Reveal my life! sgt frog quiz show with the chibi trio!

Chapter 4

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Authers notes-


Kellbo: -_- plfff (*blows a raspberry)

Bechi: dont mind her, she is in a bad mood because we had to spend soooo long writing this chapter ^_^'!

Kelbo: It was because SOME people (*Glares at those people) and you know who you are! Send in questions about episodes which do NOT have english subs on youtube!

Flecia: Thank you all for all of the questions sent in everyone! and PLEASE keep on sending them in!

Kellbo: It aint truth what we write, just guessing so dont be offended yo!

Bechi: O_O...

Kellbo:... I shouldnt talk like that should I? -_-'

Bechi: (*shakes head) o_o

Flecia: SORRY in advance for any bad spellings or grammer. And PLEASE enjoy the story!

(Theme music starts up again and the light come back on to reveal all the charactors and the trio team, the audience cheers)


Cool voice in the sky: REVEAL MY LIFE!

Bekiki: Three teams left now to battle it out for the top spot and win the ultimate prize!

Keroro: I dont care anymore! I dont want the prize! I wanna go hooome gerooooooooo! (*whining -_-)

Kelili: man up idiot (*chucks keroro a bottle of keron brand water)

Keroro: SWEET NURISHMENT! (*gulps down all water in one go)

Tamama: mr sargent, why whyyyyy didnt you save me any (*upset face)

Keroro: ...ohh sorry privet, the captin always gets the first sustainence!

Kelili: Keroro you jerky butt head! :P (*tosses tamama some water aswell)

Farara: (*hands everyone a bottle of water) as stated by the tv productions new world law, all long lasting television programs where the charactors stay on set are now required to be allowed free food, water and bathroom breaks at least once a day, health and safty rules are also required!

Keroro: O_O...?

Everyone: ...O_O...?

Kururu: ehh...NOW YOU DECIDE THIS?

Farara: (*cute eye twitches and flicks to evil eyes) ...yes.

Bekiki: (*calming arm gestures) Calm down Farara-chan, he can just be like that sometimes!

Farara: (*cute eyes again) ...Ok ^_^

Natsumi: (*Gulps down water) I thought I was gonna die!

Kelili: You might STILL die :O (*scowles meanly)

Everyone: (*shivers at grumpy kelili)

Bekiki: The first questions sent in were from...

Giroro: (*buts in with sarcasm) greeeat, more torchurous questions!

Kelili: (*kicks giroro in the shin)


Kelili: (*punches giroro in the face mid sentance) ...just for the record, I'm in a bad mood...

bekiki: (*smirks)

Farara: Umm...pardon me but we are already ten minutes into the show and we dont even know who is asking questions yet! (*adorable annoyed face)

Kelili: DON'T NAG ME! (*stares daggers at farara)


Dororo: (*blinks twice)...why me?

Bekiki: -_-' oookeey... well cool voice in the sky! hows about you tell us what questions we have today?

Mr Cool voice in the sky: thats MR cool voice in the sky too you! anyway ahem~ we have got five questions from "dragonsfire18", eight questions from "AnnLay",
nine questions from "KIKiGaruGIrooo", twelve questions from "Marliese", four questions from "sarcasticToad", six questions from "Melantha Raphaelis",
eight questions from "Kambanjo", six questions from "nightfangfox... and many others... which have been smudges on jy list =_="!


Kelili: that was me soz, I spilled my pudding on your script mr cool voice in the sky, forgive me desu!

Everyone: -_-'

Kelili: If we start now then we might get done by the end of the week -_-'

Farara & Bekiki: WAHOO FUUUN! (*random jumping)

Kelili: (*hands Farara) knock yourself out (*shrugs)

Farara: FIRST QUESTION! From Dragonsfire18...

(Dragonsfire18 team hold up giant banner saying "REVEAL MY KNIFE!" on it)


(Dragonsfire18 team change banner to say "REVEAL YOUR KNIFE?")

Bekiki:... better I guess o_o

Farara: (* In a dramatic english accent) Keroro, Why ohh why dont you take the kero ball off fuyuki and take over the world with it with the "take over pekapon" button?

Bekiki: Yes froggy, why? :3

Keroro: HOW DARE YOU, I WOULD NEVER BETRAY MY FRIEND LIKE THAT!...although it would make my life a whole lot easyer...BUT I'M JUST NOT THAT KINDA FROG! (*extreme passion)

(*chair fizzes)

Everyone: -_-' (*animie sweatdrop)



Keroro: (*uncontious in his chair with an afro)

Bekiki: Hey kelili, remember the time we had keronian dance man on the show and the electric messed up hir hair and he tryed to slaugher all of keron in his unbearable rage?

Kelili: Yeah...that was awesome ^_^

Farara: No points for kero-san!

Giroro: That idiot.

Kikoko: Well lets see if lightning strikes twice because its YOUR turn now corpral giroro!

Giroro: ... crap.

Chilolo: (*reads from card) Giroro, Whats the worst thing keroro ever did to you?

Giroro: hmm...thats a tough one, there are just soo many occasions...

Farara: Keroro is such a jerky jerk, I just wanna tell his mommy off him (*growls cutely)

Kelili: STOP BEING CUTE DANG NABBIT! (*glares at farara again)

Farara: NOOOO SAAAAVE MEEEEE (*flails arms wildly)

Giroro: Hmm...I suppose it would have to be that time he sold me to kururu as a test rat for five bucks an hour! (*eye twitches) soo many experiments...

Kururu: KUKUKU...soo worth the money :D

(Chair dings)


Bekiki: NOOO! Only two points Kelili kun! (*anime sweatdrops)

Giroro: (*looks mentaly scared) S S soo many... I I Im gonna d d die, n no m more!...

Kelili: Dude, what did you DO to him?

Kururu: Soo many things kukuku :D

Everyone: O_O! (*shivers)

Kelili: (*reads from card) ahem~ next question, TAMAMA...

Tamama: YES DESU (*salutes)

Bekiki: (*snatches card) Tamama, You are soo adorable! can I hug you?

Tamama: O_O?.. uhh well I am super cute (*looks proud) but dont be fooled I am a super dangerous guy and I...(*gets cut off as Bekiki and farara jump on him and start hugging)

Kelili: ^_^' eh heh heh, Guess I shoulda warned him about them!

Farara: I LOVE YOU TAMA-SAN! (*squeezes tamama)


Keroro:...(*still uncontious)

Kelili: The next question is for Kuru-san! (*reads card)...WAIT why am I reading this anyway, I HATE READING!..ohh never mind...kururu, curry or watermelon?

Kururu: curry.

Kelili: but what about...

Kururu: curry.

Bekiki: That time when...

Kururu: Curry.

Farara: -_-' you can be soo annoyi...

Kururu: curry.

Farara: (*knocks kururu out with a huge plate of curry) HOWDYA LIKE CURRY NOW JERK? HUH?

Kelili: (*grabs farara)

Bekiki: (*stuffs a cookie in farara's mouth) Your evil side is ruthless fara-chan!

Farara: (*back to normal) ^_^ mmmm cookie!

(Chair dings)

Bekiki: Another two points to keroro's platoon!

Kelili: ...Another stupid question, (*reads from card) Dororo, has keroro ever made you wet yourself?

Tamama: ...thats such a wierd question desu -_-'

Bekiki: At least it's creative, I know I wouldnt be able to think of anything new to ask -_-'

Giroro: what is with you people?

Kelili: (*kicks giroro in the shin)

Giroro: KYAAA!

Dororo: hmm...not that I can think of... (*thinks hard)

Koyuki: What about sometimes when you wet the bed because of the nightmares you had about mean things your friend does to you?

Dororo: (*frantic, wide eyes and red faced) KOYUKI DONI! O/O!

Koyuki: dont get all frantic, its nothing to be ashamed of, its not your fault...

Dororo: .KI ! (*gritting teeth and even more red)

Koyuki: I'm only trying to help! (*looks a little bit upset)

Dororo: PLEASE DONT HELP! (*bright red and a bit angry)

Koyuki: Well sorry (*looks teary eyed) I didnt think it was such a big deal, its only bedwetting!


Koyuki: (*starts to cry)

Dororo: (*Looks about to cry)

Everyone: o_o...


Dororo: (*sigh) I apoligise koyuki were only attempting to help our current situation

Koyuki: (*stops crying and smiles) I'm sorry too!


Everyone: (*looks mildly disapointed)

(Chair dings)

Tamama: So lance corpral dororo wets the bed (*smirks)

Dororo: / its none of your buisness tamama-kun!

Farara: Two more points to the keroro platoon! (*snickers mockingly)

Kelili & bekiki: (*giggle at dororo)

Dororo: TT/TT too mean...


Bekiki: dont be soo rude kelili -_-'

Farara: -_-'... ohh kelili.

Bekiki: OHH we came up with a new feature on the show! If anyone wants to read out their own question on the show they are welcome to, just send in the details about your character...

Farara: ...And maybe sign a contract saying you dont mind if we make your charactor do stupid or embarrissing things for no reason!

Kelili: Terms do apply though, MY policy is that you have to have asked at least three questions for at least two chapters before we let you on the show, otherwise it would take years to write everyone in!

Bekiki:...Kelili you're such a lazy jerk sometimes

Kelili: (*flicks bekiki in the head)

Bekiki: Oww... Next up is some questions from "sarcasticToad"!

Kelili: WAIT! I have a question FOR sarcastictoad!

Everyone: O_O...?

Kelili: I can accept that you are a toad...BUT ARE YOU ALWAYS SARCASTIC? (*looks hyper curious)

sarcasticToad: (*on audience cam) -_-' ehh heh heh...

