The Mogwai then sighed as he began climbing the stairs. "You know something, if I could go back to that day when Stripe made his existence, I would fli-

"So, Gizmo," Angela said rather nervously, as she tried to get Gizmo off the subject of one of his worst enemies, who was now practically her master. "What board game should we play? You said we would play one when we get home."

Gizmo turned back to her, his face softening to Angela's gaze as he smiled warmly at her, one furry foot on the next oncoming step ahead of him. "Yeah, sure!" The Mogwai then turned his head away for a moment, as he tried to think which game would be best. "Chess sound good to you?" He questioned, as he turned back to Angela.

Angela nodded enthusiastically. "Sure." She replied. "But you'll have to teach me."

"Don't worry," Gizmo explained. "You'll learn well, even if it does take time, I used to play with Mr. Wing in that Chinese shop before I met Billy, he beat me loads but... sometimes I did win against him." Gizmo then turned away from Angela again, his head down and mouth whimpering slightly as he thought about his former owner's death. He was about to cry but quickly stopped himself as he brushed the forming tears out of his eyes and held his hand out to Angela. "Hey, you need help climbing the stairs?"

Angela widened her eyes at Gizmo's gesture. Her mind was telling her to resist, especially because Lenny was still her crush, even if she did break up with him as friends, she just couldn't go that far with Gizmo again after that. But her heart was telling her the opposite, Angela could feel it beating as she looked at Gizmo's hand and then into his giant, dark chocolate eyes. Gizmo was always attractive to her and second best, mostly because she had Lenny as her main crush but... he was gone now, out of her life, he had made it clear earlier when she tried making peace and he wasn't coming back, not now, or ever again... Gizmo was all she had. Her Mind practically fought her Heart and her heart won. Gently, she grabbed Gizmo's hand, who helped her up some more steps until they were on the same step, where they looked into each other's eyes. Milk Chocolate eyes met Dark Chocolate as Angela leaned over to Gizmo because she had taken notice of him crying slightly, and whispered soothing words in his ear. "Don't worry about it Giz, it's all in the past now." Angela then leaned out from Gizmo's ear, giving him a warm smile as her face started to turn red.

Gizmo smiled warmly at her as he nodded slowly, taking note of what the Female Mogwai had said to him, her silvery voice echoing in his mind as he to, blushed bright red to her gaze, he could hear Angela giggle to herself as they both resumed to climbing to the top of the staircase, Gizmo's face bright red all the way as they climbed.

Once they had both reached the top, Angela let go of Gizmo's hand and headed straight towards the bathroom. "Look, Giz, I just need to go do some business, maybe you could get the chess board out and set it up on Billy and Kate's bed."

Gizmo nodded to her. "Yeah, sure, you can meet me in there after your done, k?"

"Ok." Angela replied, before going to the bathroom, smiling at Gizmo for one last time and closed the door over.

Gizmo smiled to himself as Angela had closed the door over. "Gosh, Angela's a really cool girl, I really like her, and she's kinda sweet, like me." That thought was in Gizmo's head as he skipped merrily down the corridor to the upstairs closet, ready to get the game of chess from it. He pushed the door back a few times and after like the tenth one, he managed to get it open and pulled out the chess box from the floor, Gizmo was lucky that the game wasn't on the shelf otherwise, he would of had to make himself get up to the shelf somehow, which in his case, would take a long time.

He picked up the chess board, his arms turning to jelly on the games weight, Gizmo wasn't the strongest Mogwai after all. He headed to the bedroom with a brimming smile and shaking arms as he stumbled quickly to the room. Once he was in, he set the game down on the floor, wiped the sweat off his forehead and practically fell back onto the floor, immersing himself into his own world as many joyful memories came to Gizmo's mind. Images of him defeat Mohawk with a fiery bow and arrow after he had pushed him too far, something which happened rarely for Gizmo. Images of him defeating Stripe by exposing him to sunlight, images of him, Angela, Billy and Kate being together like a family of four. Gizmo smiled at these memories, for he now knew, that nothing terrible, would ever happen again.


