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Chapter 6: It's A New Day by Adelitas Way

The sun was rising over Konohagakure no Sato's main gates as a small gathered few stood at the immense open doors. One of them was the Godaime herself, currently pressing her foot down onto her teammate's groin as he apologized with the vocal pitch of a young girl.

"GAH! I'M SORRY! PLEASE GET OFF!" Jiraiya pleaded to Tsunade. The Godaime smirked and tapped her chin in thought, purposely adding a bit more pressure to the white-haired man's already wrecked groin. To the side, a certain blind blonde and his new traveling companion watched with matching grins on their faces at the scene.

"That motherfucker's getting his just deserts, isn't he, Shithead?" Tayuya asked as she looked at the blonde. Naruto deflated at her pet name for him, but he regained his smile at hearing another yelp from his godfather.

"Yeah, but Ero-sennin just doesn't know when to shut up..." the blind boy said with an embarrassed shake of his head, "I mean peeping on hot springs is one thing, but flat out trying to get me to do it before we meet up with Baa-chan, who was also standing right behind him? You'd think for a Sanin he'd be a little smarter than that."

"Well, Tsunade-sama never said he was a perfect teacher," Shizune, who, along with Ton-Ton and Kakashi, had come to see the blonde and redhead off, said with an equally embarrassed tone. Next to her, Kakashi chuckled, his ANBU mask on his hip as he scratched the back of his head.

"Yeah, I can only imagine how Sensei came out of that trip and still managed to be Konoha's number one Bachelor..." Kakashi thought before glancing at the blonde and silently adding to himself, That is, until he met your mother, Naruto.

A minute later, Tsunade stepped back and off of Jiraiya, who hopped up without a trace of pain on his face. Mentally, he was screaming his lungs off, but on the outside, he put on a large smile and looked at the blonde. Naruto was wearing his usual attire, along with his new geta, and had his headband wrapped around his eyes. Strapped to his back was his sword, which he named Uzumaki no Kiba, and his left hand was on his side while the right scratched the back of his head. If he foregone the headband around the eyes and returned them to the way they were prior to the SRS mission, Jiraiya swore he would have looked like a carbon copy of his father.

The redheaded girl glaring at him for reasons unknown...Personally, Jiraiya thought it was because she, like the mother of the boy on her left, was pissed that he tried to corrupt his student. Honestly, Tayuya was so much like Kushina it was scary! The white haired man remembered when Kushina had almost succeeded in killing him for trying to drag a very nervous Minato to the hot springs for research. The man was pretty damn determined to keep his virgin eyes the way they were until he and Kushina finally married.

Jiraiya suspected Minato wasn't as innocent as he claimed, due to the occasional glow Kushina would have whenever she walked around the village after he returned from a mission.

"Well, Perverted No-nuts," Tayuya joked with her usually crass tone, making the man's eye twitch at the new nickname whilst his chosen apprentice was smirking even wider along with his former teammate, "We gonna leave or what?"

"Tay-chan has a point, Ero-sennin," Naruto commented as he crossed his arms over his chest, "We were supposed to leave twenty minutes ago..."

"Yes, but how did you expect me to leave without getting proper farewells from the village's most important assets?" the white haired Sanin countered before recognizing a very familiar cracking of knuckles. Noting how deep of shit he was in, Jiraiya quickly continued with, "But I guess you're right. The sooner we're on the road, the sooner you can get to training."

Gee, I wonder what sped that thought process up, the group, save for the Sanin, unanimously thought as they glanced at a slightly fuming Godaime Hokage. Naruto, taking the initiative to begin their journey, turned to his white haired, Inu-masked sensei, and smiled foxily at him.

"Well, Inu-sensei," the blonde said in an effort to rile the ANBU out of character, "It's been fun throwing kunai at your books and trying to take your mask."

"Maa, you make it sound like you're off to die, Naruto," Kakashi, dressed in the ANBU captain attire with Inu mask included, shot back lazily, "Just don't. Unless it's for the greater good, of course...Oh, and be sure to wear a condom when you and Tayuya-san finally do the nasty. Bye!"

