Author's Note: Well, this "one" parter is finally finished. LOL! This story turned into something that was pure smut into something that looks more like flashes of what a Puck/Rachel relationship could actually look like if it weren't constricted by a pesky TV-14 rating. This final chapter is probably the most plot driven, but I really tried to make up for it with some extra spice. So, please enjoy, and please tell me what you think! Thanks so much!

Puck groaned and shifted in his seat, Rachel's excited but annoying voice getting clearer and clearer as she poked him further and further out of his peaceful slumber. He could still feel the gentle sway of the bus as it hummed along the highway, so he knew they weren't even close to their destination yet and there was no reason he couldn't sleep for at least another hour.

"Noooah," she sing-songed, pressing her index finger a little more deeply into his bicep until he pried one of his eyes open. He was met with her wide, beaming smile, and the lens of her brand new video camera. "We're almost there. Aren't you excited?"


"Noah," she admonished his unenthusiastic tone quickly, demanding he be a little more chipper. "Say a little something into the camera."

"A little something into the camera," he muttered, shutting his eyes again while turning to his side so his back was to her. He could hear her sigh and fiddle with the buttons on the camera, groaning when the device clearly didn't do what she intended. Her dads had bought her the camera as a good luck present (because that shit actually went down in Rachel's world) for Nationals, but she'd been complaining about the new technology for the past day. The one she used to tape her MySpace videos was fucking ancient, but it was simple. Rachel-proof, as he liked to call it.


Rachel bumped into Puck's shoulder as she lifted to her knees, leaning against the back of her seat as she extended the camera behind her. Finn and Quinn called dibs on the back of the bus almost the second after they'd won Regionals, Puck and Rachel having to suffice with the next row up. The joke, however, was on all of them because Mr. Schuester pulled a rope-a-dope and ended up sitting in the back instead of the front like the teachers normally did. Apparently when he said no funny business, he meant it.

"I'm seriously under the impression that you are a robot, Rachel," Quinn groaned, lifting her head from Finn's shoulder as the tall teen startled awake. "Didn't you tell me when we boarded the bus that you didn't sleep at all last night?"

"I was too excited," she explained, as if everyone already didn't know that. Rachel let out a blood-curdling squeal the second they'd crossed the Ohio state line, and she hadn't really shut up since. No one would say it, but they all swore the bus driver had started going faster just to get to the hotel quicker.

"What's up, Rach?" Finn finally asked, bringing the focus back to her original outburst.

"This camera. It is broken. It won't shut off."

"Hear that, Puckerman?" Quinn smirked even though he wasn't in her line of vision. Hunched over in his chair with a coat now tossed over his head, he wasn't really in anyone's vision. "Rachel must be broken, too."

"I said it won't shut off. Not that it won't shut up," Rachel defended quickly then frowned, realizing she might have made matters worse. "I'm not a robot."

"That's right. Robots turn off every once in awhile. Rach is always turned on." Puck snuck one hand out from under his shield, smacking her ass loudly.

Rachel ushered his hand away, quickly sitting back in her chair after Mr. Schuester asked them to behave. Almost all of them were eighteen by now (Puck closer to nineteen), but they apparently weren't mature enough to make it through one bus trip from Ohio to New York without getting in a little trouble. Santana, for instance, had already been lectured about her supposed plans for this evening after one of the chaperones overheard her talking about slipping out of the hotel to club-hop with Britney.

"All fixed," Finn said, his hand reaching between the two seats and managing to knock the camera right against Puck's temple. "Sorry, dude."

Puck groaned, forcefully grabbing the small recorder from the other teen's grip. Despite Rachel's best effort to conserve the battery, Puck flipped the camera back on, playing with the zooming feature and night vision for a few seconds before turning the lens onto his girlfriend. She was staring anxiously outside the window, her eyes wide and matching her smile as she turned and faced him.

"Say a little something into the camera," he repeated, his voice low from a mixture of sleep and an attempt to share a somewhat private conversation with her.

"Hello, world!" She waved at the small device, leaning in so close that Puck swore he could see the pores on her face. He tried to zoom out, but instead had to back away slightly so the camera would adjust its focus.

"Ready to win Nationals, babe?" She grinned wildly, nodding her head like he'd just asked a small kid if they wanted ice cream for dinner. "Ready to show Julliard what they're missing?"