Gizmo instantly shot up as a manic laughter resounded through the upstairs floor, a laugh that was very familiar to the Mogwai. A chill began to spring down Gizmo's spine as he felt his body go to jelly; practically shivering to death as many laughs of a Gremlin resounded through the entire floor, freezing Gizmo to his spot as he slowly touched his heart, which was beating like mad. This was just like his nightmare, only, it was a lot worse and a lot more... real.

Shivering profusely, he reached for a nearby baseball bat, which was right up against the wall in the room. "C-C-C-Come out you S-S-Stupid Gremlins!" Gizmo stuttered, as he held the baseball bat high, ready to swing if any harm came his way. "I'm ready for ya!"

No response came. Only more laughter as it seemed to echo throughout the whole house. Gizmo's teeth began to chatter as he crept forward slowly, trying not to make a sound as his head spun round like crazy, trying to find out where the laughter was coming from, the baseball bat slowly slipping from his grasp as his palms began to get sweaty out of fear. All the rooms on the upstairs floor were wide open so Gizmo doubted that the laughter was coming from anywhere upstairs, he also doubted that it was anywhere below him, as he hadn't heard Billy and Kate scream or take any reaction.

The Mogwai slumped himself up against a wall, trying to karm himself down, his breaths coming out short and raspy as he tried to beat some sense into himself. "Don't be daft Gizmo! There's no Gremlins, know why? Because you haven't spawned any! That's why! And Stripe and Mohawk, there dead for god sake! They won't come back for you! Unless... I must be hearing things... I really, must be, hearing things... unless Angela... no! Don't you even think that Gizmo!"

Gizmo slowly began to karm down as the laughter began to cease for the moment. Because of this, he lowered the baseball bat; he wasn't going to use it, but he still had it firmly in his grasp if he did need it.

The Mogwai looked up at the loft, which was right above his head and saw something for the first time that he had never seen before: An open hatch, which was small enough to just about fit a Mogwai through. As Gizmo looked through the hatch however, he never saw a thing... only darkness, pure, insane, darkness. Gizmo then turned his attention from the loft to the ceiling above him; he narrowed his eyes, trying to find any source of the stomping Gremlin feet above him. For a moment, nothing happened, an eerie tension spreaded throughout the upstairs floor as Gizmo kept his eyes on the ceiling, eyes narrowed and teeth gritted into a snarl, it was like as if the Gremlins knew that Gizmo was watching them at this very moment. The Mogwai stared at the ceiling for more mere minutes and still, nothing happened. Gizmo sighed as he began to head back towards the Chess Board he left in the bedroom; he figured that he was just overreacting...


A deafening crash, broke through the house, seeming to come from above as Gizmo dashed back to the loft, looking up at it with a scared glint in his eye and gulped before grabbing the washing basket and put it in the position under the loft that he once was, as well as grabbing a giant pole, one that people use for washing lines to hold them up.

"I've got to check!" Gizmo frantically thought, as he climbed up onto the washing basket, the giant pole still in hand. "Because if I don't, it's going to drive me crazy! I'm sure there's no Gremlins, but I just want to make sure."

Stretching his arms up towards the loft door, Gizmo lifted the pole up and proceeded to silently push the hatch away...


Gizmo instantly jumped and turned to the sound of the voice to see none other than Angela, who had only just come out from the bathroom, her eyes wide as Dinner plates and her soft, cream fur seemed to stand on end more than usual as she kept her gaze on Gizmo, who was frankly frozen to the spot, his arms still straight up holding the pole, unmoving as he wondered what to say. "Um, well, I thought I heard a tarantula in the loft." Gizmo stated, as he finally lowered his arms down.

"What's with the pole then?" Angela asked, as she kept her eyes on the giant wash pole in one of Gizmo's hands.

