The Art of Concieving

Everyone had wanted to know when they were going to start a family, friends and family alike. It had been three years since they had married and even not long after that the question began: "Are you expecting yet?" And of course Felicity scowled and sighed. From mere acquaintances she could barely tolerate it. From her own parents she drew the line.

"Mother!" she exclaimed one day she was visiting her old home during lunch. "I cannot believe you keep asking me that!" Her face had even reddened.

But Mrs. Merriman had laughed gently, her eyes full of mirth. "Well it has been three years, Lissie! I know it hasn't been because you and Ben have not been trying-"

"Mother, please!" Exasperated, she sat her tea cup down a little harder than she had meant to. "When I am expecting, you will be the first to know! But until then, I really do not want to discuss it everytime I come for a visit!"

Having joined them was Nan, who took her beloved older sister's side on the matter completely. "Truly Mother, Felicity will let us all know when she is expecting. You are just anxious for a grandchild to fuss over!"

Martha Merriman couldn't help but blush at that, having been called on it. "I admit, I am excited for your sister to begin her own family. There is nothing like a new baby to love and 'fuss over,' as you say."

Aye, agreed Felicity mentally. Nothing like the constant screaming and crying in the dead of the night, either. She could still remember how Polly carried on as a baby, the nights when the youngest Merriman sibling would start crying at the top of her little lungs for one reason or another. No, Felicity reaffirmed to herself, I am not ready for that.

And then there was Elizabeth. Sweet, reasonable Elizabeth, who was enjoying unhindered time with Arthur just as much as Felicity was with Ben, never said anything about either one of them not having started a family yet, never approached the subject unless someone else did first. But Felicity knew her too well; she could see it in Elizabeth's blue eyes, see it in her unjudgemental face that Elizabeth was ready to be pregnant, but would hold out for Felicity to be as well. She made Felicity think that she was truly serious about their children growing up together.

And so she confronted Elizabeth about it one afternoon at the store she and Ben worked in together. "You are waiting for me, Beth. Admit it and be out with it." Her words were not unkind, and spoken with a sly smile, for Felicity as neither angry nor taunting.

"Indeed!" replied Elizabeth cheerfully, tying her Bergere hat-strings beneath her chin. "Are we not going to see Jenny just now?"

"That is not what I meant, my dear friend." Felicity said mindfully, untying her apron and coming out from behind the counter. "I had lunch with Mother and Nan yesterday. Nan made Mother admit to wanting to me to start a family so that she could have a grandchild to fuss over. Do not tell me you, too, are not waiting for me so that you can be with child at the same time. We talked about this not all that long ago, but then I really thought you were suggesting it in jest at the time."

Elizabeth half-smiled, lifted her chin defensively. "Suppose that I am. Is it so wrong to endure the pains of childbirth along with a beloved friend who is very much like a sister, so that we can be strong for each other?"

Unable to keep from grinning, Felicity cocked her head and said, "It is if one of the friends is ready to start her family even if the other friend isn't!"

Not to be dissuaded, Elizabeth merely smiled cryptically. "We shall see."

Later that evening when Ben and Felicity retired to the part of the store's building that was their home there in town, Ben pulled Felicity onto his lap (as he so often did) in his favorite chair before the fireplace, and she wrapped her arms about his neck and their heads leaned against the other's. She told him about Elizabeth and her dear friends' sly way of admitting to waiting on her to have a baby.

" 'Tis as if the whole of Williamsburg is demanding that I have a child just to satisfy their expectations of us!" she told him with a touch of irritation in her tone. "can you believe that?"

"Aye," Ben agreed, chuckling softly. "Walter even told me flat out that there is nothing more to expect after a man marries but to start having children. Jenny is going to have another baby soon, so we're expected to, well, be expecting, too!"

"So I assume we should just collapse under all of this pressure and do what is expected of us?" She raised her un-mobcapped red head and looked him in the eyes questioningly.

"Hell, no."

"Ah, that's my handsome husband," she purred sweetly, laying her head back down into the bend of his strong neck. After a moment of thinking, she then inquired softly, "But you are wanting a son, arent' you, Ben?"

"Well, sure." He hugged her hard to his body. "And daughters to dote upon, too. But I see no reason to hurry into it until you, the bearer of these future children of ours and therefore the bearer of pain, are prepared for it. Everything will happen in its own time, not before. And not because everyone we know wants us to."

