Twila Dawn

"Get up sweetie, you know what day it is today?" A female voice sang to me. "What?" I asked, half awake and not entirely pleased of the wake-up call. 'I could've slept for another hour...' "It's your birthday!" I jumped up out of my bed, fully awake. "Really? Already?" Ma nodded. "Here this is for you, open this first." She pointed to an envelope. "This will explain everything about today." Then she got off my bed and waved. "Bye!" I called. A few minutes later I heard an engine of a car start, I remembered that they had told me yesterday that they had to go back to London for at least a month. They didn't tell me why though. After I got dressed and had some breakfast I headed back to my room to open up the envelope.

Dear Twila Happy birthday first of all. I can't believe that you're already 17! You know, on DN Angel Niwa Daiskue got his 'curse' when he was 14. I bet you're probably wondering why I brought that up, well you see a friend of mine owed me a favour. I asked him if he could summon your 4 favourite characters over to our house after we left. He said yes, and he even said that he would bring you guys back to their world if you liked. You just have to do is call his name, Chip, and he'll visit you, the boys are probably going to appear in a minute so I'll wrap this up. In the box there is a choker (We know how much you love those) with a wolf's tooth hanging on a chain.

No, we are not telling you what it is, you're the expert here! Well I hope you have the best birthday ever Twilight. P.S: It's been about three years since the show was made, so the characters are about your age. Have fun! Love: Mom and Dad "Wow."

Was all that I could say. "That's all you can say? Wow, your father said you would act..." I looked up and saw four boys in my room, and I knew exactly who they were. "Hey this is cool!" I jumped off my bed and stuck my hand out at the boy with red hair. "Hi! I'm Twilight Dawn, but my friends call me Twila for short." The boy took it and smiled at me. "Niwa Daisuke, nice to meet you Dawn-san. I think this is what Dark was expecting." I turned to the Phantom Thief. "Hey Dark! How's it going in the stealing business?" "Good, but the Commander makes it funner." He grinned at the boy with glasses. I felt my stomach go in flip flops. You see, out of all the characters, I got a crush on Satoshi, none of my friends know why.

I think it was the time when he had to put on a Dark outfit for the Ice and Dark play. God he looked hot. Or it was the fact that I always fell for the bad guys. Well, Satoshi was more like the mysterious type, but he still was a bad guy, until the end of course. I realized that I was blushing and shook my head to make it go away. Then I stuck my hand out at him. "Nice to meet you Hiwatari Satoshi." I had said it with great respect, knowing how he liked that instead of me being giddy like I was with Daisuke and Dark. He took it, and it sent shivers up my spine. "Nice to meet you to, Twilight Dawn." I took one glance at Krad and we just nodded at each other.

"Enemies in the making." Dark whispered to Daiskue. Suddenly something fuzzy with red eyes jumped on me. "Kyu!" It said happily. "Hey there Wiz!" I greeted, rubbing the little bunny's head. I then remembered the choker and turned to the boys. "You can do whatever you want in my room, but when I come back I expect that it is the exact same when I leave." The boys nodded and I went to the bathroom. I closed the door and took out the present. When my eyes noticed the tooth I nearly dropped it. "This is a Northwestern Wolf's tooth! How the hell did they get their hands on this?" I looked at it for a moment longer before putting it on. For a moment nothing happened, then I felt my whole body start to burn up.

The last thing I remembered was falling on the floor and the bathroom door opening.