Gizmo looked at the pole, then slowly looked back at her. "I was going to use this... this... this pole, to hit it with when I was up there." He lied.

Angela crossed her arms at him. "Well, that does explain the wash basket under your feet then." She claimed, as she reverted her eyes to the wash basket under the other Mogwai's feet.

Gizmo saw this and instantly went red as he too looked at the wash basket that he was standing on.

Angela grinned as she saw Gizmo's embarrassment. "So, aren't you going to set that game up then Gizzy, or am I going to have to tickle you to death for not doing it?" The Female Mogwai cooed, as she grinned slyly at Gizmo.

Gizmo's head instantly shot up at Angela's request as he quickly threw the pole down to the floor and jumped off the washing basket. "Um, sure I will." Gizmo replied, before running stealthily towards the bedroom, where they would both soon begin their game of chess.

Whilst Gizmo was setting the game up, Angela climbed up to the washing basket that Gizmo was on, grabbed the pole and slowly closed the loft over with a relived: 'Phew.' Before jumping off and began to push the washing basket back up against the wall. Personally, she was relieved that she had came out the bathroom when she did otherwise, the Gremlins secret Hideout would of been found before they had begun plus, her dark secret would of been found out too. "Personally, I think that was way too close..." Angela thought, as she finished pushing the washing basket up against the wall, her head then turned to Gizmo, who was putting all the pieces in their respective places for the game and began walking over to his location. "But, what I want to know is... what made him go over there? I'm sure it's more than just a Tarantula phobia... I guess I'll confront him about it tomorrow, when things have settled down a bit more..."

"Aw man Stripe!" Mohawk yelled, as he threw his hand of cards on the table out of frustration. "You beat us all again! And I was so FREAKIN' CLOSE as well!"

Stripe grinned down at the Mogwai as he collected all cards from the table. "Oh Mohawk, stop being such a bad sport after all, I AM the king of poker!"

Mohawk frowned as he cursed many things under his breath, crossing his arms out of annoyance, his head then snapped towards Lenny, who was staring into space. "Even buck face there beat me at freakin' poker for one game, and it was HIS FIRST BLOODY TIME AS WELL!" The black and white Mogwai then layed his hands across the table before putting his head on top of his arms as he pouted with frustration. "I'll never win a bloody poker game..." He muttered.

Lenny snapped out of his daydream at the mention of him and widened his eyes as Mohawk pouted in frustration at his many losses. "Mohawk, you say that like I'm an expert, I'd say that it was all just beginners luck."

Mohawk perked up and pointed his finger at the other Mogwai. "YEAH, IT BETTER BE!" He yelled, before going back to his last position.

Lenny rolled his eyes. "He's so immature..." He then turned to Stripe, who was getting the box for the cards. "So Stripe, is this the last game?"

Stripe nodded as he put the cards back in the box. "Yep, six games is all we got time for boys."

Mohawk instantly jumped up from his position, turning into that whiny child once again. "Aw, but Stripe-

The Gremlin leader covered Mohawk's button mouth as he turned to his underlings with a giant grin. "Alright Gremlins, your free to go now, have a nice day!"

All four Gremlins never even hesitated as they all instantly jumped off their chairs, ever since Stripe's little incident with Mohawk earlier they couldn't wait to get out of there, god forbid, they were all lucky to still be alive at this very moment as everyone at the table actually played fair after their leader's death sentence. "Thankyou your cruelness, it was fun playing with you." One Gremlin said, as he quickly backed off from his poker chair.

"Yeah boss, we should play again sometime!" Another declared, as he followed his pals into the loft.