"You're not just saying those perfect things because you believe it is what I want to hear?"

This time it was he who moved his head so that he could look into her eyes. "Truly, Lissie, I'm not. I will be ready when you are ready. You know you and I never enjoyed being told what to do. We might should wait another three years before producing, simply out of stubborness!"

"Hahahahahah!" She hugged his neck, much to his joy. "I love the time we are getting to spend together like this. It has spoiled me. You spoil me, Ben Davidson."

"And I will continue to do so even into eternity...Mrs. Davidson!"

Then their conversation turned to other events of the day, and the topic of children did not come up again.

At least not until the night their first child was actually conceived.

They had been celebrating their third year of marriage with Elizabeth, Arthur and Felicity's family at the Merriman house, and apple wine flowed merrily that late afternoon, into the night. No one dared to bring up the subject of having children for fear of Felicity getting irately defensive. Which she had been prepared to do. But Arthur Pratt's father brought his violin and played while couples danced. There was laughter, wine and tarts a-plenty. Both Ben and Felicity enjoyed the apple wine to the extent of being tipsy, not thoroughly drunk as Arthur became, after which he began spouting his usual absurd Latin.

Felicity was standing with Elizabeth and Jenny Wheaton when her tipsy, lazy, green-eyed gaze caught sight of her handsome husband across the Merriman's parlor, speaking with Walter. She released a soft sigh as she noticed that Ben's brown breeches looked as fi they had been painted on, and those impressive thigh muscles of his looked like they could just bust right out of the seams. Despite the effects of the apple wine, her pulse became a might faster. Absently, she traced a finger around the top of her wine flute.

Ben seemed to have sensed his wife's eyes upon him, for he looked over at her suddenly, and grinned. The smile she was giving him was intensely suggestive, and his loins tightened immediately. Yes, it was time they both said their goodnights and dismissed themselves from their own third anniversary party. Blissful would not be at their home there in town tonight, for they had given her the weekend off so that she could visit her family out at King's Creek Plantation—and so Ben and Felicity could have the weekend to do their own celebrating.

Which Ben intended to begin this very Friday night.

They dismissed themselves politely, feigning full bellies and happy exhaustion from all the eating and dancing, and Ben wrapped felicity's dark red cloak about her, giving her a wink that only she could see. Only later would she tell him of the maddening urge to fling her arms and legs about him and kiss him so fiercely at that moment. Watching her lick her pink lips was driving him quietly mad, making his fingers fumble as he hastened to button up his coat.

Arthur was still babbling on in Latin as the young couple left, with Mr. Merriman and Walter Wheaton laughing themselves red in the face as Rose closed the door behind them. The crisp autumn air did nothing to cool Ben and Felicity's passion as they immediately gripped one another and kissed deeply, longingly, with a hunger that stoked the fire between them even more.

"I knew that look you were giving me, little temptress," Ben whispered in her ear huskily. "I know when you are wanting. I can feel it."

She gulped, feeling ever so warm and tingly all over. "And with you, I can see it." Her quick glance down at the bulge in his breeches that he was trying to hide with his long cloak made him actually blush. Felicity found it immensely arousing when he still did boyish things like that. Blushing, even as experienced as he was in war and fighting now. She reached into his black cloak and gave a playful tug on the waistband of those tight breeches.

"That obvious, is it?" he asked with a crooked grin.

"To me, it is."

"Let us get ourselves home so that we may investigate this matter further." Ben put an arm about her shoulders snugly and they started home, laughing softly to each other, stealing kisses along the way.

They stumbled through the back door of Davidson's general store, kissing and clutching like mad, their breath coming in ragged gasps as they nearly stumbled to the floor. Ben flung her cape off as she yanked his open for him to shimmy out of it. They were trying to move through the indoor mini-kitchen, but they kept bumping into things like tables, chairs, doorframes and the like.

"Wait!" Ben gasped, while he still has some control over his body. "If we continue like this we will be broken and bruised before we even get to the stairs!" He grinned brightly. "How about a candle or two?"

Felicity smiled seductively, feeling much too carnal to be slowed down for the mere lighting of a candle. "Nay. We needn't even go upstairs." She didn't need any more than what little light was in the house to see where the buttons of his shirt were—they went scattering when she tore it open to get her lacy gloved hands inside. Her only thought about the strewn buttons was that she'd sew them back on whenever. Not a priority. Not when passion was raging through the both of them.