Farara: Kelili you're soo wierd -_-...

Bekiki: (*reads card) Fuyuki, would you become the new Casanova if you found out what girls liked you?

Fuyuki: ehh...? If I say yes then will you tell me which girls like me?

Momoka: (*stares dreamily at fuyuki imaganing him as casanova)

Kelili: No fuyuki, no we wont!

Natsumi: geez, fuyuki could never be like that! how is that even possible.

Fuyuki: Thats kinda mean nii-chan... but true :(

(Chair dings)

Momoka: (*in head) you will always be my casanova fuyuki-kun

Bekiki: One point!

Farara: (*picks up card) Momoka, are you on any medication?

Tamama: Thats pretty disrespectfull desu...

Kelili: Oh what do you know about respect squirt!

Bekiki: (*looks annoyed) KELILI LAY OFF TAMA-SAN!


Kelili: (*shakes butt at tamama in disrespect)

Momoka: (*looks sheepish) well a while ago the doctor gave me some medicen to keep my evil side back... but then I started taking something for my umm anger


Momoka: But I...


Farara: The card quotes " I suggest a higher dose" desu!


(Chair dings)

Bekiki: The pekaponians get another point!

Kelili: (*Snatches next card from Farara and reads it) Tamama, if you were locked in a closet with Taruru for 24 hours, what would happen? bear in mind, there is no candy.

Tamama: TARURU...IN A CLOSET! (*looks horified)

Taruru: Come on master, it would be GREAT, we could tell storys and play games and...


Taruru: Master, you are soo great at drama! I never knew! you could be an actor!

Tamama: (*screams and trys to escape chair as taruru rabbles on)

Everyone: o_o...

(Chair dings)

Tamama: (*keeps screeming)

Garuru: hmm...maybe privet taruru should be our interigation officer?

Kelili: (*reads next card) Natsumi and Fuyuki, WHO'S YA DADDY?

Bekiki: that sounded kinda wrong in the way you said it kelili -_-'

Kelili: O_O?

Farara: (*sighs) Nachi, fuki, please answer the question desu!

Fuyuki: ...Our dad...

Natsumi: Fuyuki never met him, he disappeared when fuyuki was a baby! Dad was an officer in war and ran away from us (*looks about to cry)

Farara: (*looks deep in thought)...nachi, what was your daddys rank?

Natsumi:...he was...sargent!

Farara: Just as I thought! This could relate to a deep phycological reason for natsumis dislike to sargent keroro and...

Kelili: (*yawns and presses a button that electicutes farara)

Farara: (*falls over covered in soot with an afro and swirly eyes)

Bekiki: (*hits kelili over the head with a comicly oversized random shoe) KE. LI. LI! D:

Kelili: whaaaat she was boooring meeee!

Bekiki: (*sighs and picks up farara placing her on a strecher that appeared from nowhere)

Kelili: one more thing though...what was your fathers name?

Natsumi: Haru, Haru Hinata. (*looks sad and deep in thought)

Everyone: -_-' spring, autum, summer and winter.

(Chair dings)

Farara: (*wakes up) ANOTHER POINT!...kelili you're too mean TT_TT

Kelili: (*rubbs back of head) ehh heh heh ^_^

Bekiki: Onto some questions from "AnnLay"...

(Audience cam turns to AnnLay who holds up a comicly large sighn with the word "WOOOHOOO" on it)

Farara: Awesome sign! :D ... Anyway question one, lets have Keroro first?

Keroro: GERO... why me...?(*looks annoyed)

Farara: BEECAAASUSEE...I dont like you! You are a bully and a jerk and a...

Bekiki: (*sees farara's eyes turn red and shoves a cookie in her mouth calming her down) phew...

Farara: mmm cookie ^_^

Kelili: (*picks up card) Soo keroro, why are you so stupid?

Keroro: o_o?

Everyone: -_-'


Everyone: ...


Everyone:...umm... (*looks sheepish)

Keroro: HOW COULD YOU THINK THAT! AFTER ALL I HAVE DONE FOR YOU! (*crys fakely and dramaticly)

Farara: SO you're saying you're not stupid?


(Chair fizzes cutting him off and electricuteing him)

Natsumi: What a stupid frog -_-'

Kelili: uhh...Next question then... (*picks up card) TAMAMA...Why dont you get therapy?

Tamama: Why would I need therapy desu? ...(*evil side) IS IT BECAUSE I'M JELOUS! BECAUSE WHY WOULD I WANNA CHANGE THAT YOU LITTLE PRATTS?

Bekiki: I dunno...I think it would be healthy for you to see a docter tama-san!

Pururu: I have done tests of privet second class tamama, I'm afraid that NOTHING in our files can stop his raging jelousy...

Farara: POOR TAMA-SAN! (*glomps tamama)

Tamama: Get her off me desu!(*tries to pull farara off him)

(Chair dings)

Kelili: Was that even a real question -_-' ... ohh well, a point to keroro's platoon!

Bekiki: Lemmi read the next one! (*takes card from kelili) Kururu, why does innocence and cuteness scare you?

Kururu: Tch (*looks away)

Kelili: oi geek! (*circles button with finger)

Kururu: Because it burns! (*grimaces)

Bekiki: It burns? o_o?

Kururu: The innocence, it burns my twisted burns, BURNS! :(

(chair dings)

Kelili: ooookkey -_-' umm another two points top keroro's platoon!

Kururu: (*whispers) buuurns (|=|)

Bekiki: (*looks at card...then looks at next card) Hey Farara you read these (*passes two cards to farara)

Farara: (*reads card) ^_^! (*reads next card) ^o^!

Bekiki: Its the same question with the names switched around, you can just read them both out.

Farara: (*reads cards) First one says "Dororo Why don't you date koyuki already!You two are perfect for each other!" Which for the record...I totally agree with :D,
and the next one says "Koyuki-Why don't you date Dororo already!You two are perfect for each other!" ...Which I ALSO agree strongly with XD

Dororo & Koyuki: O/O!

Kelili: (*lol) :D ok...I am NOT a great fan of this pairing like farara but... I'm likeing this awcardness XD

Farara: KYAA ^w^! I wanna know! I wanna know!

Bekiki: (*face palms) I just dont get what you guys find funny about this! I feel bad for them having to answer such an embarrising question with the other sitting right near them!

Dororo: o/o I dont...umm...what do you... this is (*stutters and grows more and more red trying not to make eye contact with the other ninja)

Koyuki: ... B because... I know...umm / (*trys to think of an answer)

Kelili: (*laughs) Seriously Bekiki, how can you NOT find this funny :P

Bekiki: (*Rolls eyes and folds arms)

Farara: (*Walks so the is between the two ninjas) Just say what you feel (*innocent smile that melts butter)

Kururu: BURNS! (*grabs head and passes out)

Kelili: NOOO MY BUTTER (*holds up melting butter)

Everyone: -_-'

Koyuki...He's an alien! (*fidgets)

Dororo: (*nodds) she...she's a pekaponian! (*looks uncomftable)

Koyuki: It would be wierd...and anyway I dont LIKE him (*laughs nervously)

Dororo: (*nodds going more red) yes...its not like that or anything I mean...

(Both chairs fizz)


Farara: -_-' such bad liers :)

Kelili: No points there ^_^, on to the next question...

Bekiki: (*reads card) Zororo, do you really hate Dororo?

Zororo: :| Yes.

Farara: Do you REEALLY hate him, I mean hate is pretty strong and...


(Chair fizzes)

Zororo: WHAT...but wait I...


Everyone: o_o?

Kelili: (*sighs) You would think after all this electric that little switch in their brains telling them to lie would have shorted out by now!

Bekiki: (*reads next card) Garuru san, there are two for you! Number one - Garuru, Why don't you cut back,lay loose,and learn to use chopsticks already?

Garuru: Hmpf, the military does not just give out vacations all the time, or we would never get anything done!

Farara: (*looks at keroro) ...I honnestly dont think anything will change, from what I know, the "military" doesnt do much anyways... -_-'

Bekiki: Well why not at least attempt to use chopsticks propperly, stabbing food makes you look like a four year old (*pulls some chop sticks from no-where and uses them to eat some banana pieces)

Garuru: (*pulls out some chopstics from no-where and also trys to take a banana piece but fails...over and over)

Kelili: (*snickers mockingly)

Garuru: (*snaps chopsticks and pulls a sour face) Most planets cusine does not need to be eaten with a stupid invention such as wooden sticks :(

Kelili: (*snickers more) XD

Farara: -_-' I guess thats a point anyway! to garuru's platoon.

Bekiki: The next question for you is (*reads card) If you had to save one from being killed by Keroro's stupidity who would you - Giroro or Pururu?

Garuru: (*sighs) Both my brother and medical officer can handel themselfs, they don't need to be saved.

Kelili: Well what if they did? o_o

Garuru: But that wouldnt happen.

Kelili: But what if it DID? :(

Garuru: (*sighs again) Then I would save them both, this is stupid and a waste of my time!

Kelili: but what if you could only save ONE! -_-

Garuru: BUT THAT WOULDNT HAPPEN D: (*looks angry)

Kelili: BUT WHAT IF IT DID? D: (*looks more angry)

Bekiki: (*sighs and presses two buttons electricuting both Garuru and kelili)


Farara: (*shakes head disapprovingly and struggles to pull kelili onto a strecher)

Bekiki: (*smiles warmly) Lets move on to some questions from "Marliese"...

(Audience cam turns to Marliese who is franticly pokeing the keronjin in the next chair)

Farara: First question (*reads card) Ohh its for Nachi san! ^_^

Natsumi: -_- (*groans)

Farara: In your past have you ener known an alien? If so, did you have any adventures with the alien? Were you close to it?

