The red siren blared through the halls of the B.P.R.D, signaling there was yet again another creature going bump in the night. And it was his job, as their best agent, not only to bump back but knock the living shit out of whatever it is. Hellboy strode through the hall from his room to the hanger, a thick Cubin cigar between his lips. It left a trail of smoke behind him as his heavy footprints rumbled down the hall. He was a six foot four inches of thick rippling muscle that sat invitingly under read skin. Although one could not tell know because he wore a tight long sleeve black shirt beneath his heavy kaki trench coat. His hair was slicked back, horned shaved down and his father's rosary still hung right around his normal hands wrist. It was like his father was always there with him. Hellboy hit the hanger, taking his cigar and putting it out on the bottom of his enormous heavy black boot. He wouldn't allow them to see him smoke. Abe looked up, waving him over from the door. Abe, same old Abe, wore that breathing apparatus tight around his neck and a leotard of a wet suit. But beside him was a different story. Hellboy slowed his walking toward Abe when she turned around. Her hair, thick and curly chocolate brown, was back in a low ponytail that hung between his shoulder blades. Her eyes were ice blue, with silver speckles like snowflakes and her skin a warm caramel color. She wore tight jeans on her little round bottom, with a black long sleeve and a black leather jacket. On her hip was a gun and a locator; damn there was something about a woman with a gun on her hip. And he did notice the nice set she had on her upper half. They had to be a C-cup, and were so perky. She was absolutely stunning, and instantly Hellboy disliked her. He walked over, standing a good 6 inches taller than she as he sized her up. "Hey Abe, what do we got tonight?"He simply ignored the woman, focusing on his ingenious and blue best friend. Abe nodded, doing this odd thing with his hand before pointing onto the map.

"We are heading to Virginia. Apparently there have been showings of an odd creature there that has not been playing nice with the local Quarry's play tools." The woman said, asserting herself in front of him. It was almost like she could tell he didn't like her, and was planning on annoying the shit out of him anyways. He stared down at her, a less than amused look on his face. He opened his mouth to make a smart remark, but Abe cut him off at the last moment.

"Hellboy, this is Agent Cameron Dellvinche. She is new here to the bureau." Cameron held her hand out. It was so slender and delicate, and could easily been crushed within in stone grip. However Hellboy just stared at her, eyebrow raised. There was nothing that possessed him to get to know this woman; nothing except those ravishing snow blue eyes. They were simply piercing into his soul. But after Lizz died, he swore to himself that he would never love another woman again. All it would lead to is heartbreak, and there was no way he was going ot put himself into temptation with this exquisite beauty. She held her hand there for a while, giving him a quizzical look.

"It's called a hand. You shake it." She said. She spoke like he was some dumb idiot that didn't even know what a fucking hand shake was! He didn't want to shake her hand. Hell, he didn't want to be around the woman! Having a woman anywhere on the team was only a recipe for disaster, and Lizz was the proof of that. She frowned as he completely blew her off and turned to Abe. He opened his mouth to speak and something interrupted him. It wasn't the woman beside him, but two little voices that made his day no matter what happened.

"DADDY!" Hellboy turned and a small grin spread across his face. Pattering across the huge garage was the meaning for his existence, Trevor and Elaina. When Lizz died giving birth to their twins, Hellboy thought life was completely over. He went into almost a rage or grief. The large red demon went on drinking binges, locking himself in his room and not speaking to anyone without yelling or having the barrel of a gun in their face. That is until Myers and Abe had an intervention. They brought in the two little bundles, one blue and one pink and instantly Hellboy seemed to snap out of it. He took his son and his daughter and for the first time since Lizz's death two months he cried like a baby. His children were perfect, both big eyed at him and his little girl reaching out one of her small hands. Since that moment he became the ideal father figure. He cared for them, got up when they cried to give them bottles and worked his ass off to give them both the attention and love they deserved while still working at the B.P.R.D. Now they were five years old, and both big bundles of laughter and mischief. Trevor, with his mothers dark eyes and head full of black curls, was wearing jeans and a power rangers shirt while little Elaina's bright dark eyes sparkled as much as her smile. She had her mother's dark beautiful eyes but somehow inherited bright red hair from her father that bounced in curls as she scampered behind her brother to their father. The two children were such lights is Hellboy's life, and everyone in the bureau loved them although Manning caused them little trouble makers since they were constantly bouncing on the end of his nerves just like their father. Hellboy knelt down, grinning as he scooped his little girl onto his knee and Trevor into his regular arm. Elaina was clinging to a little doll that Abe gave her for her birthday as she smiled up at him. "Daddy, are you going to save the world again?" Hellboy smiled as Trevor looked at his sister.

