Feels Like I Don't Have To Worry At All, It's Finally Forever

Title is from Finally Forever by Chris Cornell, lovely song.

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After over a decade of fighting, they finally had the chance to reap the rewards. The reward of being able to lead a normal life perhaps didn't seem so significant to others. But after living in constant worry and fear, a normal life seemed just about perfect for them. No more STARS, no more Wesker, no more Alex…no more fighting. For five years they had found peace.

Chris brought his hands up to his hair, attempting to hide the slight shake which coursed through them. Apart from the occasional grey hair which sprouted here and there, he had aged well, his hair just as thick as it had always been. He moved his fingers around the brunette locks to tweak and style it into shape. After all, a perfect day required perfect hair.

Glancing his gaze from his image in the mirror, Chris caught the sight of the very young man next to him. A smile seeped onto Chris's face as he watched him. The young boy kicked over a plastic box, pushing it up against the cupboard. He carefully stepped onto it, giving him the required height to see into the large mirror. Giving a judging glance to Chris's hair, he turned and began repeating the actions Chris had just done twizzling small bits of his brunette locks.

Chris watched with amusement as the young boy continued to jump between looking at Chris and his reflection, each time trying to fix his hair to create a replica of the older man's. Finally satisfied, the young boy gave himself one last glance, before turning to Chris.

"What do you think Dad?" Chris just let out a laugh at the antics of his son. He was only five, far too young to care about his appearance.

"I think you need to be careful, you can't look better than me today kiddo." Chris warned jokily. Jack let out a small giggle, and turned from Chris to whisper,

"I always look better," A sly smile formed on Jack's lips, as Chris lifted him up off his feet, slinging the young boy over his shoulders.

"I heard that mister!" Chris teased, tickling his writhing son. Each tickle receiving a huge giggle from the youngster.

A light cough and knock upon the open door, stopped the father and son in their playful antics. Chris smiled and dropped Jack to the ground carefully, ruffling his hair as he did so.

"Eugh, I just fixed that!" Jack whined, while fixing the displaced hair. Chris just smiled at him devilishly, and was quickly received with an angry sticking out tongue from his son.

Dick Valentine walked into the room, laughing at the two. Chris quickly turned and smiled at him. The two were never the best of friends, but had mutual respect for the other. Dick just wouldn't be comfortable with any man being with his daughter; that being said, even he had to admit Chris was definitely the best out of a bad bunch. At least he trusted Chris.

Dick's sentence was shortened for good behaviour and three years ago he was let out of prison, much to the joy of his daughter. Jack didn't know of his grandfather's whereabouts, and both parents decided to wait to tell him the truth whenever he would be able to understand.

"Young mister Redfield, I believe your father has to leave…" Dick began, walking towards his grandchild. Jack happily jumped off his plastic box to run and grab his things.

"Are you nervous, Chris?" Dick asked, a small smile forming.

"A little, yeah…But I'm ready. Have been for years..."

"It has taken quite a while… This nervousness? It wouldn't come from cold feet perhaps now, would it?" A smile played on the older man's lips, as Chris couldn't decipher if his question was serious or not.

"He's wearing shoes Grandpa, his feet are hardly cold." Jack said innocently, receiving a laugh from his relatives.

"Exactly! There's no way I could have cold feet." Chris exclaimed with a smile. He picked up Jack bringing him into his arms, and placed a gentle kiss on the boy's head.

"I love you Dad."

"I love you too, kiddo… Now I really have to get going."

"Come on mister, let's go." Dick said taking Jack's hand leading them out of the room.

Chris turned to the mirror, judging himself. From playing with Jack, his suit had become a little dishevelled. He quickly smoothed it down, fixing his tie afterwards. Sure he wasn't as buff as he used to be, but undoubtedly he was still in good shape. But he didn't look at himself with such vanity as he used too. He didn't care if the man staring back at him was a chick magnet, because now whenever he looked at himself, all he saw was a father. And that brought him more happiness than the best looks in the world ever could.