She nodded again, though this time it wasn't instantaneous, slow enough that he knew she was starting to get nervous about her audition. The group had a couple of free days to spend in New York, and by that it meant that they had a couple of days where they had plans to do the typical New York touristy stuff as a group. The Statue of Liberty, Broadway, Central Park … the group wanted to cram as much as they could into the small trip because for many of them it was going to be the last time they ever got to visit the bustling metropolis.

Mr. Schuester, however, made arrangements for a few of the students to use some of the time to visit Julliard. Almost everyone else had already heard from their school of choice – Mercedes the only one who'd ventured out of Ohio - but Julliard wasn't just any school. It was a dream school – a dream that wasn't just shared by Rachel. Britney and Mike were also auditioning, set to go one right after the other tomorrow after practice for their dancing, and then Rachel would perform the next morning as a singer. The Nationals competition was the same night, so she wasn't exactly being dramatic when she said it was the most important and defining day of her young life.

"You're still coming, right?" She asked quietly, her voice full of worry.

He lowered the camera so he could look into her eyes instead of into the small screen, smiling softly at the wave of relief he saw wash over her face. "I've been assured that I won't actually be able to look up Lady Liberty's dress, so what's the point?"

She giggled softly at his reasoning, resting her head against his shoulder. Rachel inhaled a long breath, slowly releasing it while watching Puck turn the camera off. She could feel his breath skim across the bare skin of her shoulder, her eyes closing at the subtle contact. Aside from one stop for food and a couple of gas refills, they'd been enclosed in the large vehicle for ten-plus hours and the lack of space was starting to wear on the couple. They'd only managed to steal a few chaste kisses here and there before someone would interrupt them in one way or another.

Puck nudged her head back with his, resting his lips on hers with a groan. Rachel leaned back into the embrace, his torso following her slow decent as his hand hooked under her knees to lift them up to rest up and over his lap. Her hands snaked under the thin cotton of his T-shirt, Rachel letting her nails scratch over the contours of his chest. She sighed when she felt Puck's hand drift higher and higher up her thigh, the other meandering under her shirt and headed toward her breasts.

"Hand check!" Mr. Schuester suddenly announced, tension in his voice as he sprung from his seat and looked around the bus for all the occupants' hands. Puck and Rachel reluctantly raised their arms, lifting back to a seated position and passing a glance between the two of them when Mr. Schuester began to walk toward the front of the bus. Sam hadn't raised his hands, but he was probably just asleep or had headphones in.

"Is there anywhere you two won't have sex?" Quinn asked bitterly, dropping her hands and crossing her arms over her chest.

"Temple," they both answered, laughing lightly that they'd thought of the same thing.

"Tell me you've figured out the room situation by now," Finn whispered as he leaned closer to Puck's chair. "Everyone knows what to do?"

"They should." Puck grinned at Rachel, resting his hand on her thigh as she smiled back, both of them a little flush but slowly regulating their breaths.

Mr. Schuester had tried to be clever in arranging the rooms this year, pairing certain people together to eliminate the possibility of anyone switching rooms. But while Puck didn't spend a lot of time paying attention in class, he certainly wasn't a slouch when it came to assuring a hotel room with his hot girlfriend. All it took was a master plan where the girls were in charge of the "real" room keys and the men were in charge of the "actual" room keys. Then there wouldn't be a slip up like the senior field trip to Chicago where some stupid girl ended up blowing it for everyone.

Well, everyone except Puck and Rachel, who didn't get to do it in the comfy hotel room but still managed to find a new appreciation for art at a certain world-renowned museum.

"Hand, Puck," Mr. Schuester warned when he came back to his seat, noticing its dangerous location on Rachel's bare thigh.

"I gave up drinking for you, Mr. Schue. I'm not giving up sex."

"Noah!" Rachel turned about five shades of red, pushing his hand away and scooting as close to the window as she could.

"Making love?" He tried to fix the situation but knew it was useless. There were two types of mad Rachel, one that led to mind-blowing make up sex and one that sealed the gates until he was on the floor groveling. Despite Mr. Schuester's bemused expression, Puck figured Rachel was closer to the second one. And instead of opening his mouth and possibly (quite possibly, in fact) making it worse, he decided to ignore it completely and hope it went away. "Any last minutes changes to the set, Mr. Schue?"

"'Fraid not, Puck. You ready for your solo?"

