Ninja no Master: the master of the serpent

Chapter 3: On the road to wave

it has been a few weeks after the kids managed to surprise their jounin sensei, they been since then, doing menial jobs, such as fixing fences, digging trenches for farms and others... but none were more tedious than the mission to rescue the god-damn to hell cat Tora... whose owner is the Daimiyo's wife... he must have a horrible taste cause she lives to her name... she is ugly and her 'hugs' are like a clam holding something...


It was thanks to Rider that we captured the cat... this cat had evaded many ninja to the point that he could evade even the most trained of chuunin.

However the cat was going even faster for a single reason...


The cat only took a look at her before it bolted almost as fast as the 4ths hirashin jutsu...

One look and he could tell... in one move... this creature... she would kill me.

The cat ran as fast as his legs took him as Rider pursued the felonious feline, the cat had caused this team a LOT of pain... and Naruto had asked Rider to take care of the cat... and if she happened to 'accidentally' kill it, to make it look like an accident...

Naruto was promptly hit by Sakura for his joke.

Naruto was serious... half hearty...

Sasuke shared a liking on Naruto's idea... the cat was annoying as hell.

The cat surrendered, better to be with the horrible human female than this... creature.

Her very presence was wrong... holy and demonic... and aura of death and blood...

However the cat could tell that she was not human... she was something far greater... and she shared something with the blonde idiot.

Later that day at the mission HQ

"Now... Kakashi's team 7... your next duty you can pick from: Babysitting for the council, shopping in the neighboring village, and helping with the potato digging" the old man said.


"That idiot!" Sakura thought annoyed

"I agree with him... this missions are a waste of time" Sasuke thought


The old man hokage then explained the ranking of missions and how are they distributed...

Naruto was in his own world planning his meals of ramen, made Rider smile.

Naruto yelled saying that he wanted an opportunity to prove was is no longer a prankster but a proud ninja... the hokage sighed but accepted.

He then introduced the new individual they are supposed to protect... a C rank mission.

Naruto was hopping for a feudal lord, or a princess.

He was severely disappointed when he got a drunkard old man.

Rider giggled at this... oh well... Naruto thought that he would always have Rider

"What's this? They're all a bunch of wet nosed brats, still wet behind their ears, especially the midget one with the super-looking stupid face. Are you really a ninja?" The old man said

Naruto looked around to find said 'midget' Rider, Sasuke and Sakura stood side by side and Naruto begun to twitch

"I'll kill you! Rider skewer him!" Naruto yelled in anger.

"yes, Master" she said jokingly as she threw her nails and pierced the bottle and snared the old man.

"Please do not agitate my master... he has... a bit of a short fuse when it comes to his height... ironic considering what I said" she said, her voice was laced with seduction... but still held a dangerous edge on it.

The old man shivered a bit... but nodded quiet quickly.

A few hours later they meet on the northern gate to leave the village.

Rider walked side by side with Naruto as they left the village.

"...hey! am I really going going to be safe with this brat?" Tazuna the bridge builder asked.

"Don't worry, I am a jounin so is all ok" Kakashi said.

Naruto was seething... "Hey! Old man! don't mess with ninjas! I'm incredible! One day I will take the title of the Hokage of this village and you will have to acknowledge me-dattebayo!" Naruto proclaimed

"Hokage is the number one in the village right? Someone like you... I doubt you could make it" Tazuna said.

"Shut up! I am prepared to do anything to become the Hokage! Once I become Hokage I you will acknowledge me!" Naruto yelled

Tazuna took a sip of his booze "No... I wouldn't you brat... even if you DID become Hokage" Tazuna said.

Naruto got pissed "Ill Kill you!" Naruto said as Kakashi grabbed Naruto by the scuffle,

"I said no killing the client" Kakashi said as he dragged Naruto out of the way.

Rider looked a bit on the sky and noticed something... and smiled, this would be a good opportunity for her master to grow a bit.

Sakura was a bit nervous and asked "Kakashi sensei... does Wave country have any ninjas?"

"no, not in Wave. But in other countries the culture and costumes may be different but hidden villages exist, and so do the ninja who live in them" Kakashi said

Sakura was happy to hear that there wouldn't be any ninjas attacking, but for some reason the old man looked rather down...