Jill gave herself one last look in the full length mirror. Most girls dreamt of this day, and she was no different. Her dress was simple and elegant, all she ever wanted. It was strapless but high enough to maintain her decency, and the entire dress had delicate lace on it. Her hair had been styled up intricately with small diamond accessories running throughout it. This was the first time she looked at herself as beautiful. With being a mother, her appearance wasn't top of her list of importance.

"Wow." Jill quickly turned around to find the source of the voice, beaming brightly as her son looked up to her.

"You look so pretty Mom." Jack said, jaw still open. Rarely would he see his mum dressed up, but now he did he saw she was breathtakingly beautiful.

"Oh come here!" Jill exclaimed, holding out her hands to envelope her beloved son in a strong hug. She picked him up, placing him on her hip to hold him. "You know, you look incredibly handsome yourself little boy….Or should I say man. Your dad will be insanely jealous that you'll be the most handsome man there."

"He already is jealous!" Jack said, receiving a laugh from his mum. Her heart warmed every time she looked at him. To her, he looked more and more like Chris every day. His bright blue eyes had changed in the first couple of months, and turned into the piercing green colour of his fathers. Topped off with the chocolate brown hair, to her he was the spitting image.

Jill set him carefully down, smiling as she had time to look at him fully. He wore specially tailored little suit, bow tie and everything. She couldn't resist cooing over him.

"My special little guy is growing up so fast!" Grabbing his shoulders she laid multiple light kisses on his head, receiving an annoyed grunt from his lips. "Sorry, sorry. You just look so cute!"

Smiling, she began to fix his suit, ensuring his bow tie was straight. Her eyes beamed with pride and joy. Sure having a child was difficult, but the happiness that absorbed her whenever he smiled was unbeatable.

"There you are!" Dick shouted towards Jack, jogging groggily into the room. He let out an exasperated sigh, "I've been looking everywhere for you. Little beggar ran off, knowing his coot of a Grandpa wouldn't be able to keep up."

Jack gave a small smile but apologised and ran to give him a hug. Jill just laughed at the two of them. Dick always pretended to be angry or aggravated by the little one, but everyone knew he loved him more than anything.

"Wow, Jilly bean, you look absolutely beautiful. I'm so proud of you," Dick brought his arm around to hug his only daughter. To him it felt like only yesterday he was taking her to school. Now she had grown up, on her wedding day, and with a child of her own. Words couldn't describe his pride.

"Thanks Dad, I'm really happy. Chris makes me happy… And this little rascal of course." Jill put her hand down playfully ruffling Jack's hair.

"Hey! This is the second time I'll have to fix that!" He squealed angrily, running to the mirror. His mother and Grandfather watched on bemused.

"That's great Jill; you've been through far too much. It's about time you lived the life you deserved, so enjoy it." Jill smiled at his words, agreeing completely with them. "I have a present for you actually…"

Jill's face lit up.

"You have to close your eyes though." She reluctantly nodded and did so. Reaching into his pocket, Dick retrieved the thin necklace. He gently placed it around her neck, clasping it at the back. Ensuring the small pendant was sitting correctly, he instructed her to open her eyes.

"…Oh Dad, it's so beautiful. Thank you but you really didn't have too…" She ran her fingers along the thin silver chain, until her fingertips met the small sapphire in the middle. It was small and delicate, just what she loved.

"Well I know you're meant to have something old and blue or something, right?" Jill let out a chuckle, she never really bothered to listen to the traditions, though it was nice that he thought of her.

"Yeah, something like that..."

"Your mom wore it on our wedding day, she boasted about how her daughter would wear it too someday. And here you are. Honestly Jill, she would be unbelievably proud of you right now. And I know she would have loved to have been here, especially for today." Jill reached around to take his hand softly.

"You're going to make me cry Daddy…. And I don't want my make up to smudge." She joked, fighting away the tears that threatened her eyes. He laughed and pulled his daughter into a warm embrace. It truly would be difficult to give her away.

"Luke! Get your ass down here!" Claire thundered at the top her voice from the stairs.