Puck shrugged complacently, but on the inside his heart skipped a beat. He'd done solos in glee and even at school performances, but this was for Nationals. This was the biggest venue New Directions had ever played, and he had a solo. It wasn't a whole song, but it was still just him. Not only that, he also had writing credit for the song. On some shitty piece of paper that probably nobody would keep past the next night, his name would be next to the words "soloist" and "writer" instead of what most people expected: "felon".

Well, maybe not most people. He'd come a long way in the past year, pushed mostly by Rachel and her unwavering determination. She had drive unmatched by anyone, and it sort of just rubbed off on him by being her boyfriend. If she was studying and refused to put out, then he didn't really have anything else to do but study, too. If she was working on her music, she'd demand he listen, which turned into them working on music. She made him better simply by proximity, never demanding he change but somehow causing it nonetheless.

"I keep telling him that he should try out for Julliard, too, but he won't budge." Rachel frowned, turning to face both men. "Apparently he already got accepted somewhere, but he won't tell me where."

Puck shrugged again, playing off his secrecy as cute even while Rachel's frown deepened. She hated not knowing what he was planning to do next year, not only because it made her uncomfortable to talk about her plans but because she wasn't sure why his plans were being so heavily guarded. The reply date for almost all colleges had passed just a few weeks ago, but that still meant he had been forced to make a decision. He couldn't wait to see what happened with her, even if that was the plan. So, obviously, he was waiting for her audition before letting her down.

"Hope it's a trade school," Quinn remarked, her tone somewhere between snarky and amused. It was something Rachel had grown used to over the year, the four of them becoming somewhat of an odd group. Without all the relationship drama between all them, though, it was easier for them to be actual friends. At least now that campaigning for prom was done. There was something about the blonde threatening to rip out the brunette's vocal chords that didn't exactly scream best buds, which is why Rachel was pleased that Finn and Quinn had won.

She and Puck weren't even on the ballot, but apparently a lot of people had taken it upon themselves to add their names to the list. Actually, most people put "Puck and that tiny, loud chick" but even the teachers knew who they meant. Luckily it was a non-issue for prom, and homecoming, too. Class couple on the other hand … well, Quinn at least won best smile and best hair. Rachel shouldn't feel bad about winning most likely to succeed, either.

The truth hurt.

"Not all of us can get into OSU on a cheerleading scholarship," Puck partially joked – whether he was making fun of her inability to get into State with her grades alone or if he was still harping on her for rejoining the Cheerios uncertain - accepting her onslaught of verbal attacks about the merits of the "sport" with his trademark grin.

Rachel tried to reprimand him with her stare, but then Artie announced they were crossing into New York and her attention immediately shifted to the window. She enthusiastically waved goodbye to New Jersey and greeted New York with the beginnings of "New York State of Mind." She actually got everyone to join in, even Puck thanks to his soft spot for Frank Sinatra, and the song lasted them until they pulled up to the hotel.

Mr. Schuester checked everyone in and then started handing out the keys. Suddenly, every single student announced they had to use the restroom and couldn't wait. Inside the stalls they exchanged keys as directed by Puck the night before, and when everyone returned to the lobby, they all were ready to go upstairs.

"Santana, apparently there was some mix up with the rooms. You'll be with Tina now, so why don't you two switch keys." Santana remained calm, switching her key with Tina, who looked like a deer in headlights. "And Finn, you're actually going to be bunking with Puck instead of Artie. So why don't all three of you exchange keys." Finn hesitated for just long enough for Mr. Schuester's smile to widen. "That's what I thought. Everyone hand me their keys."

The glee club groaned in unison, handing back over all their keys while Mr. Schuester redistributed all the cards and gave yet another lecture on being on the best behavior. They were his responsibility and they should be old enough that he could trust them and blah blah blah. Puck was, in a word, pissed.

"You're killing me, Schue." Puck tossed a pathetic glance to his side, Rachel's eyes wide when they realized their perfect vacation in New York was quickly spiraling down the drain.

"We meet back here in exactly an hour for dinner and the Broadway show, so please go get settled and change." The teacher watched the kids meander to the hotel elevator before tossing his arm casually around Puck. "It was a valiant effort, Puck. But the only thing you accomplished was earning the room right next to mine."

"Sex is a stress reliever, Mr. Schuester," Puck tried to reason, earning a horrified look from his teacher and another loud reprimand from Rachel. "I'm just thinking about the team."

"I think I'll take my chances."