Stripe smirked evilly as he watched his henchmen go. "Anytime boys..." He whispered rather creepily. "Anytime..." He then turned to Lenny, who was looking up at the Gremlin leader innocently, his furry face puffed with happiness. Stripe knew that this was the perfect time to tell Mohawk about his BIG Revenge plan that he had been keeping to himself ever since they had gotten into the loft, at least now... he could give Gizmo, the Mogwai who had taken everything away from him, a taste of his own medicine... something the Gremlin leader wanted to do for a LONG time... but to do that, he needed Lenny out the way as there was... certain bits that the Mogwai couldn't hear about. "Um, Lenny, is it ok if you go and hang with George for a bit?" He turned back to Mohawk, who was practically fighting to get Stripe's hand off his mouth, his small nails digging into the Gremlin's hand as he fought for air, Stripe kept grinning into the Mogwai's face as he made his statement. "I want to talk to Mohawk in private about something... extremely important."

Mohawk stopped struggling as his eyes instantly reverted to the Gremlin Leader, his red eyes widening at Stripe as he mentioned the words: 'Private.' And: 'Important.'

Lenny's eyes were now glued to Mohawk, who had Stripe's hand practically stuck to his mouth and instantly had a churning feeling at the pit of his stomach as he thought about the many things Stripe may do to the Mogwai. Not wanting to be on the other stick of Stripe's pain, he instantly jumped off his chair before innocently pushing it in and looking up at the Gremlin Leader. "Sure Stripe, you'll be with me later won't you?" Lenny asked, as his maroon eyes sparkled towards Stripe.

Stripe only grinned down at the Mogwai below him. "Of course Lenny." He stated softly. "Of course... now run along! I have business to attend to."

Lenny then focused his eyes on Mohawk for one last time, looked at the grin Stripe was giving the other Mogwai and instantly gulped. "O-Ok." Lenny stuttered, before slowly removing his eyes from the two of them and leaving the poker table, to look for his friend.

Stripe watched as Lenny walked into the sea of Gremlins, that manic grin still on his face. Slowly, he removed his giant hand from Mohawk's mouth and turned towards the black and white Mogwai, who was practically breathing heavily for a gasp of air. Stripe stared at Mohawk as he regained his composure. Mohawk spotted this and instantly whipped his whole body round towards the Gremlin, annoyance clearly flashed on his face as he practically shouted: "HEY! What was that for? Was there any need to cover my mouth?"

Stripe kept his grin on. "Oh Yes, yes there was my friend, I couldn't have you ruining our own liddle chat now can I?" The Gremlin replied, putting on a sweeter voice as his tone changed from: 'liddle.' Stripe then balled his fists together as he thought about his worst enemy, one certain little Mogwai. "In fact, I was going to talk to you about... a certain little enemy of ours." Stripe then slammed his left fist down on to the table, as Mohawk was to his right, the angry adrenaline pulsing through Stripe's left arm as he kept his head down, before slowly turning towards Mohawk with one of the most vengeful expressions anyone could ask for. "One that we all need to dispose of A.S.A.P!"

Mohawk gritted his teeth as he to, remembered the pain he went through... all because of Gizmo. "I know Stripe..." The Mogwai replied, as he felt frustration rush through his whole body, practically taking control of his mind. "I FREAKIN KNOW! WE NEED A PLAN, AND WE NEED IT NOW, WE CAN'T JUST STAY HERE IN THIS BLINKIN' ATTIC STRIPE, WE NEED TO ACT AND WE NEED TO ACT NOW!" The Mogwai screamed, as he slammed one fist into his other hand.

Stripe felt his mouth twist into a smirk as he thought about his upcoming plan, one that he wanted to take to action, ready for Gizmo's demise. "As a matter a fact Mohawk," Stripe trailed off, his voice getting low and bouncy. "I already do have a plan... one that will make Gizmo regret ever getting wet and spawning us for the rest of his life." Stripe then paused as he thought about what he just said. "Wait? Rest of his life? HE WON'T EVEN HAVE A FREAKIN' LIFE ONCE WERE DONE WITH HIM! HAHAHA!" Stripe then let out his evil laugh as images of a dead Gizmo flashed through his brain, dousing the Gremlin into his own world.

