Coming this year to fanfiction...

When Chad decided to film a story about his life, many people begin to think who he will cast to play the people from So Random.

Then when it is decided everyone apart from Sonny just how far will she go to get into the film. Even though she doesn't apparently care.


Demi Lovato as Sonny Munore

"I shouldn't have to audition! Why do I have to audition?"

Tiffany Thornton as Twani Hart

"And I have to condition. I'm in a movie."

Sterling Knight as Chad Dylan Cooper

"Okay, people. I want to see real energy and real emotion...And Action!"

Brandon Mychal Smith as Nico Harris

"Hey, we learned how to pick up girls and rock out all in the same short period of time."

Doug Brochu as Grady Mitchell

"Dude! Apologize to Tawni right now!"

coming soon to a screen near you