(( A short story about my Assassin, Anipuma coming home from months of being away recovering. Read and Review! ))

Coming Home

It was late when I entered the mansion. The air in here was stale because of the lack of fresh air inside it for months. Furniture still in its dust coverings as I left it. On the welcome table I saw something shine in the dim light. I walked over to the table and picked up the item. It was my wedding earring. The tears instantly welled up in my eyes as I looked it over. It layed there in my open palm for sometime I don't know how much time went by or how many tears streamed down my face. I lifted the item to my lips and I gave it a gently kiss. I knew somewhere out there she was looking down at me, smiling that wonderful smile she always gave me.

I placed the earring back down and climbed the long length of stairs going up to the master suite. I open the door. Memories flooded my mind, I want to run again. Run down the stairs and out the door and never look back. I didn't, I couldn't. I had to force myself to face those memories. Those memories were happy, I was happy then. Truly happy. I don't think I could ever feel happiness like that every again. I see myself laying fresh cookies on the small table in the lounge area for her. She always came running in to gobble them up. She always ate them all. Smiling remember what happened afterwards. I would pick her up lovingly and run her into the bedroom so I can enjoy my morning 'muffin'.

The memory ends as I walk into the bedroom and other memories surface. Us laying on the bed cuddling after a long night of love making, talking about our future together. Her fingers tracing every part of my body as if they were to find something new. We had many plans together and what we will do in the future. She never wanted children. Neither did I. we felt the time wasn't right. We wanted to enjoy life together for awhile before adding any new additions to it. She would kiss me sweetly on my neck and tell me she loved me and no other. Her words would make my skin get all goosebumps on it. We then would fall asleep together soundly hands intertwined with one another.

I now lay on that same bed, it is empty and cold. I hold her pillow inhaling what little scent is on it. I begin to cry again. Why has Aion tortured me so? It is the same thoughts that I had when I saw my love with another woman. Kissing her, loving her, making her yell in pleasure. It all floods out the happy thoughts I had.. I fill with anger and hate. I want to kill these women. Send them to the deepest parts of hell reserved for those that shatter hearts filled with unconditional love. Then I think about all of the things I learned these last few months. There are people to blame but not my love. She broke because of my trust in my mother. The woman who my love is now is a demon. She took my love, my life, my existence. I still love her. Closing my eyes I see my love smiling at me. I smile back as I drift off to sleep hoping she is here in the morning when I awake.