The Shadow Of The Past

Estel run as fast as his legs would carry him trying to get away from the men that he knew were following him. They had been ever since he had left Rivendell and it did not look like they were going to give up without a fight.

Looking behind him once more, Estel failed to notice the loose branch and fell over it landing onto his hands and knees with a crash that could have alerted the whole forest.

Crying out as he felt the the blood on his knees soaking through his tunic, he looked behind him to hear the voices around him, the men were closer, close enough to smell him and hear his laboured breathing.

"Please valar protect me" Estel whispered just as he heard the shout of one of the men.

"Fëanáro I have him" The man yelled grabbing onto Estel who cried out in pain once more as he felt his leg being jerked up despite the pain it held.

"F..." The first man's voice was caught off and he dropped Estel to the ground with an arrow sticking out of his chest.

Someone else was here too.

The other man Fëanáro came into view before bending down to Estel who tried to move away but it hurt too much so he just cried out again wondering how long it would be before someone nice would find him.

"What a pretty little thing" Fëanáro lent over before he too fell backwards an arrow in his chest.

"Who is there?" Estel asked to the empty forest wondering who it was that had saved him.

"Show yourself."

A figure stepped from beneath the trees and Estel had to stifle a gasp. This was an elf but not just any elf. This was a Woodland elf.

"What brings you to Rivendell young one?" The elf asked his bow still out pointed at him.

"I ran away. I am useless as a elf" Estel wept despite the fact that he was in-front of a stranger that he had just met.

"I wish not to think a human so useless of such things" The elf pointed out bending to his level so that Estel could now see the elf's face or rather the part's that weren't covered by a ugly looking mask. Blue eyes and a slight burn to his mouth.

He wondered what the elf's true face looked like. Estel stop this he shook himself of the thought watching as the elf straightened himself before holding out his hand for Estel to take.

"Come young one. We shall return you to Rivendell, I am sure someone will miss you" The elf dragged Estel to his feet but he shook his head.

He could not return his foster brothers and foster father would only merely laugh at him and his lack of confidence.

"I wish not to return there. I shall not be made fun off" Estel stood his ground waiting to see how the elf would react.

The elf laughed and nodded.

"Aye then you may travel with me, young one."

"I wish to and stop calling me young one I have a name, it is Estel."

"Hope in the language of the elf's."

"Well Estel you may call me..."

"Estel caught off the elf knowing the name he would rather use.

"I wish to call you Greenleaf, your hair is unlike any I have witnessed" Estel smiled at his new found name for Greenleaf.

It was the best he could come up with especially when his mind was running so fast around his brain that he found it hard to think right.

"Greenleaf. Aye my father used to call me that before..."

Greenleaf cut off not wishing to say any more before turning and walking away allowing Estel to follow.

He had to admit, Greenleaf was mysterious but he trusted the older elf.

Soon Estel had had enough of walking and flopped down onto the grass, his knees still hurt and the palms of his hands gave him pain whenever he clenched or swayed them.

Greenleaf stopped where he was turning back to the small human.

"I wish to stop, I am sore" Estel moaned glaring at how Greenleaf chuckled at his pain.

"I shall carry you" Greenleaf bent down scooping Estel into his arms before placing him over his back.

"Put me down" Estel screamed kicking out at the older elf he did not wish to be carried around like a small child that could not do anything by himself. He was not a child.

"Put me down" Estel screamed again hopping that this would stop Greenleaf but all it did was knock the mask from the elf's face.

Estel looked twice at the elf's face wondering why the elf hid it so much there was a long scar and some burns on the face but apart from that it was nothing bad.

It wasn't like he was ugly or anything, in-fact, Estel thought that Greenleaf looked nice.

Well nice enough for a stranger.