"Duh! Daddy is a super hero!" Trevor grinned. Hellboy laughed, balancing Elaina with his stone arm and ruffled Trevor's hair. "Can I go?" The question was asked every mission. Trevor wanted to go and kick butt like his father, and looked up to the red demon with such love and affection. It was a father's pride to have a son who wanted to be just like him. But the answer was still the same.

"Not this time bud. Maybe when your older." Trevor pouted and nodded his head with agreement/ "Aright squirts, give Daddy a kiss and go back with Agent Sanchez." The twins nodded, hugging him before they ran back to the agent that was watching them for this mission. They always had a babysitter when Hellboy was gone, and everyone there was more than happy to watch the two brightest things in that underground base. Hellboy stood, watching them both scamper out of the bay without another word. He turned, seeing Abe and Agent Dellvinchi. She was watching them, a confused and slightly amused glint in her eyes. "Come on Blue, we got some monsters to bump." He walked towards the large garbage truck, brushing past the woman not even acknowledging her presence. He heard her murmur something profane under her breath as she walked to sit in the front seat of the garbage truck. Hellboy sat down, pulling out another cigar and lighting it up. This was going to be a long ride. He could tell she was going to be a spit fire, and that somewhat scared him. He seemed to have doomed relationships with spit fire like women, and he promised himself that this was never going to happen again. The trucks engine rumbled as Abe joined him in the back. They seemed to take their regular places, Red looking out the window and Abe fiddling with his little books. "Tell me something Blue, why did we have to get another woman. What is wrong with having men agents around?" Blue laughed and flipped through another page in him book.

"She has amazing credentials, plus a super little secret." Red groaned, sitting down and taking a long puff form his cigar. He couldn't believe it. A little secret? What the hell was Abe trying to do, advertise her as a good agent? Hellboy sighed and shook his head, turning to watch the passing scenery as they rolled on into coal country. There was one thing he was sure of; he wasn't going to get anywhere close to this woman. She was an enemy.

"Those are some cute kids," Her melodic voice said over the headset. "They yours?" Hellboy's eyes widened as he looked at Abe. He pointed to the headset and mouthed 'Can you believe this?' before grumbling something in return.

"No, they call me Daddy for no reason." There was a silence and then she replied.

"Wow, when they told me you were cranky they meant it. Here is some advice, eat Snickers and maybe answer that question again." Her voice turned a little sharp as Hellboy sat there dumbstruck. There were very few people that dared to even talk to him like that. He felt anger pool in the pit of his stomach and Abe was slightly chuckling to himself.

"Can you believe she talked to me like that?" He said to his friend, whom merely shook his head in return. "I don't know who the Hell she thinks she is messing with…" Hellboy was cut off by her laughter and then realized something. She had heard the whole damn thing because he left his hand on his mic button.

"Wow, so damn scary. When I start shivering in my boots, I'll let you know." Hellboy frowned and clutched his fist together. God damn her! She was mocking him now. Hellboy sat back and took a couple of breaths. No need to get overly angry now, but to take out everything on the damn monster. The hours of silence seemed to stretch on, much too both agents delight. The truck then rolled to a stop about an hour and a half later and her voice stung his ears in sweet tune once more. "Hey, Scary, we are here." The back latch slowly began to open and Hellboy stood, placing his gun in its holder on his hip and pushed his long trench back so she could see that it beat her puny department issue gun any day. Cameron stood, hands crossed over her chest, hips cocked to the side and a look on her face that basically said, 'Bring it bitch.' It was obvious that she wasn't scared of anything. Now wither that would be an act of bravery or stupidity was unsure, but they were about to find out.