"You sunovabitch!" Tayuya roared as the white haired ANBU vanished in a puff of smoke before glaring at her blind crush, "He's first to die when we fucking get back..."

"No argument here," Naruto growled as he clenched his fist, "Damn asshole used my jutsu to take a jibe at me!"

Shaking her head at the two's plotting, Tsunade earned their attention when she spoke, "Dumb gaki, don't go threatening ANBU. It could be considered treason."

"Whatever Hag/Baachan," the two replied simultaneously before facing each other, "Don't do that, Tay-chan/Shithead!"

Tsunade laughed at their synced arguement before turning serious and pulling the blonde into a hug. Naruto's form went ridged for a moment before he hugged back, being sure to keep his head below suffocation levels. The Godaime smiled motherly before she spoke again, "Stay safe, get strong, and for the love of God don't become a pervert."

"No worries, Tsunade-baachan," the teen replied before their hug broke and he hugged his pseudo-sister in the same manner that he did the Hokage, "Goodbye Shizune-neechan. Tell Genma-sensei that I'm sorry."

"I will Naruto-kun. Take care of yourself and Tayuya-chan," the brunette medic replied as she returned his affections before their hug broke. To Tayuya's surprise, she was suddenly pulled into a hug as well, seeming to be brought into the lovey-dovey farewells only for a small senbon to be poked subtly in her neck.

"Take care of Naruto-kun, Tayuya-chan," Shizune whispered, knowing no matter what Naruto wouldn't hear it due to her skill, "Because if he's not back in one whole piece, I'll have to hurt you."

"Fuck you," was the hissed reply as Tayuya flicked a kunai into her hand, the hug she was in hiding her blush from the rest of the gathered few, "Fuck you, fuck Kakashi, and fuck anyone else that so much as insinuates we'd be a couple."

"Just don't hurt him," Shizune warned before they broke the hug, Tayuya glaring at the medic while said woman had a smile on her face. A small step away from them, Naruto frowned in confusion as he heard Tayuya's heartbeat increase once again while a dark feeling seemed to radiate from his neechan. Shrugging in confusion, the blonde remained unaware of the female duo's farewell's true message.

Jiraiya, watching this, simply smirked as he realized something: Like Father, Like Son...Sensei, you were right that the brat was going to be oblivious to anyone's feelings towards him.

"Well!" he said in an effort to get his two companions/students attentions, "I believe it's time we leave, eh? Tsu-hime, Shizune. We'll see ya!"

That having been said; the Gama Sennin made his leave by turning and walking down the road. Naruto and Tayuya wasted no time in catching up to him, the former turning around once to give a two-finger salute goodbye while the latter cursed vulgarities at their supposed teacher. Tsunade and Shizune watched fondly as the three became silhouettes in the morning sunlight, both far too focused on the three fading figures to sense the hidden person watching the blonde's dismissal.

A pair of pearl-white eyes narrowed as fingernails dug into the wood on the telephone pole the owner of said eyes hid behind. The figure, obviously a female from her slight hourglass form, wore a light blue jacket that slightly clung to her torso over a long sleeved black shirt. Her legs were wearing navy blue pants, which ended just above the ankles, and her feet were covered by the traditional genin sandal. The girl had navy-black hair and was a well-known member of the Rookie Nine, for it was the Number One Naruto-loving (stalking in some opinion) kunoichi Hyuuga Hinata. The young heiress wasn't glaring at her crush, however. No, she had her gaze locked firmly on that of the fiery redheaded teenage girl that was chosen to accompany him.

I'll be stronger when you return, Naruto-kun, Hinata thought as her gaze briefly snapped to her crush before returning to the back of the silhouette of her chosen nemesis, and then you'll choose me to be the one you love...not some redheaded, sailor mouthed, traitorous bitch!

Let it be known that when a Hyuuga sees something they dislike, they dislike the holy shit out of it...either aloud or internally.