As he so often loved to do, Ben swept her up into his arms, despite his shirt sleeves scrunched down around his elbows, and carried her up the stairs. He stumbled a couple of times, but Felicity was too engrossed in nipping his ear lobe to notice. But she did however notice when he tried to get her through the doorway to their bedchamber and conked her head on the right side door frame.

"Ben! You did it again!"

"Sorry," he mumbled sheepishly. "I didn't do it on purpose, honest."

She giggled as he put her down on their bed. "Oh I know that. I should be used to it by now, shouldn't I?" She grinned at his shy chuckle, getting up onto her knees to finish getting his yanked-to-death shirt off.

"Shall I light the fire?" Ben inquired between hard kisses at a side of her neck.

"Very well. I'll work on this blasted corset."

He had loosened her hair from its pinnings and watched it fall sensuously down her back. With great effort, he forced himself to step back from his beautiful wife to see to getting a fire going in the room's cold fireplace. "If need be, Lissie, I'll tear the damn thing off and buy you another one tomorrow."

He meant it, and she knew it. He'd already replaced about five of them since they had been married.

Once the fire got going he immediately went for the animal skin sheath he had stored in his chest, but Felicity said suddenly, "Wait. Don't."

He paused, looking at her curiously. " 'Don't' what?"

She licked her lips again, thinking. Her pixie face looked dangerously serious. "Don't use that thing tonight."

Ben straightened , his well-toned masculine features so alluring in the fire's light. "But—"

"Yes, I know what you're thinking: if we do not use it I could very well know, pregnant." She swallowed a little shakily. "I'm very aware of that. But tonight it's a chance I'm willing to take. Tonight I wnat to feel you. All of you. Uninhibited by something artificial. Can you do that?"

Ben gulped, staring at her with his heart in his throat, or so it seemed. The wild rush of desire he felt could not be contained. "For you, anything!" he said in awe, even as he leaped onto their bed with such enthusiasm Felicity couldn't help but laugh. She gotten her corset half off, but Ben eagerly finished the job by splitting the rest of the way open with this hands as he ravished her neck with kisses bound to leave their marks by morning.

Her sigh was more like a purr as she lost herself in her husband's fierce affections. Her dress ripped; she knew not where or how, nor did she care, and she was already feeling as though she was being swept up in a wave of hot liquid fire as she fell back onto the mattress with Ben over her, kneading her breasts and worshipping them with all of his mouth. Her fingers raked through his long brown hair recklessly, then gripping the back of his head as his hot tongue moved down her stomach, teasing her pubic mound. He rback arched needfully when he set to work on sucking on the hyper-sensitive flesh of her left inner thigh.




He never could refuse her. Never.

He struggled to hold on to sanity long enough to get his breeches down, but the best he could do was get them shimmied down to just his knees, yet neither he nor Felicity noticed one bit. She squirmed sensuously beneath him, opening wide for him. He surged into her, holding his breath as she gasped and moaned dreamily.

"Mmmm, you feel so wonderful..." she sighed, raking her nails as far down his spine and back up again, much to his immense pleasure.

She was so tight, felt so good to him that he had to say something. He managed to sputter out, "Lissie, God, you feel like heaven. I cannot stop, I can't-"

His thrusts began slow but hard, for he could not help himself, not that Felicity would want him to. In their three years of marriage, how many times had she had to tell him if he could not give himself to her completely and totally, that if he insisted on holding back the very essence of himself, that he might as well not touch her at all? These words always got him fired up for passion, always resulted in her screams of ecstacy as he brought her to one soul-shattering orgasm time and again. They kissed hard and sloppily, the kisses of two entwined lovers who were more focused on the rhythm of their bodies than how well their tongues clashed. He dragged his tongue across her collarbone and she pulled her knees up as far as she could to accomodate him fully. One of her hands gripped the back of his neck as the other moved down his chest and stomach, further down to where they were joined and was at once fueled all the more by how shockingly deep he was.

It took only a few seconds more for him to explode within her just after she reached her own climax, gasping and crying out his name. As usual, his own orgasm took the breath right out of him, rendering him speechless and drained, shaking and falling limp upon the beauty beneath him. And she in turn could only muster whimpers as she too went as helpless a rag doll, marvelling over how hot his seed was, seemingly having filled her like honey straight from the hive. She wrapped her arms and legs around him, keeping him encased in more ways than one. Sometimes after he reached his climax he was so out of breath and so gloriously shaken that he had to flop off of her and lie on his back until he came back to his senses.

