They are identical in everything but the small things. He feels utterly stupid that he didn't see it before. It's so obvious now. The devil is in the details, they say, and boy is that true in this case. It is in the way they smile, their small mannerisms and quirks, the way they take their coffee, that they are different. It was all right in front of him.

But he was so happy just to be with her, after two years of loving her and being brushed aside, that he ignored it. He pretended he doesn't see. He told himself that she's just happy with him, and that's why her body language is more relaxed, her habits slightly changed.

He's seen the real thing now. What he and her actually look like together, loving each other, with no restraits, nothing to hold them back. Just skin on skin and raw passion and a love so strong it cannot be contained within the two of them. It spills out into the night and, he's sure, lights up the sky like the Aurora Borealis. Together, they're beautiful. Beautiful and... cold.

Peter cracks an eye open. There's another difference between his Olivia and the interloper. While Alternate Olivia slept on her back, peacefully stretched out, his Olivia - the one he can't help thinking of as the real one - sleeps curled up on her side, the blankets bunched around her. One hand clutches the covers tightly, pulling all of them around her and leaving none for him.

Peter stifles a laugh. That blanket stealing thief! He would never have pegged Olivia as a blanket hoarder. But then, there's a lot of things he still has to learn about her.

The chill air sends another shiver over his bare skin, and he reaches for the blankets. No matter how angelic Olivia looks with her long eyelashes resting on her cheek and her long, pale hair spread over the pillow, he still has to reclaim his covers or he'll freeze to death.

Olivia groans in her sleep as the blankets slip from her grasp.

"Cold," she grumbles, rolling over to face Peter.

Peter settles the blankets around both of them, and pulls Olivia into his arms.

"I know," he murmurs into her hair. "But I'll keep you warm."

"We'll keep each other warm," Olivia murmurs sleepily, settling into his embrace.

Peter holds her close, and promises himself never to let her go.