Natsumi: o_o? ehh...?

Everyone: (*watches natsumi)

Natsumi: Yes! I had a little pet alien once which looked like a fluffy pink bunny and her name was Jiropi, me and her went searching for ghosts and fairys through the magical fairy land of soria!

Everyone: O_O?

Farara: (*looks exited) FOR REALS? :D

Natsumi: No dumbass -_-, the stupid frog is the first alien I ever met! Didnt you see how shocked I was in the first episode!

Farara: (*looks adorably sad)

Bekiki: Farara you are soo darn gullable :)

Farara: TT_TT (*sniffle) But the first episode was soooo long ago, I am on like... 260 or something :\

(*chair dings)

Kelili: (*Wakes up suddenly) TWENTY TWO POINTS!

Bekiki: -_-' ... TWO points, not twenty two.

Farara: (*reads next card) OHH Fukki san ^_^ your turn!

Fuyuki: :) Finally

All other contestants: O_O! How can he be so happy?

Farara: Who got you in to all this alien stuff?

Fuyuki: Hmm... I dont think anyone did, just born with it I suppose

Natsumi: Fuyuki gets it from his dad, he never knew him but... he was into all that sci-fi stuff too...its in the hinata male genes I guess...

(*chair dings)

Bekiki: Fair de sombrere!

Kelili: _

Bekiki: ^_^' tryin out new phrases...

Kelili: Dont...just dont.

Farara: (*reads next card) Saburo san! Your turn!

Saburo: (*smirks) cool, it's been a while.

Farara: Do you like Nachi in the like like way?

Everyone: (*...silence)

Saburo: (*shrugs) There are lotsa pretty girsls around (*looks at Koyuki and momoka and smiles making them go wide eyed), Feelings are are tricky and it takes more than a teen to figure them out, like a puzzle ~ 623

Kelili:...I really ... hate ... you, saburo, annoy me _

Natsumi: (*dreamy look in eyes) Thats good enough for me! (*Stares lovingly at saburo)

(*chair dings)

Bekiki: ... Well I guess thats another point ^_^

Kelili: (*Snatched next card from Farara and reads it) Momoka, have you ever taken drugs? Why or why not?

Farara:...Dont steal the cards kelili (*cute angry pouty face)


Momoka: (*good side) I agree, you already asked about my medication, what do you want from me :(

Momoka: (*bad side) YEAH SO SHUT THE HELL UP OR I'LL...

Bekiki: (*buts in) Different person momochi san, it was a different person who asked you that!

Kelili: Just answer the question...dude?

Momoka: (*good side) Obviously yes, I take perscripted medicen for my anger issues...


(*chair fizzes)

Momoka: Wait! I forgot to take my medicen today, thats why...


Farara: Well I'm giving that a point anyway because I think the answer was right ...

Bekiki: Could I please read the next one Farara?

Farara: (*smiles) You may indeed my friend (*hands card over)

Bekiki: Thank you kindly (*takes card)

Farara: THAT'S how you get to read a card nicely Kelili :)

Kelili: o_o...(*bashes cards from Farara's hands and the scatter all over the floor)

Farara: TT_TT...Jerkwad!

Bekiki: You're such a butt you know!

Kelili: (*blows raspberry at Bekiki)

Bekiki: (*reads card) Kuru-san! If you had to choose between saving curry and Aki what would it be? Why?

Kururu: (*looks bored) Curry...

Farara: and why is that?

Kururu: (*still looks bored) ...because curry.

Everyone: -_-'

Kelili: Thats not a reason

Kururu: ehh...Curry is the reason for life its self!

Bekiki: (*face palms) Curry is NOT a reason for curry, that does not make sense!

Kururu: Your face doesnt make sense... Curry does!

Everyone: O_O? WTH

Farara: OHH I GET IT!

Bekiki & Kelili: You do? o_o

Farara: He is trying to overload the lie detector by saying stupid things that dont make sense, then he can break free.

Bekiki & Kelili: Ohh I get it!

Farara: ^_^ (*nodds)

Kururu: ...?

Kelili: So Curry is your answer right?

Kururu: Give me curry.

Kelili: I'll take that as a yes...

(*Chair fizzes)

Kururu: currYYYYYYY (*gets fried by chair)

Bekiki: Curry indeed old man -_-'

Farara: no points there, on to the next one (*reads card) Momochi, its for you again!

Momoka: (*bad side) YOU STUPID BRATS! WHY ME!

Farara: because the audience seems to love you! Anyway, When did you meet paul!

Momoka: (*good side) Paul... My parents hired paul three days after I was born to look after me in life while my mother went off to train and become a world champion and my dad went to work with his buisness.

Kelili: ...You bore me -_-'

(Chair dings)

Bekiki: Woot...another pointo!

Farara: (*reads next card) For Kero-san!

Keroro: (*gulp)...mommy O_O!

Farara: Dont be a baby kero-san, If you had to choose between saving Natsumi and Fuyuki and becoming your world's enemy or allowing them to die, what would you choose?

Keroro: Fuyuki dono and Natsumi dono and being kerons enemy...or no natsumi dono and fuyuki dono and not being hated by keron... (*deep in thought)

Fuyuki: Sargent! Y you're considering betraying us! (*looks really sad) :(

Keroro: NO its just its a big desicion and...

Natsumi: STUPID FROG, if you say let us die, then I will make you clean the bathroom till your hands fall off! :(

Keroro: GEROOOO I I...

Giroro: Keroro you cant betray keron you fool!

Tamama: You'll get in a whole bunch of trouble if you betray the planet mr sargent sir!

Keroro: ...NOOOOOOO (*throws a rock at a button and electricuted himself)


Everyone: o_o?

Bekiki: poor guy... the stress was too much for him :)

Farara: I feel bad... so I'm giving him a point anyway ^_^'

Kelili: (*pouts) cheater :(

Farara: (*reads next card) Doro-san! ^_^

Dororo: (*still trying to avoid eye contact with koyuki from earlyer and not paying much attention)


Dororo: o_o! (*looks round)

Farara: thanks ^_^! Now heres what the card says "Your not alone, your my best friends favorite Keronian and I think your epic! Anyways the question is... have you ever been in a hard battle, if so I might know why you can't remember Zororo?

Dororo: (*smiles a bit at the comments and then tryed to think back) umm...lots of hard battles...the hardest would be difficult to pick...

Farara: Take your time ^_^

Dororo: hmmm... :|

Zororo: (*eye twitches)

Dororo: Hmmmmm...:|

Zororo: (*vain pops)

Dororo: Hmmmm... :|


Dororo: -_-... I cant remember many, but the ones are can dont count as THAT hard (*shrugs)

Zororo: (*shivers with anger)

Dororo: I would go for one of the assasin torniments with Jirara back in the acadamy (*looks deep in thought)

Farara: And why cant you remember that guy? (*points to Zororo)

Dororo: ... How do you expect me to answer that question? o_o

Farara: Good point -_-'

(*chair dings)

Bekiki: Another two points!

Kelili: But he only answered one of the two parts to the question...

Bekiki: o_o ... One point!

Farara: Fair enough ^_^!

Kelili; (*snatched card) Koyuki-san! This one says "Have you been through girl time... if not Natsumi might need to explain a few things... and we might need some chains...

Koyuki & Farara: Girl time?

Bekiki: ohhhhoho boy -_-'

Kelili: umm o/o, (*whispers to farara)

Farara: O/O OHH THAT?

Koyuki: Natsumi san? Whats girl time?

Natsumi: I uhh... O/O''

Kelili: (*pulls out chains) Lets wait till after the show and then you guys can have a little convoiceation ok ^_!

Farara: ...I dont really know... but I think that can have a point!

Bekiki: (*picks up card)... hey this isnt a question it is a demand!

Farara: (*Peeks at card) ^_^ it says we are to give Natsumi, Koyuki and dororo a cookie!

Kelili: :) how random.

Bekiki: (*pulls a plate of yummy looking cookies out of a mini oven that appeared from no-where) Here ya go guys (*hands a cookie to each of them)

Natsumi, Koyuki and dororo: (*eat cookies greatfully)

All other contestants: O_O' (*grumble)

Kelili: (*reads the next card and presses a button electricuting keroro)

Keroro: GEROOOOOOO (*passes out)

Everyone: O_O'

Kelili: The card says, and I quote, "TO KERORO - Please Zap him for what he's done for Dororo ~ "

Bekiki: Hey Kelili! :D

Kelili: Yeah?

Bekiki :| (*hits kelili round the head with a comicly oversized pudding cup)

Kelili: :'( owwie, where the hell do you get all these comicly oversized items from?

Farara: I'm giving keroro a point for his contribution :|

Bekiki: (*reads last card from "Marliese") To Farara and dororo, I will make the jerks that hurt you pay

Farara: (*Grins cutely) Cool, next time you are in the area I will point them out to you!

Dororo: (*blinks twice) ...

Kelili: No way :'( I'm supposed to be farara's personal body guard...kinda

Farara: You cause me enough pain kelili -_-'

Kelili: ...true

Bekiki: Thanks for the questions "Marliese", now we move onto some questions from "Melantha Raphaelis"!

(*Audience cam turns to an empty chair)

Everyone: O_O!

Kelili: Where'd she go? I'm sure she was there before!

(*Suddenly "Melantha Raphaelis" drops down from the ceiling on a rope, kisses kururu on the head and climbs back up all in the span of about ten seconds)

Kururu: (*blushes) Kukuku, the ladys love a scientist!

Farara: -_-' riiight

Bekiki: (*looks over cards) The first question I dont really wanna ask because I'm not sure it classes under the standard of which I write or not...
The second we need everyone to raise some hands and stuff ok! Then the rest are for kururu.