The two had gone from strength to strength since Alex. And not a serious argument had come between them. Both were amazed that it would be coming up to their sixth anniversary of dating. That itself was a milestone for Claire. Finally she had found someone she wanted to spend her life with. And for Luke it made him realise he could love another woman just as much as he loved his previous wife.

"Arse, Claire! The word's arse!" Luke corrected, shouting just as loudly from their bedroom.

Claire had moved out from sharing with Leon, and for three years they had bought a house in the suburbs and lived the dream.

"Fine, get your arse down here! And speak English, it's ass damn it!"

"I'm Scottish for God's sake! That's much closer to English than the language you crazy Americans speak!" Luke yelled. All this yelling wasn't helping the matter and just took him even longer to get ready.

"Crazy my ass… Sorry, correction, crazy my arse." Claire grumbled to herself, a smile teasing her lips. "…In all seriousness Luke, I don't want to be late."

He fumbled down the stairs, nearly tripping over his own feet, while trying to fix the dishevelled blonde locks.

"What took you so long? I thought girls were the ones who were meant to take forever?" Claire gave a slight chuckle at how flustered he was.

"…I can't do a bowtie…" Luke mumbled under his breath. She gave a giggle, and pulled him over to her.

"Here let me…" She quickly began to fumble around with it, until it sat perfectly on the shirt and she was pleased with it. He looked down in disbelief and scoffed that she could do it so quickly, and so well.

Taking a step back Claire admired her boyfriend. There was just something so alluring about a man in a suit, even if he was a little flustered.

"You look so handsome, Luke." She said, continuing to run her eyes across his body. The day was one for love, and that mood was definitely contagious. Luke noticed how she was looking at him…

"No, Claire…Don't look at me like that…" He warned. He knew that look; her eyes were filled with devilishness and a mixture of lust and love. She knew exactly what he was talking about.

"But you look so good Luke..." She said in a low voice, pushing herself up against him, subconsciously running her tongue along her lips. Although she didn't notice herself doing it, Luke definitely did.

"Yeah and we're late, and if Chris finds out why we were late he'll kill me…" He said, taking a stance back from her to try to prevent his hormones from getting the best of him.

"Okay, okay, Luke….That's fine. But I'm a little uncomfortable; I think the tag is still on the dress…" Luke let out a sigh of relief; she usually never gave up this easily. She brought her hand to the back of the red dress, and quickly brought down the zip, letting the dress fall the ground. With a devilish smile, she covered her modesty with her arms. "Opps…"

Of course she wouldn't give up, stupid of him to think so. Luke dropped his head in defeat, as his body defeated his brain.

"Okay, how long do we have until it starts?" Luke asked very calmly. Claire smiled as she noticed he held strong eye contact, so his gaze didn't wander over her semi naked form.

"About half an hour."

"And how long does it take to get there?"

"About five minutes."

"Okay, that's definitely enough time." Luke furiously removed his shirt, and threw himself to Claire, leaving multiple kisses on her.

Chris took a couple of deep breaths. He had no reason to be nervous, but nevertheless he couldn't help his shaking hands.

He glanced to the tomb stones before him. Not a day went by when he didn't miss his parents. He would come by every so often to visit them, it wasn't easy for him. He continually doubted himself, always thinking he had let them down. But for the first time, he believed what he had done was right. He knew his parents would agree, marrying Jill would be the best thing for him.

Seemed strange perhaps, but he liked to keep them informed. If he couldn't talk to anyone else, he could talk to them. They would always listen, and sometimes that's all he needed. He wanted to do right by his parents, and he thought having the wedding in the same church they were married in and were buried, would make them proud. Neither he or Jill were overly religious, but with what they had to go through, they had to have a little faith in something, whether it was a God or just the hope that their actions mattered. Neither had a problem marrying in the church ceremony.

"Dad!" Jack caught sight of his father from the entrance to the church and quickly left Dick to bound over to him.

"Well hello again, son." Chris said laughing. He reached down and plucked Jack into his arms. Even being apart for such a short time, Chris still missed him. He really was getting weak.