Felicity herself would lapse off into sleep she was so content.

But not this time. She had him right where it was mutually agreed he belonged, and she wasn't about to relese him just yet. The second he moved a bit she hissed warningly, "Don't you dare, Benjamin Davidson! I want you just like this for as long as possible." Then she chuckled slyly. "Heavenly, is it not?"

"It-it is always so perfect, Lissie," Ben breathed heavily, still shaken. His voice was muffled by her neck. "But this time was more than perfect, it was...ah, Christ, I havent the words."

Felicity snickered.

Ben loved the feel of her naked body in his arms. Hot and sweat-dampened from the force of their joining, her breathing as ragged as his. She gazed at him with eyes full of love and devotion, and he hoped she could see the love and loyalty in his. He lowered his forehead to hers. "Are-are you all right?"

She laughed softly. "Oh Ben, of course I am all right. When we are together like this I am never better."

Then she took him by surprise by moving; pushing him over and back down as she positioned herself atop him, straddling his loins like the expert horsewoman she had become. She uttered a sensual, near-growling sound from her throat as she felt him slide a bit more deeper into her. He responded to all of this by clasping her buttocks and raising hisi hips to feel as much of her as possible. He liked this new positioning of their bodies a whole lot-the proof was on his face. He inahled sharply and stared lustlfullya ther breasts.

"Now I am even better than before," said she with a wicked grin.

He removed his hands from her rear to hold those breasts he loved so much, kneading, squeezing, his eyes mesmerized by her wild red mane falling over her shoulders. Nothing alive could be more beautiful, he decided. Those green eyes were upom him, looking down at him from her superior position with a sparkle that aroused him like never before. She breathed in deeply when she felt him harden again inside her.

"Good God," he marvelled huskily. "What you do to me."

She sighed dreamily again, letting her head roll back as his hands wandered all over her body with such eagerness and wanting that it was like the very first time he touched her. And suddenly he sat up, crushing her close, kissing her hard and thoroughly, and thier bodies began moving once again of thier own accord, building up that blissful fire. She gripped his head in her hands, her kiss every bit as intense as his. The clash of hungry tongues and the movement of dampened bodies in a united rhythm produced a sensation all too incredible. His thrusts became faster, harder, as hard as he could manage, and she rode him just as hard, grinding into him with just as much ferocity. She gasped, he moaned. She kept crying out, he kept grunting his determination to give her his all.

He came first, his teeth sinking into the soft delicate flesh of her shoulder as his release overpowered him. In a matter of seconds she too was making her climax known vocally by the screaming of his name and the frenzied bucking against him as he rocked her firmly, his arms squeezing her as hard as he could make them. They both fell back against the pillows, drained of all strength and fighting for breath.

As soon as his breathing lessened, he pulled her to him, their legs entwining, faces close, fingers touching the other's face. What words could be said? What could they possibly have to say that their bodies hadn't already just said? They kissed a while, gently, lovingly staring at each other in the near dark before Felicity finally said, "You will never wear that sheath again. Is that understood?"

"Yes ma'am," Ben murmured in pleasant reply. "Whatever you desire."

Her face moved into the curve of his neck, her satisfied sigh a joy for Ben to hear. After a moment she said, drowsy but amused, " 'Twas like having a cannon go off between my legs."

Immediately Ben turned all shades of red, grinning and feeling like the king of All. He squeezed her hard to his body and kissed her temple, which was all of her that his mouth could reach for the moment. She had already fallen into a deep, satisfied and contented sleep, much to Ben's delight. He himself could not fall asleep so easily, not when he was feeling as immensely flattered as he was. Just when he thought he couldn't love her more, she went and did or said something that completely took him by surprise and made his life even more wonderful than before. In the back of his mind, however, he knew there was a very good chance that she was now growing their first child within in her, but the idea didn't seem all that frightening.

Not to him, anyway.

They had waited three years. Business was good despite Williamsburg's decline, the two of them were closer than ever, they were both in good health, money was no problem, so in Ben's opinion a child at this time was not too much of an issue. He knew Felicity was concerned about childbirth, the pain, the complications that could arise...and he instantly felt a pang of guilt. But she had insisted they not use the sheath, and he was never one to deny her anything in this world. And good Lord, it had been one of their most pleasurable unions yet! Not because she had made him quit the sheath, but there was just something more fiery than ususal this night. Certainly, whenever they were at a gathering, they watched each other when they were not at each others' sides and that usually ignited both of their passions, but tonight...there was something more special than just their three year anniversary.