Mohawk narrowed his eyes as he watched Stripe go into a laughing fit. "You done with your crazy laughing?" The Mogwai asked, still frustrated.

Stripe instantly snapped out of it as soon as he heard the Mogwai but all he did was stare out of bewilderment, he was surprised by how Mohawk didn't want to waste time.

Mohawk took that as a yes. "Good. Now what's the plan Stripe? Come on, Spit it out!" The Mogwai shouted, he really wanted to know what this plan was and boy was he desperate, anything to get Gizmo out of their lives.

Stripe practically sighed in frustration as he pulled out a roll of paper, which was tied together by an elastic band and passed it to Mohawk. "Here." Stripe said, as he was waiting for Mohawk to take it from his claw.

Mohawk's eyes flashed with impatience as he stared at the rolled up paper in Stripe's claw. "A ROLL OF FREAKIN' PAPER, STRIPE, WHAT ARE WE GONNA DO WITH A ROLL OF FREAKIN' –

"Just. Look at it." Stripe growled, the roll of paper was still in that same position in his claw.

Mohawk gave the gremlin a cold glare before swiftly snatching it out of his hand, chucking the elastic band who knows where and opened it up, his bright red eyes scanning what was on it, Mohawk felt himself grin evilly, as his frustration slowly died away whilst looking at the sheet of paper and even laughing to himself as he looked down at its contents.

Stripe saw this and smirked. "Like what you see Mohawk?"

Mohawk only nodded, his eyes practically glued to the paper as he gave out a dastardly smile.

Stripe wrapped one of his arms round Mohawk. "Well that my friend," The Gremlin lowered his face down to Mohawk's level, as he too looked at his plans. "Is what I'm going to do to Gizmo. I can see it now Mohawk, us Gremlins standing over a bloodied Mogwai corpse..." Stripe ruffled Mohawk's hairstyle as he removed his arm from round his neck and continued his speech. "And then taking over the world... me and you ruling the world with an iron fist, ay Mohawk?" The Gremlin whispered, still ruffling Mohawk's hair as he peered down at the Mogwai. "All we need to do... is execute the plan... and were good as gold."

Mohawk grinned at the ceiling as images flashed through his mind, images of a bloodied, bruised and broken Gizmo... at his feet, images of him and Stripe... ruling over a sea of Gremlins, waiting on their next orders from both Gremlin Leaders. Mohawk cackled out loud towards the ceiling and let out an evil laugh and for a Mogwai, it was really dastardly. The Mogwai then looked back down at Stripe's roll of plans and scanned over them again, this time with more focus and when he finished... he widened his eyes at the picture; this was going to be a BIG problem for them. "Stripe... we may have a problem here." Mohawk said, as he looked at The Gremlin's plans.

The Gremlin grinned down at him. "And what may that be Mohawk?" He asked.

Mohawk looked back at Stripe, straight into his bold red eyes. "How are we going to build this thing Stripe? Cause, it says here..." The Mogwai paused as he looked at the sheet. "Made from many materials built together. How are we going to do it Stripe, we barely know anything about building machines!" Mohawk exclaimed, as he waved both his arms and the plan sheet in the air out of frustration before quickly pinning them to his sides as he turned back to Stripe.

Stripe seemed to keep his composure as he answered: "Well, that's just it Mohawk, were not the ones doing it. Brain is."

Mohawk's eyes widened at Brain's name. "WHAT!" He yelled. "Stripe, do you seriously think that-

"Of course he will." Stripe replied. "Besides, he knows more than us don't he? Plus, we all want revenge against Gizmo as much as each other; I doubt that he won't work with me for it. He's smart enough to not fail me."

"BUT THAT'S JUST IT STRIPE! HE'S TOO FREAKIN' SMART! HE COULD TURN ON US AT ANY GIVEN TIME... Y'KNOW!" Mohawk shouted, he then breathed extremely heavily as all his emotions cleansed again back to calmness, he looked back at Stripe, who was looking at him with a shocked expression. The Mogwai sighed. "I'm sorry... it's just that... I don't trust Brain very much, that's all, especially since he took MY army in the Clamp centre building..."