Sasuke took note of that... but Rider... she licked her lips in anticipation for her master's debut into this world.

AS they walked Kakashi noticed the lone puddle... Rider rolled her eyes inside her visor, this was a really stupid set-up... but whatever works...

She then faded from the world without no one, save Naruto, noticing it.

As they walked two figures appeared to rise from the water... Rider set herself up on top of the tree... readying herself to attack should the need arise.

The enemy shinobi dashed fast, they pulled a chain with caltrops attached to it and wrapped Kakashi with it.

"One down" they said as they pulled the chain, eviscerating Kakashi immediately, then... they appeared next to Naruto.

"Two down" they said as they were about to kill Naruto.

Rider got herself at a ready... she was about to jump... her master froze in fear, his face was filled with cold sweat and he was shivering in terror... he knew he would die if no one did anything... no even then he only had a small chance.

But Rider saw that her master's teammate sprung into action, she relaxed... for now.

Sasuke jumped up in the air and with a shuriken and kunai he pinned the chain into the tree, the he landed on their heads and kicked them both away.

The ninja activated their gauntlets that held the chain and released it so they could attack with their claws, one of them went after Sakura and the other after Naruto.

Sasuke then got in front of Sakura to protect the old man...

However Kakashi appeared and grabbed both of them and took the air out of them... however Naruto was slightly cut by their clawed gauntlets.

Naruto looked at the right and saw that in fact it was logs... Kakashi had used kawamiri

the old man sighed in relief...

Kakashi apologized to Naruto and praised both Sakura and Sasuke for their actions

Rider reappeared, relieved that she didn't have to show off, the less they know the better.

After a small questioning (that led to nothing) he decided to leave them tied up... Rider however had other ideas.

As soon as they all left to a considerable distance she opened her mouth... and dig her teeth into their necks sucking their blood... a little "treat" for herself to increase her power.

The ninja passed out from blood-loss.

She then got to her master's side and inspected the wound "Master... are you alright?" she asked tenderly grabbing his hand.

"We should head back... the gauntlet might have poison in it" Kakashi said.

Rider then begun to lick the wound... the wound slowly begun to heal, Rider's inheritance as a gorgon has the ability to create anti-venom by her saliva... and she cleaned and disinfected the wound... Naruto blushed, as did Sakura, Sasuke, Kakashi and the old man.

Kakashi questioned the old man... apparently he had lied.

Naruto shivered in rage at his own impotence to do anything... he then lifted his hand with the command sigil and pierced it with a kunai letting the blood flow

"with the pain of this kunai I swear... I will not back down ever again" Naruto said

"Well... cool vow notwithstanding... if you don't die from the poison... you might die from blood-loss... so you have to be careful" Kakashi said...

Naruto got nervous and Rider smiled as his wounds begun to heal.

Rider's master was an idiot... but he was a caring honest idiot.

And off they went to wave country... unaware someone had already taken notice of the brother's failure... and subsequent death.

The team took a boat and arrived to Wave country... it was filled with mist however and looked rather gloomy...

It suited Rider just fine due to her... 'heritage'

The passed a tunnel as they got into the city by sneaking around... a motor boat would be too loud and would give them away... they landed without much difficulty.

And then they saw the soon to be finished bridge... Naruto was amassed at this, he never seen anything like it.

Rider thought it was a tad bland... granted she was an imperfect goddess back when she was alive so she was used to beautiful sculptures and the like.

Then Tazuna thought on the explanation he had given them as to why he had lied to hire the ninja for cheap.

It was due to a mob lord called Gatou... he runs a clean business as a front for his selling drugs and other illegal items. He had set his eyes on Wave due to it being surrounded by seas, it would be easy to use his front of shipping industry to ship drugs and the likes everywhere. He had gained solo monopoly of ALL business traffic coming to wave, the only thing he had to fear is the construction of the bridge.

After all was said and done they all agreed on going... however Rider held Tazuna back for a while.

"Tazuna... I will warn you only once... if ANYTHING happens to my master... you will regret it for the duration of the short life you will have" Rider said, making the old man shiver in fright..

It was like a frog staring at a snake.

When they got to dry land Naruto looked everywhere to spot anything out of place... he had to regain his honor he had lost...

Naruto heard a rustling in the bushes

"THERE!" he yelled as he threw a shuriken at the bushes...