Kururu: _'

Farara: (*looks over bekiki's sholder and reads card) Tea or coffee?

Kelili: Raise your right hand for tea and your left for coffee! Audience you can join in two if you want!

(Natsumi, Koyuki, Momoka, Pururu, and dororo put their right hands up)

(Keroro, Giroro, Tamama, Kururu, Garuru, Tororo, Taruru, Zoruru, Fuyuki, and Saburo raise their left hands)

Giroro: Hmpf, tea is a girls drink (*rolls eyes)

Dororo: TT_TT soo mean (*sits in corner)

Tamama: You can put sugar in coffee

Momoka: Tama chan, you can put sugar in tea too

Tamama: ...I dont like neither anyway (*sticks tongue out cutely) I only put my hand up so's I wouldnt get electricuted!

Kelili: Fairs enough, I personaly would go for coffee!

Farara: I like tea (*licks lips) only the really sugary tea though!

Bekiki: I like herbal tea... but fruit juice is better!

Kelili: (*reads card) Chocolate or strawberry?

Farara: Right for strawberry and left for chocolate!

(Giroro, Dororo, Fuyuki, Momoka, Koyuki, saburo, Garuru, Zoruru, and Pururu put their right hands up)

(Keroro, Tamama, Kururu, Natsumi, Tororo, and Taruru put their left hands up)

Farara: (*starts to cry)

Bekiki: :( Whats wrong?

Farara: I love both chocolate and strawberrys TT_TT

Kelili: (*face palms)

Kururu: Kukuku, you can put chocolate in curry, cant do that with strawberrys!

Tamama: Chocolate is so sweet and yummy I love it ^_^ (*drools)

Dororo: (*comes out from trauma) Strawberrys are all natural, chocolate is full or artificail and man made things, clearly strawberrys are better.

Momoka: Strawberrys have less fat than chocolate...I need to stay thin for fuyuki kun to notice me!

Farara: Soo much debating -_-' I haaate polotics, its soo dull!

Kelili: Muffins or cupcakes

Farara: mmm cuppycakes (*drools cutely)

Bekiki: ^_^ Soo darn adorable (*gives farara a cupcake)

Kelili: Right=Muffins Left=Cupcakes

(No one puts their right hand up... exept Farara)

(Everyone puts their left hand up)

Tamama: There is just more to a muffin, its bigger! Why settle for a binky cupcake!

Farara: (*eyes twitch) ...WHAT?

Tororo: pupupu, he said cupcakes were stupid, what are you deaf?

Farara: (*jumps up savagely in tororo's face) HOW DARE YOU ABUSE THE CUPPYCAKES!

Bekiki: Kelili if you please...

Kelili: (*sighs and pulled Farara off the terrified Tororo)

Bekiki: (*Stuffs a cupcake in Farara's mouth)

Farara: (*licks lips) YUMMY CUPPYCAKE! ^_^

Tororo: O_O!

Kelili: Dont ask dude...dont ask.

Bekiki: Last one now! (*reads card) White or black?

Farara: (*mouthfull of cupcake) wit fow wit an lefw fow bak (*translantion, right for white and left for black)

(Giroro, Dororo, Natsumi, Fuyuki, koyuki, saburo, Taruru, and pururu put right hands up)

(Keroro, Tamama, Kururu, Tororo, Zoruru, and Garuru put left hands up)

(Momoka puts both hands up)

Momoka: (light side) I cant chose, my dark side wants white...


Everyone: -_-'

Dororo: White symbolises pureness and peace!

Tamama: Why would anyone NOT chose black, its the bestest colour ever! :3

Farara: Sorry tama-san, I just prefer white, but I love black too! ^_^

Kelili: But your fave is blue right farara? (*snickers)

Farara: (*Blushes) W what are you talking about! (*treds on kelili's foot...hard)

Kelili: YOOW! nothing nothing, get off!

Farara: (*smirks and steps off)

Bekiki: Right, I'm gonna give each team four points, because everyone answered without the lie detectors going off!

Kelili: All the rest are for Mr yellow geek over there!

Kururu: (*gives kelili evils under his glases)

Bekiki: (*gives kelili the cards)

Kelili: Question one, This is a re-written one from the one asked earlyer! But it aint as rude now so here goes, (*reads card) Have you ever daydreamed about a Keronian (both female and male) in a dirty way? If yes, who is it and what were you daydreaming about? THIS TIME IT IS THINGS SUCH AS MUD FIGHTS AND STUFF...not dirty things -_-

Farara: o_o? Was'nt that about mud fights last time anyway?

Bekiki: uhh...yes umm of course ^/^ (*laughs nervously)

Kururu: The messyest strange a question...I dont care for answering it, kukuku

Farara: Ohh look what I found (*pulls out chainsaw) ^_^

Kururu: (*sweatdrops) I was trying to come up with another invasion plan that would result in mass chaos... because mass chaos is fun to watch kukuku...

Kelili: and?

Kururu: I had the perfect idea! Throw the corpral into a large vat of raw pig sewage.

Bekiki: o_o? ...and?

Kururu: and nothing! That was the plan! (|=|) Kukuku

Farara: ...How does that conquer pekapon? -_-'

Kelili: Well that does sound like a messy ass daydream...

(*Chair dings)

Giroro: WHY? Just why? O_O?

Farara: Next question! (*reads card) If you could, would you quit the keroro platoon and join the garuru platoon? minus Tororo.

Kururu: So take the place of that little brat? (*smirks)

Tororo: You aint ever gonna take my place you crusty old man

Kururu: I wont need to, you will mess up and get yourself killed sooner or later and then there will be no-one to replace!

Tororo: Ohh I'm gonna make you pay for that! :(

Kururu: (*turns to farara) Of course!


Tamama: Why do you wanna ditch us desu?

Kururu: kukuku, are you kidding? This "F class" platoon is not worth my talents, I would be much better suited in "A class", the only reason I am stuck with you losers is because of that incident with the whole "He destroyed the accadamy and killed three pupils" thing back in pre-school.

Everyone: -_-' ahh well thats Kururu for ya...

(*chair dings)

Keroro: my platoon is full of LOSERS AND TRAITORS (*bursts into tears) I'M A FAILIOR!

Bekiki: Next question, (*reads card) Heres what the card says! "So you DO have a soft spot for dear Saburo. Do you prefer hanging out with him than everyone else? Oh, and while you're at it, please don't give fake answers just because you have that evil image to keep. I'd hate to see you electrocuted."

Kururu: Tch (*rolls eyes)

Kelili: Well? Which is it old man?

Kururu: I cant hold a convoication with ANYONE in this platoon, the sargent only talks about useless nonsence and toys, the corpral only talks about getting the invation done and wepons, and the privet just says useless things about candy! Of course it much more interesting to hang with Saburo! Kukuku...

Dororo: TT_TT (*Forgotten)


Tamama: Useless! :( I will have you know that candy will rule you all some day, RULE YOU ALL!

Giroro: We are SUPPOSED to only talk about the invation idiot!

Saburo: (*shrugs) You aint a bad convoiceation's person either.

(*Chair dings)

Farara: (*pokes Bekiki in the arm)

Bekiki: yes?

Farara: "Melantha Raphaelis" is gone from her seat again (*points to empty seat in audience)

Kururu: (*looks nervous) ku?

("Melantha Raphaelis" Jumps back down from the ceiling on her rope and hugs kururu)

Kelili: (*Grabs rope) Excuse me we are trying to do a tv show here!

Melantha Raphaelis: (*Kisses Kururu on the head and climbs back up the rope quickly)

Bekiki: Geez the nerve of some people -_-'

Farara: ehh heh heh ^_^', Next question (*reads card) Kuru-san, would you rather be run over by crazed fan girls, rabid rodents, or a hundred kelili's!

Kelili: HEY :(

Farara: It also says no offence kelili

Kelili: -_-'

Kururu: (*shivers at the thought of being crushed by a hundred kelili's)

Kelili: HEY! :(

Bekiki: Well to be fair you HAVE put on a few pounds this month...

Kelili: (*teary eyes) I is it really noticable?

Kururu: The fan girls of course, kukuku

Farara: WHY? Fan girls can be pretty rough you know!

Kururu: Because rodents are terrifying and anything is better than being crushed by that fat load over there! (*points to kelili)

Kelili: F FAT LOAD :'O (*sits in trauma corner)

Farara: :( (*eyes go red)

Kururu:...Some one give the brat some sugar, she's doing that angry thing again!

Bekiki: Not this time, you made poor kelili cry! :|

Farara: D: ...

(the following footage was too violent to be seen by the selected audience at this time, so please enjoy this footage of a duckster)

(A random punk duck dances on screen for a few moments)

(Show comes back on)

Everyone: (*Looks terrified) O_O!

Kururu: X.X

Bekiki: ...He'll live...I give him twelve minutes till he becomes contious again

Farara: ...My evil side gives me a tummy ache :'(

Kelili: (*comes out of trauma) Can we go onto some "Kambanjo" Questions now (*sniffles :'|)

(Audience cam turns to "Kambanjo" who is eating a bowl of random cookie dough and seemingly unaware or being on camara)

Farara: ohh my god...COOKIE DOUGH :D (*drools cutely)

Bekiki: Question number one, (*reads card) Koyuki,Why do you like that cherry blossem tree soo much? (the one from episode 259) and who are your parents?

Everyone: (*in wonderment) o_o thinking face]

Koyuki:...Episode 259?

Farara: Ohh guys don't get the whole TV show concept...hmm :|

Kelili: -_-' to put it in basic, whats up with the cherry blossom tree thingy in the forrest near the ninja village where that wierd ghost person is that turned out to be the tree and...