And that's pretty much how the rest of the week went. Puck roomed with Sam, who was basically the only person in the whole glee club that Puck still couldn't stand. Trouty Lips (his nickname courtesy of Santana before she left him for Britney) had taken a backseat in almost everything he did at McKinley after losing Quinn to Finn way back when, dating some other cheerleader this year just to stay out of the nagging spotlight. He didn't even try out for football since everyone knew Finn would be the quarterback, and ended up getting a baseball scholarship to play for some school in Toledo.

Next to them was, in fact, Mr. Schuester and Coach Beiste, both of which who came knocking on the doors to check the rooms at random times of the night. Rachel's room was on the complete opposite side of the floor, guarded by another set of chaperones and the one person in the glee club who probably didn't want to help him get laid, Lauren. It was a conspiracy, Puck was sure, but their schedule was so busy that he almost didn't notice. Without Rachel's taunt little body teasing him at every turn, Puck actually focused on other stuff, which might have been the reason they ended up winning Nationals.

The celebration dinner was off the hook, Mr. Schuester making good on his promise to buy sparkling cider for everyone. He gave a touching speech to the seniors, who were really the core of the group. He wouldn't say it, but he knew the glee club wouldn't win the title next year. He wasn't just losing almost all his guys, but he was losing Rachel. Without her voice, her leadership, the group was doomed. She was the one who convinced Kurt to come back to McKinley for his senior year. She was the one who talked Karofsky and some of the other football players to join. She recruited all the new members.

She was glee club.

"Let's get out of here," Rachel suddenly whispered, her hand pressing urgently into Puck's thigh. "Follow my lead."

Right on cue, tears began streaming down Rachel's cheeks. She kept a watery smile on her face as she explained that the day had just been so emotional from her Julliard audition to the Nationals competition and she was just exhausted. Puck watched in awe as she asked if he could take her back to the hotel room, and Mr. Schuester considered saying no but had apparently removed the stick out of his butt after their win.

Game on.

The two teens practically ran back to the hotel room, Rachel's hand gripping Puck's tightly as they crossed the busy streets of New York. She wasn't sure what came over her, but she figured it was the seventy-two plus hours without any real sexual contact with her boyfriend. Their relationship wasn't based solely on sex, but she couldn't deny that it was the best way she knew to feel close to him. And it was really the only way she could think to end such an amazing day, the only way to make it even better than it already had been.

The second the elevator door opened, the two tumbled inside, Puck pressing his body insistently against hers. "Fuck, I've missed you."

"Me … me too," Rachel stuttered, her hands clutching at the lapels of Puck's jacket and pulling him close to kiss him senseless. They were still in the outfits they wore for Nationals, him in a basic tux with colorful vest and tie and her in a matching dress. Puck was attractive in almost everything he wore, but it was especially true when he dressed up. He looked so sophisticated, so mature. So much like the man she saw inside him when he was still acting like a boy.

"Do you think Schue will kill me if I rip this fuckin' thing right off you?"

Rachel simply moaned in response, pushing herself harder into his body, her tongue dancing across his. The bell on the elevator rung, but neither teen made a move to leave the confined space. Puck hiked Rachel up, her back resting on the wall while her legs wrapped around his waist. His hands massaged her breasts before moving to her ass, holding her tightly against him and eventually moving out of the elevator.

"My room," she mumbled against his lips, digging into her purse absently. "Leave your key on the ground for Lauren."

Puck did as instructed, pressing Rachel against her door so he could reach back for his wallet and retrieve his key. He tossed the key carelessly to the ground, grabbing the extended card for Rachel's room from her hand and jamming it into the slot. Rachel heard the beep and pressed down on the handle, giggling as they practically fell into the room. With a little more grace, Puck found her bed (the neat one) and dropped her down to the mattress.

"My phone!" Rachel screeched as the dull ringtone cut through the otherwise quiet space, halting Puck's ministrations in her wake. She sprung from the mattress and crawled across the floor to where she dropped her purse, opening the tiny bag and yanking out her phone. "It's them!"