Rider then threw her nail and snared something... she pulled a snow hare that passed out of shock.

"Gyah! I didn't mean it I am sorry Mr. Bunny" Naruto said as he cuddled the poor frightened animal as Sakura berated Naruto's actions.

Rider then threw her chains quickly at her master and pulled him to her side a few seconds before Kakashi yelled "GET DOWN!"

A giant sword flew threw the air and got embedded to a tree trunk, a lone figure stood on top of the blade.

"Well well... if it isn't the Hidden Mist nuke-nin Momichi Zabuza" Kakashi said as he looked up at the ninja.

He stopped Naruto who wa rearing to go... Rider looked at her master and gave him a sad smile...

"You are not ready... not yet" is what she said with the smile.

Naruto gritted his teeth but nodded... Rider knew best after all.

"it will be little tough... unless I do this" Kakashi siad as he pulled his headband out of his left eyes.

"You seem to be Kakashi of the sharingan... sorry but... the old man is mine" Zabuza said.

"What is this sharingan they are talking about" Naruto muttered.

"Sharingan!" Sasuke thought in shock at the revelation for some reason.

"Surround and protect Tazuna-san, do NOT enter the fight... that is the teamwork here... Zabuza... first you got to get past me" Kakashi said as he reveled his odd eye to the world

"Ahh... to get to see the famous sharingan... I'm an honored" Zabuza said

"What the hell is this sharingan that they are all talking about!" Naruto asked

"Sharingan... it is said that some have the ability in their eyes to read and defeat all types of gen, tai and nin-jutsu... Sharingan is one of such eyes techniques" Sasuke said to clarify what it was.

"And that's not all..." Sasuke said

"That's right... that's is indeed not all... what is even scarier is... that it can copy your opponents techniques once you see em" Zabuza said "when I was a shinobi of the hidden mist I had a BINGO book, it included information about you... the man that copied over a thousand jutsus... copy ninja Kakashi" Zabuza said "Well... the time to talk is over... I have to kill the old man"

Tazuna paled, but Naruto Sakura and Sasuke took their positions to protect the old man, rider took her chains out and left them on the ground... they rattled every now and again... like snakes waiting for their prey.

"However... it seems like I will have to kill you first" Zabuza said as he pulled his sword and landed on the water... he did not sink... he was walking on the very surface of it.

"Ninpou... Kirigakure no jutsu" he said and the mist covered the area... he vanished as soon as the mist cleared out.

"he's gone" Sakura shouted

"he'll come after me first, Momochi Zabuza... as a member of the hidden mist... he was known as an expert in silent killing" Kakashi said "You won't even notice until it's too late, and it's not like I can use the sharingan perfectly so be careful guys" Kakashi said.

The mist rolled again and this time thicker than usual.

"8 choices" Zabuza's voice said from everywhere.

"What!" Sakura said as she looked around to find the location of the voice to no vail.

"Liver, lungs, spine, Clavical vein, neck vein, brain, kidneys and heart... which one should I go after?" he said in a cruel and mussing voice.

Sasuke then begun to sweat... his body was shivering "What a incredible and dangerous amount of killing intent... it feels like I will be killed if I make a single move... this could drive a person crazy... I feel... I feel like I just wanna get this over with and not prolong this any more"

Rider embraced Naruto and wrapped her arms around him "I shall never let you die as long as I am by your side master" Rider said to him

"don't worry... I don't let... my comrades die" Kakashi siad with a smile

"We'll see about that" Zabuza said as he appeared right in the middle of the formation... however he had to abort due to Rider nearly trapping him in her chains, he jumped away but rider slashed his body with no remorse.

"Fake" is all she said as it turned to water, she laid on the ground on all fours waiting for the next move as Zabuza appeared behind Kakashi, he cut him in half with a sword.

"Another fake" Rider said as Kakashi's body turned to water.

"impossible... he was able to copy me inside the mist?" Zabuza thought shocked... a kunai was pointed at his neck

"is over" Kakashi siad.

Rider however knew otherwise

"Over? You don't get it don't you? There's no way you can defeat me with monkey-like imitation...hehe... but it was impressive I'll give you that... at that time... you already copied my water clone jutsu... you had the clone say "I won't let my comrades die" to take the attention off you as you hid in the mist and watched me, nice plan... but... I' m not THAT easy" Zabuza said as he appeared behind Kakashi, the one in front dissolved... Zabuza swung his sword, but Kakashi ducked... Zabuza then planted the sword on the ground and used it to leverage himself and deliver a powerful blow to Kaksashi, sending him to the water...

