The final bell at Chiyoko Academy rings. Classes are over and most students are staying over for club activities.

"Kiyoko-chan," Akemi stood with Stratus near the auditorium door. "You're welcome to stay and watch."

"No thanks, A…Akemi," Stratus replied.

Status was getting used to the "having friends" idea. Out of all of her classmates, she liked Akemi the most.

"Oh, well, I'll see you tomorrow," Akemi said.

"Yeah, bye," Stratus said, headed for Asami's house. Akemi glanced shortly after her before joining the drama club inside.

"Ah, Kiwi-chan, we thought you might have gone home!" Tomiko said.

"No, this performance is really important to me. I can't miss practice," Akemi said.

"I'm glad that you think so," Asami said. "Now, shall we start?"

In the dance club room, Momo was looking through the door's window at the girls' practice.

"As expected of Raven… she's amazing," Momo said.

"She is the dance club's ace," a voice from behind her said.

Momo turned around to see that it was Liyana. "Liyana! Don't you have clubs to go to?"

"Mariko-senpai has a cold so the newspaper club was canceled. Ayane-senpai canceled the cooking club, too," Liyana said.

"I see…" Momo said. "Wanna walk home together?"

"Okay," Liyana said as they left.

(Opening 2)

"I bet Ayane-san canceled to take care of Mariko-san," Momo said.

"Yeah, I think that's why," Liyana said. "Um, you don't have any work today?"

"No, I'm free today," Momo said. "Ne, Liyana… what do you think of Raven?"

"Eh, where did that come from?" Liyana asked.

"I'm just curious," Momo said.

"Momo-san, you're not trying to set us up, right?" Liyana asked. "I remember your matchmaking antics."

"They were successful antics though…" Momo blushed. "But, I'm not trying to set you two up, because you two are just best friends, right?"

"That's right," Liyana said though Momo heard doubt in her voice.

Liyana and Momo continued walking until they reached Liyana's house.

"Um, Momo-san, we passed your house a while ago," Liyana said.

"I know that. I want to go Liyana's house. Do you mind?" Momo asked.

"No, not at all," Liyana smiled, sighing at the laidback personality of her friend.

"I heard from Raven that your mother is pregnant. Congratulations," Momo said as they went in to Liyana's bedroom.

"Arigato," Liyana said as Blizzard flew into her arms. "I'm back, Blizzard."

"Welcome back-blizzu!" Blizzard said. "Ah, Momo's here, too-blizzu."

"Is that a bad thing?" Momo asked.

"Not at all-blizzu," Blizzard said.

"Liyana, where is this picture from?" Momo asked.

"That's when me, you, and, Raven went to karaoke a while back," Liyana said. "You took the picture."

"Oh, yeah… before I left," Momo's expression changed before returning to normal. "Remember when we tried to get Raven to sing?"

"Yeah! Raven's so persistent," Liyana said. "She has a great voice, though."

"It's a waste, right~?" Momo asked. "Ah…"

"Maybe we all can…" Liyana said, thinking the same idea as Momo.

"Go again?" Momo finished as they both laughed.

(Title Card: "Everyone's song! A karaoke party!")

"Karaoke?" Raven asked.

"How about it?" Momo asked.

"I love karaoke!" Tomiko said. "Let's go now!"

"Right now? We have school tomorrow," Asami said.

"As long as we don't stay too long it's fine, right?" Liyana said.

"Let's take a vote! Ready, go!" Tomiko said. Everyone raised their hands but Raven and Asami.

"…Fine, I'll go this once," Asami sighed raising her hand.

"What about you, Raven?" Liyana asked.

"I don't want to sing, and I'm tired from practice," Raven said.

"You don't have to. Just come with us," Momo said. "It's better with all of us!"

"Okay…" Raven agreed.

(Karaoke Star)

"I want to sing first!" Tomiko said, scrolling through the list of songs.

Liyana and Momo sat beside her, looking over her shoulder at the list. Asami and Raven sat on the other side of the room.

I'm not suited for these kinds of things… Asami thought.

"I'll order something…" Raven walked away to the phone. "Does anyone want anything?"

"I just ate dinner so I'll pass," Momo said.

Smiling at how Tomiko was searching for a song so seriously which Momo thought was cute. Tomiko didn't even seem annoyed at her for sitting beside her.

"That goes for me too," Liyana said. Asami and Tomiko also agreed so Raven just ordered drinks.

"Tomiko, does it really take that that long to find a song to sing?" Asami asked.

"Okay, okay, I found one!" Tomiko said before disappearing into a changing room in the corner.

"Ah, I forgot there's stage outfits, too," Liyana said.

"Eh, I don't remember that…" Raven gasped. Knowing Tomiko she'll force me into an outfit… she thought, afraid.

They all heard a rustling sound near Raven and Asami's seat.

"The fairies?" Raven asked.

"When did you get you here?" Asami asked.

"We sneaked in your bags-kuro," Clover said.

"Just the three of you?" Liyana asked. Only Clover, Saffron, and Honey were present.

"Blizzard and Cayenne didn't want to come-safu," Saffron explained.

