Chapter One


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Author Notes: Got my snow day and started this new fic. I hope you guys like it. Kono and Steve dive a shipwreck and get into some unforeseen trouble. My last few pieces have been really fluffy. I figured it's time to get back to some angst and more adventure. I hope you enjoy it. Oh yeah, and fluff too. Gotta have fluff.

Danny sat holding his stomach as Steve and Kono put on their scuba gear.

"How are you doing Danno? You look a little green around the gills there."

"This rocking around in the middle of the ocean is for the birds man."

Kono and Steve grinned at each other.

"Hey Danny. It's really calm down there. Maybe you should suit up and come with us."

"Very funny, Kono. I'll just stick to the surfing lessons for now, okay?"

"Take care of him, Chin, and we should be back in less than an hour."

"You ready?"

Steve stepped to the back of the boat ready to fall backwards over the side.

"Yep. See you soon cousin."

Kono joined Steve and they both saluted and dropped over the side. Chin went below to get Danny some water and an aspirin. Next time, he would be sure Danny took something to help with the seasickness. It was too late for this time. He needed to take it an hour or so ago. Too bad. He was going to be miserable while they waited for their teammates to return. They were diving the wreckage of a smuggler's yacht that had gone down near Shark's Cove. This time of day it was only about a thirty-foot dive. When the tide came in it would be deeper. Chin didn't expect them back for a while. They were both diving enthusiasts and if he knew either of them at all, he was sure they would drag it out and have some fun. This cove was known for its lava tubes and caves. Steve and Kono were going to determine if the yacht sank as a result of foul play or not. They were also looking for illegal substances.

Kono smiled to herself as she swam down toward the wreckage. She would look up every once in awhile towards the water's surface. She loved the way the sun's rays sparkled down into the water. What a great day! She loved her job when it came to this kind of stuff. She knew Steve did too. She turned to look at him and he gave her a wave and a thumbs-up. Yep. He was having as much fun as she was. Kono saw a series of caves down and to the left and she nudged Steve and pointed. A smile spread across his face around his regulator.

Oh man, this was going to be fun. They could explore for a bit before they returned to the surface. They spotted the wreck right away. It had settled near the opening to a cave. It was still very much intact, so why did it sink? It wasn't until they swam around to the other side that they saw the gaping hole. Well, that explained it, but what made the hole? Steve pulled out his writing tablet and scribbled.

'Could it have been a cannon ball?'

He grinned as she read what he wrote and she laughed into her hose making tons of bubbles. She swam closer to him, took the tablet and wrote.

'Very funny, but I'm thinking more like a surface to air missile. Where would they get one of those?'

Steve bumped her arm as he wrote.

'That's a good question. Let's take a look inside.'

They swam up to the deck and entered the first level of the yacht. They didn't spot anything unusual there except for the fact that it was really richly decorated. These guys had money. After finding nothing upstairs, they turned on their flashlights and descended to the sleeping cabins. A search of each room turned up nothing. Kono swam into the last room, the captain's berth. It was a much larger room and it was amazing. She froze when her flashlight swept across a chair. There was a man tied in it. He looked like he had been tortured and his wide-eyed stare caught Kono by surprise. She had seen dead people before, but this was different. It just seemed so surreal to find him like that just slightly floating. She could feel herself panicking a little bit and she turned to get Steve. She found herself in his arms as he had joined her in the cabin. His look was calming and she settled down as she came down from the adrenaline. His look asked her if she was okay and she nodded her head to let him know she was fine. He rubbed his hands up and down her arms for a minute. Even though she was wearing a wet suit, his touch helped her. He gave her one final pat on the arm and pushed away to swim over to the guy.

Steve pulled his small camera out of his fanny pack and snapped a picture of the guy. He would have Chin run the guy through the system and see what they came up with. He pulled out his board again.

'Let's finish here and get back on the surface so we can get started tracking these guys. They got away except for our friend. You okay?'

Kono shrugged her shoulders and nodded her head. Steve rested his hand on her shoulder and squeezed gently. He knew how she was feeling. The sight had startled him too. They made their way down into the last level of the yacht and shone their flashlights around what was left of the engineering room. What they found shocked them both. Wrapped in plastic was what looked like several pounds of explosives. What was even more startling was there was a line leading from it out through the gaping hole in the side of the boat. Someone had been back to the wreckage before them. Steve motioned for Kono to follow the line. They swam through the hole and along the line through the water. Kono got a sinking feeling in her stomach when she saw the line leading into the cave they had spotted. What if they weren't alone down there? Kono had never confronted a criminal underwater before. She would have to trust Steve's Seal training to get them out of this if they had to confront anyone. Once inside the cave, the line seemed to go one forever. It was at least 200 feet long. When they finally reached the end, Steve turned and looked at her with a surprised expression on his face. It was attached to a detonator. There was no clock on the detonator, so they had no idea how long they had to get out of the cave and out of the water before it blew. They were worried about the guys on the surface as well. There was no way to know if the blast would reach them and damage or sink the boat. Steve turned to Kono and cupped either side of her facemask so she would focus on him. He had never touched her like that before. He looked tenderly at her and Kono realized they were in real trouble. He held up the tablet and wrote.

'Two choices. Make break for surface. Go deeper into cave. Hope to find another way out.'

Kono took the tablet, but before she could respond. Everything around them began to shake. Steve grabbed her with an arm around her waist.

The water muffled the sound of the explosion, but they could feel the shock wave and see the cave disintegrating behind them. Steve turned Kono, pushing her forward deeper into the cave. Then the repercussion of the blast hit them and pushed them both forward. Steve tried desperately to hold onto Kono, but they were pushed apart and tumbled deeper and deeper into the cave. Steve tried to avoid colliding with the walls and hoped the same was true for Kono. He couldn't see her as he felt himself tossed around like a small toy. He felt himself being pushed forward for what seemed like minutes when he suddenly surfaced to find himself in a dome shaped underwater cavern. For the moment he was safe and he had found air, but where was Kono?