Title: Ready
Author: Walking Through The Rain
Summary: Clyde's late again, but Rani can't be mad at him. Not today. Fluffy Future Fic-R/C
Rating: K+
Characters/Pairings: Rani/Clyde, rest of the cast mentioned.
Spoilers: None
Disclaimer: I don't own SJA
Author's Note: Written in Rani's POV and it might be a little OOC. Set about 7-8 years in the future.

I stand next to my father, determinedly facing the front, and ignoring the not-so-quiet whispers from around us. 'Where is he?' 'This could be embarrassing!' ' I hope they have the buffet open sharpish!' some of them said. God bless my relatives, I smile to myself. I take a discreet look at the silver watch on my wrist, he was nearly twenty-five minutes late now. Some things never change.

The doors open to reveal Clyde, he runs down to meet me and I hear the whisperers around us sigh with relief and eventually die down. I have to let out a breath ; I was starting to get a little worried too. But of course, Clyde didn't seem bother by his late entrance and keeping everyone, including me, waiting. He looks as though he's been running.

"Sorry I'm late," he announces, giving me his classic cheeky grin. He leans in to whisper to me so no one else can hear. "Those damn Slitheen again!"

I'll have to get the story of that, later. I roll my eyes at him, smiling despite myself. "I should be mad at you," I warn him, eyebrows raised. I brush suspicious looking dust from his shoulder distractedly (though I silently thank God he seems to have managed not to get gunked this time). That would be a lot harder to explain to my relatives than his late arrival.

"Yeah," he agrees thoughtfully. "You won't be though." Impossibly, his smirk gets wider as he reads me like a book.

I ignore his comment; even though I know it's true, I'm not going to admit it to him. "I'm the one who's supposed to be late today," I remind him.

"We can break the mould."

"Don't we always?" I grin, as he grins back.

I look behind me at Sarah Jane, Luke and Maria who all smile encouragingly. Our mums are sitting together a little further forward, half way through their shared box of Kleenex already.

"Ready?" I ask, looking him in the eyes.

Clyde answers immediately and without a doubt or hesitation in his voice, "Always."

His smile is brighter than I've ever seen it and I can't help but match it with mine. He takes my hand, and together we walk a few steps forward to the front. My father is still standing there, and I can tell immediately that he disapproves of Clyde's punctuality, especially considering the event. But he shakes Clyde's hand and kisses me on the cheek, then sits down with my mother.

We turn to face each other, and I feel my face might crack with the width of the smile it held. Clyde lifts my veil, staring into my eyes. "You're beautiful," he tells me sincerely and I blush, smoothing out non-existent creases in my dress.

"Ready to become Mrs Langer?" he asks, his eyes twinkling.

I answer immediately and without a doubt or hesitation in my voice, "Always."

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