Chapter 3

Estel looked from the entrance of the cave to Greenleaf who had stood up, gesturing to him that he should too, so he did with a slightly more un-quiet movement than Greenleaf but no matter, he didn't wish for whatever it was that was outside to come any closer towards them and maybe kill them.

"What may follow us?" Estel asked moving closer towards the older elf feeling that he was like a sort of father figure for him and would save him if need be.

"I know not" Grennleaf replied before continuing "Though the smell is of that of Rivendell."

Estel looked up at Greenleaf wondering how it could be people from Rivendell when they had made a loud noise like a wild animal, was Greenleaf lying to him or was this to save him the problem of worrying about what was outside the cave.

"You may go check it out yourself if you do not believe me" Greenleaf replied in a somewhat snappy tone making it sound as if he did not like people saying that he was wrong.

"I believe..." Estel started to say before a familiar voice filled the air.

"Estel, Estel, may you be here, answer please." It was Elrond. He was being searched for.

Estel looked back at Greenleaf before grabbing the older's hand and dragging him to the foot of the cave before stepping out seeing Elrond just come around the corner to head towards the cave but stopped upon seeing Estel.

"Estel" Elrond cried and Estel yelled Elrond's name running towards the elf who caught him in a hug not letting him go.

"Why may you run from home, Estel?" Elrond asked him once he was sure that the young human was okay as he insisted he was.

"I am no elf, therefore I should not live with them" Estel replied looking up at his foster-father before looking back at Greenleaf and he saw that Elrond looked in that direction as well.

"Nay you be wrong, young Estel you are whatever you wish to be" Elrond said looking at his foster son before looking back at Greenleaf once more pondering whether or not to ask who he was before coming to the decision that it couldn't hurt to ask.

"Who may that be, Estel?"

Estel looked over at Greenleaf his smile widening into a large grin as he watched the older elf awkwardly scratch the nape of his neck, obviously waiting to be introduced

"Greenleaf" Estel said to his foster father causing Greenleaf to jump before slowly walking towards Elrond and Estel just as Elladan and Elrohir came from around the corner and Elrohir was limping on one foot he had obviously been the one who had shouted after stumping his toe on something but even Estel thought that elf's were supposed to be grace-full but then again, maybe not them all.

After some hesitant introductions, Estel looked up at his foster father and uttered the words that he knew may come from the young man's lips.

"May Greenleaf travel to Rivendell with us?"

Elrond looked between his son and Greenleaf before giving a nod and a smile which caused Estel to smile back and he could see a faint smile hidden behind Greenleaf's mask.

And this my friends is where our extraordinary amazing story begins.