Bekiki: (*sticks a sock in kelili's mouth) You're answering it for her ^_^'

Koyuki: OHH THAT TREE... I don't really know much, but legand has it that using strong ninjitsu, ninjas can connect telepathicly to other ninjas by placing your hands on its bark and calling for them.

Farara: Ok and who are your parents?

Koyuki: My parents? ...Hmmm... I don't really know, my earlyest memory is of when I woke up in the snow, I must have been like four years old and I had no memory of anything, not even my name.
I wandered for many days looking for somewhere out of the cold but eventualy my body gave up and I passed out, when I woke up I was in the ninja village. I'ts never something I have really thought about ^_^'

Dororo: (*looks about to cry in pity) Doesn't it bother you that you don't know your own family :'(

Koyuki: :3 Nope, I have a NEW family, you, natsumi san, fuyuki chan, momoka chan, saburo san, all of your friends, all of the people from the ninja village, I have a BIG family! And its the best family EVER! (*big grin)

Natsumi: Koyuki chan... :')

Dororo: Koyuki dono TT^TT


Bekiki: aww its so sweet though ^W^, I love how people make the most of what they have! Anyway Three points the the pekaponjins!

Farara: Okey dokey donut! Lets move onto the next question! ^_^

Kelili: (*pouts) How comes its soo darn adorable when she says random catchphrases and I just get evil glares when I try :'(

Bekiki: Because unlike you, hey catchphrases make sence... and she's adorable, just look at her!

Farara: (*watched a random butterfly as it lands on her nose, then crosses her eyes to see it)

Kelili: O_o ... soo darn adorable... how does she do it?

Bekiki: More importantly how did the butterfly get here? This place is deadlocked!

Farara: (*sneezes and butterfly flys off)... Aww, bu bye mr butterfly! ^w^

Bekiki: -_-' (*hands Farara a card)

Farara: (*Reads card) Keroro, would you fight garuru so you could be with pururu happily ever after?

Keroro: (*Looks at pururu who appears to be surrounded by sparkles, then at garuru who looks to be on fire) ...uhhh, pass?

Kelili: (*sternly) NO :|

Pururu: (*Watches Keroro closely)

Garuru: (*Gives keroro glare that says "I will rip out your eye balls")

Farara:... Garuru san, your evil glare is scaring me

Garuru: Huh?... Uhh I umm... I wasn't evil glaring (*goes slightly red cheaked)

Keroro: If I say yes, then garuru kills me, say no and pururu kills me, don't answer and the electric chair kills me... what a choice!

Bekiki: I give you ten seconds... ten, nine, eight...

Keroro: O_O! Gerooo! I WOULD FIGHT! I WOULD FIGHT! (*Looks about to pass out from fear)

Garuru: D: (*glares bloody murder)

Keroro: (*passes out) X.X

(Chair dings)

pururu: (*Smiles sheepishly)...keroro kun...

Farara: Yaaay! Two more points to keroro's platoon!

Bekiki: _ geez jelous much garuru

Garuru: / I was not evil glaring! HONESTLY!

Kelili: (*sarcastic) Sure... we beleive you :)

Farara: Next question, bekiki-san, would you do the honners? (*hands bekiki a card)

Bekiki: ^_^ (*Reads card) Saburo, You do relize whenever something bad goes wrong and the Keroro platoon and their friends help stop it; your never there, why?

Saburo:... I am there sometimes, but hey I'm busy alot B)

Natsumi: (*Melts at his words) ^/^

Bekiki: when were you ever there when needed?

Saburo: In like, every keroro movie! Don't you watch them?

Bekiki: O_O! OF COURSE! ... I bring shame to fans of sgt frog X(

Kelili: (*sighs and pats bekiki on the back)

Farara: Well what DO you do most of the time? You have less screen time than dororo san.

Dororo: TT_TT soo mean...

Farara: :O SOWWY!

Saburo: Hey I save the world more than you kids know... besides, the less known, the more wondered.

Natsumi: ^/^ (*compleatly wooed)

(Chair dings)

Farara: -_-' Thats not an answer stupid... One point for you...

Bekiki: :P ... Next question maybe (*offers a card politely to kelili)

Kelili: (*Snatches card) Natsumi- Have you ever had a relationship with anyone before you found Saburo and do you think you could find someone better?

Natsumi: Uhh I umm / (*Looks over embarrissed at saburo who appears not to be listening)... phew -_-'

Kelili: (*taps metaphorical watch) :|

Natsumi: Alright alright, geez not too much patience have we! :(

Kelili: :P

Natsumi: (*sighs) No alright, I've never really... well... had a crush on anyone else... I guess U_U

Saburo: (*Smiles slightly so no-one could see)

Koyuki: Don't look so embarrissed Natsumi san!

Momoka: Yes, none of us have had more than one crush ^_^

Natsumi: :) Thanks guys... I guess you're right!

(Chair fizzes)


Everyone: O_o?


Farara: No points there :(

Bekiki: (*reads next card in head and gives it to farara) :)

Farara: Thanx :P (*Reads card) Dororo, Why do you wear the mask, if you took it off the ratings for the show would go up!

Everyone: o_o


Bekiki: Technicly if you took it off then that episode would get a whole bunch of views but after that the views would go down drasticly!

Koyuki: I've never seen you without your mask on, I still don't get why its a big deal? (*looks confused)

Keroro:... Acctuly, I've known you for like... years and you've never taken off your mask...

Tamama: (*Suspicion) What are you hideing under that mask =_=

Dororo: Nothing... honnest! (*looks slightly frantic)

Giroro: Then you won't mind showing us whats under your mask then?

Dororo: You want to know whats under my mask?

Everyone: (*nodds)

Dororo: (*Lifts mask to reveal another mask) ANOTHER MASK :D

Everyone: O_o...

Kelili: (*Extreme facepalm) ...

Farara: Why won't you show us (*cute annoyed face)

Dororo: Because an assasin never shows his face, it causes their identity to be known!

Farara: But you gave up being an assasin to be a ninja...

Dororo: thats not...JUST BECAUSE OK! (*goes slightly red)

Farara: (*Turns to koyuki) Why won't he show us whats under the mask?

Koyuki: I'm not supposed to say... its a promice between friends ^_^

Farara: =_= (*Sighs) ...Just say WHY you won't show us, otherwise the button gets pressed!

Dororo: (*Looks around uncomftably at all the people staring at him) ...because I don't like germs ok... happy now? (*Looks a little bit embarrissed)

Bekiki:... Stupid english dub, I blame them :P

Farara:... Thats nothing to be ashamed of.

(Chair dings)

Kelili: Two more points! And BTW PPL, there IS an episode where he takes off the mask! :O (*Cough* Episode 318 part one *cough*)

Keroro:... I wanted a more awesome answer that I could use for blackmail later :'(

Farara:... -_- (*throws a comicly over sized rubber glove at keroro knocking him out)

Bekiki: ehh heh heh, next question! (*Reads card) Momoka, any other hobbies exept staliking fuyuki?

Momoka: STALKING! :( (*evil side)

Momoka: (Good side) Well theres the martial arts lessons and jet plane flying, looking after tama chan, playing on the extreme mega five billion dollar computer on facebook, dance lessons...

Kelili: You bore me -_-' (*presses button and kururu gets zapped)


kelili: (*rubbs back of head) oops ehh heh heh! Wrong button, sorry! ^_^!

Momoka: ... extreme bunny racing... ohh and parachuting! I think thats everything!

bekiki: -_-' Thats so random momoka san...


(Chair dings)

Kelili: bzzzz two points for the pekaponjins!

Bekiki: (*reads next card in head) Someone wake up the yellow nerdy guy please.

Giroro: (*Randomly pours a bucket of raw sewage over kururu making him wake up)

Kururu: (*wakes up and screems like a girl)

Giroro: How do YOU like it you ass!

Everyone: X.X (Holds noses and eyes water)

Farara: (*looks about to be sick) Where'd you get raw sewage from?

Giroro:... We've all been here for days and you haven't let us go to the bathroom or anything so...

Kelili: (*Stuffs a sweaty gym sock in giroro's mouth) Don't wanna hear anymore! XP

Kururu: (*Throws up) ((*_*))

Bekiki: Rather jerky of you giroro san, I feel bad for poor kururu san!

Kururu: (*throws up again)

Farara: (*In epic voice) I CAN FIX THIS! (*Pulls random leaver that appeared from no-where and it starts to rain) ;P

Bekiki: (*Pulls out an ubrella and holds it over farara and her)

Kelili: _ jerk...

Bekiki: (*rolls eyes and hands kelili another umbrella)

Kelili:... woot! :D

Keroro:... O_o How is it raining in here?

Farara: My new invention called "So you want a quick shower" machine!

Kururu: (*All squeeky clean) (|=|) kuuuukukukuku (*Gives giroro very terifying glare)

Giroro: (*gulps)

Bekiki: (*reads card) Kururu- Do you think you're better than your team, if so why do you stay with them?

Kururu: I answered this before stupid :|

Farara: Well answer it again and go into more detail!

Kururu: (*bored sigh) It was a normal day back in keronjin pre- school... (*flashback)

(Flashback - A class of adorable tadpoles in diapers sat in a circle on the floor, drooling and clapping like young children do, one particular tadpole with earphones and glasses sat still looking bored and rather annoyed. "Teacher, this is crap, I demand you move me up to a higher level of schooling or I will destroy... things" young kururu grumbled as he demeaningly pushed a drooling baby off him. "Noo kuru chan, babys all godda stay in pwe school! Understand baby?" the teacher, an old grey keronjin woman baby talked him back. The childs glasses cracked. Ten minutes later the school was in flames, everyone was running and screeming, a giant lizard like creature was crushing everything, lava was flowing across the ground, acid rained from the sky, and one small tadpole scientist stood in the center of it all laughing his ordenary mad cackle, "Kukukukukuku".
- End flashback)

Kururu: From then on I had a sad face sticker in my report cards... leading me to be stuck with this crappy platoon!