Like the feeling that it was time.

Over the next several weeks he pondered over this fact more than anything else. Sure, he felt scared knowing that he was more than likely on his way to becoming a father. A father! He, Benjamin Davidson, former apprentice, former cavalry captain and now successful merchant, a father! It made him shiver with excitement and anticipation.

Felicity on the other hand, seemed wary but in good spirits, indicating nothing to no one that there was a possibility of her being pregnant. She wasn't exactly looking forward to the throwing up and her body (as she put it) swelling up as well, but she understood very well that was what happened when a woman was expecting. Yes, there was certainly joy to be found in a new life growing inside her that was half her and half Ben, a baby of her own that would be a living, walking, talking embodiment of the great love between her and Ben, but it was the painful giving birth part of that miracle that she wasnt so enthusiastic about.

She expressed her fears to Elizabeth one afternoon, as the two of them were strolling about town in early December enjoying the changes in the season. "I know I am pregnant, elizabeth, I just know it. I can feel it." She smiled a little nervously.

"What does it feel like?" Elizabeth wanted to know right away, her blue eyes wide.

"Well, I have not been dizzy or ill as of yet, but I can only liken it to instinct. I grew up listening to Mother always saying 'A mother always knows,' and she would never explain that, saying that someday I will understand. Now i suppose I do. It's just a feeling I have. 'Woman's intuition,' as Rose put it. I don't want to say anything to my family just yet, Beth, so please let it be a secret for now, all right?"

Beaming happily, Elizabeth slipped her arm around her friend's and said assuringly, "Of course I shall say nothing, Lissie. But I must confess...I might be with child as well!"

Felicity gasped, looking at the blushing blond Elizabeth with wonder and surprise. "Oh Beth, truly?"

"Mmm, maybe. Like you said, it is just a feeling right now. I guess we will both know for certain soon enough." She giggle a little. "I cannot help but be a bit excited, Lissie. We are both going to ahve families of our own!"

Felicity gave her arm a squueze with her own. "Does Arthur know?"

"He suspects, and it makes him rather giddy!" Her voice lowered although there was no one within ear shot to hear a word they said. "Arthur did not use the sheath that Ben gave him. We both figured it was time."

Felicity, who usually never blushed, blushed. "And I told Ben to not use it the night of our third anniversary party. Something in me just didn't want him to use it. We haven't used it since!"

They were both quiet a moment, then Elizaeth asked softly, "Are you scared, Lissie? Of being pregnant, I mean?"

"I am absolutely terrified, Beth, and Ben knows it. But he tells me that we shouldn't worry unless there is a reason to. That if I am truly pregnant, we should be happy and concentrate on the positive." She sighed, her green eyes fixing on a patch of naked trees off in the distance, subconsciously noting how wintery everything was looking. "Yes, I know he's right...but he's not the one who has to endure the labor!"

"Quite correct!" agreed Elizabeth. "Arthur turns to the consistency of jam when he hears me speak of the labor." (Felicity laughed irresistably at this) "Actually, he's more concerned than I am! So I figure if he is going to do all of the worrying, I won't have to."

Together they laughed, feeling more at ease about their situations, then Felicity inquired, "Does your family know?"

"No, not yet. Heh-heh, we are keeping our 'possibilities' secret from our own familiies. You have to admit, it is rather funny."

"Yes, it least, it will be until they find out. Then there will be hovering the likes of which have not ever before been seen in this town," Felicity chuckled wryly. "Not that I mind too much, but if there get to be too many hummingbirds around me, I know I will want to flee to the cottage. I don't want to hear any tales of horrific births and near-deaths and all of that. You know how the older ladies like to talk about their birthing experiences and things they've witnessed. I shall be nervous enough as it is."

"Indeed," Elizabeth nodded. "Arthur will faint dead away if he hears any of that."

Felicity cackled.

"But Lissie, we shall be there for one another, see? Our babies will be growing up together! How wonderful is that?" Elizabeth eyes were simply swimming with joy. "Goodness, here I am a grown married woman, quite possibly with child, and I feel like I am eleven again!"