"You know, Momma looks really pretty. Like really pretty." Jack said, receiving a smile from his father.

"I'm sure she does. She always does." Chris chuckled.

"She'll be coming soon won't she?"

"Yeah, hopefully, assuming she didn't do a runner. All the guests are arriving so she'll be here after them." Chris spoke watching the people entering the church. It wasn't a huge group, just their close friends and family. Neither wanted anything more than that, it wasn't about the money or ceremony, it was about their love.

Jack flicked his glance to the headstones. He was too young, and Chris had never brought him to his parents, not yet at least. He didn't want to upset him.

"That's my other Granny and Granddad, isn't it?" Jack asked curiously.

"Yeah it is. You know they loved kids, and they would have just adored you." Chris smiled as he thought of it. When he was a teenager his parents always teased him with any girlfriends, warning him and saying they were too young to be grandparents.

"Jack Redfield and Lauren Redfield." The young boy squinted slightly to read the names. "That's who I'm named after isn't it?"

"Yup, you're named after both your Grandfathers, Mister Jack Richard." Chris smiled.

"Do you miss them?" Jack asked. Chris bowed his head, his son was far too smart for his own good.

"Yeah I do, everyday actually…" Chris trailed. He looked down as his son squeezed tightly to give him a big hug, holding on for dear life. A smile crept upon Chris's lips, "You alright, you big goof?"

"Yeah, I just don't want to ever lose you or Mommy…" Jack grumbled into Chris's shoulder. Chris smiled lightly and hugged him tightly back.

"You won't lose us." Planting a small kiss on his head, Chris gently closed his eyes.

Jill arrived at the Church right on time. She just hoped Chris was as nervous as she was. She knew she shouldn't have been, just couldn't seem to help it. Dick noticed her worry, and grasped onto her hand as he led her in. He whispered words of encouragement which brought some comfort to her.

It still just felt like a dream, after all these years, was she really going to get married? It seemed surreal. But finally everyone got the life they deserved.

As she stepped up the aisle, she glanced to all their family and friends. She couldn't help but smile at how they had progressed and how happy they were.

Jake sat with his arm wrapped tightly around his wife. He knew both from the BSAA, and was very good friends with Chris. He knew how devoted Chris was to Jill, and it brought a smile to his face that the two would finally be together.

Rebecca sat with her new man, who also happened to be a doctor. They had been together for a couple of years, and Jill was happy that her friend finally found someone. On top of that Jill was one of the few people who knew their secret. Rebecca moved her hand to her abdomen, and gave a bright smile to her man.

Despite all odds, Carlos and Sophia had grown with each other. The birth of their daughter brought them closer. And situated between her mother and father, little Eva sat with a bright smile on her face. Jill smiled back, jokily thinking she would be a situable wife for Jack in years to come.

As predicted, Leon and Ada found comfort with each other. It took a while for Ada to be cleared by the BSAA but Chris stood up for her, after all she finished Alex. It was a strange relationship, both were too stubborn to admit their love, but it was obvious to everyone through their actions.

Anna had moved from home to attend University. Of course she was more than willing to come home for her father's wedding, she was unbelievably proud of him. Jill noticed she held hands with the young man next to her. She smiled knowing Chris would now regret putting plus one on the invite.

Finally Jill looked to Claire and Luke. She was so pleased for them. Both of them were great people and deserved each other. She could tell they would last, because they acted the exact same way her and Chris did. On top of that, the beautiful ring on Claire's left hand was there for a reason. Claire wouldn't be a Redfield for long.

Jill walked to the end of the aisle, Dick letting go of her arm. She looked to Chris. He looked perfect, just as handsome as he was when she first laid eyes on him in the STARS days. She took his breath away and he stood almost dumbfounded. She gave him a wink, to which he smiled brightly at.

The ceremony was conducted by the same Priest Chris had known since he was young, and it passed without flaw.

In the two simple words of 'I Do', both Chris and Jill had found utter bliss. Together they would share passion and pain, but most of all they would share hope. After years of fighting, their family would bring them the peace they both desired most.