Stripe patted the Mogwai's head playfully, once again flattening his hairstyle. "It's ok Mohawk, I understand, my trust in Brain is only 25% since all those... pranks and stuff he did to me. But we need his smarts Mohawk, without them, we'll be stuck in the ditch I mean, he wants revenge on Gizmo too... right?"

Mohawk sighed again, seeming to think about it as he lowered his fluffy little head down before slowly lifting it back up, weariness crossing his face as he stated: "Yeah... I guess your right there Stripe." He then tensed up. "But I still don't trust him, even if he does want revenge on Gizmo, all I'm concerned about is that he's gonna turn on us, know what I mean Stripe?" The Mogwai declared, looking Stripe straight in the eye.

Stripe nodded as he looked at the ground, seeming to think about what the Mogwai had said. "Don't worry Mohawk, I KNOW what I'm doing and if he ever does turn on us," Stripe punched the wall behind him, which started to form a hole where the Gremlin's fist had hit it, crumbles falling to the ground as Mohawk watched intently with wide eyes, Stripe however kept a smirk as he gave out his threat. "He'll have a taste of my fist! And trust me, it won't be pretty." Stripe then removed his fist from the wall and turned his head to look around the loft. "Now, all we gotta do is find that nerd... wherever the hell he is."

Mohawk nodded to the Gremlin before turning round himself to look for Brain, he gritted his sharp Mogwai teeth and lifted his arm to his forehead, kind of like he was in the military and scanned the area ahead of him. As Mohawk got to the end of his loft scan, he saw the Einstein Gremlin down the bottom of the loft and from what he could tell; Brain seemed to be working on something, however, Mohawk couldn't figure out what it was but he had a feeling that they would soon find out. "Stripe!"

Stripe looked down at Mohawk. "What is it? You found him?"

Mohawk looked back at the Gremlin Leader. "Yep, he's over there with his boring old hocus-pocus stuff." The Mogwai explained, as he pointed towards where Brain was.

Stripe looked at where Mohawk was pointing and gave out a devilish grin. "Yeah, but we may need some of that hocus-pocus." Stripe then leaned forward as he called out to the Einstein Gremlin. "HEY BRAIN!"

Brain turned his head to the sound of Stripe's voice and stared at the two Gremlin Leaders, who were now walking over to his location. "OH CRAP! They can't see this!" Brain thought, as he quickly looked at his stuff. Quickly jumping out of his seat, he pushed all of his top secret gear away such as his mixing bowl, many ingredients and of course, putting the genetic sun block back in his jacket pocket before turning back to Stripe, who was sitting in Brain's seat, his left arm resting on the desk, a savage grin spread across his face. And Mohawk, who was standing on the desk with his arms crossed at the Einstein Gremlin however, unlike Stripe, his expression was full of anger, an evil glint in his big red eyes as his fluffy eyebrows narrowed at Brain and his sharp white Mogwai teeth gritted together like two attracted magnets. "Ah Stripe, Mohawk, come to poke fun at me have you?" Brain growled, as he walked towards them.

Stripe smirked as he practically jumped out of the chair and wrapped his arm round Brain's neck, who cringed at Stripe's embrace. "Um, no, actually. Brain, you see-

Mohawk grinned as he cut Stripe off. "As much as we'd love to do it."

Both Gremlins looked at the Mogwai with annoyed expressions as he finished his sentence. "Oh Shut up Mohawk!" Stripe snapped. He turned back to Brain, who was still under his arm. "What were you working on anyway? You didn't have to hide it from us Einstein, even though we might have teared it to pieces afterwards."