"eh? Why is the water so heavy?" Kakashi wondered

Zabuza appeared behind him "heh... you fool... water prison no jutsu" Zabuza said as a bubble of water enclosed Kakashi

"Well kakashi... now I have to take care of the brats and the pretty lady now... hehehe... you kids with your forehead protectors acting and pretending to be real ninjas... but you know what? A real ninja is someone who survived numerous brushes with death... basically... once you are good enough to be in my handbook then you can start calling yourself a ninja... you guys can't call yourself a ninja" Zabuza said as he made a water clone and it vanished, only to reappear and deliver a kick to Naruto

"GYAH!" Naruto yelled in pain.

"Master!" Rider yelled as she vanished and caught Naruto.

"We call you... BRATS" Zabuza (the real one) said.

Kakashi yelled at them to run... they were no match... Rider was tough but as it was Kakashi was not fighting her seriously... fool... she was a servant a being immemorial who is more powerful than any common man...

Naruto was shivering in fright... but Rider's presence and the pain in his hand reminded him of his oath.

Naruto looked at Zabuza and saw his head-plate, the one given to him by Iruka.

"Rider stand down... there is something I MUST do" Naruto said

Rider frowned... but understood.

"Yes... understood Naruto" Rider said.

Naruto then roared as he took a shuriken and threw it at the clone... he grab them with his fingers as Naruto dashed at him and then kicked him again... he skidded in the ground

"idiot" Zabuza said

Naruto rolled on the ground as he came to a stop at his teammates feet.


Naruto groaned, but pay no heed to Sakura's words

"uh?" Sakura then saw Naruto's hand.. he had gotten his head-plate back.

Naruto bleed on his mouth... he could taste the iron in the blood..."Hey... you eyebrow-less freak... put this in your BINGO book... the man who will become the next hokage" Naruto said as he straightened himself up even in the pain he was and smiled, Rider tenderly wrapped it around and tied it for him

"Konoha shinobi and Master of Rider Uzumaki Naruto" Naruto said as he looked at Tazuna with no more fear.

"Rider... don't get involved unless absolutely necessary... Sasuke... lend me an ear... I got a plan" Naruto said with a mischievous smile.

"A plan in this situation?" Sasuke thought... but as they were deep in shit... well... beggars can't be choosers "Pft... teamwork? From you?" Sasuke said sarcastically but accepting the proposal.

"ok... let's get wild" Naruto said with a feral smirk.

"That's a lot of arrogance... but do you really stand a chance?" Zabuza said.

They were ready to face him... but Zabuza laughed.

"You guys will never grow up" Zabuza said

"WHAT!" Naruto yelled

"Going on 'playing' ninja, eh? When I... when I was your age" Zabuza said as he looked at his left hand "this hands were already dyed red with blood" Zabuza said

They all gulped... he had killed a lot in his life... Rider was sure she might have to break her promise...

"Devil Zabuza..." Kakashi said.

"Ah... so you heard a little about it" Zabuza said.

"Long ago in the hidden mist village, also called the blood mist village... there was a final obstacle in becoming a ninja" Kakashi said

"uhmm... so you even know about that graduation exam" Zabuza said

"that exam?" Naruto asked

"hehehehe" Zabuza chuckled

"What's this graduation exam thing?" Naruto asked

"hehehe" Zabuza laughed

"it was... a fight to the death between students" Zabuza said

"UH!" Naruto was shocked at this

""Friends who have trained and eaten at the same table are pitted against each other and go at it... until one of them looses their life.. those friends that shared every hopes and dreams" Zabuza said

"how cruel" Sakura said

"10 years ago the hidden mist graduation exam... was forced to change, this change came after the previous year... when a devil appeared" Kakashi said

"change?" Sakura asked

"What change? What did this devil do?" Sakura asked

"Without pause or hesitation... a young boy who was not even a ninja...had killed over a hundred students" Kakashi said

"Ahh... those where good times" Zabuza said as he recalled his youth.

And then his eyes sat on the boys.

