Did you love her?

Mickey and Rose had walked off. I stood completely still as I watched the two of them go. I could see the look of hurt on Rose's face, but I couldn't work out why she was feeling so hurt.

After a bit I took the letter Reinette have given me out of my pocket, I looked at it before reading. Once I had finish reading it, I put it back in my pocket and begun to set the co-ordinates to our next destination.

"Are you all right?" I heard a voice behind me. I looked around and saw Rose standing behind me.

"Yes Rose, I'm all right, don't worry about me."

"That's the problem though, I do worry about you."

'Don't I know it?" I thought to myself.

"Please tell me what's wrong; I might be able to help you." Rose looked at me with pleading eyes. I said nothing.

"Did you love her? Reinette I mean." Rose asked. I looked at her in surprise.

"What?" I said finally.

"Did you love her?" She asked me again. I looked down avoiding her gaze.

"It's OK, you know. It's OK to love someone." Rose told me.

"I know." I replied quietly my eyes still looking at the floor.

"Are you in love?" Rose asked changing her question slightly.

I thought carefully about what she was asking me before I replied.

"Yes." I said finally.

"I thought so." Rose turned to leave. I couldn't let her; she had to know the truth.

"But not with her." Rose stopped walking and turned back to look at me.

"Then who are you in love with, Doctor? Sarah-Jane?"

"What? No. The person I love is the most amazing woman I have ever met. She's smart, funny and great at fighting monsters, but I'm afraid to tell her, because she's so young and I doubt she loves me. A 900 year old alien. Who would love me?" As I spoke, I looked up and looked her in the eye. "And this girl, she...she brightens up the room every time she steps inside. She's always looking out for me and I do my best to try and keep her safe, because I know that if I don't, her mum would kill me." Rose tried not to giggle at my last point.

"But over all she taught me compassion and that it's OK to love again. And in doing so I fell so deeply in love with her, and I know that if I ever lose her I would never be the same again." I walked up to Rose and took her hands in mine. "Rose Tyler, I love you, more than I ever thought was possible." I let go of her hands and cupped her face, as I brought my lips down to meet hers, in a kiss full of love a passion. It didn't last as long as I had hoped as Rose pulled away. I was suddenly worried that I might have gone too far, but instead of running away from me she smiled and I was surprised to her what she said:

"Doctor, I love you too. I love you more than you know." I smiled at her and our lips were together once more.

And ever since that day, I knew I was in love for the rest of my life. However long that may be.

~The End~

N/A- Hoped you liked it. I have to admit, I really don't like the GiTF episode, to much romance between the wrong people if you know what I mean. So yeah hoped you enjoyed it. Please let me know what you think, Because it's the only way my stories will get better. Also if you have any ideas that I could borrow, I would love to know because i fear I might run out of ideas. So yeah, let me know what you think and I'll see if I come up with anymore ideas for stories. Bye for now.