"Oh, it was nothing special really." Brain replied, looking at Mohawk more than Stripe. "Just some samples of things." He then broke out of Stripe's arm as he took his seat back on the chair, resting his Gremlin claws in his lap. "I could show you some if you like."

"YEAH BRAIN!" Mohawk yelled. "SHOW US SOME OF YOUR BLOODY SAMPLES! Because I gotta feeling that-

"NO SAMPLES!" Stripe shouted, as he turned his head towards Brain. "Listen Brain, we may need your help with our revenge against Gizmo."

Brain smiled intently as his big yellow eyes widened with curiosity. "Really? How so?"

Stripe held out his roll of paper to the Einstein Gremlin, who gently took it out of his claw, slowly removing the elastic band from its bind sensibly. "We need you to make this machine, think you can do it?"

Brain opened the roll up, analysing all the details in front of him, taking notes of all labels that Stripe had written down before looking up at the Gremlin leader with a giant smile. "My my, you really have gotten smarter since your last encounter with Gizmo Stripe." Brain commented, which made Stripe grin at his compliment. The Einstein Gremlin then went back to the paper and scanned over it again before once again looking up at Stripe. "And as for the machine... I'll make it, I can really see why you need me here and I'll be glad to help."

Stripe clasped his hands together in happiness as an evil grin once again spread across his face. "EXCELLENT!" The Gremlin cheered. "How long will it take to make Brainy-o?"

Brain seemed to pause as a claw rested on his lip, seeming to think it over. "Hmmm..." Brain pondered, as he tried to avoid Mohawk's demonic look from the desk next to him. "If I start tomorrow, it will probably take a day or two to make." Brain answered. "Will that be ok for you Stripe?"

"Of course it will!" Stripe replied. "The sooner it's done, the better and when it's done, I'll be able to GET RID OF GIZMO AND SOMEONE ELSE, WHO I HAVE THE RIGHT MIND TO GET RID OF A.S.A.P!"

Mohawk swiftly turned to Stripe at the mention of his second victim to the machine; he desperately wanted to know who the Gremlin meant. "Who's the second target Stripe?" Mohawk asked.

Stripe only leaned to the Mogwai's ear as he began whispering there name before slowly leaning back out.

Mohawk crossed his arms in frustration because of who it was. "AW! But Stripe-

The Mogwai was cut off as Stripe began whispering the reason of their demise to the machine, something that made the Mogwai perk up a bit.

"Ah well, at least it was nice knowing them ay..." Mohawk commented.

Brain sighed at all the bickering. "Anyway," He continued. "I'll definitely have it ready for you A.S.A.P!"

Stripe's mouth practically dropped to the floor at Brain's statement. "OH YEAH! DEATH TO GIZMO BABY!" Stripe cheered, as he practically done a victory dance. He then held his hand out to Brain. "Deal?" He asked, with a savage smirk.

Mohawk's red eyes shiftily swept back and forth from Stripe to Brain before finally stopping on the Einstein Gremlin, waiting for his answer.

"Hmmm..." Brain pondered, as he spun round in his chair, keeping the back of it to Stripe as he thought about it for a moment before slowly turning round, lifting his hand forward and putting it into Stripe's, looking up at the Gremlin with one of his most evil expressions. "Deal." He stated lowly, as he and Stripe shook hands on it, making the deal official. Mohawk only watched, stunned as both Gremlins shook on the deal right in front of him.

"I have a feeling that this isn't going to end well..."

Stripe then turned to leave, walking straight past the Einstein Gremlin. "Alright Brain, I really can't wait to see how you do on my machine." Stripe then stopped still and turned his head towards the other Gremlin. "All I'm going to say to ya Brain is, good luck!" Stripe then started to walk into the darkness of the loft, Mohawk jumping off the table and following The Gremlin.

Brain sat there for a few seconds as he watched Stripe leave, looking down at the floor before turning to yell: "WAIT A MINUTE!"

Stripe stopped and turned his head back to Brain, saying nothing to his call.