Meanwhile, Tayuya sneezed violently as they walked before glancing back at the village, "Damn motherfuckers must be happy the 'Oto-Bitch' left..."

"Oh, come on, Tay-chan," Naruto scoffed, his hands causally dug in his pockets, "Don't tell me you believe that old wives' tale!"

"Don't doubt superstition, Naruto," Jiraiya chastised his apprentice before the redhead could cuss him out, "Why, in fact, you should embrace it. Considering you are a jinchuriki–"

"Don't call me/him that word!" the two following the white haired Sanin growled. Jiraiya sighed and looked at the displeased blonde, as well as trying to ignore the burning glare coming from the right that would probably kill him if he looked at the source, before continuing, "Well, sorry, Gaki. It's the only one we've got for now."

"Tch, whatever, Ero-sennin. Just don't use it," Naruto grunted, his mood now sour due to the reminder of his status. Taking a moment to cheer himself up, doing so by cheering another up, Naruto then asked, "So where to first, Ero-sensei?"

Jiraiya blinked before looking at the blonde with wide eyes, allowing a grin to cross his face as he looked at his godson. The boy was starting to accept him as a teacher, a good step. Next would be the hard part of telling him about his parents and his role as a godfather...something that Jiraiya was sure to invoke a violent response from Naruto. Or worse: Tayuya.

Deciding to muse on that at a later date, the Gama Sennin answered his student's request with a smile, "Well, first things first: We should probably get more muscle on those scrawny limbs...how's lunch sound?"

"Food?" the two travelling with him incredulously asked with gaping faces, only to be given a grin in response. One that made Naruto's spine shiver.

Minutes later, Naruto was bawling on the side of the road while Tayuya was laughing her ass off. Jiraiya had emptied the blonde's pack of all instant ramen. Even the hidden stash the boy had shoved into Tayuya's backpack via sealing scroll was burnt to a crisp before the blind boy. Jiraiya smugly spoke, quieting the sobs of his apprentice while Tayuya's laughter dropped to snickers, "You need to eat better, boy. Ramen, while cheap and effectively filling on a shinobi diet, is not at all what shinobi need to become strong. How do you expect to get taller if you just eat ramen?"

"I will kill you in your sleep..." Naruto growled as he snapped his covered eyes to lock on his smirking sensei's face, the dried tears giving him a slightly pathetic look, "Do you know how much that single bunch of ramen cost?"

"Can't have been more than a D-rank mission, Gaki," Jiraiya scoffed, when he was suddenly punched in the gut by an irate blonde. Tayuya's snickering stopped as she noticed the sudden anger radiating from the blind blonde.

"To you, Jiraiya," Naruto slowly spoke as he kept his fist imbedded in the shocked man's stomach, "Ramen may have been just 'cheap meals', but to me, it was a motherfucking lobster dinner. Why do you think all my packed food has been ramen? It's all the civilians would sell me!"

Jiraiya, being known for many things, was known for his rash actions, or rather, rash reactions. Hearing Naruto's words made the Sanin glance down at the irate blonde and suddenly scowl. The white haired man brought his own fist back before socking the boy in the face. As Naruto fell back, Jiraiya spoke, "While I do understand your reaction, apprentice, you will not do that again. Am I understood, Uzumaki?"

Naruto rubbed his jaw, respect for the man before him having risen quite a bit, before replying, "Yeah...Yeah, I got ya, Ero-sensei."

"Good," Jiraiya said before biting his thumb and summoning a small toad. The man then pulled a small scroll out, quickly jot down a few sentences, and rolled the scroll up before tossing it to the toad. With an irritated grunt, Jiraiya instructed, "Give it to Tsu-hime. Now."

"Yes, Jiraiya-sama," the toad replied before vanishing in a puff of smoke. The white haired Sannin glanced at the blonde that was being assisted to his feet by a concerned Tayuya, looking the both of them over before a grin crossed his face.

"How good are either of you two at hunting?" Jiraiya suddenly asked them, getting them to look his way with confusion on their faces. The white haired man's grin grew as they looked at each other.

