The Reality Sets In.

The battle against myself raged. In the moments when I killed her I felt… normal, like an actual human. Would I ever kill again? Would I ever get that feeling of holding someone's life in the palms that were attatched to this thing. This thing. Me? No, I haven't been myself in about seven years. The voices consumed me.

I came back to reality

I was running from the sirens, "someone heard her scream" they spoke. "don't let them put you away." I ran Through my neighborhood without aim. "where should I go?" I screamed my voice hoarse from my panting. "you tell me to do something I did now tell me! What the fuck am I supposed to do?" there was no sound. The sirens blared. They found her. So again I ran, Only this time into the woods. I could hear the crunching of the leaves beneath my own feet. My ankles began to swell. I could feel them pulsing. Sweat began to drip from my forehead and chest. The tears in my eyes blurring my vision forced me to sit. "don't cry Ellison…" the voices finally had spoken

"why not? You got me into this bullshit." I sniffed then broke out into another sob. "I wish you were out of my head," I wiped my tears. " I. WISH. YOU. WERE GONE."I said so loud it ran over the noise of the sirens. "But what on earth would you do without me?" they asked in a demonic over bearing tone. "Live?" they laughed at the thought "How could you get by a day without me?"

I paused. 'I'm not going to answer that question,' I thought. It a trap. It's always a trap. I stood up. And began taking steps which direction should I go? Should I just go home? Through the back door so no one will see me? But if they did. I looked at my hands blood covered them. From my own blood yes. But also from the woman. I looked at my shirt. I couldn't tell what it had on it. All t saw was soppy red turning brown blood. I had no money, no food, and no clothes. I had no choice I had to make my way back home.