"Don't I get something in return?" The Einstein Gremlin asked. "For you know... building that machine for you."

The Gremlin Leader scoffed. "Pft, nah! Nothing from me. Your enemy will be out of your life, won't that be good enough for ya?" Stripe asked.

Brain sighed, knowing this won't be going anywhere at all. "Yes, yes I guess so." He replied, as he looked down at the floor.

Stripe grinned, eyes and glints illuminating in the darkness. "Good." The Gremlin stated gruffly, before walking off, Mohawk walking smoothly not far behind him.

Brain kept his eyes ahead of him as he slowly lifted his head up, watching as Stripe and Mohawk walked the same way before stopping, doing a hi-five to each other and going their separate ways, Stripe going straight ahead of him while Mohawk went to the left, pushing himself past the many Gremlins in the ancient Peltzer loft. Noticing that both Stripe and Mohawk were out of his sight, Brain dashed back to collect all of his secret stash and put it back on to the table in front of him, panting heavily because of all the strength it took him after all, that box was extremely heavy. He stood on his chair, grabbed Stripe's plans and stuffed them in the box before pushing back some of the other items he had in there to get the one he wanted.

Brain then gasped in delight as he layed his eyes on a certain familiar bottle: His Strength Potion! Not even hesitating, he grabbed the bottle and pulled it out of his box of science and jumped off the chair, which made it instantly reverse but, for the first time, the Einstein Gremlin didn't care as he twisted the lid open on the bottle and chucked it into the box behind him. Brain sighed as he looked into the bottle at the neon pink liquid, thinking of what he was about to do... right here, right now. "I've got to do it!" Brain thought, as he stared the bottle of potion. "Because if I don't... this may fall in to the wrong hands and, Oh god, I don't want to think about it... and Stripe, he'll only get even more invincible so, I've GOT to DO IT, for my sake..."

Brain lifted the bottle to his mouth and was about to drink it and... "NO! I won't, NOT YET! NOT NOW! No..." Brain thought as he lowered the bottle down again. "But... I'll be stronger, and that is what I'll need if I want to defeat Stripe!"

With this thought in mind, Brain never even hesitated as he lifted the bottle to his mouth again and... Drank it. As he drank, he could feel it, the power surging through his body, the everlasting glory protruding to his mind, as the Strength Potion did its work. "Yes... Yes..." Brain cheered to himself, as he threw the bottle to the floor, making the glass break into a million pieces as he felt his muscles get a little buffer, just a little. Brain then gritted his teeth to stop himself from screaming as he felt pain surge through him from head to toe, as the potion did its work.

After a bit, the pain slowly died down, revealing that the potion had done its duty. Brain didn't look stronger on the outside, apart from his muscles and chest getting slightly buffer but on the inside, he felt spectacular as the power surged through his whole body, ready to strike out at any wrong doer in his path, just like a superhero.

The Einstein Gremlin smiled as he turned his head towards a mirror and gasped at his buff arms, rubbing them slowly with his hands before turning around and heading towards his table. "You know something." Brain said to himself as he grabbed his box. "Just wait until Stripe witnesses my power, he's totally fooled, I'm only helping him with his little machine project to get him on my good side." The Einstein Gremlin explained, as he plonked his box in a corner and covered it over with a cloth. "But I'm telling you this now, when I see that... that... white streaked maniac, I'll give him what for, not now of course, when it's the right time to, and when that comes..." Brain smirked as he turned away from his location and started walking. "I'll be ready!"

The Einstein Gremlin then stopped as he laughed evilly to himself, as an image of a defeated Stripe came to his mind. As his laughter ceased, he walked off into the crowd of Gremlins, wondering to do next as he politely excused himself through the crowd, like a potion had never even been drank in the first place.

But what Brain didn't know was that the Mystery Gremlin had once again caught him at his dirty work, as they stood there in the shadows, grinning with all their glory, glad... that they had once again... found something out.

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