Everyone: O_O!

Farara:... (*Snickers mockingly)

Kururu: (*Glares at farara) Shut it you!

Farara: (*Holds up kururu's report card with a sticker with a picture of a skull and crossbones on it) We took a whole bunch of stuff from your bedrooms remember!

Kururu: Read that and I will personaly kill you -_-

Farara: (*reads report card) Top in all classes but evil heart, wants to kill things, possible mental problems, keep back from class A platoons in future no matter what, in fact... keep back from class B, C, D, and E as well... this monster can't be trusted!

Kururu: (*Throws a rock at farara knocking her out)


Bekiki: Class F huh, I can understand how that could be frustrating!

Kururu: What frustrates me is having to be on your stupid baby show! :(

(Chair dings)

Kelili: Two points for you guyz!

Keroro: :D (*Thumbs up at kururu and cheasy wink)

Kururu: (Throws rock at keroro knocking him out)


Bekiki: Next question shall we! (*reads card)... WAIT THIS ONES FOR ME :D

Everyone: o_o?

Bekiki: (*touched) I never had a question before :')

Kelili: (*Strapps lie detector to bekiki) Answer right and whichever team you want can have a point!

Bekiki: OK! (*hands kelili card)

Kelili: (Reads card) insulin pump or injections? OHH Bekiki is diabetic, for all those people that this question doesnt make sence too!

Bekiki: Injections... but its horrid because I'm afraid of needles X'(

(detector dings)

Kelili: WOOT! Who to give your point to!

Bekiki: The pekaponjins! Because I feel bad for them being so behind at the moment! And for being the only non-keronjins in the room!

Farara: (*Wakes up) Where am I? ~_~

Kelili: on tv!

Farara: KYIII hows my hair?

Bekiki:... Keronjins dont have hair o_O

Farara:... Ohh YEAH! :D

Kelili: that rock must have knocked out a few brain cells!

Farara: We can move onto the next question asker now right?

Bekiki: Yes... yes we can.

Kelili: NEXT UP! some questions from "nightfangfox"!

(Audience cam shows nightfangfox drawing up blueprints for a chainsaw masica)

Bekiki:... Thats soo random o_o

Kelili: you mean AWESOME! I wanna go on a chainsaw masica!

Farara: (*swaetdrop) You two... (*Reads first card) ^W^!

Kelili: -_-' I bet its her faaaverite pairing AGAIN!

Farara: (*Sticks tongue out at kelili and reads card) Koyuki, how do you feel about Dororo?

Koyuki: (*Whinnes epicly) I'm sick of these questions! TT_TT

Farara: I'm not :D

Koyuki: (*Looks so frustrated thats she's about to cry)... I LIKE HIM OK! LEAVE ME ALONE (*Never before seen pained anger)

Dororo: koyuki dono...

Farara: YAAAAY ^w^!

Koyuki: (*starts to cry) TT_TT

Farara:...aww :(

Koyuki: (*angry crying) Why are you little alien people so mean, why can't I have secrets? Why can't I have feelings for somoeone without being questioned and teesed?

Dororo: (*speechless)...

Natsumi: (*looks pittyfull) Koyuki chan...

(Chair dings)

Farara:... I feel rather bad, her feelings are hurt U_U

Kelili: Thats why its funny :D

Bekiki: (*Throws comicly oversized banana at kelili)

Kelili: (*gets hit by banana) TT_TT OWWIE! SERIOUSLY... where do you get all the comicly oversized things?

Farara: Two more points and on to the next question!

Bekiki: (*reads card) This ones for lavie...and the one after it... =_=


Farara: Sorry nightfangfox, we cant ask people whom are now out of the contest questions! My dearest appoligys :'(

Bekiki: (*presses two buttons and saburo and tororo get zappyed)



Bekiki: Sozzies, its on the card, it says kogoro to but he is GONE!

Kelili: Yaaay, nerd junior and the poofy man got POWNED!

farara:...kelili you give ppl the wierdest nicknames -_-'

Kelili: You be quiet cat face! :D

farara:c...c...CAT FACE? (*goes in trauma corner)

Bekiki: (*smacks kelili with a spoon) :(

Kelili:...I took it too far again didn't I?

Bekiki: (*nodds angrily)

Kelili: (*sighs and reads next card in head) :) ... hey someone wake up nerd junior!

Pururu: (*obidiently shakes tororo waking him up)

Tororo: ..mommy ?_?

Kelili: Snap out of it orange head and come here!

Bekiki: ...?

Tororo: (*chair wizzes across the stage to the front)

Kelili: HOLD EVERYTHING! I need to push this random button! (*presses button and tororo falls through the floor screeming)

Everyone:... O_O?

Tororo: (*after a few minutes of silence)... WHY AM I IN A HOLE?

Kelili: Says on the card that I need to throw you into a random hole with no electrisity...


Kelili: :D this is fun...


Bekiki: (*snatches card of laughing kelili) Toro-san what would you do to get back your electrisity?


Kelili: Would you eat THIS banana? (*throws a banana in the hole)

Tororo: o_O? (*eats banana)

Kelili: WOOT! :D

Bekiki: -_-' ... Would you... KISS KURURU SAN!


Kelili: Would you eat THIS banana? (*throws in another banana)

Tororo: (*sighs and eats banana) YOU SICK MINDED FREAK! WHY WOULD I KISS HIM?

Bekiki: So that you could have your electrisity back...

Kelili: Would you eat THIS banana? (*throws in another banana)


Bekiki:..hmpf, I dont like your tone _

Kelili: Would you eat THIS banana? (*throws in another banana)


Bekiki: ...I think you can stay there for now... (*walks away from hole)


Kelili: Would you eat THIS...(*gets interupted)

Tororo: SHUT UP! :O

Kelili: :'( ... Banana?

Tororo: (*screems at kelili)

Farara:(*Sniffles cutely and comes out of trauma) Can I read the next one?

Bekiki: Of course ^_^! (*hands Farara a card)

Farara: (*reads card) OHH this one is for everyone, what would you all do for a Klondike Bar?

Bekiki: (*hums the Klondike Bar jingle randomly) \(^o^)/

Kelili: That's one catchy jingle :D

Farara: It would take forever to go round everyone asking them to do ridiculus things for a tasty ice cream snack, so lets improvise :

Tamama:...What flavor klondike bar? (*drools)

Bekiki: Any you want ^_

Tamama: (*drools more) Mmm, even fudge browny (*goes off into chocolate dreamworld) :D,

Tororo:...Do I not get to play this stupid game? I'm still stick down this random hole with no electrisity...

Kelili: Quiet you...and eat this banana (*throws banana in hole)

Tororo: *_* GYAAA!

Bekiki: Don't worry tororo san, be good and I will give you THIS banana! :D (*holds up banana)

Tororo: (*screams) GYAAAAA! X_X

Farara: SO EVERYONE? We will start with keroro's platoon, what would you guys do for a klondike bar?

Keroro: umm...?


Farara: Would you all wear frilly dresses and spin in circles randomly?

Everyone: O_o?

Farara: (*pulls leaver)

Keroro platoon: (*suddenly disappear and re appear at the front of the stage in frilly dressed spinning uncontrollably)

Keroro: AAAAAAH!

Giroro: WTH?


Kururu: Ohh...nice dress, kukuku :D

Dororo: I feel sick... (*keeps spinning)

Farara: You guys will keep spinning till were done with this li'l question _^

Keroro: TT3TT

Garuru: O_o (*looks worryed that he has o see his younger brother spinning in circles in a frilly dress)

Tororo: Urrgg...What was in those bananas (*feels sick)

Farara: (*in funny voice) CHLORINE! :D

Tororo: O_O!

Kelili: Pekaponjins, what would you ppls do for a klondike bar?

Natsumi:...nothing, they are'nt even that great ya know -_-'

Koyuki:...whats a klondike bar? o_o

Momoka: I would kiss fuyuki kun!..Umm I'm not saying I have to or anything, just putting it out there! o/o

fuyuki: uhh...?

Bekiki: Would hang upside down from the cieling on ropes with your faces painted like clowns?

Giroro: (*still spinning) HOW ARE YOU COMING UP WITH THIS C***

Farara: "O_O"

Bekiki: !... umm he said CREAPS...not the other thing

Farara: ^_^ ok! (*pulls another leaver)

Humans: (*randomly disappear and re appear hanging upside down from the cieling looking like clowns)

Natsumi: All the blood is rushing to my head X_X

Momoka; (*looks about to barf) How did we get up here...

Farara: Another of my EPIC inventions! The "random transporty thingi!"

Kelili: Not to be ridden by those who suffer from; heart conditions, pregnancy, broken bones, motion sickness, or bladder problems :D

Koyuki: This is'nt so bad ^w^

Fuyuki: You can't say much azumaya san -_-

Saburo: (*blinks twice) ...o_o

Momoka: (*throws up) NOOO FUYUKI KUN, DON'T LOOK AT ME!

Fuyuki: Are you ok nishizawa san? I guess you must suffer from motion sickness!

Kelili: unless its pregnancy!

Everyone: O_O!

Momoka: I'M NOT FRICKEN PREGNANT YOU IDIO...(*throws up again)

Bekiki: So Garuru platoon, what would you guys do for a klondike bar?

