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Chapter Six

Their relationship was weird. Kurt had no problem admitting that. But it was also beautiful. The way they went from friends, to enemies to strangers in a heartbeat. And even lovers from time to time. Like now. Blaine's head was once again nestled into Kurt's lap, but instead of being doped up on drugs, Blaine was asleep by choice.

Kurt, Blaine, Rachel, David, and Wes had spent all day tending to hurt people. After Kurt had gotten restationed outside of another hospital around one in the afternoon, they were almost immediately overwhelmed with hurt people. Kurt had worked his ass off making sure they were alright, and while David and Rachel were very very helpful, Blaine and Wes were virtually useless. They fummbled and bummbled with medicines, dropped it, and Blaine had even stepped on a woman's hand. A woman's broken hand. Needless to say, she wasn't happy. After that, Kurt had kindly advised they run up to the hospital and search for more supplies. They could take their time.

Now here they were, Seven PM, 62 degrees, watching the sun set on the meditteranean sea. Around five the rush of patients had considerably lessened, and had even almost stopped completely. The hospital had given Kurt the go head to take off, as long as he was back by nine. Kurt had parked the van in an empty parking lot a few miles down and backed into a space,opening the doors and sitting on the edge to watch the sea. Blaine had staggered tiredly over and collapsed, resting his head in his lap and immediately falling asleep. Kurt smirked as he ran his fingers through Blaine's soft luscious curls, wondering idly why on earth was he so tired. He'd spent most of the day messing everything up, and didn't get any real work done. Kurt gave Blaine's hair a tiny tug, causing Blaine to release a small moan. Kurt's grin widened as he tangled his finger's further into the stocky man's hair. So Blaine had a hair kink, huh? He'd have to file that information away for later. If there ever was a later. Time seemed to be on an endless loop. Yesterday, today, last week; There was no difference. No seperation. There was just before Tripoli and after Tripoli. Before Blaine and after Blaine. Kurt was trapped somewhere in the middle.

"hey!" Kurt suddenly heard someone shout from his right in Arabic. A group of Libyan men were approaching their van, bats in hand.

"Peace be with you." Kurt said esaily in their Native tongue, removing Blaine's head carefully from his lap. He stood up slowly, dusting himself off, hoping his panic wasn't showing. Carefully he stepped down from the van and shut the doors gently, so as not to wake his sleeping friends.

"Oh look," the leader jeered, pointing at Kurt with his bat. "The Yankee knows our language. Isn't that endearing?" He laughed without humor, then took a threating step towards Kurt and lifted his bat menacingly.

"Are you all protestors?" Kurt asked unflinchingly. He met the other man's eyes without fear. Or at least, he didn't show it.

"And so what if we are?"

"Oh I don't know, I just thought these were supposed to be peaceful protests? I didn't know it included attacking anyone who happens to wander by."

"And what if we aren't protestors? What if we're just regular people, looking to blow off some steam because we're pissed our city has gone to shit?" A few 'Yeahs!' chimed up from behind him, making Kurt grow even more nervous. These guys weren't playing around. They were seriously looking for someone to take their anger out on.

"hurting me won't change things." The sweaty man grabbed Kurt by his biceps and pulled him close enough to smell his rancid breath. The sun finally sunk below the sea, leaving twilight to wash over the city. Kurt and the man engaged in a silent stare off before finally,

"are you alone?"

"yes." Kurt answered without hesitation. They must not have seen Blaine before Kurt closed the van doors. As for Wes David and Rachel? He was positive they hadn't been seen since they were knocked out at the front of the vehicle.

"oh really?" The man responded, cocking a brow. He wrapped his forearm around Kurt's neck and pulled his back flush against his front. "Guys, torch it."

"NO!" Kurt screamed, trying to pull away. The Libyan had an iron grip. He watched in horror as his goons began dousing the car in what smelled like gasoline. "Blaine, BLAINE!" Kurt continued to scream, clawing at the man's arm. He only tightened his hold, cutting off Kurt's air supply and causing him to gasp and choke. "P-Please. I'll do anything!"

"Oh, I intend for you to do anything." He replied, breezily. He trailed his hand lazily down Kurt's chest, before groping him obscenely through his pants. Kurt recoiled in disgust, before turning his blue green eyes back towards the van. Every muscle in his body seemed to just freeze and seize up, rendering him motionless as he watched a small rodent like man light a match. With one last smirk in Kurt's direction, he dropped it. A scream emmitted from Kurt's throat that he hadn't even realized he'd let loose as the Red Cross van went up in flames.


Okay so, yeah! Pretty darn short chapter! But I was kinda in the mood for a cliffie. Sorry folks ^^. Also, I wanna clear up a few things. One, I know it seems kind out there that I keep making men hit on Kurt. Well, I read somewhere that at one point, the hospitals in Tripoli were being overrun with rape victims, men and women and children alike. I imagine people were trying to use sex as some sort of comfort, block out the horrors that were going on, and rape was the result. Really guys, it was a crazy amount of rape victims. Since Kurt is so feminine looking, I imagine he'd be an easy target for some of the rapists. Especially men who were in the closet on account of the countries opinions about gays(Remember I said you could go to jail for being homosexual). Second, I don't mean to make the Libyans seem so...well, mean. I plan on introducing a positive Libyan character very were some people, who weren't protestors, who would take there anger out on whoever. Also, keep in mind that my story takes place at the beginning of all this guys, so what's going on over there right this very second is irrealevant. This is all based on what I read was happening back in Februrary.