"That's...That's just horrible!" Shizune exclaimed as she reread the message Tsunade received not an hour after Naruto and Tayuya left with Jiraiya, "How could Sandaime-sama allow this?"

"I don't know," Tsunade growled as she snapped her fingers, "But I'm going to find out. Inu! Summon the council. I want answers..."

"Yes, Godaime-sama."

-One Month Later-

Outside the bridge to Nami no Kuni in the forest, a blonde preteen was currently sitting in a meditative pose while his sensei was out 'researching'. His only companion had ventured into the nearby village nearly half an hour ago in an effort to find their chosen sensei and, as she put it, "Kick his ass from here to Oto for ditching (her) with a goddamn motherfucking man-whore!"

Now, normally, Tayuya wouldn't be calling him anything other than Shithead, but lately, she's been very irritated and has had the urge to snap Naruto's neck twenty-four seven. Why would she be irritated one may ask, and another may respond that it's that time when Mother Nature visits her daughters...well that someone is WRONG.

Tayuya's irritability is not due to her period, rather, it is due to the fact that Naruto was sent to a brothel...and he didn't return for a week.

His absence was not due to perversion, but like the blonde has claimed, it was due to training. Jiraiya had noticed that whenever they attracted attention, it was Naruto to blame. His clothes, although much subtler than the blinding orange monstrosity, were quite the beacon. So, Jiraiya dumped the boy in the caring arms of Sango, who had been running a brothel for several years just outside of Nami's borders. With him gone, Jiraiya then had Tayuya sign the Toad contract (for emergencies only) and began training her in his Gama-Doton techniques.

The sisters in Mother Sango's home taught the orange loving blonde how to blend with the crowds, to be seen and yet not seen, like a true shinobi. Naruto also picked up on the skill of pickpocketing whilst he was at the brothel. He had also learned of the correct way to assassinate when the time would call for it, and a new hidden dagger was sheathed under his right sleeve in case of the ability's need. His attire was changed once again, but mostly it was the jacket that Sango redid, adding a hood and giving him leather shoulder guards to add protection as well as leather greaves to defend his shins. The hood allowed him to keep the headband he adored from covering his eyes and said eyes to see without being seen; now the headband was tied around his left bicep, tightening the sleeve around that portion of his arm.

The poor boy did not learn to pick up on subtle hints, however, as a few of the call-girls can atone to. The first two weeks after the 'Ramen Cleanse (of Doom, Naruto would add under his breath)' had done the blonde well, allowing his growth spurt to finally kick in and let him lose some of his childish chub, making him look like a literal mini-Minato, only with a rounded face like that of his mother. The girls of the Brothel saw this and were instantly attracted to the hardworking, friendly-natured blind preteen. A few were already attracted due to his act in Nami, as they were women taken by Gato's men and 'spoiled' for others.

His naivety stuck like glue, unfortunately for them, but fortunate for his traveling companion. Said companion was disbelieving in his actions at the Brothel, attempting to 'rescue' him after three nights had passed before Jiraiya stopped her easily. When he returned, she gave him the cold shoulder for a few days before finally yelling at him for "Succumbing to the Perverted Motherfucker's ways". Despite his constant promises that he hadn't done 'The Deed' with any of the girls, Tayuya continued to show nothing but anger (which was rare in his case) whenever he tried to be civil with her.

"Oi, Shithead!" Naruto's meditation was interrupted by the voice of Tayuya, the blind boy's eyes slowly opening before locking on the approaching redhead. He allowed a small smile to cross his face as she continued, "The Pervert says he's got a mission for us. Turns out some bridge builder and his family are being harassed by some dumbass villagers that the damn midget was bribing. We're the fucker's new bodyguards."

"...You called me Shithead," Naruto said with a smile as his eyes shut, "As odd as it is, I missed hearing you call me that!"

Tayuya's face reddened and she scowled, smacking the blonde upside the head, "Shut up, Shithead..."

"Ne, first off; ow," Naruto muttered as he stood, pulling his hood up so that it hid his hair/eyes from others as they walked, "Second, where's the client?"