Tororo: (*still in hole) ANYTHING! (*drools)

Kelili: Here have a banana (*throws his a banana)

Tororo: NO MORE BANANAS (*throws up too) (XoX)

Dororo: (*throws up aswell) TToTT (*whimpers)

Keroro: (*throws up too) HEY I DON'T EVEN GET MOTION SICK!

Tamama: Yeah but we're spinning round and round, I feel sicky too gunso san _

fuyuki: You ok gunso (*looks a little sick himself)

Koyuki: hang in there dororo ^w^

Momoka: TT3TT

Bekiki: (*clears throte loudly) BACK TO THE QUESTION!

Garuru: Hmpf, military soldiers have no need for pekaponjin snacks

rest of the garuru platoon (excluding tororo who was in a hole): (*nodds in unison)


Bekiki: well...I planned to dress you all up as bananas and make you dance to "penut butter jelly time", but insted I will just electricute you!

Taruru: NO WAIT!

Garuru: HEY!

Pururu: Uhh ohh! :O

Tororo: (*throws up at the word banana)

Bekiki: (*presses button)


Bekiki: (*rubbs hands together) Well that was fun ^_^

Farara: I guess you guys can all stop now! (*pulls random leaver)

The pekaponjins and the keroro platoon: (*return to their seats as normal... they all look dizzy though)

Farara: guys want some cookies (*hold out a tray of bekikis home made cookies)

Keroro: (*Looks about to be sick) NOOO

Tamama: I want them but i'm gonna be sick desu ~o~

Kururu: Yes...gimmi the cookies!

Dororo: (*puts hand on mouth to stop from throwing up)

Giroro: JERKS (*holds stomuch)

Natsumi: (*Looks a bit blue)

Koyuki: I want one! ^_^! (*perfectly fine)

Fuyuki: (*looks a little queezy) Maybe later...

Momoka: (*throws up under table)

Saburo: Yup, I'll take one! :D

Farara: (*hands out cookies to kururu, koyuki and saburo)

Kelili: -_- hows about we move on!

Bekiki: (*reads card) Next up we have KIKiGaruGIrooo... BTW don't worry, you can never have enough questions! :D

Kelili: (*Kicks bekiki in the shin)

(Audience cam turns to KIKiGaruGIrooo who must have got bored of watching and is fast asleep drooling all over the person next to them mindlessly)

Farara: aww sleeping like a baby :P

Kelili: (*facepalms)

Bekiki: So first question is for...ohh ok (*pulls out comicly oversized lemon cream pie ad drops it in tororos hole)


Bekiki: And there is your answer! Thats how he would react to being hit in the face with a pie! :)

Kelili: (*snatches next card) ...Ohh hey taruru san!

Taruru: (*wakes up and blinks a few times before turning to kelili) ...yeah?

kelili: POCHITO! (*presses button and taruru gets electrified again)

Taruru: TARUUUU...X_X

Farara: ...sweetness... next card for me? OwO?

Kelili: (*sighs and hands farara a card)

Farara: (*reads card) It says "Joruru, Can I see you smile, like Dororo? Pretty please with the cherry on the top? *extra extra cute puppy face*"


Bekiki: Sorry KIkiGaruGIrooo we can't...

Farara: WAIT! Leave it to me :3 (*Pulls another random leaver, then pushed a serise of butons and switches some toggles, all which appeared from nowhere)

Joruru: (*randomly appears in the middle of the stage spinning and wearing a frilly dress) ...! O_O? (*speachless)

Farara: Whoops...must be glitched... ohh well (*smashes machine and he stopps spinning, the dress fades away)

Everyone: O_o?

Dororo & Zoruru: (*gulps and shrinks down a bit in their chairs)

Joruru: :( What the hell is this? Some kind of new assasination?

Farara: Mr Joruru san...

Joruru: (*glares at farara)

Farara: (*gulps) umm well...can you smile for the audience...please, then you are free to go...

Joruru: I won't fall for your tricks brat (*gives an evil glare and pulls out metal claws)

Farara: (*crys and runs behind kelili) I'm so scared, I'm gonna pee, please make him go away!


Joruru: (*blinks twice and looks around at everyone scooting away from enraged kelili, even dororo and zeroro looked scared)


Joruru: (*Puts head down to shadow his eyes)

Everyone: O_O?

Joruru: (*bursts out laughing) ^_^!

Everyone: 0_0!

Joruru: (*still laughing) You little little weak brats seem to have scared the hell out of even some of the strongest assasins on keron, THIS IS TOO RICH! BWA HA HA

Bekiki: ...was not expecting THAT to happen o_O

Farara: Well at least he's smiling, not he can leave rigth kelili!

Kelili: :(

Farara: Kelili...?

Kelili: (*grabbs Joruru by the head and throws him in the hole with tororo)

Tororo: (*shivers and wets himself) ((O_O)) d don't hurt me...

Joruru: (*sits down with a shrug and eats pie)

Kelili: And for some extra punishment for calling me a weak brat (*walks off stage and comes back holding hands with barny the dinosaur) IN THE HOLE BARNY

Barny: But I just want to sing a song, lets sing about friends, I love you, you love me, we're a happy family...

Kelili: (*eye twitches) GET IN THE HOLE (*pulls out gun)

Barny: ...Lets sing a song in this hole (*jumps in hole) I love you, you love me, were a happy...

Tororo and Joruru: NOOOOOO ""O_O""

Kelili: o_o the ultimate torture!

farara: YAY BARNY :D (*hums friend song)

Bekiki:...lets move on shall we...

Kelili: (*reads card) Pururu, why don't you have a boyfriend? :3

Pururu: Because I'm in love with wo...

Kelili: THE CARD SAY if you say "I'm in love with work" then KIKiGaruGIrooo will lock you in a room with kogoro! ...and trust me, the only room we got left is the little cupbord at the back where we keep the dolphins!

Everyone: o_O

Pururu: o-o... well ok, I guess because I havent found the right guy the work thing and that there just isn't any time to... could you have no time for love pururu san? I feel pity from you from the botom of my heart!

Pururu: =_= is it really THAT bad? AM I GETTING TOO OLD? O_O! (*goes into trauma)

Kelili: yes pururu san, yes you are :P

bekiki:-_- onto the next question, I'm gonna give a point to that...

farara: (*reads next card) Garuru, What part of Giroro makes you mad? Have you ever kicked your brother or urged to ever in your life? And when? OHH three questions in one!

Garuru: Hmpf, I get annoyed with my younger brother because pekapon has made him go soft, no longer does he train every day, he needs to be bullied into being great! :|


Garuru:...and to answer the other one I kicked him once when a saw him bunking off school in keron high


Garuru: Well you should have said so =_=

Farara: Where did you kick him?

Giroro: (*twitches)


Farara: ohh... I bet that hurt...o_o

Bekiki: THREE POINTS...well it was like three questions :)

Kelili: (*reads next card) Dororo, Do you hate Keroro or dispise Keroro? Think hard about it...=_=

Dororo: No not at all, keroro kun is my tresured childhood friend...

Kelili: Are you SURE he is your friend...or ever has been... cos from what I've seen he just keeps powning you dude

Bekiki: In other words all he does is bully you...

Dororo:(*goes into trauma corner with pururu) Keroro kun is so mean... we award points for that or what? o_o

bekiki: Yeah go on give it a point, next question, we only have half an hour left of this round and SOOO many more questions!

Kelili: (*reads card) TAMAMA! keroro or snacks?

Tamama: tama? ... you mean I have to choose between my precious gunso san and my life time suply of yummy snacks?

Kelili: yah... today if you pls...

Tamama: Well I can't answer THAT!

Kelili: =_= why? WHY CAN'T YOU?

Keroro: Tamama kun... you wouldn't ditch your awesome leader for mear SNACKS would you? (*looks hurt)

Tamama: n no...I guess not but...GUNSO SAN I LOVE THE SNACKYS!

Keroro: Privet Tamama... TT3TT

Tamama: (*bursts into tears) I LOVE THEM BOTH SO BAD (*throws rock at button electricuting himself)


Farara: =_= poor tama san...anyway (*reads next card and looks exited) THIS ONE IS FOR KELILI!

Kelili: (*Touched) :') For reals?

Farara: (*nodds cooly) B)

Kelili: (*snatches card) D'awww, they want to know if I will make kururu cry for them? WELL SURE! :D

Bekiki: BTW KIkiGaruGIrooo, just a hint... watch episodes 236 part two and 265 part two... :3

Kururu:Shut it you (*throws a rock at bekiki knocking her out)

Farara: (*sigh) I'll go get the stretcher... -_-

Kelili: Hey kururu san come here... (*walks over to kururu and pulls out a bag of lemons) :D

Kururu: ku...? ""O_O""

(The folowing viewing had to be censord to prevent a younger audience from suffering a horror rating to high for them)

Kururu: TT=TT it...BUUUURNSS! (*crying)

Kelili: When life gives you lemons... don't let it take off your glasses kuru san!

Keroro & Giroro: (*snickers)

Farara: (*pulls bekiki onto strecher) another pointy point to... well lets just give it to the keroro platoon!

Bekiki: (*Wakes up) Heres the next question (*hands farara a card and passes back out crushing the tadpole)

Farara:*strugles to get out from under bekiki)

Kelili: I'LL SAVE YOU...(*takes card from farara and walks away)

Farara: TT3TT jerk!

Kelili: (*reads next question) Giroro, Pekopon invastion or a 24 hour time with Natsumi?

Giroro: O/O HUH?

Kelili: You heard me red n round, now answer the question!

Giroro: w well...invasion of course... I mean its w what we came here to do and all... ""/""


Kelili: B) (*smirk)

Natsumi: 24 hour time...?

Kelili: Best you don't worry your pretty little head natchi san!