"Okay, I'm ready!" Tomiko stepped out wearing a Hatsune Miku outfit and wig.

"She's the cosplay president after all…" Raven sweat dropped.

"Here I go~!" Tomiko cheered, pressing play on the screen. The song is "World is Mine" by Hatsune Miku from Vocaloid.

"The number one princess in the world. Know how to treat me that way, okay?"

"Picking that song is so like Tomiko…" Momo said.

"Who wants to go next?" Liyana asked.

"Liyana should go," Raven said.

"Me? Then, I'll look for a song," Liyana said.

"You'll wear an outfit, right Liyana?" Momo asked.

"Eh, do I have to?" Liyana asked.

"It depends…" Momo said, giving a look to Raven.

"Come and take me away. If you understand that, take my hand and say "Princess"."

"If only if it was that easy..." Momo said, not realizing she was talking out loud.

"What do you mean, Momo?" Raven asked. Payback.

"Eh… nothing," Momo blushed.

Tomiko's song finished and her score was an 84.

"Eh, that low?" Tomiko exclaimed. "Are you ready, Liyana-chan?"

"Yeah, I picked this song, but it's not my character," Liyana said.

"I know the perfect outfit!" Tomiko said as Liyana followed behind her.

Liyana came back with her hair down, wearing the school uniform from the anime Rosario Vampire.

"Amazing…" Tomiko said, "You look a lot like Moka!"

"The uniform suits her. Don't you agree, Raven?" Asami asked.

"Y-Yeah… she looks pretty," Raven said.

"Then, I'll sing," Liyana said. The song she chose is the ending from Rosario Vampire 2, "Trinity Cross". This song is also sung by Liyana's dream voice actress, Nana Mizuki!

"My white wings, as they fall, snatch the prologue of the scenery in front of me."

"She has a pretty voice," Momo said.

"She even sounds like Moka, too," Tomiko said, grabbing a glass of water in front of her.

"Wait, Tomiko!" Momo said after Tomiko started drinking.

"What?" Tomiko asked.

"Never mind, it's nothing," Momo smirked, bringing Tomiko's untouched glass closer near her. Tomiko had the glass Momo had already drunk out of.

Outside the building, Lavender was lurking about outside. "I found you~." She laughed.

(Eyecatch 1: Liyana and Asami are helping in Rainbow Confections. A loud crash from the kitchen happens and they rush to find Raven, Tomiko, & Momo covered in sugar. Liyana helps clean up, Asami, annoyed, leaves, and Momo licks sugar off Raven and Tomiko's, now embarrassed, faces. Then the logo appears.)

(Eyecatch 2: Liyana, Raven, and Tomiko are picking cards. Tomiko gets a Blizzard card and Raven gets Cayenne. Liyana gets a Stormera card and drops it as she pouts sadly. Then the logo appears.)

Liyana's song ended and her score was a 93.

"That was great, Liyana," Raven said.

"Arigato. Can I take this off now, Tomiko?" Liyana asked.

"Not yet. I want pictures later!" Tomiko said. "Who's next?"

"I'll go," Momo said, picking a song. "I don't want an outfit this time."

The song Momo chose is "Sayonara Solitaire" from the anime Chrno Crusade. It's sung by Momo's dream voice actress Saeko Chiba!

"It's because I love you so much that I hurt you, that I'm so confused. Coming close to your cold cheek, my soul was born.
I always want to see you right away.

I love you so much I can't speak, so how will you see my kindness?
Hold me tighter, I believe in your warm heart.
Farewell, solitaire, to tomorrow…"

"Momo-san is a good singer," Liyana said.

"Yeah…" Tomiko said before changing the subject. "W-Who's next, Raven or Asami-san?"

"Asami-san can go," Raven said.

"If I have to," Asami took Momo's seat to choose a song. "Is it okay if I do a duet?"

"Yeah! I'll sing with you or Liyana-chan or Momo will," Tomiko said. "Because Raven doesn't want to have fun with us."

"What…?" Raven asked.

"Um, I'll sing with you, Asami-san!" Liyana said.

"Okay," Asami said.

Momo's song finished and her score was a 90.

"I almost beat your score," Momo sighed as Asami and Liyana took the stage.

Their song is "Two Roses" from SKE48, a real life idol group. The members who sing it are Matsui Jurina and Matsui Rena.

"The moments our eyes met
an invisible hand stretched it
and something important
was stolen."

After the song ended, their score was a 95.

"Every time Liyana-chan sings she gets a high score," Tomiko said.

"That's not true!" Liyana said.

"Raven, sing next!" Momo said.

"But I said before I don't want to," Raven said.

"Liyana-chan told me you're just as good as singing as you are dancing," Tomiko said. "So what's the big deal? Everyone's sung but you!"

"We shouldn't force Raven to sing if she doesn't want to," Liyana said.

"Liyana…" Raven said.

"You're right. We're sorry, Rae," Momo said. "Tomiko can go again."

"Really? Okay!" Tomiko said. "Hey, where are all the songs?"

"That's weird," Liyana said.

"This is Lavender's doing-hani!" Honey said.

"We should look around outside," Liyana said.