"The old fucker is waiting at the bridge," replied Tayuya as her blush slightly darkened. As much as she disliked Naruto's training at the Brothel, she had to admit, the new jacket gave him even more of a dangerous and mysterious aura, which to her was a huge turn on.

Get a hold of yourself, ya horny bitch! Tayuya mentally growled as they walked to the bridge, the blonde leading, So Shithead got some new clothes, big deal! He's still a dumbass...with a cute ass...Argh, Goddammit! Sometimes I fucking hate being fifteen!

Naruto walked with a small smile before frowning when a familiar scent hit his nose. Sniffing slightly, the blonde stopped when they were a few feet from the clearing that revealed the Nami no Kuni end of the bridge. Naruto put his hand up in an open palm, signaling for them to stop. Tayuya did so, consequently snapping herself from her mental dilemma, before going on guard. The blonde's hand went to grab his katana, still on his back, when a knife flew over his head.

"Hey, look here Cho! Pa wuz right 'bout that Fatass drunk getting ninja," a voice said, getting the two traveling shinobi' attention. They saw a large man with a bowl cut of dulled orange hair, his clothing being a fancy battle-ready kimono, standing before a shorter shaved-head teen with a sneer on his face and his left hand extended in a post-throwing position. The shorter teen wore baggy black pants and a white sash around his waist, a grey Yakama jacket on his torso allowing his cut physique to be revealed.

"Duh, yeah Niisan," the larger teen mumbled as he scratched his head with a finger, "buh, dey doesn't look bigger dan you? You sure deys da ninja?"

"Course I am, Cho!" the shorter one snorted before leering at Tayuya, "So we can expect a fight...I'll take the girl, that way she's not roughed up too bad and we can have some fun with a pretty face."

"Duh, okay Yukio-niisan," Cho said. Naruto scoffed and unsheathed his katana before pointing it at the two (obvious) brothers.

"Meat," he asked Tayuya, pointing at Cho, before pointing at Yukio, "Or Potatoes?"

"Tch, like you've got to fucking ask me?" Tayuya snorted before dashing at Yukio with impressive speed, whipping through hand seals along the way before exclaiming, "Doton: Gama-Ken! (Earth Release: Frog Fist!)"

A four-fingered fist emerged from the ground, slamming right into the jaw of the target (Yukio) and sending him soaring from the brush into the clearing, startling a white haired semi-drunken bridge builder. Cho turned and cried out in concern before looking back to come face-to-face with Naruto's flying knee.

"Shinobi Lesson #1: Taijutsu!" Naruto said just before his knee connected, "Rule one: Never take your eye off an opponent!"

His knee sent the tall bowl cut brother out of the wood, similar to how Tayuya did Yukio, and rolling into the clearing. The drunk watching quickly took another downing of his sake before leaning back against the cement pillar for a comfy seat. The fight was going to be very entertaining for the drunk.

"Ahh! Niisan!" Cho cried out when Naruto delivered an effective curb stomp on his stomach, "Niisan!"

"Kick his ass, Cho-Gah, you bitch!" Yukio growled as Tayuya kicked him in the side. The redheaded girl smirked and then gave the shaved teen a follow through kick to the jaw. Yukio stumbled backwards as Tayuya continued her assault.

"Niisan!" Cho cried out again, this time in anger. The large brother grit his teeth and caught Naruto's foot in his hand just before it connected with his face. Naruto gulped as the bowl-cut man got to his feet, towering over the blonde who's foot he still had in his grasp. The man spoke to his blind attacker with a hint of anger in his voice's tone, "Duh, I gonna kill you an' save meh Niisan."

Naruto's eyes narrowed and he spun to the left, his foot in the grip of the giant he was fighting following his momentum, causing his free leg to fly up and kick Cho in the jaw, the momentum and force he added doing enough to fracture the man's jaw. Cho released his assaulter and stumbled backwards as he cupped his jaw, muffled whimpers escaping his lips. Naruto quickly returned to his feet and ducked under the orange haired man's blind right backhand, leaving his target wide open for a left punch right to the gut. Cho coughed blood through his hand onto Naruto's hood, and Naruto allowed the giant to stumble backwards so he could glance at his companion's fight.