Puck watched her inhale a deep breath, answering the phone in a tone so professional that no one would expect she was only eighteen, and just about to engage in illicit behavior with her boyfriend. She stood and paced the room a few times, eventually stopping at the large window that overlooked the city. Needing to keep himself busy just so he wouldn't start freaking out like her, Puck grabbed Rachel's video camera from the night stand, recording her reaction when, he guessed, Rachel was told she was accepted.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you … you made the right decision! I will most definitely …" she continued talking as she turned to Puck, who had her camera in one hand and was using the other to signal she should wrap it up. Rachel had a tendency to ramble on top of a tendency to stick her foot in her mouth, so she silently agreed and expressed her gratitude one more time before ending the conversation. The second she pressed end on her phone, Puck met her halfway and caught her as she jumped into his arms, screaming giddily. "I made it, Noah! I made it!"

"I don't know why you are so surprised, but good job, babe." Puck chuckled, still holding her loosely even though she placed her feet back on the ground. Rachel beamed up at him, placing a hard kiss on his lips, throwing her arms around his neck and hugging him tightly again. "Let the camera show that Rachel can in fact express emotion and therefore is not a robot."

She giggled, pulling back and looking into the camera that he managed to hold at his side, pointing it on both of them. "Unlike Noah, who is a sex machine." She pushed the camera down, noting the tenting in his slacks with another light giggle.

"Can't help it when you're around," he defended, setting the camera down on the dresser and wrapping both arms around her waist. "But I understand if you want to go celebrate with everyone."

"You do?"

"It's your night. We can do whatever you want."

"Anything?" She asked, biting one side of her lip before moving out of his hold and over to her suitcase. Puck cleared his throat, trying to push aside his own dirty thoughts and try to figure out what she was thinking. It was dangerous territory, giving Rachel full reign on anything, but he never expected her to pull out a makeshift blindfold.

"That's what you want?"

"It's a start," she responded simply, walking back over to him and tying the scarf around his eyes. She slowly removed his jacket and then led him to the bed, pushing him down to a seated position before starting to undo all the buttons on his vest and then dress shirt.

Puck could feel her struggling with the tiny buttons and smiled. "Suddenly my idea to rip off your dress isn't sounding like such a bad idea."

"That scarf can go around your mouth, too, Noah," she joked, silencing him instead with her lips. He lifted his hands to rest on her waist, but Rachel moved them away, pushing him back to lie down. Just as slowly, she removed his belt and then unbuttoned his slacks, pulling them down so he was in just his boxers and wife beater. "Give me your hands."

Puck listened to her quiet demand, blowing out an impatient breath when he tried yet again to touch her and she pushed him away. Rachel in control usually wasn't so … unsatisfying. It was usually hot, fast, world shaking. It was … did she just tie something to his wrists?

"Wh-what are you doing?" He asked, unable to see what she'd tied to his wrists and why she was pushing him up to the headboard. Then he felt her raise each of his arms up just a little. "Rachel?"

"Be right back," she announced suddenly, the warmth from her body ripped away from his and replaced with a cold wind as she walked away.

"What are you doing?" He asked again, this time with a little more fear in his voice. He wanted to take the blindfold off, but he could get his hands free of whatever she had obviously tied them to. "Rach?"

"Calm down, Noah," she said softly, his face following the sound of her voice as it moved closer. "I was just putting a chair by the door in case Lauren didn't get the hint." Rachel smiled, staring down at her incapacitated boyfriend. "Don't you trust me?"

"Yes, but I think every guy gets a little nervous when his girlfriend blindfolds him and then ties him naked to a bed."

Rachel lifted onto the bed, resting her knees on either side of his body. "You aren't naked." Then she leaned down, grabbing a weak spot of his wife beater and ripping it in two. Her nails raked across his torso and then down to his hips, removing his boxers with a little less force. "Now you are."

"You're a freak, Berry."

"Takes one to know one," she responded on a smile, wasting little time wrapping her hand around his shaft and swirling her tongue around his tip. They been dating long enough that she knew exactly which formula to use to make him scream her name, but that wasn't what she wanted. She wanted to torture him. She wanted him to beg.

Rachel took him entirely in her mouth, holding for only a second before slowly pulling out. She let her teeth scrape against the tender flesh ever-so-softly, Puck groaning in response. Her hands massaged his testicles while she bobbed up and down on his member. They both moaned in appreciation, the vibrations causing Puck's moan to extend into his breathless plea.

"Babe, you gotta stop." Puck closed his eyes tightly, thankful for the fabric covering his vision. If he'd been able to see Rachel's motions, the sultry look she always had in her eye when she went down on him, he would have already lost it. "It's been too long."

"What do you want?" She purred, stepping completely away from the bed.