"Don't forget your shuffle pens," Asami said as they went outside the building.

"I don't see anything," Tomiko said.

"I bet the songs disappearing from the database was her illusion," Asami said.

"She probably did it to lure us out, right?" Momo asked.

"Don't waste my time, Lavender, and get out here!" Tomiko said.

"My, isn't that a rude way to call someone?" Lavender appeared inches away from Tomiko's face.

"… What did you do to the songs?" Tomiko asked.

"Huh, what happened to the confident tone from just now?" Lavender asked.

"Hey, just leave her alone!" Momo said, stepping in between them.

"Momo…" Tomiko blushed.

"What are you her bodyguard?" Lavender laughed. "But about the songs they've already returned."

Lavender held up a black sphere. "Come out, Stormera!"

A microphone-based monster appeared.

"Everyone, let's transform!" Liyana said.

"Pretty Cure Shuffle Action Start!"

"The chill of awakening smile, Cure Bliss!"

The warmth of an untamed heart, Cure Rage!"

"The shock of an unexpected thrill, Cure Shock!"

"The peacefulness of a calm mind, Cure Serene!"

"The shine of perfect harmony, Cure Chime!"

"We'll ruin your evil doings, Shuffle Precure!"

Every time the Stormera cried it blasted a loud noise. It made it harder for the cures to fight it.

"What should we do?" Chime asked.

"We could try attacking, but if it isn't weakened enough it'll be a waste," Serene said.

"Maybe karaoke was a bad idea after all…" Bliss said. Rage saw that she was sad.

"Then let's try attacking-" Bliss was cut off.

"Wait," Rage said. "I listen to music blaring while practicing all the time. This is no different."

So Rage charged at the Stormera herself despite its cries.

"You don't have to alone," Shock said.

"I want to!" Rage said, landing in front of the monster. "I'm sorry if I ruined today for everyone…"

"You didn't!" Bliss said.

"I have to admit that I was just being too selfish. I don't want everyone to suffer because or me or anything," Rage said. "Come forth, shuffle ring! A heart's power, Rage Ribbon! Precure Scorching Masquerade!"

The monster disappeared and Lavender left.

Rage held her head to stop the ringing caused by the monster. That was hard though…"

"Mou, you could have damaged your hearing!" Liyana said.

"Gomen, gomen," Rage said.

A red miracle bead fell into Rage's hands.

"A miracle bead?" Rage asked.

"That's great, Raven!" Chime said.

"Y-Yeah," Rage said.

(Karaoke Room)

"I'm glad Raven decided to sing!" Tomiko said.

"I still feel that we ended up forcing her…" Liyana said.

"I think she wants to now," Momo said.

Raven's song is "Jitensha" from the anime "The iDOLM STER". It's sung by Raven's dream voice actress, Hiromi Hirata!

"I'll sing now…" Raven said.

"Wait a minute!
I want to say…
I strongly held my pillow,
ah… the same dream again.
How many times does that make it now?
I have to properly tell you…"

"She really is good…!" Tomiko said.

"I always got better scores though…" Momo said.

"Momo-san…" Liyana sighed.

Raven's song ended and her score was a 92.

"Everyone got a score in the nineties but me…" Tomiko whined.

"Look~ I finally beat you Momo!" Raven said.

"T-That's only one time!" Momo said.

"Does it really matter?" Asami said.

"Okay, I'm fired up… I'll sing next!" Momo said, ignoring Asami.

"Eh, but I never got to sing!" Tomiko said trying to move Momo out the way. "After I gave Raven my turn, I won't stand for this!"

"Don't break it!" Asami said, taking the machine from their hands.

Raven and Liyana both sighed at the same time making them laugh.

"Arigato, Liyana. I ended up having a fun time, too," Raven said.

"You're welcome," Liyana said.

"Hiro-san, please give it back!" Momo said.

"No, unless you're gonna give it to me!" Tomiko said.

"I'll just sing then," Asami said, choosing a song. "I never did sing a solo."

"That's mean!" Both girls tried to stop her as Liyana and Raven laughed at them.

"They're so loud-kuro. Can't they get kicked out for that?" Clover asked.

"I think its good-safu. Well not them getting kicked out, but that they're getting along… sort of-safu," Saffron said.

"It'll help them-hani," Honey said.

And as Clover predicted, someone at the door from another room came to tell them they were loud.

"Asami-san can go…" Tomiko sat back down.

"Yeah, go ahead…" Momo returned to her seat as well.

"That's the only way to make you stop?" Asami sighed as she got ready to sing.

"It really is fun, right?" Liyana asked.

"Yeah!" Raven said.

(Ending 2)


Tomiko: Ne, Liyana-chan, actresses are amazing, right?

Liyana: Eh, they are-

Tomiko: Raven, a teen actress is pretty amazing, right?

Raven: I guess so-

Tomiko: Asami-san, Momo, actresses are admiring people, right?

Asami: How long are you going to go with this?

Momo: Tomiko loves acting a lot doesn't she?

Liyana: Next time on Shuffle Precure, "Tomiko's debut as a voice actress?" Watch next time, onegai shimasu~!