Sasuke was the first to go from an elbow blow to his stomach... it was so powerful he was sure his stomach had left the inside of his body. And then he hit him back into the ground using his arm.

"HAAGH!: Sasuke yelled in pain and she coughed up blood.

Zabuza put his hand on his sword handle "die" was all he said

"KAGE BUNSHIN NO JUTSU!" Naruto yelled

Zabuza saw himself surrounded "uhmm... kage bunshins... and quiet a large amount, I am impressed" Zabuza said

they all pulled their kunai "HERE I COME!" he yelled as they all charged towards Zabuza, they all jumped ready to skewer Zabuza... however

"URAA!" they all were blown away by Zabuza's sword a few seconds, none were able to touch him.

Naruto was blown away and his clones banished...

"SASUKE! CATCH!" Naruto yelled as he threw a weapon to Sasuke, a collapsible giant shuriken.

Sasuek then caught up the plan... he folded the shuriken up and readied himself

he jumped and threw the shuriken at high-speeds... the clone took his sword ready to deflect the shuriken.

However it went by him to hit the original.

"You were correct, it was a good idea to target the original...but... that's not enough" Zabuza said as he caught the shuriken with his hand... then he noticed a second shuriken just behind the other, a few seconds from cutting his torso...

"Still not enough" Zabuza said as he dodge it by jumping up...

Sasuke chuckled "heh"

the second shuriken exploded, it transformed back to Naruto.

"Huh!" Sakura was confused at the development.

"NOW!" Naruto yelled as he threw his kunai at Zabuza.

Zabuza then had to pulled himself away lest the kunai pierced his brain.

Naruto missed, but managed to cut his face... Zabuza was furious.. the little brat actually made him bleed.

He took the shuriken he had and was about to throw it when...


a serpentine sound...

He used the shuriken to block the nail aiming at his neck, and then Kakashi took the shuriken and jumped back to dry land, Naruto resurfaced.

"Naruto... great plan you guys have grown up..." Kakashi said

"Eh... I got distracted and released the jutsu" Zabuza said

"Wrong... you didn't released it, you were FORCED to released it" Kakashi said.

"Can I leave it all to you?"Rider asked

"Yeah... I can deal with this" Kakashi said "I'll tell you that I don't fall for the same jutsu twice... what will you do?" Kakashi said staring at Zabuza

Zabuza and Kakashi jumped in opposite directions but not once Kakashi lost sight of him... as fast as Zabuza did his hand signs Kakashi was able to keep up and copied it perfectly

"WATER DRAGON BLAST!" both dragons made with water collided against each other... as the blast receded they saw Kakashi holding Zabuza's sword back with his kunai.

Kakashi kept playing along, imitating and even finishing Zabuza's sentences...

Rider analized his skills... definetly top grade... if he where stronger... he would be a bit troublesome...

Then... as the finishing blow... Kakashi finished Zabuza's technique before him and launched it... pressing him agianst the tree trunk...

Rider lazily threw her nail to Zabuza, pinning his hands on it,

"How...? can you you see into the future?" Zabuza asked

"Yeah... and I forsee your death" Kakashi said...

Rider then looked back as she saw the needles fly towards Zabuza's neck... effectively killing him

"What do you know... you where right... he died" a voice said.

They looked up and saw a small figure with a white porcelain mask

Kakashi went towards the corpse of Zabuza to check... yeah, there was definitely no pulse... he was dead.

Rider however was confused... by hasn't he had lost his soul? If he was dead Rider couldn't detect it... maybe people where different here?

"Thank you very much, I been searching for the opportunity to kill Zabuza for a rather long time" the masked person said.

"That mask... you're a hidden mist missing nin hunter" Kakashi said

Rider looked, she paid attention as she did not know about this "impressive. You are correct" the masked person said.

Naruto looked at the person and felt a pang of anger... but he stopped himself, Rider will help him.

"hunter nin?" Sakura asked

"Yes, my duty is to hunt down missing-nins... I'm a member of the hidden mist's hunter-nin team" the masked person.

"From his size and timber of his voice... he can't older than Naruto" Kakashi thought

The boy jumped down and with a few words he took the body and parted ways.

"Haa" kakashi sighed in relief as he covered his eye. "Now we have to get to Tazuna-san back home" Kakashi said.