"You," he answered immediately. "I need you."

Puck felt completely disoriented, a powerful surge of desire coursing through him but having no way to relieve all the pressure. With his vision lost and his hands bound, he was completely at Rachel's will, but now she was gone. Where he once felt her warmth radiating off her was now a cold spot, and it wasn't until his ears heard some rustling that he pinpointed her general whereabouts again. Then, like a flash, Rachel was straddling him, connecting their bodies as one.

"Fuck." Puck banged his head against the headboard, his arms fighting against the restraints futilely. His hands clenched as the rest of his body tensed up. "B, I need to touch you."

"Tell me where you got accepted," she responded on a whisper, slowing her movements as she leaned her torso down. Her tongue came out to trace the outer shell of his ear, Rachel blowing a teasing breath across the lingering moisture. Puck's hips lifted involuntarily, Rachel responding by lifting up just out of his reach. "Just tell me."

"Here," he growled, feeling the scarf around his eyes loosen. The delicate fabric fell away from his eyes, another moan escaping when Rachel came into focus. His mouth watered at the unfiltered passion he saw, and his hands itched to reach out and cup her perfect, perky boobs. Pinch her nipples. Run through her hair. Anything. "AMDA."

"You applied to the American Musical and Dramatic Academy?" She questioned, completely in shock. Rachel knew that he was interested in pursuing music, but she never expected him to follow through so … productively. This was Noah Puckerman, after all. "And you got in?"

If Rachel was shocked before, she was downright flabbergasted when his usual confidence was completely stripped from his response. Instead, a slow, sheepish smile emerged, and he nodded his head just enough to distinguish the motion from a side-to-side movement. Rachel, however, more than made up for his modesty as she squealed in excitement and again started to rock her hips.

"I'm so proud of you."

It was an odd sentence to push Puck beyond control, but he couldn't help it. She'd always had a way to make him feel things he'd never experienced before, and tonight was no different. The second Rachel untied the two knots holding his wrists up against the headboard, his arms encircled her lithe form. In a flash he switched their positions, pushing her back into the mattress and plowing into her. His forehead sagged to her shoulder, Rachel lifting her hips in time with each of his powerful thrusts.

"Mmmmm, Noah. Harder. I'm so close."

Puck grunted with each forceful pump, Rachel's heels moving off the bed to press him in deeper. Her orgasm hit her like the tide, waves of pleasure washing over her again and again. He quickly followed, collapsing on top of her while panting for air. Sweat brimmed both their bodies, but neither moved to give the other space. Instead, Rachel wrapped her arms around his neck, kissing the side of his face lovingly.

"What if I hadn't gotten into Julliard?" Puck scoffed at the insinuation, finally pushing off her to lie on the bed. Rachel seemed just as exasperated, leaning forward to grab the sheet before pulling it over both of them while snuggling closer to his frame. "It could have happened."

"Then you would have gone to NYU," he humored her. "Either way, I needed to be close to keep an eye on my girl."

"You don't have anything to worry about." Rachel rolled her eyes. "You're the only one I want to tie up."

"Tie down," he joked, chuckling into his assault on her lips. They pulled away from one another after a few minutes, each sighing in contentment. It had been a long day for both of them, the most recent of activities just the tip of the iceberg. Moments like this, where they could relax and enjoy each other's company without thinking about glee or school or the future, were hard to come by these days.

Luckily, Puck had basically just assured Rachel that there would be plenty of time to find more of those moments.

"Noah," Rachel gasped, lifting the sheet over her chest as she leaned forward to try to see across the room better. "You left the camera on!"

"Did I?" Rachel groaned, recognizing his fake innocent tone. "No. No, that's the off light."

"It doesn't have an off light, Noah!"

"Sure it does. These new ones do." Puck pulled her tighter into his arms, making her look away from the small device. "Besides, it wouldn't be the first time we had sex on camera. At least this time I won't have to pay two hundred bucks to get the tape from that creepy security guard."

Rachel sighed, shaking her head with a small smile while Puck tried his other form of persuasion to convince her everything would be fine. Damn him and his lips. "We've had some pretty crazy times, huh?"

Puck pulled back slightly, looking into her eyes and smiling. "Yes we have." He kissed her soundly on the lips, and then went back to her neck, mumbling, "And it's only the beginning," before they both completely forgot about the video camera.

At least until they returned to Ohio and showed her fathers what they did during their trip.