Tayuya ducked under an attempted kick that Yukio aimed at her head, giving her ample time to deliver a punch to his groin. The shaved man released a rather girlish yelp as he was hit in the sensitive area. Naruto winced in pity before returning his attention to the larger being before him, consequently taking a blow to the jaw and stumbling backwards as a result of taking his attention from his opponent.

"Shithead!" Tayuya cried out in concern before glaring at the larger man, who returned the look with his own flaring nostrils, and snarled, "You fucking Fatass..."

"Tiny Bitch!" Cho cried back as he charged at her, cocking his left fist back in an attempt to strike her, "Die!"

Tayuya ducked under the hit and swept the fat man's legs out from underneath him, making the earth shake upon his body's impact. She quickly leapt up and drove her foot into the face of the younger, bowl-cut-hairstyle brother. The redhead with a sailor's mouth then delivered blow after blow to the downed man's face, swearing loudly with each strike, and thus allowing Yukio to slowly make his way to his feet. The shaved man reached into his back and gripped the handle of a dagger, unsheathing it quietly before attempting to get the drop on the redhead.

A sudden blur rushed him and Yukio felt immense pain in his stomach. Looking down, the man saw an imbedded fist clenching his shirt, but just next to said fist was a hidden blade, a gleam revealing its sharp edge. Yukio coughed; a good portion of blood passing his lips and onto the clothed shoulder he had digging into his chest as the blade dug deeper into his stomach, before looking up at the hooded blonde and staring into a pair of swirling eyes.

"Yasuraka ni nemure (Rest in peace)," Naruto hissed into his foe's ear before shoving the corpse away. He looked over to Tayuya to see her suffocating the larger man. With a silent grace few shinobi still have, the hooded blonde made his way to the redhead's side and grabbed her shoulder, "He's unconscious, Tay-chan. Unless you want to finish him, we should just leave him to be found."

"Yeah, well...what about the Bald pussy?" Tayuya asked. Naruto didn't speak, simply twisting his wrist and sheathing his hidden blade.

"He is of no concern," the hooded teen replied once he was half a meter away. Tayuya glanced at the bleeding corpse of the older brother and, listening to her good judgment, used a quick Katon technique to torch the corpse. The redhead swiftly followed her partner to stand before the drinking man leaning on the bridge's entrance.

"So...We meet again brat," the drinker said, pushing his hat up to reveal an elderly man with small glasses on his face, "When Jiraiya-sama said he'd give me a brat for a bodyguard, I guess he wasn't lying."

Naruto blinked before grinning once he recognized the man and pulled his hood down, revealing his face and eyes to the drunk, before returning the greeting, "Been a while, hasn't it, Tazuna?"

"Heh, see ya got rid of the Howler Monkey," Tazuna chuckled out as he gestured to Tayuya, "So, finally get a girlfriend?"

Naruto's face immediately fell into a scowl, matching said redhead to his left only he lacked the blush on his cheeks, before they replied as one, "WE ARE NOT DATING!"

"Hm, from what Jiraiya-sama told me, I'd have thought otherwise," Tazuna mumbled as he scratched his beard before shrugging, "Ah, whatever. Come on; let's get back to the village before anymore punks decide to grow a set."

Tayuya grinned and looked at Naruto as they followed the bridge builder, "I like this old drunk asshole, Shithead. He's the one ya killed Momochi for, right?"

Naruto sighed and flipped his hood up, "I didn't kill Zabuza, Tay-chan...Gato's men did."

"Whatever," Tayuya scoffed with an eye roll, not knowing that the old man before them was listening to their conversation, "I just thought that's why they named the bridge after you."

Naruto stopped walking instantly, his head whipping back to see the engraving mirrored on both sides of the bridge's entries/exits' stone: The Great Naruto Bridge.


And then Tazuna broke out laughing.

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