"Aye, I do feel that way myself," admitted Felicity sentimentally. "Yet...I am still fearful of motherhood, Beth. I am not my mother, I could never be-I don't want to be! Does that make me wretched?"

"Of course not," soothed Elizabeth, her face sympathetic. "You will be a mother of your own kind. I would not expect it to be any other way."

Felicity nodded gratefully, but there was still worry in her voice. "I just cannot see myself resigning to sit down by the fireplace and stitch the evening away while Ben smokes a pipe and reads a paper. Neither one of us are that way. So what I'm saying is not only do I fear childbirth, I fear losing myself. You know? Becoming a mere housewife and nothing more, settled into a routine of cleaning, cooking and having babies." She shook her head. "i don't care if its the life of a proper gentlewoman. I can be a gentlewoman when I need to be, but I just can't ignore my own spirit, Beth!"

"I know, Lissie, I know. Ben knows. We all know!" She made the both of them stop where they were sot htat they could face one another. "A woman has very few choices in this world, and we are both blessed to have husbands who encourage us to make choices and be true to them. The ones who love you and know you do not expect you to be anyone but yourself. Just becuae you might be becoming a mother doesn't mean you are going to cease being you!"

Felicity licked her lips and looked uncertain of that. "Society expects it."

Elizabeth snorted. "So? Since when did you care about what society thinks? That's one of the many things I've always admired and envied about you! Lissie, I believe you are so nervous about the whole pregnancy issue that you are becoming fretful for nothing. My dear friend, being a mother is going to change things, but they don't have to be bad changes. You don't have to become someone you don't want to be. I think Ben would leave you if you did!"

"I...I suppose I am worrying over nothing, aren't I," Felicity suggested slowly, shifting her weight. "About being a mother, anyway."

"Exactly," replied Elizabeth positively. "What kind of mother you will be depends entirely on you, Lissie. Not society, your mother or anyone else's mother. I for one am very much looking forward to seeing what kind of mother we are to our children!"

They clasped hands and grinned, both of them relieved. Felicity was immensely glad to have someone to be experienceing pregnancy with, if it was indeed true that Elizabeth was pregnant, too. Ben was already so supportive and even more attentive to her than ever before, so she knew she wouldn't have to be worried over how he felt about the matter. He absolutely refused to allow her to pick anything up that weighed more than two pounds even though a pregnancy was official. The Lord bless him, she thought lovingly, he is excited to be a father. He wants to be, he really, truly does.

Yes, nothing was made official about either young woman being pregnant until Elizabeth began throwing up quite a few mornings in a row. That and the fact that she revealed that she had missed her monthly cycle for two months now. Ben had learned the good news from Arthur, who had run into the store breathless and wild-eyed to tell his good friend, and Ben had to grab a chair in haste lest Arthur collapse on the floor like a pool of grits. As soon as he could, he wanted to tell Felicity, who had been in the back of the building that was both their store and their home. Blissful HJones was making their supper and said that Felicity had gone out to the barn becuase she needed to groom Penny and that "big Little Brutus creature."He ran into the barn all grins and laughter, calling out, "Felicity! Lissie, you're never going to believe this! Hey, where are you?"

But he did not see her. So she must have gone to their garden or to the kitchen building, he decided. On his way pout of the barn, Penny stomped, making him turn around. The copper-colored mare tossed her head and stomped a hoof again and Ben went to her, questioningly. And there he saw Felicity, lying on the straw as though she had collapsed, her basket of horse-grooming tools scattered about. A frantic sound escaped his throat and instinct made him fling the stall door wide open. He was down at her side in a matter of heart-freezing sceonds, clasping her face, calling her name nearly at the top of his lungs, grabbing her up into his arms. Hollering for Bliss as loud as he could even as he carried her from the barn. She was breathing, but she was so very pale.

Images of the time she had been ill just before he had left to be a soldier flashed thorugh his mind. Seeing how weakened she had been after finding her in England during that whole horrible Forsythe ordeal. His heart lurched. His immediate reaction was that something terrible was happening to her, to the both of them, because things had been so good for the past three years, how could it possibly last any longer than that? What was happening now? They were supposed to be watching for signs of pregnancy, of the beginning of the next phase of their lives together! He clutched his sweet young wife to his body and took her inside as fast as he could, determined that if anything should be about to seperate them, he would not live without her.

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