Natsumi: o.o

Bekiki: (*wakes up again) Wooh..I though I suffered brain damagamagaamage...(*sits up)

Farara: I CAN BREATH! (*gasps for air)

Bekiki: OMG SOZ FARARA CHAN! :O (*gets off the tadpole)

Farara: (*reads next question)Keroro, lets say that You've won a lottery, and you have ONE MILLION US DOLLARS, and at the same time, somebody trapped Tamama and your favourite Gunpla. But if you want to get 'em back you would have to give the ONE MILLION US DOLLARS, And you can choose only one, meaning tamama OR gumpla, so what would you choose?

Keroro:...I won the lottery?

Farara: no... its just a sinario

Tamama: (*wakes up) Gunso san... you would save me...right? (*looks concerned)

Keroro: uhh...sure of course...I mean I couldn't chose gunpla over a subordinate right?... even if it was the newest zok37X...right?

Farara: so you would save tamama san?

Keroro: (*looks worryed) ...s sure :)


Tamama: TT3TT GUNSO SAAAAN HOW COULD YOU (*joins pururu and dororo in the trauma corner)

Farara: teehee (*rubs back of head cutely)

Kelili: NICE, you got THREE ppls in the corner :D

Bekiki: Thats not a good thing kelili =_=

Kelili: as farara said, mysery loves company!

farara: =_= I didn't mean it in that context! ANWAYS! Onto the next person! Victoria Pendragon!

(Audience cam turns to Victoria Pendragon who has a giroro baloon and is batting it around like a cat with a ball of yarn)

farara:...yes o_o

Bekiki: QUESTION ONE! Natsumi, what would you do if Giroro confesses he loved you?

Natsumi:...WHAT? O_o?

Giroro: KYAAAA X.X (*faints)

Natsumi:...thats a wierd question isn't it? ^_^'

Kelili: its not...really

Natsumi: he doesn't LIKE me, such strange people! (*giggles slightly)

Bekiki: Do you like giroro san?

Natsumi: like THAT?

Bekiki: (*nodds innocently)


Bekiki: ^_^... (*trys not to snicker at the sudden subject change) if he confessed his love to you, what would you do?

Natsumi: geez...I don't know... he's like...a frog ya know...what do you do in this situation? (*scratches back of head)

Kelili: kiss him

Natsumi: O/O!

Kelili:...maybe a hug ^_^

Natsumi =/=

Farara: Giroro san would be loving this... this next question is for him anyway, lets wake him up!

Bekiki: (*puts megaphone neer giroros ear) giroro san...WAKEY WAKEY RISE AND SHINE!

Giroro: KYAAAAA (*wakes up)

farara: (*reads card) Giroro, would you, if given the chance, turn into a Pekopon for Natsumi,permanently?

Giroro: (*shocked) umm... I...I...

Natsumi: What's all this about giroro? Why are people asking these questions?

Giroro: X/X w well...

Farara: o-o (*pulls out popcorn without looking away) ...

Giroro: umm...I would turn into a pekaponjin... yeah... n not for anyone, just because pekaponjins are bigger and if I was a pekaponjin then could crush my enimys easyer and...(The rest of his thought will remain in his head at this point)

Natsumi: didn't answer my question?

Kelili: point there then... next question (*reads card) For you BOTH! If you were the last two people on Pekopon, what would you do? Would you try to survive, helping and loving each other, or would you go your seperate ways, looking for others?


Giroro: W well stay together obviously...being the last people we would need to try to stay alive and like re-populate the earth and such -/-

Natsumi: O/O WHAT!

Giroro: W wait! I mean...

Natsumi: I think I would take my chances on my own /

Giroro: :'( (*fail)

(Chairs ding)

Farara: HEY the chairs are fixed :3

Bekiki: When did they break? -_-

Farara: I dunno... they havent been dinging for a while though :P

Bekiki: :)

Kelili: Next question, Would you become a keronjin for giroro, natsumi?

natsumi: GOD NO! I don't wanna be a stupid frog :O (*looks horrified)

Giroro: :'(

Natsumi: (*sighs) sorry offence -_-

Kelili: umm...moving on ^_^

Bekiki: (*reads card) RIGHT... wait here I gotta go bake some cake! (*runs off set)

Farara: as much as I love cake... she has gotta stop running off like that in the middle of the show =_=

Kelili: Lets do the next one while she's gone (*reads card) Natsumi, would you, if Saburo said it was his dying wish, marry Giroro? Also, what whould you do if Saburo said he hated you, and Giroro confessed right after?

Natsumi: =o= Wha...? (*looks over at saburo) He isn't dead... Saburo sempi... do you hate me?

Natsumi: my point =w=

Kelili: (*throws a red crayon at natsumi)

Natsumi: oww... fine,if it was saburo sempis dieing wish then yes I supose / ... BUT ONLY BECAUSE OF SABURO SEMPI!

Kelili: and if saburo hated you?

Natsumi: I would cry and take out all of my rage on someone else...likely the stupid frog...I would not be in the mood for jokes like giroro pretending to love me

Giroro: o/o ~

Farara: fair ze donuts... two points... and dang the chairs are broke again! :|

Bekiki: (*runs back on stage panting holding a large wedding cake) s sorry... I I fast as I could... the card said... make them eat weding cake and... (*passed out from exaustion)

Kelili: WOAH! That is one fancy wedding cake!

Natsumi: -_- seriously...whats the deal here?

Giroro: (*goes off in gooey daydream and starts drooling)

Farara: (*cuts two slices and gives them to giroro and natsumi... then eats the rest with kelili)

Bekiki: (*wakes up) huh...wheres my cakey cake? :'(


Farara: (*reads card) Now we have the last four questions from "pinkish-red hearts"

(Audience cam shows pinkish-red hearts seat empty)

Farara: o_O whered she go?

Giroro: KYAA! (*gets glomped by pinkish-red hearts)

Bekiki: SECURITY! :|

(Sebaba, sebibi, sebubu, sebobo, and sebebe drag pinkish-red hearts off the set and back to her seat where they tie her up in chains)

pinkish-red hearts: I LOVE YOU GIRORO (OwO)!

Giroro: O_O"" (*looks mentally scarred)

Farara: ^_^' ehh heh heh...

Kelili: (*reads card) First question, giroro, What sort of stuff did you ever think that involved you and Natsumi and romance?

Giroro: O/O ... =/= (*Daydreams and drools)... lots of...things ^_^

Natsumi: (*looks worryed) such as...?



Giroro: -/-...

Farara: (*sneaks behind giroro and sticks a device in the back of his head knocking him out, a file picker then comes up on the screen of the audience cam)

Bekiki: Ohh yeah... the memory casset player thingi!

Farara: (*searches through files until comes accross one labled "smut") AHH HAH!

(On screen)

Giroro: (*Comes face to face with natsumi so that they are almsot touching lips)

Natsumi: (*in sexy voice) ohh giroro... can I... can I...

Giroro: (*also in sexy voice) Of course baby... of course

Natsumi: We...we shouldn't... its to NAUGHTY

Giroro: Ohh baby... you are a naughty naughty girl

Natsumi: (*Takes one of giroros feet and rubs lotion on it)


Natsumi: Ohh Ohh OHH YES YES YEEES! (*rubs lotion on the other foot)

(Off screen)

Everyone: o_o...

Natsumi: :O ... ? (*speechless)

Farara:...That was...wierd...I feel a little sick desu..

Keroro: Yeah...giroro is strange...

Kelili: :') So beautifull (*sniffle)

bekiki: _ you wierdo kelili... only YOU would understand that messed up daydream!

Chair dings

Farara: YEAH GO CHAIR GO...ahem...lost my cool there for a sec B)

Bekiki: Another point to keroros platoon!

Kelili: (*reads next card) Dororo, have you ever gone to councelling for your problem?

Dororo: (*still in corner) TT^TT

Kelili: =_= (*throws a bucket of ice water over him)

Dororo: +_+!


Dororo: What problem? (*returns to seat)

Bekiki: Well the trauma I think she means...I think you should just see a whole lot of should all of the rest of you!


Farara: It does seem like a good idea, heres the card of a good counceller (*gives him sebabas card)

Dororo: o_o...?

Farara: Sebaba's been training to be a counceller

Sebaba: (*thumbs up and cheesy smile before going back to being generally terrifying)

Dororo: O_o...oookiee...

Kelili: Yeah yeah, one more point, woohoo, NOW next question is for NATSUMI (*reads card) Are you just as oblivious to love as Fuyuki?

Fuyuki: I'm obvious to love? oWo

Kelili: Shut it you _

Natsumi: How should I know...

Bekiki: (*clears throte) Are you aware that you have about five people and a school fan club all after you?

Natsumi: I DO?

Bekiki: =_= that answers my question nicely!


Kelili: LAST QUESTION OF THE DAY! (*reads card) MOMOKA, how do you put up with fuyukis thick headedness?


Fuyuki: ^_^' ehh heh heh...

Farara:...uhh another point there! NOW TO ADD UP THIS ROUNDS SCORES!

Cool voice in the sky: Well then the final scores! the keroro platoon have a massive 35 POINTS, the garuru platoon a measly 9 POINTS, and finally the pekaponjins an impressive 27 POINTS, which means the garuru platoon are OUTA HERE!

Garuru:we have failed men... I think o_O

(Garuru platoon fall down random hole tha appears in the floor underneath from no-where, all screeming)


Bekiki: Please keep sending in your questions everyone! Be as creative as possible, we love all the wierd and wacky questions which stray from the point of anything! :D

Kelili: Thanks for watching, see you in the next round!

Farara: BU BYE!

(Cheesy music fades the show out as the lights go out)