I do not own or profit from One Piece, I write this story out of my love for the characters and everything Eiichiro Oda has accomplished. This is a prequel/prelude to a story that was suggested to me by someone that I love very much, it deals with reincarnation and all that… I am not an expert on the subject, so if anything I put in it offends you or makes you think I am crazy then suffice it to say that I am… enjoy!

Luffy walked towards the scaffold that had been erected in Windmill Village just for him, he had no regrets as his feet carried him closer to what lay ahead. Soon he would be reunited with Ace, and all of his nakama that had met the same fate one after another, in the reverse order of how he had met them all.

He had lived his life the way he had wanted, and would die the way he wanted, happy. The crowd was silent as they watched the new pirate king step up onto the scaffold. Some familiar faces were in the throng of spectators, and the raven headed king smiled at all of them as he was led to the block.

"I'm sorry Luffy…"

Grinning, Luffy looked over at the young man that had spoken, "Don't worry Coby, you were just doing your job."

"But you are my friend…" It was barely above a whisper, Luffy heard it through the tears streaming down his old friends face though.

"Stop the tears Coby," Luffy softly reprimanded, "I am not upset, soon I will see Ace and Zoro and all my other nakama. And one day we will reunite, its not good bye forever."

Coby used one hand to wipe the tears off his face, he regretted capturing Luffy more than anything in the world, if only he could turn back the hand of time and stop himself from searching out the new pirate king.

Luffy looked over and smiled at Garp, the old guy was holding back tears, and Luffy wanted to reassure him. "It's not the life that is being taken, it's the life that we shared that you need to remember. No matter what tomorrow brings, I'll be waiting for you to give me the fist of love that taught me how to be a man."

Garp harrumphed in reply, the statement though helped him ward off the tears that were threatening to spill down from his weather beaten cheeks. If only his grandson had joined the navy like he had wanted, he thought, but then the past few years all the change that Luffy and his nakama had brought about, would never have happened.

As Luffy lowered his head and looked up into the sky, he could have sworn that he saw his nakama all gathered, waiting for him. Sanji standing by the table, cigarette stuck out of his mouth at a odd angle, arms folded in front of him and a smile on his face for the captain. Nami looking down at her log pose and then glancing at Luffy as if to say hurry it up. Chopper, in the forest gathering some herbs that they would need for a final voyage. Robin and Franky going over some plans to upgrade the Thousand Sunny that had been sunk more than two years ago. Brooke playing his violin that was silent to Luffy's ears, yet Luffy wanted so desperately to hear it. And Zoro, his first mate, the one that meant the world to him, was propped up against a crate sleeping, Luffy couldn't help the laugh that escaped his lips as he thought of how Zoro was sleeping even in death. Usopp was the one that approached Luffy, his hand was held out. Luffy was tempted to say, "are you crazy? Can't you see my hands are tied?" That was the moment that Luffy felt the cold steel touch his neck briefly.

It was over before Luffy even knew it, with ease and not looking back, Luffy took Usopp's hand and allowed his friend to lead him towards the others.

Everyone was shocked that had witnessed this momentous occasion, moments before the sword made contact with Luffy's neck, the young pirate king had laughed. Not just laugh, he seemed genuinely pleased about something.

Garp stared flabbergasted, he had witnessed Gol D. Rogers execution all those years earlier, and now he had witnessed his own grandson's execution, they were so similar that it was eerie to the elderly naval officer.

The crowd that had been too upset to cheer for the proceedings were now all talking at once, trying to be heard over the next person. Each one had their own bit to say about the laugh that had been Luffy's parting thing.

News spread fast about how the pirate king had laughed right before the executioners sword had ended the young life.

The once peaceful village was soon thriving with people that wanted to see where the laughing pirate king had met his end, not solemn; yet with laughter.

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