"Yeah... let's go" Naruto said.


Then as Kakashi gave a single step forward and falls flat on his face.

"HUH! WHAT'S WRONG?" Sakura yelled concerned.

"KAKASHI SENSEI!" Naruto yelled also in concern.

"My body... won't move... I've overused the sharingan... too much" Kakashi thought.

Rider tied him up and carried him... surprising everyone with her strength.

"T...thanks Rider-san" Kakashi said a bit ashamed of this particular situation.

Minutes later on Tazuna's daughter house

"Are you alright sensei?" Tazuna's daughter Tsunami (29 years old) asked

Kakashi was on a futon looking at tad sickly "Yeah... I just can't move for a week or so" Kakashi said

"What? The sharingan might be incredible but... if it puts that much stress in the body, I guess you have to think before using it" Sakura said.

Rider was by Naruto's side he was sleeping on her lap.. he spend copious amount of power on the fight

Sakura giggled as she saw herself like that with Sasuke...

Sasuke felt a cold wave pass trough his body...

Naruto was dreaming, but it was odd... normally he would dream of ramen of conquering Sakura's heart, becoming the Hokage or beating Sasuke... no... today he had a dream that will change him little by little.

Naruto's dream

Naruto saw a beautiful place... it looked like a temple of sorts in it he saw 3 beautiful girls... all dressed alike...

two of them where picking on the other one... they enjoyed playing pranks and just messing with her... anything short of torture...

But as time passed by Naruto noticed something odd... the two girls never aged, they never changed...

Naruto then realized who the third girl was...

"Rider?... is that Rider?" Naruto wondered as he saw the girl with the blindfold...

Naruto saw as she grew into a gorgeous young woman... the dream shifted...

Time has passed and Poseidon visited the temple the 3 sisters lived... all 3 of them where goddesses save for Rider, who became a mortal... Rider and her sisters took honor on Poseidon visit... as he was an original god of Olympus.

Naruto however felt sick when he saw that god... something in his eyes... something primal, something carnal...

Something awful.

Time passed and Poseidon's visit became a bit more frequent... Rider was delighted to have him, but her sisters noticed the look on Poseidon's eyes...

And they didn't like it... not in the very least.

After a while Poseidon invited Rider to a banquet with the other gods... of course her sisters came with her... all of them were the life of the party...

Rider however felt so out of place... all of the people around her where immortals and she was just a girl.

"What's the matter Young Medusa? Is this party not to your liking?" Poseidon said with a tender smile...

Those slimy disgusting eyes... giving her that disgusting look...

"ah... no is not that... but Lord Poseidon... I am but a mere mortal... I was to be one of you but I... myself... is flawed" Rider said.

"Uhmm... you say flawed but... aren't you the most beautiful woman coveted by men everywhere in this world? So... in how way are you flawed?" Poseidon said

"Thank you for your kind words Lord Poseidon" Rider said with a faint smile

"I have a gift for you little one... this might hurt... but is part of what I have to do in order for you to receive the gift I have for you" Poseidon said as he rose his trident.

And stabbed her in the neck.

"GYAAH!" Rider yelled as blood spurted from her neck pooling in the otherwise white marble floor

"MEDUSA!" Stheno yelled as Euryale dashed to pick their sister and looked at Poseidon with fury.

"What in the many gods name have you done!" Stheno yelled.

"Calm yourselves goddesses...and look" Poseidon said as Rider stood up trembling.

From the blood pooled on the ground a small winged horse rose from it... it looked young and looked at Rider...

"L-Lord Poseidon... this is..." Rider said amassed at the sigh in front of her.

The winged horse took a few shakily steps forwards... and then nuzzled on Rider's hands tenderly

"This Pegasus is yours little Medusa" he said.

Yet he held that disgusting look in his eyes.

Real world

Naruto woke jeeringly... he panted... he was feeling disgusted from the look on Poseidon's eyes somehow.

Naruto looked up and saw Rider's face... he couldn't see it but apparent;y she had gone to sleep... he noticed he was on her lap... and then Rider moved a bit as she woke up.

"Had a pleasant sleep Naruto?" Rider asked as she looked down at her master with a small smile

"Eh... uh... yes... t-thank you" Naruto said.

Naruto slowly removed himself from Rider's lap with a slight blush on his face.


Chapter end...

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